Charice´s Album Release Germany and Japan

Charice´s Album Release Germany and Japan

Germany, June 21

English Translation:
Charice´s single “Pyramid” feat. IYAZ will be released this August. The album “Charice” from the R & B singer has been announced for September from Warner Music.

The latest Youtube sensation from the USA, Charice, stormed the U.S. album charts at # 8. The David Foster-produced debut album has fascinating first-rate songs by songwriters such as Diane Warren and Ryan Tedder (One Republic). Charice´s biggest fan is none other than Oprah Winfrey. Charice has been featured as guest in Oprah’s show many times.

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Translated by Schoen


Release Date: July 7, 2010

English Translation (raw):
Charice / Sharisu (Limited Edition Special Price)
charice japan album cover 299x300 Charice´s Album Release Germany and JapanInborn, singing miracle. From Asia to the United States and throughout the world.

Finally, she´s getting the attention from teenagers in Japan with her debut album to be released. The Album debuted at # 8 in the U.S. album charts! (Dated May 29, 2010 BillBoard 200)
It includes a cover of Ayaka´s “Crescent” [the crescent moon as Japan´s Bonus Track.

From Japan Photoshoot

charice japan 225x300 Charice´s Album Release Germany and Japan charice japan5 248x300 Charice´s Album Release Germany and Japan charice japan6 224x300 Charice´s Album Release Germany and Japan

charice japan2 Charice´s Album Release Germany and Japan charice japan 3 Charice´s Album Release Germany and Japan

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26 Responses to “Charice´s Album Release Germany and Japan”

  1. Juvy says:
    I am so happy listening Charices Pyramid played by a famous RnB Radio station many times a day (BIG FM)here in Heilbronn, Germany. It`s been a week now since I`ve heard it. Wahnsinn! Manchmal denk ich ob mein CD gerade spielt..?, aber doch nicht sondern die BIG FM Radiosendung und die Radiokommentator ist so nett jedesmal wenn sie über Charice erzählt bevor sie die Pyramid spielt. Very nice feeling. The station keep on playing it although the Single Pyramid is not yet out in the market here :)

    Translation German part: “Madness! Sometimes I think if it´s my CD playing ..?, But it´s the “BIG FM” radio broadcast and the radio commentator is so nice every time she talks about Charice before playing the Pyramid.”

    Danke Juvy, hoping to hear her songs everywhere here in Germany too. I heard it in a mall (H&M) the first time! What a great feeling. We have english policy by the way so I hope you write in english only next time.


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    • UrLovisEnoughForMe says:
      she’s coming soon in germany :) dont ya worry guys :), if u like her to see just u need to wait …

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  2. Edison says:
    Whoah… i was extremely delighted to hear the song Pyramid being played here in Qatar at a FM station. I believe she is also conquering Middle East with her pitch-perfect beautiful voice.

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  3. ariesssa says:
    did they release her album in korea?

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  4. bluedanube says:
    I hope german music authorities will accept charice. the german speaking countries really deserve some good concerts. she could also try some OPM songs for german mainstream!
    through history, filipino culture has adopted also some very european traits and elements, also in music. charice can rely on that. for success in germany she can present herself as a 100% filipina who happens to sing in english.
    up for charice! plz come to oberhausen, berlin, zurich, and vienna again!

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    • schoen says:

      Hi Bluedanube, welcome to CM. Nice to see you comment here. I have no doubts that the German music authorities will recognize her. She´s undeniable, very humble and her voice is so powerful. Yes she should conquer Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Just wondering, why Oberhausen?

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      • bluedanube says:
        hi, thanks! I think oberhausen has some symbolic meaning, the region has very dense population, and is representing mainstream.
        everyone is there:
        rihanna, ozzy, santana, mehrzad (german idol), whitney, tokio hotel, rem, naidoo, …
        a packed venue in oberhausen would mean charice has actually made it in germany.
        btw. vanessa s. grew up in oberhausen, and with her started my interest in filipino music and culture. although today, she is making german rock music in berlin, with her own band. the story is interesting but OT here..

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        • schoen says:

          Bluedanube, I think you meant because of the König Pilsener Arena where concerts from big artists are being held (12,000 capacity). It´s part of “CentrO” shopping center, a big complex in Oberhausen.

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  5. rlf says:
    Grrrrr…. no news about her album release in France!!

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  6. josephl says:
    i agree her beauty is versatile just like her voice. i also agree that no bunga make up. a lot of talented chasters just like charice. she will be the next superstar.shes got all the right people behind her.just think about this:oprah,the most influential woman on earth,david foster the most talented composer arranger,warner bros, the biggest record producer,and a talented publishist of madonna is with her now.shes gonna be big that no other filipino artist ever can attain that kind of blessings.

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  7. idolming says:
    Only the envious crabs say Charice is not pretty. She is so pretty! Very pretty!

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  8. justcharrie says:
    I’ve been hearing Charice’s songs, aside from Pyramid here in Japan airwaves and it really brings pride. Now I know the feeling of US Chasters who heard Charice’s songs in the radio first. It’s really different, it definitely brings smile to my face. It somehow uplifts your cultural pride and it’s good. The newest and most awaited edition of her album will be released in a few weeks and I’m so excited to go to the record bar to see the album on top of the shelves. I’m optimistic Charice will make it here in Japan.

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  9. compassion says:
    Now, that’s what ELEGANCE is all about, and that’s you Charice. Very beautiful, sexy and lovely. Gosh! you are beyond infinity Charice. New look, new style, very exciting, what’s next! Love you.

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    • Chaster says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • jAG says:

        You are right, Elegance and sexy don’t go together. You sure know your English. When you’re speaking of elegance don’t mix it with sexiness :) LOl

        I can describe Charice as simply elegant with a touch of sexiness..there you have it :)

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      • jAG says:

        I love this girl so much that I can’t seems to get enough of her
        She is so addictive. She embody a a real trooper..besides she is so humble….More power to her!

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  10. CutieSinger23 says:
    I Like These Photos so much!! I LABET! :) Soo Hot! :D

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  11. SendMeAnAngel09 says:
    Wow! wow! & wow ! She is soooo beautiful in all of those photos above :-) I love the outfit, the pose, the hair and the long legged legs :-) Wow! very beautiful Charice :-)

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  12. gunrunner says:
    even her beauty is like her voice versatile – she looks like a japanese here, in star king she looks like a korean shes growing up with grace beauty and charm welling up from the inner beauty of her soul. charice dont let fame spoil this precious gift of yours. remember what blue mama said.

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  13. minbeauty8 says:
    The photos are simple but captivating to the young and old!! She is a beauty!

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  14. muzikluvr says:
    WOW. Amazing photos… HOT!!! it’s sweet & yet sexy appropriate with her age…Am impressed…wow!! she just look great.. :)

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  15. osuna says:

    Are you learning anything how they dress up Charice for photo sessions. Pay attention carefully. No bongga make up. Peace

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    • nequi says:
      so far i’ve notice these two people osuna and jessica are fond of taking a hit at the whole Philippine archipelago. I don’t know what’s with u two? Do u hate the country of ur origins that much? F u r not Filipinos anymore just put a seal into that mouth of urs. Remember there are Chasters in the Philippines. Do u mean to alienate all of us from Charice? Move on u two. If u r really true Charice fans, have u learned anything from her? How influential Charice really is to u? Do u really know her that much? I think not because ur mouth.

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  16. Daniel says:
    Just wondering if the album cover for Germany will be the same as her
    Japanese album cover. Nice photos with the right poses and camera angle to show Charice’s innocense and elegance. Hopefully we can buy this version in US to add on my collection. I dedicated one of my room to Charice, with her photos, signed albums , and pictures. I have more photos of Charice than all my relatives combined, and they though I went bananas…yah right !

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  17. jimfan155 says:
    A truly international star. I like these teaser appearances. Sets up album sales and leaving the audience wanting more. Charice won’t be forgotten and when she returns on her world tour, whenever that occurs, it will be incredible.

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