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Teen Singer Charice: Oprah Made My Dreams Come True

Teen Singer Charice: Oprah Made My Dreams Come True

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  1. gordons wilson says:

    beauty is a can ruin it or protect is not your physical appearance.but what is inside you.decency,respect,courage and above all God fearing.these are what should make you beautiful.THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IS YOU.YOU ARE A VERY GOOOOOOOOD SINGER,KEEP IT UP AND I WISH YOU GOOD THINGS.

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  2. alou says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  3. jimfan155 says:
    Oprah has accelerated Charice success without a doubt. But I believed in her talent and star quality from seeing her in that Star King video even before her appearances on Ellen and Oprah. The electricity I felt from the first 5 seconds of seeing her was something I had truly never felt before.

    I think she had the “it” factor to make it in the music business no matter what path she took; as long as she believed in herself. No one works harder, travels as much for one day appearances all over the world. To display the energy and give it her all each and every time makes me feel success for Charice would come no matter what.

    She mentioned in her interview she recorded 20 songs. Knowing her past, the 2nd international album should almost be ready – just need 4 more songs. Charice has said she learned from David Foster, “it has to be great and not just good”. Well I have yet to see good come from her. For me she has been great forever. I can truly say there was never a “jimfan155″ until I learned about Charice.

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  4. J.B. says:
    Apart from the age when she’s gonna release album commensurate with her age, the length of time also from her first being discovered in the US until this year provided enough leeway for her to learn how to better answer interviews.

    Love her personality showing off on the air and videos.

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  5. EBJohns11 says:
    wow, shes on ET finally!! I agree with teacher Max. Et is a major TV network in the US. Thats good exposure for Charice.

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  6. CutieSinger23 says:
    Thank you so much,Oprah and David Foster :) For making charice popular and show to others that Charice deserves to be an international Singer :) I labet!

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  7. mystic_falls21 says:
    love her tooth and the killer smile. :))

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  8. trabihcra says:
    wooah! what happen ET? where’s the page?

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  9. Daniel says:
    Charice career is taking off so fast it’s hard to follow her. Media appearances, concerts, TV interviews, magazine articles, WOW ! she did it all. Despite all these she’s still very humble. In all her interviews, she never fail to mention she’s from the Philippines.
    She’s proud where she came from and always look back to all the
    people who help her achieved her dreams. She’s one unique celebrity
    that raises the bar for future teens celebs to emulate………..

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  10. Max says:
    ET (Entertainment Tonight) is a major TV network in the U.S. I consider this interview to be a major endorsement from the entertainment industry that this young lady “has arrived”. The wild ride to international stardom for Charice is going full blast. Bless her heart, Charice climbed so many mountains during her 18 years that she is now near the top.

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    • texansaw says:

      This interview was shown on ET national. Remember, not all ET interview get shown in public.

      Is it really that her monther a fashion designer because that really sounds like a rich word to use?

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      • texansaw says:

        I mean this ET interview was not shown on ET programming because i watched it everyday.

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        • max says:


          You are correct. The interview was not shown on the Entertainment Tonight TV network. It was on their web site( However, the web site is a very popular site, and Charice will benefit immensely from the exposure. I should have been more explicit.

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  11. shalimar ryonen says:
    Oprah indeed is her FAIRY GODMOTHER…who can make her DREAMS come true.

    Remember the BLESSED TEAR? CHARICE is destined for GREATNESS!
    More power kid! We LOVE YOU!

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  12. tito_ngel says:
    Wow! Another great interviewed of our princess and songbird CHARICE. Thanks Capofret and CM for keeping us chasters updated all the time. You guys are also AMAZING. The only one stop info of our beloved CHARICE. She is getting lovelier each day.

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