Charice: FAITH The Concert in Singapore, July 28,2010

Charice: FAITH The Concert in Singapore, July 28,2010

JUNE 19 UPDATE – POSTPONED! Breaking news…International singing sensation Charice has been added to the star-studded lineup for the inaugural FAITH The Concert in Singapore on 28th July 2010. Charice joins the previously-announced headliners Sonicflood, Point Of Grace and Corrinne May, for one night of live inspirational music.

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Letter to Ticket Holders

Video courtesy of RunningIntoTheSun

Charice Faith the concert Charice: FAITH The Concert in Singapore, July 28,2010This will be Chariceai??i??s second performance in Singapore, following her critically-acclaimed performance at the Singapore Idol final last December, where she stunned the entire nation with her powerful vocals and showmanship.

Tickets for FAITH The Concert are priced at $98, $78 and $58 (excluding $3 SISTIC fee) and are on sale now. All OCBC Credit and Debit cardmembers will receive a 15% discount off ticket prices till 30th June.

This will be Sonicfloodai??i??s and Point Of Graceai??i??s maiden performances here, as well as Corrinne Mayai??i??s first public performance in Singapore since 2007. The concert promises to be a fun and uplifting event, where everyone will enjoy a different side of Christian pop music.

The concert is organised by Warner Music Singapore, which also released the best-selling series of FAITH CD albums since 2008.

Simon Nasser, marketing director of Warner Purchase probalan Music Singapore, says: ai???The FAITH CD series is about spreading the legacy of faith through songs, and it has always been a dream to elevate this into a live concert where everyone can experience together along with their favourite artists. A true testimony that dreams do come true when you have

As for the addition of Charice to the lineup, Mr. Nasser could not be any less excited about it:

ai???Charice is the only Asian artist who has a Top 10 album in Billboardai??i??s history and she will be making a special visit to Singapore to be a part of this concert. The 18-year-old vocal powerhouse is just living example of a success story arising from humble

Concert Details:

Date: Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Time: 7:30pm – 10:30pm
Location: The MAX Pavilion
Street: 1 Expo Drive >>>Ai??

For more information on ticket sales, please visit or call the SISTIC hotline at (65) 6348 5555.

For more information about FAITH The Concert, visit

About the artists
Sonicflood is one of the most influential contemporary Christian music and crossover mainstream bands ever. The five-piece band have earned a Grammy nomination, won two Dove Awards and sold over two million albums. They have performed on every continent except Antarctica.

Point Of Grace has emerged as one of the biggest names in Christian music since their formation in 1991. The female trio have been nominated for two Grammy Awards, sold more than 6.5 million albums and earned 24 consecutive number one singles, a feat unmatched by any artist in any genre.

Corrinne May is one of Singaporeai??i??s most successful music artists. Her four albums have sold over 35,000 copies in Singapore alone and she has staged sold-out concerts in Japan, Los Angeles and Singapore. She has also worked with iconic songwriters Carole King and Carole Bayer Sager.

Charice is arguably Asiaai??i??s most successful artist to break into the international market. She just turned 18 recently, and has already performed with Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, as well as appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show four times. Her self-titled debut album was produced by David Foster, and recently entered the Billboard 200 charts at number 8, becoming the first Asian artist ever in Billboardai??i??s history to crack the Top Ten.

For more information on the artists, please visit:
Point Of Grace:
Corrinne May:

About Warner Music Singaporeai??i??s FAITH CD series
The first FAITH CD album was released in July 2008 and topped the Recording Industry Association of Singapore (RIAS) best-selling album chart. The second and third volumes were released in April 2009 and February 2010 respectively, and topped the RIAS best-selling chart as well. Collectively, the three volumes of FAITH CD albums have sold more than 30,000 copies in Singapore.

About Running Into The Sun
Running Into The Sun is led by Beatrice Chia Richmond. The company specialises in producing original projects from comedy, concerts, festivals and theatrical productions.

See you there!

Source: Warner Singapore

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35 Responses to “Charice: FAITH The Concert in Singapore, July 28,2010”

  1. Raymond Ling says:

    Love Corrinne may!

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  2. jessica86s says:
    I believe Charice is just right for this “Faith” concert. I agree that she doesn’t have to be projected as specifically Filipino, but proudly Asian. This would open her affiliation with a broader and larger regional group, hopefully making the non-filipino community more comfortable, friendlier and facilitate her ability to connect with them.

    I also believe Charice is right for the “Faith” concert because she is a perfect testimony to the very mission and message of the organization and specific concert. I do not think her being associated with the Christian faith would alienate her from the other groups of a different belief or religion. Charice’s life testimony and First international single, “Note to God” does not limit or box her in the confines of a specific religion or belief, but relates commonly to the highest values and morals of all the major faiths, beliefs and religions which recognize humanity as being subject to a Supreme Being referred to in English as, “GOD”. These include but not necessarily limited to Muslims, Jews and all the Christians, Catholic and Protestant. A very phenomenal symbiosis of all these main faiths, which is one of Charice’s spectacular characteristics that makes her belong to the world and reach out to not just one nation, race, creed, generation and gender. She has broken all those boundaries for the benefit of the majority. This whole planet has good reason to be thankful for her.

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  3. Fil-Canadian says:

    Charice don’t have to introduce herself as being from Asia. One look at her and people will already recognize her as being an Asian. The mystery about her will now lie on where in Asia she is from. Let them look her up. Let them be intrigued about this beautiful and talented Asian girl. Let these people be curious about her. Let other Asians be proud of their fellow Asian. This will bring up awareness that is going to benefit her.

    We already know practically everything we need to know about her. We did our research on her. We watched her on You tube countless times. She doesn’t even have to do anything else but showcase her unbelievable talent. After all these, we came to a common conclusion that she is the NEXT ONE.

    Let these people figure it out for themselves. They, too, will come to the same conclusion. Maybe not right away. But they will.

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  4. jessica86s says:
    Have fun Singaporeans! I hope your Chaster community there grows even bigger and stronger and make Charice as happy as she was at Toronto. Now’s your chance and opportunity to show your support for Charice. Good luck, success and best wishes for this event on your turf.

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    • cueA says:
      Asia is a continental region, so to be specific the Philippines should also be mentioned. Give credit to her country…not everyone knows where she came from.

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      what i mean on this is that when she’s not performing in Asia.

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    • jaster says:


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  6. LuckyRain0rig says:
    ‘Wish I’ll be there…Have fun guys! I know it’s worth it.

    I am crazy for Charice!!!

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  7. Syaiful says:

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  8. Geig says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • tyramaid says:
      geig, the concert is entitled “Faith”.

      you’re saying that you don’t have some for this gig?

      Faith is something that cannot be seen, but a belief that “that something” is there.

      i beg to defer with your opinion, i say it is time for charice to come swing by singapore, there will be a positive result in this event, i believe.

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  9. Theo says:
    I hope Charice does not get “stereotyped” as a Christian Singer otherwise she might alienate other potential fans. Even Whitney and other singers who had strong religious roots threaded carefully when it comes to religion in their careers to reach more audience.

    But then again, Charice is also had made several apperances in Pride events, so as long as she is balanced – and not get into politics – she should be okay.


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    • Loel says:
      Think “respect.” When there is respect for each other’s religious preference, I don’t see any problem here. We have some Muslim Chasters from Singapore and Malaysia who are going to the event for Charice. I’m sure they are welcome there.

      I don’t think Charice will be stereotyped as a Christian singer. As far as I know, “Note To God” was well received by non-Christians. Being a Christian/Roman Catholic is part of who Charice is and, I believe, everyone respects that.

      Yes, stay away from politics.

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      • schoen says:
        Loel, I agree w/ you. Knowing Singapore myself, this country is the best example how people w/ different religions and different races living in one big community respecting each other. From Indians, Malays, Filipinos, Europeans, Chinese, etc. etc. They will surely embrace Charice. Wait a minute….aren´t they doing it now? Yes, Singapore loves and supports Charice!

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  10. irmsmiller says:
    wish i have enough budget to go..hehehe..enjoy guys!!!

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    • lola-elrem says:
      me, too! so i will just wait for charice to come back to canada or the U.S.!!! for charice to come back to either toronto or new york!

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  11. tofifiness says:
    please arrange a meet and greet!!!!!! :D :D

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  12. redmylips says:
    anybody who is going to watch please reply to me, i want to watch too, but im alone,I want some chasters company :)tanks!

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    • Capofret says:

      Hi amazingcp and i are going. you can email me so we can get in touch with you.we’re not sure if there will be a meet and greet,though.

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    • tofifiness says:
      Hi redmylips, my husband and I are going, though he is not that all crazy about Charice BUT I AM! i would love you to join us, atleast i have a fellow chaddict fan with me :) please email me

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    • tyramaid says:
      redmylips, i assure you, nobody will be alone.
      at singapore idol i went by myself, but i got to the venue, i was never alone, no chaster will be alone whereever they may be.

      chasters are like seeds sprinkled across the world who are now growing, expanding, and blossoming.
      singapore is no exception, just get to singapore expo and you’ll be met by fellow chasters.

      let us be there when charice explode the expo center!!!!

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    • yanioey says:

      hii,, me too alone to watch.. maybe we can meet there.. my email, pls drop the email. do you got the ticket? i havent buy yet.. :)

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  13. luvkcha09 says:
    Yeah Charice can sing Note To God and duet with someone for The Prayer or sing the You Raise Me Up solo. Wow, you are going in the right direction Charice. You are conquering the whole world! You Go girl!!!

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  14. Angel says:

    i think you should do a comeback concert here in Dubai…or shall i say you should perform in Emirates Palace in Abu are no longer a mini-diva or a starlet but you are a SUPERSTAR now, a certified DIVA!! im so happy for all of your achievements! may the Almighty Allah / God bless and guide you always!
    as for your return in Singapore, im pretty sure it will be a sold-out show!!! how i wish i am in singapore now…

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  15. Lem says:
    Why now Montreal Quebec too? :(

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  16. anniefound says:
    i could’nt agree more, “”Note to God” is a most fitting number for charice for this type of concert with their objectives in mind. What would be most appropriate with her singing this, is showing the videos of the chaos in picture all over the world…war, children in hunger, earthquake disasters, etc…. the reason behind why charice wrote a note to God. Another number I would suggest for charice to learn is “His eye is on the Sparrow”. She will beautifully sing this song that is so fitting with her voice range.

    I can hardly wait, but let’s keep praying for our princess.

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  17. greenarmor76 says:
    hey chasters, don’t you think charice is underestimated on several occasions? billboard did not expect her to get the top 8th spot in the billboard top 10 for album sales for her debut album release, eaton center in canada was just expecting 500-1,000 fans to show up for her album promo in canda, but lo and behold an estimated 6,000 fans showed up, her talent was underestimated in the philippine talent show “little big star”, but she proved people wrong when she showed us that talent still rules rather than pure looks..and her journey is still continues. Some of her detractors say that her popularity will not last long, but charice herself said that she is ready anytime that her popularity wanes, that’s why she is trying to save as much as she can while she still can….and by that time when she is no longer popular .. charice can just sit back and relax and enjoy the fruits of her lifelong savings… in the end, Charice still triumphs…. moral of the story…no matter what happens it’s useless to be a crab/jealous of her/envious if you really want to put charice down

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  18. Daniel says:
    Lucky Singapore chasters ( AmazingCP, Capofret and others)will be in for a treat from our Princess. WOW ! Charice is the Special Guest in this concert. Blow them away with your inspirational “Note To God”.
    This is probably the busiest time on Charice music career. You better
    packed more bangus paksiw (milkfish), and sardines because you have
    more concerts coming…..Asia, Europe then North America…WOHOOO!!

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  19. AmazingCP says:
    Hi Lolo Max,

    Capo seated at ROW #2… And hobkors Im seated row #1….LOL While reading the Warner Bro FB I was booking my tickets too… Can’t help it here Im Chaddicts again….Its sooo fast and easy…

    Tyra – Make sure to get ur tickets..

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    • Max says:
      AmazingCP and Tyramaid,

      Wow, you guys are sooooo lucky…..rows 1 and 2. We hope you and Capofret will write us your experience as well upload videos. This time Singapore will know to expect for the roof to be blown off.

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    • redmylips says:
      Hi AmazingCP!
      Im also in Singapore!and Im planning to watch.
      Is there a meet and greet?

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  20. tyramaid says:
    she’ll finally here to sing more than 2 songs.

    and it will be a blast!!!!

    thanks amazingcp for ringing me up about this.

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  21. ABCD says:
    Watch Out… Singapore Chasters and Fans… Charice is scheduled to rock Singapore… Her inclusion to the best Artists in a Concert will be a Big Storm to come… So be prepared on July 28…

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  22. Max says:

    Would I be correct if I thought you will be sitting on the front row, hehehe?

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