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Charice at Red, Hot, and Boom July 3rd!

Charice at Red, Hot, and Boom July 3rd!

45 Responses to “Charice at Red, Hot, and Boom July 3rd!”

  1. LAfan says:
    This cancellation WAS a very unfortunate occurrence… of all the radio shows Charice was scheduled for, THIS was the one I was looking forward to most because of the estimated 100,000 people expected to attend, of which I’m sure the vast majority would be exposed to Charice’s music for the first time. There would definitely have been new Chasters made today in Florida.

    BUT, logistically, it really didn’t make any sense at all for her to fly across the world again to come back for a 30 minute show, then fly for another 24 hours to head back for her Asia shows. It was just an unfortunate timing of events that led to this last minute cancellation. I know Charice must have been just as disappointed, or even more so than her own fans, not to be able to perform in Florida. But clearly her management team and Mommy Raquel believed this was the best choice right now for Charice, and we’ve got to support their decision.

    I agree that I did begin to hear some strain in Charice’s voice in her most recent performances, and I was growing a bit concerned for how she would be able to keep up her energy level straight through her Asia shows, then going straight into the Glee filming. At this point, her performance on Glee is probably top priority in terms of exposure to the US audience, and she needs to be in top condition to show the US and the world who she is as the amazing talent we know.

    I concur with Jimfan’s point about Charice NOT needing ANY more pressure than she already has right now, from anyone, especially her own fans. Clearly all of the Phillipines is so proud of their daughter Charice right now, and in the interviews I’ve seen, the hosts keep stressing how proud all Filipinos are for Charice. I’m sure Charice is so happy about being her country’s pride right now, but I just hope that isn’t adding to the pressure she already has. She doesn’t need to feel the weight of the entire country’s expectations and hopes on her shoulders right now, nor does she need to be the torch-bearer for all future Asian artists in America right now. I hope Charice is able to just block all of those outside pressures out and just continue to focus on why the whole world fell in love with her in the first place, her heart, her genuineness, and of course, her amazing talent.

    I cringed each time I heard Charice talk about all the pressures leading up to singing the Phillipine national anthem. Not being filipino, I wasn’t aware of all the ‘rules’ that were attached to singing the anthem, and how other singers had been so heavily criticized by some in the country for deviating from the ‘correct’ method. It must have been stressful enough for Charice to have the honor of singing the anthem in front of millions, let alone having to worry about singing it perfectly according to the rules so that she would not face the same criticism that others faced before. Needless to say, she again surpassed everyone’s expectations, but I have to believe the entire event really took a big strain on her (as she professed that she had been up since 2am that morning as she couldn’t sleep).

    Again, I just hope Charice is able to take these next few days off, recharge her energy, and get excited about singing in Asia (Starking! yes) and getting ready for her debut on Glee. Let’s all continue to be mindful of all the pressures that are being thrown onto her shoulders by everyone right now, and just allow her to be who she is, a treasure and a gift for the entire world.

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    • Don says:
      I’m pretty sure the management knows what is good for Charice. Hey, when you work regularly, you have a tendency to get burned out. You have to recoup a little bit, relax and perform again fresh. Just flying all over the world is quite taxing to your body let alone you can’t really sleep during your flight and then you still have a jet lag before your perfom. I agree that she needed a much needed rest before she goes for her Asian tour and starts working at Glee. I’m pretty sure Charice didn’t mind singing for the new Philippine president. I suspected that she went back to Tagaytay afterwards for a much needed rest. I agree with your observation that Charice was “kind of tired” lately and her management picked this up right away. Charice most likely was very much aware of it too. Remember what she said during her competition days. Her competitors would rejoice if she did not get any rest or sleep before the singing competition. Okay Charice,,,you go girl, recharge your battery and watch the Taal volcano for me.

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      • LAfan says:
        Hey Don. Oh I’m absolutely sure that Charice was more than thrilled to have the honor of singing the national anthem at the inauguration. But I’m also pretty sure that all the news about the former criticism of other’s renditions and how she had to stick to the correct ‘tempo’, etc. and even worrying about not forgetting the words was quite stressful and taxing in the days leading up to the event… combine that with an international flight, jet-lag, and no sleep the night before, and it’s just amazing that she was able to pull off the performance that she did that day. Not so amazing when we know what she went through as a child in all those late-night singing competitions…

        So many forget that she just turned 18, and there are just so many expectations placed on her at this stage of her life and career… it just shows so much maturity and foresight to hear her talk about what her other ambitions are (entertainment lawyer), her business investments, all things that most budding entertainment superstars don’t even think about because they think they’re invincible. And although I’ve never been to the Phillipines, I wondered why she bought her mom the house in a town two hours outside of Manila until now. I can also see her foresight in being a good two hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city to be in a more secluded area to get away from her ‘public’ life and be with her family and loved ones for times such as these.

        It also shows a lot of internal fortitude not to feel the ‘need’ to go on twitter right away and send out an immediate ‘tweet’ informing everyone what she is doing at this exact moment… yes she hasn’t ‘tweeted’ in four days, and that’s probably the exact thing she needed during this time away. I’m sure she’ll be back in top form for the start of her asia shows and glee, and I hope she’s able to get the rest and privacy she needs during her time at home (don’t know what the paparazzi is like over there; hope it isn’t anything like what it is in L.A.). See you in a little bit Charice!

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    • sasha says:

      yep yep! plus the fact that she hasnt visited her twitter for the last 3 days or 4 maybe.. no new tweets. :) i miss her though! haha!

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  2. nodoubt says:
    don’t crucify charice. we all know charice is a warrior giving 100% effort even if she is not feeling well. her body can not take it anymore, she got sick/cold when she came back to her country to sing at the inauguration of President Aquino, brother of her godmother Kris Aquino. This unscheduled event is a historical event that she can not refused or else she will be a pariah in her own country. One of her dreams is to be accepted and be famous in her own country. It’s management decision not charice alone to cancel the red, hot and boom event. As a loyal chaster, i wish charice the best of health in her upcoming asian tour.

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  3. jimfan155 says:
    There is no denying Charice can use the rest. Shoot, I am exhausted just reading all the articles on CM and watching the videos of Charice from my computer room. Not one frequent flyer mile and I need rest, also.

    But until we hear from her management, we won’t know the actual reason for the cancellation. If it’s because of an expired passport, then someone in her camp has to make sure it never happens again. She’s an international star, so her passport must be always up to date. If it’s because of a health issue, it’s obviously understandable with her hectic schedule. Either way, an apology is needed to the fans who paid their hard earned money to see her. Her schedule has been so busy, but she has been able to cope, so far. But she is human, and she has been away from “home” for an extended period of time, so R & R maybe just what the “doctor ordered”.

    I tend to put myself in the shoes of others to try to feel how they feel. Walking in Charice shoes, although the heels are getting higher and higher, I would be exhausted. Nothing can make up for the loss of your health. Maybe a little less travel time in between gigs to save some energy would help. In baseball, they limit the amount of pitches a pitcher will throw so he can last a whole season. Maybe a max amount of flight time for Charice in between appearances could help. Yes, the album has to be promoted, but there is only one Charice and only one voice. If she goes down, then the whole process comes to a halt. In addition, I notice lately, she is saying “it’s a lot of pressure” so I hope people are listening to what she has to say and take heed. The last 2 plus years has been amazing, but there’s always a down side. Sure would hate to see her “burn out”.

    I’m just guessng like everyone else, so the best to Charice and her team. Coming off the high note of the fabulous singing of the national anthem at the inauguration, I hope she can keep the momentum going in Asia. Like many, hope this was just a glitch in her plans, not to be repeated in the future. Good luck, Charice.

    Putting myself in the shoes of a fan, I would be disappointed that Charice pulled out of the concert as she would be the sole reason for me to attend. Plus I know she hates to disappoint her fans and would never do anything intentional to hurt them. So for whatever reason I would have to forgive her and hope I could get my money back.

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  4. wangsquared says:

    I’m here right now and took some photos. So far very big crowd
    less charice:(

    Here’s the flyer they giving away there with Charice in BOLD and in CAPS

    “There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.”

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  5. correction says:

    saw my submittal appear 5 min ago then disappeared a few minutes later. Can someone put it back? Second time this happened to me.

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  6. FlaSno says:
    Why would this fantastic young performer who was just signed to join the cast of ‘GLEE’ perform outside in the rain in Altamonte???
    I just LOVE her, & am sad that she will not be here. :(

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  7. RodBelt says:
    I am not surprised that many Floridians are disappointed with the cancellation and, as usual, there will be detractors. Let us all be considerate and understand that Charice is human and at her tender age of 18, needs her well-deserved respite after her whirlwind, globe-trotting schedule these past few months. Just think about it: Charice arrived in the Manila hours before her performance on Noynoy’s inauguration. If Charice had to perform in Florida, July 3 she would have barely 48 hours of break in between taking into consideration the 12-13 hours difference between Manila and US EDT not to mention the almost 24 hours flight back to US. Even sleeping first class in a plane is no picnic and jet lag is a “b*tch” even to seasoned travelers especially if one is flying halfway around the globe.

    If I were Charice or Mommy Raqz, I would use a few days to ‘disappear’ and enjoy a real, private, family vacation away from her fans. And to us Chasters and fans around the world, let us unselfishly give back to Charice by understanding her rights for a well-deserved break. Let us remember that Charice has yet to reach the pinnacle of success and fame that we can go along with the ride for many, many years to come.

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  8. Colbers says:
    Charice, can you please get a massage, facial, the works, so that you can make it back and be well rested and bright eyed for the Grammy Block Party? Kidding, kidding. Anyway, I really hope that performance comes through…Charice is first and foremost the act I bought the overpriced tickets for, but if not at least Raphael Saadiq will still be there…I actually downloaded his CD too after I looked him up.

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  9. insolitude123 says:
    Don’t get me wrong chasters…i am a big supporter of charice…. these past few days, charice has been busy and then she has to go back to the philippines all of a sudden to sing the Philippine national anthem for the newly elected president..then at the very last minute her Florida guesting was cancelled. Charice was also supposedly scheduled to appear as a guest at a Singapore concert but again, that show was postponed indefinitely after people have been buying tickets. I agree that Charice also deserves some rest from all her busy schedule. I hope that when Charice’s schedule is made, A SCHEDULE FOR REST should also be planned out or an extra time should be planned out whenever she travels overseas to make time for unexpected delays that could obviously delay her prior commitments. Charice is just starting and it will not look good to sponsors, promoters and most specially fans if charice’s appearances are being cancelled at the last minute. Other people specially sponsors are investing money in these said events and as much as possible, these sponsors don’t want their money to go to waste. So the next time an event is planned, will these sponsors still be excited ? For a starter, it’s always good to put your best foot forward….just like when you’re starting in a job. Just a thought my fellow chasters…please don’t crucify me

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    • marie says:
      I’m sure there’s a reason for everything that Charice’s team does. They are honed business people in the music business and they know what they are doing and canceling one event must have taken precision and careful calculations. I do agree with Charice needing rest ~ there is only so much a human body can take. She must compartmentalize and sort out her priorities. I believe her team is doing just that for her own good as well as those of her fans =)

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  10. wangsquared says:
    I hope she won’t get a lot of negative effect after cancelling
    it last minute. She leads the poll with very big margin and I’m
    pretty sure a lot of people is expecting her there.

    I know for a fact that a lot of filipino’s and bringing non filipino
    friends just to see her. Even the radio station was playing her songs
    the past couple of weeks and now all of a sudden she’s a no show.

    I don’t know what went wrong but hopefully she’ll address it why it
    happened. Hopefully she won’t get an image that she’ll commit into
    something and back off in the last minute ’cause it might hunt her
    in the long run.

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    • correction says:
      Her schedule is set weeks, if not months, in advance and the selection for singing the Philippine’s National Anthem was an emergency blip in her schedule. She didn’t know she was a candidate to sing the National Anthem until after the elections were done and whether she or Arnold Pineda would be chosen until much later. I’m guessing that because she was chosen to sing the national Anthem something had to give. We cannot deny that singing the Anthem was a top priority, so the follow up choices were 1) fly 16,000 miles back to Florida with little rest in between, then back to Asia right after that, or 2) cancel the Florida appearance.

      I’m sure Charice would have kept that schedule because she is a very courageous young person who would never say no to a singing engagement. So mommy Racquel and Cha’s team probably agreed that that was too much for her. Most Chasters agree she needs the time to rest.

      I, myself would like to know what the official reason is but if none is coming, than my above summation should be logical to everyone.

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  11. luvkcha09 says:
    I’m glad Charice gets a respite, she needs some rest at this point. So whatever the reason, she can take this time to rest her voice and get to sleep in her own bed. Sorry for the disappointed fans in Florida but Charice will be around for a long time. peace:)

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  12. insolitude123 says:
    i wonder what really happened? I wonder why charice is no longer appearing in this one big event in Florida? It’s a show that attracts thousands of people. I thought Charice’s asian tour would start on July 11? The Florida event is July 3 and the asian tour starts July 11. HHHHmmmmmm….. I just feel sorry for the chasters who were preparing days ahead to attend this event (just because of charice) only to find out at the last minute that charice has cancelled her appearance. Well, chasters, I hope you will still continue to support charice.

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  13. Ks1one says:
    Arrrrrgh, that sucks! My camera and phone is fully charged and
    ready to see her perform for the 1st time. Well hopefully she
    get a lots of rest. I don’t know how she do it but all her
    traveling and stuff is too much.

    I’ll see her next time, I guess :(

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  14. bld9696 says:
    I’m really glad that Charice has pulled out of this event. After she was called back to The Phillipines to sing her National Anthem, it did not make sense for her to come back to the States just for this appearance. To do this and then immediately return to Asia for her July commitements would have been too much. She has been going and going since her album came out; so she must be reaching the point of exhaustion. I hope she gets some well deserved rest these next few days at home; because once she starts back with her Asian dates and then “Glee” right around the corner, well, she is only human. I’m sure her fans in Florida will understand and only wish her the best. We want our Princess to be around for many, many years to come. No need to push too hard and risk burning out.

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    • rlf says:
      I agree, once LADY GAGA had canceled one very important TV wshow interview here in France after a hectic schedule… according to them she prefered to practice her performance for the concert!!!

      I just hope fans could understand that Charice has to make a choice sometime!

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    • insolitude123 says:

      Hi bld9696. I think Charice still has to come back to the United States even if the Florida event is cancelled because she needs to undergo some training for Glee. I don’t think Charice will be staying the whole time in the Philippines until her asian tour starts. If Charice will be staying in the Philippines the whole time until her asian tour starts, then should I suspect that Charice’s other engagements has been cancelled in the US as well? I hope not, because first her Singapore engagement was postponed indefinetely, then second, her Florida engagement is also cancelled.

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      • Aloha insolitude123, suggest you view her schedule of events before you start speculating. It’s located at the top of the Website under Events.

        Charice will be back in Hollywood on the 28th of July for Glee. She has a recurring role and won’t be in every episode. The Singapore Faith engagement was postponed because Charice is the Featured Guest. They had moved it originally from June 19th to July 24th to fit her schedule. It is now postponed because of another big conflict. That being the long awaited return to….”StarKing” Korea on the 24th.

        Woot! Woot! Charice returns to where the Journey really began!

        Aloha and Mahalo Chasters of the World!

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  15. jimfan155 says:
    Gosh, it’s always disappointing when you look forward to seeing your favorite and it doesn’t happen for whatever reason. Hopefully, it will be made up in the future.

    Charice has been to Florida a couple of times already, so there’s a good chance she will be there again. Let’s hope so. Keep the faith.

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    • pardzleo says:
      yes’s disappointing but the girl worked so hard these past few weeks and the strain in her voice can be felt in some of her gigs…she’s a hardworker indeed, but let us give her the needed rest because she’s in for a very hectic days ahead of her…

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  16. tsuki says:
    What!!! Charice’s pasport expired. How can that happen when angel had the best of best management team? It’s a lousy excuse. Tell us the true story. Maybe, she got sick from all these travels back & forth from one end of the world to the opposite side. Her fans in Florida will really be disappointed. They’ll miss angel’s heart stopping rendition of God Bless America.

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    • pardzleo says:
      where did you get that gossiptsuki? ..xpired passport?…of course not…

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      • tsuki says:

        @pardzleo, check Max.

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        • pardzleo says:
          thnx tsuki…true or not…good for her..she needs a breather, the girl worked so hard these past few weeks…she’s not messin’ around…c’mon girl, take a rest, then, surprise us again…

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    • TinTin says:

      If they really lied about the passport issue, that is really so disappointing! I won’t trust them anymore!!! Why can’t they just apologize instead of lying???!!! Don’t make too many commitments when you can’t do them!!!

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  17. kabayan01 says:
    Why is she not appearing? What happen?

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    • Max says:
      According to 106.7 FM’s twit, her passport has expired. Sorry, but that is all I know at this point.

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      • tyramaid says:
        right after her appearance in ellen show in december 2006, she was invited to appear on paul o’grady show, but unfortunately her passport got stolen.
        it was delayed until she got her new passport, and she then appeared on paul o’grady show in april, the same month she did the taping of world’s most talented kinds in oprah show.
        philippine passport has a minimum validity of 5 years.
        anyone can the math, and this excuse won’t fly.

        still, i agree with the decision to cancel her appearance in this event, as i noticed in recent gma interview that she’s not in the best of health.

        take a rest before you conquer the whole of asia.
        chasters will continue doing their part of spreading the good news that is ‘charice’.

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  18. I just voted and it is already 75% Wow. We will try our best to be there to see the show. Is there a Meet and Greet in this event? Take care Charice. Will travel from Largo, Florida to Altamonte Springs. Chasters forever…

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  19. gunrunner says:
    she could be president with popularity soaring high he he he just could believe my eyes charice is like david downing goliaths with no sweat. go charice more power go chasters to the top

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  20. Max says:
    My sister lives across the street from the park. She can sit on her patio and watch the fireworks display from there. She tells me that Red, Hot, and Boom has become a HUGE celebration each year. The crowd will be near 100,000 people.

    Unfortunately, she will be on vacation in the Central U.S. and will not be home at the time. Dang it, I was ready to gas up the car and drive down. Oh well, one of these days I will get to see Charice.

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  21. Ks1one says:
    I live accross the street where they’re performing.

    This would be fun!

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  22. bld9696 says:
    I have a great idea for the promoter of this event. Have Charice come out and close the show with her version of “God Bless America”. This would be incredible!!! I’m getting choked up just thinking about it. I know the crowd would go freaking crazy. If anyone out there knows anyone on Team Charice, please suggest this to them.

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  23. jaydee says:
    to be honest i don’t know anyone from the list except charice and fefe dobson. Oh and when i saw jessie james I was asking myself “is sandra’s ex-husband a singer now?” lol :)

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    • nona says:
      LOL, were on the same page, i cant help but laughing till my tummy hurt… good one.

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  24. Mike Z says:
    She’s up on the poll big time!!!

    Who Are You Most Excited To See?
    2AM Club
    2.15 %

    Neon Trees
    8.96 %

    Big 10-4
    4.66 %

    Jessie James
    3.94 %

    White Tie Affair
    20.07 %

    54.84 %

    Aaron Fresh
    2.15 %

    Fefe Dobson
    3.23 %

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  25. elaine says:
    so if i want to watch charice, i’d have to go for the whole 4 – 11 cause we dunno when she’s performing!

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  26. Sy says:
    i’m going! last i check she’s ahead on the polls..

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  27. max says:

    Calling on CHASTER POWER……Vote for Charice in the poll “Who are You Most Excited to See”. the poll can be found at Radio XL106.7. Just clink the link above.

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