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Charice All Set for Noynoy Aquino’s Inauguration

Charice All Set for Noynoy Aquino’s Inauguration

111 Responses to “Charice All Set for Noynoy Aquino’s Inauguration”

  1. ebjohns11 says:
    Best Phil National anthem version i heard!!! So Amazing!! See, Too bad Pacqiao hasnt pick her yet. Someday..

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  2. aaalo says:
    good news,Warner mucis got aChinses web page for Charice:

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  3. Roms says:

    I wish Charice will make a foundation for poor children in the Philippines especially in Mindanao. This would be a great help for children who haven’t have the chance to go to school. She is now a well-known international artist and surely many BIG people will going to support her foundation. Let’s pray for it. Charice.. you are the inspiration! you are the instrument! Use it in the glory of God! God bless you always!;-)

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  4. nencur says:
    Hi charice,.

    You did a great job !!!!.
    You know why ?
    Even though am not a filipino you find a way to my heart just the way you sung the national anthem,..woooow how you do that ?? lol
    I think you took us all by storm !!!,..with this performance .
    I think you have born to sing .

    Your dress was very nice indeed.

    Princess Charice,.when you get a litle time I want you to check this song ok?
    My dream is that one day I can hear you sing this song I just wanna hear what you will do @ 3:43 – 4:50

    Keep it up ok !!!!
    From Curacao Netherlands Antilles

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  5. jessica86s says:
    I loved the gown of the former president GMA too. Is that the standard gown for special occassions in the Philippines? Like a national thing? Wonder how I’d look in something like that. I know the material is something different from the ones here in the western side are used to. It looks very elegant and formal.

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    • jessica86s says:
      Now this I think is definitely original Filipino and sticks out really beautifully, especially worn this way.

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      • Narita says:
        It is a national fabric and a national dress. It is made of pineapple fiber or “pinya”. If you get an excellent couturier you defintely will look the part.

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        • Jessica86s says:
          Is that pina the same as jusi or husi or something? Someone also told me there was also the rammie or something and showed me the samples yesterday. I was so intrigued and a friend went out of her way to show me all these. thanks NArita. but I noticed also as a male told me, one little mistake and I could look very matronly. And I didn’t know why he was laughing so much.

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  6. osuna says:
    Just so glad, the “makeup artist’ of the Philippines did not destroy the pretty face of our Charice. She looks like Charice that we know. Always pretty in simple make up.
    They must have learned something, from some Chasters criticism. PEACE

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  7. M says:
    Wow..Charice was GREAT as always! Pink gown….very pretty and your make-up was flawless….perfect for your age, not too little and not too much either.

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  8. nona says:
    I just wanna say this, THANK YOU TO NINANG KRIS AND THE REST OF THE FILIPINO PEOPLE for taking care of CHA! while she was there. The hotel, the gowns that made for her, it was beyond expectation!!! THANK YOU! for honor that she deserved.

    Thank You Kris, its about time we treat her a PRINCESS specially when she returns home. GOD BLESS AS ALL !!!

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  9. mooffin says:
    i feel vindicated for her (if that even makes sense). it was just not so long ago when an old folk singer bashed her for singing english songs and in effect, was questioning her being filipino. on june 30, 2010, there was no artist more filipino than you charice – from that very first note to the very last, you voice clear as a bell, soaring high and sweeping over the masses of people at the quirino grandstand, and breaking through tv and computer screens to touch even us filipinos far away from home. i could not help but tear up hearing you sing it so perfectly, stirring emotions for the homeland that i thought were long gone.

    mabuhay ka charice! mabuhay tayong lahat!
    (long live charice! long live us all!)

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  10. waley says:
    perfecta y magnifica.

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  11. robee says:
    With charice setting the example .. now i can say we can sing the national anthem in its original composition… Artist will no longer have the excuse not to sing it properly…..

    With P-NOY , charice , Binay and all the ” Mabubuting Pinoy”..i have high hopes for the Philippines now! Mabuhay

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  12. odie052s says:
    Now that Charice had sang the Phil. National Anthem perfectly with praise and word of approval from NHI, so sudden that part of the song RESET flash into my mind which says:

    Hey hey pakinggan mo naman ako
    Hey hey this is the way na dapat gawin
    Reset, sana naman ikaw ay sangayon din

    My interpretation and understanding if translated in English shall be:

    Hey hey listen to me please
    Hey hey this is the way that it should be done
    Reset, hope you will also agree and so on …

    During her interview, being warned before by the NHI Charice said
    she would try her best not to commit the same mistake again.
    I understand that she was the one who wrote the rap part of the song
    Reset and to my amazement and surprise, she stand corrected by her own lyrics of the song. What a co-incident but the results is superb. Maaagree ka ba? We need a Reset, start it up, start it up oh baby. hehe

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    • ArrVee says:
      @odie052s, we can expand that to a “Reset” for the whole country, to start it up again …

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      • odie052s says:
        Yes Arvee we need to RESET start it up again and hope for the better. The rap part of the song which Charice wrote herself just flashed to my mind because it is so fitting to the event even referring to the title itself. I prefer not to elaborate more. Thanks.

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        • Kuya Marc says:
          Agree! We all need to reset the mindset of all of us Filipinos for a better Philippines. Everyone should become an enabler for the change that we were craving for. We should not pass all the responsibilities to the leaders of our country because we alone can do it by our own. Just a simple waste segregation and cleaning of our own backyards, and disposing the garbage properly are better ways to reduce pollution in our country. With Charice as our inspiration, I believe we Filipinos can rise and prove to the world that YES we can!!!

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  13. Lolo JP says:
    After Charice’s heartwarming rendition of Lupang Hinirang, everyone seems to be in high spirits and engaging.
    Your charticulation of thoughts are so generous that I suddenly felt filled with longing for home after reading your comments.
    Charice has become an icon of fortitude, humility, persistence and faith. I hope that she can serve as an inspirational pathfinder for the young generation of Filipinos who can put their differences aside and charpromise to support a common goal to attain progress.
    Success is charizing one’s dream with definiteness of purpose.

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  14. mdsjr says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  15. JonRes20 says:
    Hi Cha,

    What the Philippines heard yesterday was the best and heartfelt rendition of the Philippine national anthem. It brought out the nationalistic spirit of every Filipino. Soar high dear princess. At the top baby!

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    • aqua_rius says:
      Funny you said that JonRes20. I haven’t felt pride in being a Filipina for many reasons and also having lived outside the country for more than 20 yrs now… I can’t even identify “being proud to be a filipino because of Charice”. For me, Charice is the antithesis of all that I’ve noticed about being pinoy – she’s humble, grounded, down to earth, versatile, quirky, broad-minded, strong, compassionate, understanding, accepting, etc etc aside from being multi-talented. I love her because of her, and being a filipina like myself is an added bonus that I can relate to but I would still feel the same if she was from a different culture.

      I’m sure there are many filipinos that are free thinkers, broad-minded, and accepting of all diversities but I haven’t met many. People seem to be hung up on their own belief systems- whether it’s their religion, their country, how one should act/behave, how one should talk/look/dress. I don’t notice this trait much in other cultures but it seems to be more prevalent with pinoys.

      Anyway what I’m trying to say is that after I heard Charice sing “Lupang Hinirang”, for that moment I heard her rendition of the song, it brought me a feeling of yes, pride for the Philippines. Not about being a filipino, but for the country, Philippines, her. It reminded me of when we used to sing the anthem when I was a little girl at school in PI, all the hopes and ideals and good things that were in our hearts and everything good that we wished for the people and country, and the potential that Philippines could be. So yeah, for everytime I play Charice’s youtube performance on Lupang Hinirang, it brings me back that feeling of love and kinship towards my original homeland. Just sayin :) Peace.

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      • Marife says:
        You said it right “Pride of the Philippines”. I am really proud of Charice! It’s funny when I read in the chatroom, some people keep playing the the video of Charice singing the Philippine National Anthem. I thought I’m the only one, thinking I must be weird LOLZ. What a relief whew!! :-)

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  16. ArrVee says:
    this event is a beginning of sorts for the country, and for all of us, individually. Things are never perfect, but there is always a glimmer of hope that we can all work towards. The challenges are myriad, but we must start again, somewhere, somehow, in our own way.

    and who else to rally us with the National Anthem, but someone who has taken up the fight herself, to overcome overwhelming challenges and odds, not only extricating herself and her family from the clutches of poverty, but also succeeding in her field in the most spectacular manner, and in the process generating national pride like never before, serving as an inspiration to countless people, and directly helping the needy.

    who else to inspire and soothe our weary souls as we try to make a difference on a daily basis, even as we may be scattered across the globe … who else to serve as a role model for our youth, with good core values and a challenge to pursue one’s dreams …

    who else, but the Gabriela Silang of our own generation?

    * Gabriela Silang is a local heroine

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  17. gunrunner says:
    goosebumps goosebumps i was there i heard it. i felt nationalism surging up my spine that brief moment of national glory echoing in the thunderous voice of my princess. she gave so much feelings and emotions to the march. im proud to be filipino more than ever. charice you are so lovely that morning as lovely as the new morning unfolding in this historic moment.

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  18. becky says:
    Charice, deliberate the Philippine National Anthem perfectly…my congratulation to her! Pres.Noy, is happy singing the song together with high profile govt. officials!

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  19. Ham says:
    wow, everybody has his/her take on charice’s singing the philippine national anthem…the best, great, incredible, flawless, addicting, perfect…many comments very funny. ha, ha, she should release it as her next single. the day that happens people will probably run berserk (lol).

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  20. Regal Baby says:
    One paragraph (last paragraph) is missing in the English version posted above. I thought this will help. – Regal Baby

    Land of the morning,
    Child of the sun returning,
    With fervor burning,
    Thee do our souls adore.

    Land dear and holy,
    Cradle of noble heroes,
    Ne’er shall invaders
    Trample thy sacred shore.

    Ever within thy skies and through thy clouds
    And o’er thy hills and sea,
    Do we behold the radiance, feel and throb,
    Of glorious liberty.

    Thy banner, dear to all our hearts,
    Its sun and stars alight,
    O never shall its shining field
    Be dimmed by tyrant’s might!

    Beautiful land of love, o land of light,
    In thine embrace ’tis rapture to lie,
    But it is glory ever, when thou art wronged,
    For us, thy sons to suffer and die.

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  21. Chajenmer says:
    Well-said Capofret… Charice sang the National Anthem with Gusto! It’s awesome!! Best rendition ever! ( and also it’s really the correct & original version she sang )Labyo! Labyo! Labyo! Charice well-done & more blessings from God…

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  22. Kuya Marc says:
    Wow!!!I salute you Charice for a very job well done…Best rendition so far of the Philippine National Anthem.

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  23. kjaz says:
    I’m glad Charice’s rendition received praise and approval.

    I’m fascinated by the strict legal regulations regarding how the anthem should be performed (I must admit, it seems a bit rigid to me…but I’m not Filipino, so there are perhaps reasons behind this law that I’m not familiar with), and wonder if anyone has actually ever been fined or imprisoned due to a non-standard rendition?

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    • Capofret says:
      @kjaz, i think they became strict and complained when the national anthem was sung by singers in manny pacquiao’s and other filipino boxer’s fights. it was sung acapella. some were not in the right tempo and some even forgot the lines which was of course embarrassing.

      i went to a regular school in philippines. we have elementary (grade 1 to 6) and high school (1st year to 4th year). that’s at least 10 years of singing the national anthem. every morning there is a flag ceremony, monday to friday, throughout the school year. so you should really know and recognize the correct tempo and lyrics.

      i think it’s just right to be strict about the national anthem because it’s a sign of respect for the country. and charice must be really proud to do it and be part of history. she sang it right.

      but i haven’t heard anyone fined or got imprisoned for non-standard rendition (but i was out of country for 2 im not sure lol). i guess it was just a reminder to sing it right.

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      • kjaz says:
        Thank you for the elaboration. I hope I didn’t give the impression that I don’t think respect and diginty is important when singing a national anthem.

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        • mrsem says:
          @kjaz.I am not really good about Philippines’s law or anything about law as its not my field, but what I know is Philippines’s law is base on constitutions, and acccording to the constitution national anthem should not be changed in any way ( line, tempo or what so ever) and its also said in the constitution who ever sing it wrong can be presecuted, unless congress change the law. IF ANY BODY KNOWS BETTER THAN ME DO NOT HESITATE TO SPEAK THEIR MIND…

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          • ebug says:
            The law in the Philippines is usually taken by Filipinos only as a “suggestion” not law. Because there is a slim chance you’ll be persecuted. By taking this step in rendering the national anthem in what the law is, is an indication that it is easier and simple to follow the rule than break it. Kudos to Charice, Ryan C and the whole team.

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  24. Ate Lina says:
    Hi Ben, just stay cool man. I won’t debate with you if whether I am denying myself of my Filipino identity. I am proud of my nationality. Maybe I just used the wrong pronoun. I know I have a true Filipino blood running in my vein lol. I am just hoping for the BEST in this Aquino administration because I think about alot of the members of my family who is there that will be benefited by this CHANGE. That’s all.

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  25. Windchime says:
    I am not a music expert, just love listening to good music and artists who can really sing. This rendition is AWESOME! goosebumps even after several replays. WOW!

    Only the experts in the national anthem can say if its perfect or not…but to me…THAT was PERFECT! And i am glad the experts did agree ;-p Hopefully after Charice’s magnificent performance, other artist will not grandstand when it comes to singing the national anthem and be humble and respectful like Charice. Singing the national anthem is not about showcasing your beautiful voice or great singing talent….its about RESPECT. Charice showed both talent and RESPECT. That’s what gives me the goosebumps, and made the national anthem a touching one to listen and sing to. This girl has her head and heart in the right place. Kudos to her mom for raising a wonderful daughter.

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