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Kinoshita Yukina & Charice Team Up

Kinoshita Yukina & Charice Team Up

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  1. ray says:

    is it just me or does charice and kinoshita look like sisters in those pictures? they kinda look alike

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    • Max says:

      they don’t look like sisters… it’s just because they’re both asian that you think that, but they don’t look alike

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  2. harold says:
    hi charice! Keep up the good work. I happy and enjoy and love in listening your beautiful music. God bless you and Good luck on you Glee show. Im proud to be a pilipino because of you. I love you. Mwuah.

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  3. mei says:

    wow!!two pretty!!!

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  4. CutieSinger23 says:
    I really love the Crescent Moon!

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  5. pitbull says:
    well, there are lots of filipino bands all around japan, mostly in military base, and they are good if not the best. Its only now that there is one a rising star who broke the record, her name is Charice.

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  6. pitbull says:
    Charice should try to write some songs, and see how it will fan out.

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  7. Jappz says:
    Wow!!! I thought Charice was a Japanese xD

    Nice Pics of her and Yukina

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  8. artemis gibran says:

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  9. jimfan155 says:
    Beautiful pictures. Charice always looks comfortable, no matter what the setting. She never seems to be intimitdaed in the presence of the biggest stars, celebrities, politicians, jimfan155 (ha, ha), whoever. Just one cool customer.

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  10. Clint says:
    My two very young sisters have been so in love with Charice since they saw her on Oprah two years ago. They bought her album same day it hit the stores. She is phenomenal! Some people don’t like her and that is expected and understandable. Big celebrities have their own share of haters and detractors. Stardom is more exciting that way. It also propels them to greater heights. It is just funny that her detractors are Philipinos themselves. Are they bitter and jealous of Charice because she has achieved so much in so little time? (something they will never achieve in their lifetime?)

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    • Jerry says:
      Clint it’s just entertainment culture in the Philippines. Fans there are passionately and fanatically loyal to their respective idols. They will even try to bring down the competition if they must to protect their own.

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    • Theo says:
      Hey Clint.

      I am probably not a majority. I am a die-hard fan of Charice, but I have varying opinions about her spending too much time covering artists songs, her dancing, her fashion statement and some of the music in her album – HOWEVER, that does not stop me from supporting her by buying her album or spreading the word about her. I think true fans need to be honest about their idols. Unconditional love towards their idols is not unconditional patronization. The important thing is that people try to be open-minded about something they are not used to. For instance, at this stage in her careeer, I do not favour Charice covering other artists songs too much (even though she does a better job 90% of the time), but I am willing to be support that because her management team appears not to have any objection about it. I just want Charice to finally stand at her own merit, without the riding the popularity of already established songs. They should have enough faith that her beautiful voice, along with choosing the BEST songs in her album, which according to most people are:

      In This Song
      All I Need To Surive
      Nobody’s Singing To Me
      Thank You

      is enough to carry her period, plus a darn good music videos!

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      • Clint says:
        Hola Theo,
        I am amazed at Charice’s incredible talent. Her voice is spectacular! You guys must be so proud of her. I have had the opportunity to listen to her album, although I have never heard her songs played on the radio from my little corner of the US.
        The songs you’ve listed are good songs including Pyramid, but haven’t caught up with mainstream American radio YET. I wish her producers would come up with more catchy songs for her. She needs just ONE really CATCHY song played on the radio that would make people sing with her while driving, working, or doing chores at home, just one song that would make her a household name.
        But her producers probably know better. I am happy for her and so are my sisters. My brother’s girlfriend is from the Philipines, and she is soooo adorable. She introduced Charice’s music to the family. We are driving to Florida to see Charice. Isn’t this a fun way to spend the summer break? My sisters can’t wait to see her in person!

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      • hunkz says:
        I agree with you. She should be singing mostly her own song as she is already a star in her own right and she’s got beautiful and original songs in her album.More power charice..Good luck to all your endeavors.

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  11. Syuryu says:
    I wanted to post a link to this japanese site on the chat box last week, but failed. Thanks capofret for doing so and with a translation. Yukina is one of the most popular idols in japan now n her support will surely influence teens.

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  12. tsuki says:
    Hi Chasters. Per youtube, Ms. Yukina Kinoshita is a well known commercial model not as a singer. I wish Charice team-up with Ms. Ayumi Hamasaki, a very popular singer in Japan, Taiwan & Korea. Good Luck to our angel.

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  13. CutieSinger23 says:
    Cute!!wow,,Charice and Kinoshita Yukina were pretty in these pictures :)

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  14. gunrunner says:
    pyramid in japan maybe translated as “tatsurok” “trianguro” “piramishu” whatever he he he but i believe it would really capture the japanese market. the toughest protectionist market he he he. go go go my princess sharisu conquer them with ninja precision.

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  15. eve says:
    Charice is reaching far and wide. Here’s a mention in a United Kingdom blog: The week in Film and TV. What’s neat about it is, out of all the little tidbits of news in this blog, they saw fit to include a YouTube video of Charice’s performance of ‘Listen’ on Italian television with this quote: “You gotta love the power of the internet.” Charice truly is on her way to conquering the world.

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  16. teamcharice says:
    US$23.49 – wow! for a limited edition charice debut album!.. expect the (surprise inside this album) unexpected!.. two tumbs up for charice!

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  17. abi says:
    Cha ~ I’m so proud of you. I don’t know why people hate you. You’re such a lovable kid. lol. I talk like I’m older than you. ahaha. Well actually I’m 18 like you. xD Soar high Cha! ♥♥♥

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    • soc4961 says:
      Those “haters” are jealous of her stardom or these are people who are miserable and can’t be happy for other people’s success…

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      • Arts says:
        I totally agree with you. I got affected with all these negative campaign against charice espcecially on facebook where in fact charice didn’t do anything bad against them.

        All I can say is how poor,immature, unprofessional and it isn’t the right thing to do being a so called “HUMAN” having the image and likeness of God. I remember a quote “whatever a man sow he will reap”. I’m not wishing but it is just a fact of life. If you will plant good seeds you will reap them.

        They may continue doing what they “love” to do but they cannot stop and pull down a good star/person inside and out such as charice from becoming the biggest artist on the planet ever. Isn’t it so obvious that it’s like all the forces of nature and the world(ellen, oprah, david, celine, andrea, james) combined seems like they come together and pour in its power on charice to become “Charice” as she is now and beyond?

        Please haters chill out…

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  18. luvkcha09 says:
    Yes music brings people together. Charice is like the Asian Ambassador to music now :) bringing Asian music and artist to maintream. So proud of you Charice. Keep it going.:)

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  19. Marie says:
    Wow! Exciting. What would be the Japanese Lyrics for Pyramid? This youthful photos of these lovely young ladies captured my mind…thinking how sexy I am when I was on my teens, lol.

    I heard my daughter singing pyramid with her friends. How happy I am…you know why? because she was jealous with Charice before. She was like her father, keep on teasing me, “Charice Charice again!!!” Now, 3 against 1 (dad) hehehehehe…She is also happy that I posted on facebook, saying…I’m gonna watch Glee becauce of Charice. WoW!!! Mother & Daughters bonding…Viktoria of course is an avid fan of Charice.

    At the top baby! Charice, God bless you more and more…

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  20. ABCD says:
    Wow…. A Foreign Artist is beginning to cover Charice Songs… Wow… Japanese are soon be all Chasters too… Congrats Charice… And later this Year DFF Concert will be also held in Japan…

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