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Charice – The Most Beautiful Voice in the World

Charice – The Most Beautiful Voice in the World

June 25 Update VIDEOS w/ English Subtitles – Charice on Glee News ET, YTV,

Charice has a bunch of notable accomplishments under her belt for someone that is only 18. She is the first Asian to land on the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 and many big league music players are saying she is the “next big thing.”

David Foster is Tofranil nome generico quoted as saying her voice is the most beautiful he has heard in a long time. He liked it so much that Foster produced Charice’s album.

And how did Charice catch her big break? YouTube!

“Sometimes I get the feeling like there’s not a lot of substance on YouTube. Then I found a singer named Charice. Boy was I ever proven wrong. This is one of the most talented young people I have ever seen, let alone one of the best singers on the planet right now, and we were lucky enough to talk to her.”

Courtesy of andPOP

Charice To Join the Cast of ai???Gleeai??i??

Because we can bet youai??i??re already counting down to the next season of Glee, hereai??i??s a little update for you. While not much information has been released as of yet, PerezHilton has confirmed that singer Charice will be joining the cast of the hit Fox TV show. Apparently Charice will play a foreign exchange student with an amazing voice that makes Rachel jealous. Cat fight!

110673378 300x225 Charice   The Most Beautiful Voice in the World

Charice during a recent andPOP interview

By Sara Harowitz,

Entertainment Tonight Confirms Charice as GLEEs Newest Cast


Video courtesy of ET, upload by WebScribes


Charice Glee Role Featured on ET Canada

Courtesy of ET Canada, upload by MegaEWolf


YTV Endzone

Charice at 3:45

Video courtesy of ytvendzone


Charice on Glee News Philippines w/ English Subtitles

(Watch SIX videos on this playlist)

Video Uploaded by CTV Crew

Posted by Eve

22 Responses to “Charice – The Most Beautiful Voice in the World”

  1. y8 says:

    Thanks you so much for such a great information. I will definetely recommend your website!

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  2. Theo says:
    Even Charice is not sure that they used auto-tuning in her video and CD, but it is pretty obvious whatever they used they #@$#@# in up. It made her voice sound weaker and “squeaky” not better.

    Just look at the songs she sang at Gloriette, Manila…waaayyyyy betterrr quality…I think people in the music industry are so used to having singers that do need auto tuning that they miscalculated with Charice.

    If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it…instead, they should have channeled their energies making a better music video – she deserves better!


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  3. angelo_starr says:
    I browsed MTV.COM and BILLBOARD.COM about any dishing news I could found from Charice’s Feature in Glee Show… but not any single or snippet news I’ve checked… only about jershey shore or something…

    They should include Charice on their headlines because it’s one of the top threading hot topics in the web today especially in yahoo and internet journals…

    Shame on them, Charice has the right to invade any news magazine or website in every corner in the world today…

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  4. MegaEwolf says:
    I am glad of being able to contribute a video here on Charice as featured on ET Canada. Thanks to Eve for posting that video above. I am just so happy to share it to all Charice fans(present and future). Charicemania rocks!

    Please visit my YT Channel for more Charice coverage in Canada.

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  5. jimfan155 says:
    “I said I love you, I love you, I love you
    but i’ll NEVER regret it.

    I said I love you, I love you, I love you
    but I’m NOT sorry I said it.”

    You are tremendous and deserve everything that’s coming to you. The greatest entertainer I have ever seen. You give back without asking for anything.

    Please accept our applause and ovations that you richly deserve. We want to see that smile or a wink after you finish singing to us. The next song can wait, as this is the only way we can return your love. We owe this to you and you have earned it. Enjoy it, savor it and it will make your Chaster’s even happier.

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  6. jn says:
    What a compliment…..I am so happy for your Charice……the rest of the world is now discovering you slowly but “steady”…This would equal to you will be around for a long time…..Keep up the great work and God bless…

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  7. idolming says:
    Chasters & to all Charice fans….BEWARE! There’s a fake twitter account for Charice its: “OficialCharice” with ONLY ONE “f” same layout…pls spread the message…BEWARE! BEWARE!

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  8. Portia says:
    It is a “given factor” Charice has finally arrived, there is nothing more to prove that she is the most “talented girl in the world”. With her accomplishment at an early age is so stupendous, I just could not wait to see her acting talent in Glee, which to me, she already surpassed it just by passing in flying colors the audiion.

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  9. Ate Lina says:
    Really, Charice is all over the internet and all over the TV Entertainment news! She was even included in the Billboard Tribute to Michael Jackson. Sooo, what else is in store for your future? I was thinking, IF I was one of the victims in so many catastrophe that is happening in this world (oil spill, tornadoes & fire to name a few) and I am a Chaster, this kind of news of success that she is now accomplishing will UPLIFT MY SPIRIT. Yes that is right! She is a like a BEACON in the middle of darkness. Charice… I compare you to a sedative that will make a depressed person to want to continue to journey despite all the odds. THAT IS THE CHARICE EFFECT! Better than a physical pill. A TRUE INSPIRATION TO ALL WHO ARE STRIVING LIKE YOU IN THIS WORLD. Sorry, I wonder why am I so serious lol I just wanna be happy for Charice. Also thanks to you Eve and the rest of CM team for this compounded articles and videos. You are making our lives easier while all of you in CM are doing this without any compensation at all. Let’s just celebrate this new level of accomplishment for CHARICE!

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  10. Marie says:
    I’m so oblivious with happiness in that wrap up sentence “… check out Hollywood’s Young Stars at ET online..” There is the confirmation for everybody that Charice is now a Hollywood Star! I know that there will be a lot of challenges ahead of her but for sure she can topple it one by one. She’s a gutsy young lady who is never afraid of any challenges and the most important thing is she’s having fun! No complains about anything.. :D

    Take it to the top Charice!:D

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  11. EBJohns11 says:
    Im just just happy for her. God bless you more!!!

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  12. trabihcra says:
    Chaddicting? Charice is the Singer for All Seasons!

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  13. luvkcha09 says:
    Charice knows the power of words to hurt or inspire and she has never uttered any unkind or hurtful word about anything or anyone. She has never compared herself against another either because she understands each one is unique.
    Maybe we can all learn from her example.
    None of us has the power to change someone else but only ourselves what is in our power is to inspire others to change and when they are ready they will.

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  14. shalimar ryonen says:
    CHARICE – the VOICE of the CENTURY.

    Even the desert mothers and fathers would agree with this. The MYSTIC world is full of CHARICE’s charm and warmth. Melissa G even said that it is as if the VOICE of God is speaking through her.

    Charice is climbing her mountain ,,,one step at a time. Go my child, my prayers are with you. I love you.

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  15. tito_ngel says:
    To Eve, Thank you very much for your non stop hard work @ this site. You and the CM Team always keeping us Chasters up dated always. We’ll be lost or go nuts w/out CM site. Again Thank You and to all who always contributes to Charice Mania web site. Peace everyone. Charice labyo! labyo! labyo!

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  16. CutieSinger23 says:

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  17. Pepe Cabrera says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  18. gunrunner says:

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  19. champ1990 says:
    I’m really really super happy for you Cha! And for all the Chasters loving you (including myself)! Keep it going! No pressure. We love you for who you are and we just want you to enjoy your every performance. Thank you for thinking of us in all your performances, no matter what, I only want you to have fun in everything you do all the time. From my observation of the other artists who became so wild and untamed, I felt like they were too scared to loose their fame, maybe because they were holding on too much to their popularity and not enjoying it anymore, as such they are doing silly things to seek attention. I pray (trully pray) that you will be different from them, that you will be the sun among the stars, to give inspiration, to share joy and love. With the talent that you have, you are healing people. You really are amazing. To the top baby! Keep praying and we’ll always be here to support you, all the way up. God bless. Labyo!

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  20. LIZA says:
    Love you Charice. Can’t wait for Glee season 2 to start. Good luck on all your gigs and May God always bless you.

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  21. SendMeAnAngel09 says:
    wow! wow Charice! you are all over :-) Left and right news about you from different parts of the globe :-) It is quite difficult to follow you this time :-) Keep soaring high :-) but always keep your feet on the ground :-) Congratulations!

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  22. ABCD says:
    Wow… For Charice… What I can say more, she is the truly The Voice Of The Decade… Amazing… Charice is now a Brand Name where everyone will try to be associated with… Wow… In a very short time 3-Years since from StarKing and now joining Glee Show… Wow… Congrats… Proud of you, Charice…

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