Charice to Perform on ‘KTU’s Beatstock ’10′ The Biggest Dance Concert Event of the Summer!

Charice to Perform on ‘KTU’s Beatstock ’10′ The Biggest Dance Concert Event of the Summer!

REMINDER: DonA?t forget Charice will perform two nights on August 7, NJ and August 8, NY!

Watch the video interview of Charice with online fans when she stopped by KTU radio. Charice will perform at KTU’s Beatstock next week. 103.5 WKTU “The Beat of New York” will heat up the summer for two nights in two states with over 30,000 people ai??i?? Get your tickets now for KTU’s Beatstock on Saturday, August 7th at Ai??the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ, and Sunday, August 8th at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, NY.

KTU’s Hollywood Hamilton and Goumba Johnny will make the official announcement at 4pm today during their shift of this year’s star studded KTU’s Beatstock line-up which includes special guest Enrique Iglesias, Taio Cruz, Kelly Rowland (PNC Bank Arts Center only), Kat Deluna, Charice, Kim Sozzi (Jones Beach only), Agnes & AnnaGrace along with back in the day performances from K7/TKA, Lisa Lisa, George Lamond, Rob Base & Naughty By Nature and more. This marks the 13th year for the biggest dance concert in America. Both events are a Vito Bruno Production. (Artists subject to change.)

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To purchase tickets, visit >>> 103.5 KTU’s Beatstock 2010

Charice Interview: courtesy of 103.5 WKTU FM
Playlist – Parts 1 and 2

KTU’s Program Director Rob Miller says, “This summer, 103.5 KTU has supersized our annual Beatstock shows with more than 15 of the hottest pop and dance actsai??i??a lineup guaranteed to have our listeners partying non-stop the whole night.”

Tickets are on sale now to the general public through Ticket prices and limits vary per location. Purchases made through for either show in the month of June will not be subject to service fees. Additional information on each station including upcoming events and air personalities is available online at Keyword: Beatstock.

Owned and operated by Clear Channel Communications, Inc., WKTU 103.5 FM is New York’s top-rated rhythmic adult contemporary music station with more than 5 million listeners per week. Additional information on the station including upcoming events and air personalities is available online at

beatstock 2 Charice to Perform on KTUs Beatstock 10 The Biggest Dance Concert Event of the Summer!

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43 Responses to “Charice to Perform on ‘KTU’s Beatstock ’10′ The Biggest Dance Concert Event of the Summer!”

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  3. pardzleo says:
    WOW! amazing pair of legs. She has the right to flaunt those pair of legs…

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  4. amekano says:
    IS THAT CHARICE ………Oh myyyyyyyyy she is transform into a full blown lovely young diva. I like the get up its sooo adorable .Keep it up

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  5. marie says:

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  6. ZiFi says:
    Woke up today, went straight to my computer and to Youtube. “What?! Why are there no videos of Charice at the Beatstock event?” Then I saw the date: August 6. I thought it’s the 9th. Dang, I hate this waiting. LOL

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  7. cool_babe says:
    …..NJ …i will definitely watch charice!!!!! awesome!!!

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  8. SuperCoolCritic says:
    “Charice’s Airborne ” OMG she’s everywhere… once Glee-2 takes off, she’ll be much more airborne, viral & unstoppable in the entertainment mainstream …

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  9. Kathy says:
    To all Chasters over NJ and NY, I hope you all have fun watching Charice perform over there…Unfortunately, I cant go over there to see Charice perform again but i would love too someday. Just hoping that she is gonna perform again here in LA then i would totally go. But have fun and Party it up…Just make sure to post video and pictures so Chaster all over the world can see..hehe This event is gonna be really awesome so party it up with Charice. WOoot… I wish i can go…. =( Rock to the top BABY!!!

    Labyo Charice <3


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  10. bonpo777 says:
    What’s Charice’s favorite color? We should wear clothes of her favorite color whenever we watch her perform so when she looks out into the audience, she’ll know who the chasters are and when a large group of us are together, she can’t miss seeing us. Just a thought.

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  11. apennyforyourthought says:
    oops… I meant Enrique not his dad !!!

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  12. apennyforyourthought says:
    yes siree folks… Julio Iglesias is just as proud to be a Filipino as Charice is… kudos to these humble artists…

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  13. mdsjr says:
    I wish Charice will meet Enrique Inglesias here in Beatstock whose mother is Isabel Preysler a Filipina model and journalist. His father of course is the famous spanish crooner Julio Inglesias who said he still eat adobo, pansit and lumpia (filipino food) back home when interviewed by

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  14. Aurea says:
    she is doing really good on interviews, I just wish she’d use the word “like” less.

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    • ZiFi says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • RodBelt says:
        I wish some of you will stop the opinionated criticism of Charice’ command of the English language. Please do not forget that Charice was born and raised in the Philippines and for the very short time that she has been visiting, not living mind you, in the US (not even 3 years!), she speaks MUCH BETTER English than the thousands that has been LIVING for years in the country. Even when she appeared at the Ellen show at age 15 (her first in the US),she already showed her above average intelligence and she has come a long way of improving herself since then. All these so-called ‘unsolicited advice’ are nothing but nit-picking and add nothing constructive whatsoever to her tremendous accomplishments that many cannot even imagine or dream of. In all her interviews anyone can sense that she speaks sincerely from the heart. Her impeccable humility, kindness and purity of spirit always show. Charice is who she is and I adore and care for her unconditionally. And if you are true fans of her, I hope you would do the same. Cheers!

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        • ashley says:
          i am pretty sure Zifi and Aurea meant well. But you are so right Rodbelt. She’s gone a long way. I am sure her management is helping her correct these bad habits. Charice is so brave yet so humble. love her spirit. she is my inspiration!

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          • eve says:
            I think her management is letting Charice be “Charice.” To the American ear, there’s nothing to correct here. I was born here. Charice talks like any other normal American teenager, including the “like.” It’s not distracting at all and very typical conversational style.

            Charice gives a great interview. I hope her management doesn’t make her self-conscious by telling her otherwise all these little things that supposedly need correcting. I am very impressed with her fluency in English with barely a trace of an accent.

            what is so amusing is that Celine Dion has been a star for almost 20 years in America and yet she introduced Charice in the famous MSG duet by saying “this young lady’s names is Charice” Not once is the error mentioned in the youtube comments even though it’s so blatantly wrong, it makes you audibly snicker on first hearing… and then wonder how she could make such a mistake after so many years with English experience.

            I just don’t understand this preoccupation with Charice’s English


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            • SuperCoolCritic says:
              “Charice English Teachers” – I could not agree more with you, eve. Really a lot of English teachers out there surfing the net nowadays…LOL “

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  15. Angelia says:
    Hello Chasters! 8 more days until Beaststock & I’m going with some Chasters!! Anyone else going?! Maybe we can meet up somewhere? =P…I can’t wait!!! So excited, will be my first time to watch Cha perform live!!! Labyo Cha<3

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    • RodBelt says:
      I would love to meet some of you folks at the PNC Center this Saturday but I cannot think of any specific place as I have not been there in years. Anyway, if you see a short, gray-haired, bespectacled 66-year old fart wearing a red, white and blue Philippine baseball hat (with the yellow sun and 3 stars on the front), you’ve found me! Please say hello!!! Proud to be a AARP Chaster!

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  16. dozerd9 says:
    Just wondering who’s going to Beatstock to the NJ one or NY one? I’m going to the NY one with other chasters. Let me know maybe we can meet up before the show.

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  17. starbuck245 says:
    Hmm, isn’t there a way that Chasters who want to hook up before any of Cha’s events could post a location — coffee house, restaurant, parking lot, park, etc. — where they could meet and chat/party/picnic? Maybe admin could set up a special post or section of CM for this. It would be great to meet, share stories, feelings, and get even more revved up for her performances.

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    • RodBelt says:
      I am eagerly waiting to hear where WE CAN HOOK UP. Any suggestion from ADMIN IS WELCOME. We have a whole week to decide. Thanks.

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  18. Laura says:
    I wonder if Enrique will have a future collaboration with her. Enrique need to accept the fact he is also half Filipino.

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  19. wattscooler says:
    Enter below for a chance to win tickets to KTU’s Beatstock ’10 happening August 7th at PNC Bank Arts Center and August 8th at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater! Check it out:

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  20. JaYrOx says:
    LOL. Charice, I know u too! haha..

    Thanks for answering my question and thanks to KTU for picking my it. :D


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    • ebjohns11 says:
      LOL JayROX…I heard ur name too on Karen Davila’s show. You’re everywhere =)Who cant forget u =)

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  21. toink says:

    Why does Charice promote Nike and converse? Does she have a contract as a commercial model or she’s just a fan of these products?

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  22. dwf541 says:
    every song on her cd has Grammy potential, so with that said any song could be her next hit and it doesn’t matter to me which one , because I love all of her Cd , each track. Great job Cha. Congrats on GLee, I’m Gleeming with joy. You are sweet Charice and you deserved it, You are MY American Idol and international Super Diva.

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  23. Nahah says:
    I dont like the way they line up the name of Charice next to KdL, she doesnt have the right to be on the top of my Princess Nooooooooooooo way

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  24. Theo says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Dennis says:
      All I Need to Survive Will not sell here in the US. Slow smaltzy songs don’t sell. But NBSTM is an awesome song, but as of now the lyrics are a bit mature for her. great as a 3rd single. 2nd single should be something upbeat that resembles the sound of the first one to keep her consistent. Then the 3rd single should be one that just surprises people as to how good it is.

      You need to chill out and just let her career pan out. The plan for her is not to make an easy buck. Reprise has long term plans for her. So again, chill out. Reprise are doing a great job.

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  25. Mamavi says:
    Nice choice, Charice, Josh Groban, huh?

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    • Marie says:
      I am loving Charice more and more each day. This is one of the many clips i watch over and over because I just love how the way she interacts with fans. I can see the sincerity and the joy in her face answering questions with no reservations whatsoever. It feels like she’s just chatting with her bff’s or relatives instead of acquaintances or fans.

      I definitely love her reaction talking about Josh Groban (i agree with you Mamavi. nice choice indeed! :D) She has that dreamy eyes and smile but is shy at the same time — so ladylike of her, not to mention classy! :D

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  26. dmatrix95 says:
    I plan to see her in Holmdel, NJ. I can’t wait to see her again. Hope I can join some Chasters who plan to go. Love you Charice. I will support you 100%.

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    • rukiaorihime328 says:
      hey, im going too, @ Pnc right? woohoo we should all meet.

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    • RodBelt says:
      I just purchased my ticket for the Holmdel show. Any Chasters planning a get together before/after the show? Please post in this board as I plan to join. Thanks.

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  27. marlyn says:
    Another gig for Charice ,Yehey !!! i wish she can come back here in the bay area.

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