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Charice at 41st Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards Show, June 17

Charice at 41st Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards Show, June 17

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101 Responses to “Charice at 41st Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards Show, June 17”

  1. I often do read and see folks saying bad things about this artist….but let me say she is my ideal Artist…and if you just take a look at the Musicall skills and the Song quality…you cant deny she is outstanding….

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  2. Imagika says:
    charice = happiness ;D

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  3. marife says:
    Impeccable performance as usual, and very classy. I’m sure this is how David F. wanted Charice to sing this song. She’s a lady now, so when singing this kind of song in this type event it should be classy and with finesse. Other people here might have interpret it as being tight or something. This is definitely another amazing performance from Charice. I LOVE IT!!!

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  4. eve says:
    Another brief news clip from the Associated Press. It’s nice to see Charice’s performance is considered notable enough by the national news service to be included in a news brief of the event. Watch at 1:15 minute marker…

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  5. cueA says:
    Wouldn’t be surprised if some of the attendees and inductees are part of the Grammys selection/voting committee. After all the selections/votes come from a select group of songwriters and producers, among others. If so, we can be sure they were mightily impressed, especially if it were their first time, to see Charice live. Also present at this event is the talented jazz singer, Nikki Yanofsky (the next Ella Fitzgerald), who like Charice, fits in the Best New Artist category. It’s no coincidence they both appeared at this event.

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  6. Marie says:
    I have watched this performance over and over again that I lost count. As always, i can’t take my eyes off the screen while watching her. It’s like she has this spell that always makes me forget to blink while watching her sing (or talk during interviews). It’s always heartwarming to see how she puts her heart and soul into the song that she is not only into the song but also transforming it in a way that she becomes the song — alive and sad or alive and happy!

    Earlier i closed my eyes (since i am already tired and sleepy) and just listened to her voice and i even admired it more. I can feel the conviction and power of her voice! Suddenly, i feel like i am listening to a Walt Disney Animated Movie soundtrack and just thought that her voice has that quality — has that power to sing a Movie Theme Song.

    I just hope she will have the opportunity to sing Movie Themes in the future. I don’t actually care if it will be soon or 10 years from now..

    All the best for the lovely and Insanely talented young lady — CHARICE! :D

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  7. Jairaqt02 says:
    She’s so pretty! i love her dress, her shoes, her hair, makeup, accessories everything else! Her voice has really matured and her gestures too..

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