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Charice Performance in Aurora, Colorado Friday June 25th

Charice Performance in Aurora, Colorado Friday June 25th

66 Responses to “Charice Performance in Aurora, Colorado Friday June 25th”

  1. Vanessa says:

    Ahh! It must have been great to meet Charice! I live in Colorado too. It has always been my DREAM to meet Charice! This would’ve been my perfect opportunity unfortunately i missed my chance. I was unaware. :’( Anyway it seems like it was great and for all the chasters that got to meet her “Good Job!” :) Go go Charice!!!

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  2. hermiemel says:
    Oprah put a lot of trust & love in Charice. She could have put another show to rerun on June 22, 2010 but she put on Charice and Celine episode instead. DF is almost in tears when he mentioned that he was choosen by Charice to be her Godfather. Mom Raqz & brother Carl provides an anchor for her love and emotions.

    With these people behind her, Charice works extremenly hard, never complains and is totally focus in the task at hand. She wants for them to be proud of her and worthy of their trust. Plus she is doing something that she is passionate and desperately love

    And as she matures right in front of our eyes, one thing is certain: As talented as she is, she is totally awesome and most important, blossoming into a beautiful human being.

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  3. kabayan01 says:

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    • perla says:
      these guys can’t believe how good she is. they were treating her like a jukebox without dropping a coin. LOL! what treat!

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  4. shawer says:
    @Natz – I really hope you are kiddin’ with what you wrote in your comment – If you are not, pardon me but that phrase is an idiom – which meant this – Butterflies in the stomach is most often experienced prior to important events, related to nervousness and can be experienced in situations of impending danger. No offense meant- just cannot resist the urge to reply.

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  5. shawer says:
    @JC – I read that too. But I also read some that says it is not legit. I am not saying it is not. But if there will be no bonafide verification attesting to that then all we’re writing down here will be heresays. Don’t get me wrong I do hope it comes true for our dear Charice.

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  6. JC says:
    I read in one of the CHASTER’s blog here that CHA is worth 8 million now. Even higher than that of J.Biever, J. Hudson and/or D. Archuleta. I wonder on how do they come up to this. If this is the case, she is getting better and better asset wise. My prediction that she may have her own executive Jet someday will come to pass.
    It’s not being to be a snob of no longer associating with the public (flying commercially) but because with her schedule it is just a necessity.

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  7. Natz says:

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    • tecknicous says:
      ??? Just don’t understand your comment. “Butterfly in the stomach” is an english expression of being nervous.

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    • Kuya_Hutch says:
      hahaha…come on people, Natz is just crackin’ a joke! Give this fellow some love…We know that “Butterfly in the stomach” is a figure of speech. No arguments.

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  8. farenheit1 says:
    I think this is the best interview of Charice from my point of view…It’s so light, funny and everyone is comfortable with each other..Charice is really doing a great job in making people happy and satisfied with her performance.

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  9. gracey says:
    @Johnlongbeach, im sorry to disagree with you regarding “the baduy ang dress thingy” coz its the new fad today even here in singapore where people are so damn fashionistas, you can see this kind of outfits in high-end shops here. Pls. check the latest update in fashion before you comment. Peace

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  10. johnlongbeach says:

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    • mooffin says:
      FYI she is wearing what’s in now – they are called harem pants, if you must know. (i’m sorry if i sound haughty but comments like yours just irritate the heck out of me, comments which are misinformed and unfair.) do your research before you comment. she has to look like a STAR and that means wearing the latest trends. you can actually see her becoming more and more fashionable as she is becoming more and more famous. compare her earlier outfits to her latest ones – she carries her new looks very, very well! in this colorado appearance, she is very well put together from the sleek lucite high heels, the trendy cut of her pants tamed by the neutral black color to the tight-fitting tucked-in top (which balances her flowy, loose pants), punched up by her michael jackson-esque shoulder decor (which is a perfect touch considering it brightens up the neutral palette of her outfit AND emphasizes her shoulders to make her look older and more sophisticated since she does look very young for her age.)

      i could go on and on about her outfit but all i am trying to say is that it is definitely NOT “baduy”. at all.

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  11. LIZA says:

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  12. JC says:
    I was trolling in you tube again and was watching old CHA’s video. Found the Star King Korean video which where I 1st saw her. I watch the video where she did an excellent rendition of “I Believe” by F.Barino. I watch the Italy video where she sung “Listen” one of my favorites.
    I watch of course the new “Pyramid” video which has over 12 million hits now. And the most hard song I believe that she nailed and will keep nailing is the Whitney’s “Run to you”.
    This made my night.
    I am signing off now and we’ll talk to you in the morning.
    Good Night Chasters.

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  13. webmarketer says:
    Charice is a trooper even if the size of the crowd in
    attendance was less than a 100 (?), judging from what
    I saw at YT.

    She performs and sings with the same intensity regardless
    of the audience size.

    Go Charice.

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  14. rico says:
    guys i just want you to know that theres a lot of japanese chaster now in japan ….hahaha…check this out

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