YES! Looking Back…Part 4

YES! Looking Back…Part 4


Part 4 Next Stop: TV

After the town-fiesta singing contest in Batangas and Laguna, the next stop was television. Charice began as a contestant on Filipino local channel, Channel 9’s Bulilit Kampeon [Little Champion], a little-known singing contest hosted by Pilita Corrales. Charice won as third runner-up and eventually became one of the program’s co-hosts. After the show folded up, she joined two other TV competitions: Birit Bulilit [Little Belter] on Channel 13 (where she was first runner-up and the “MTB Popstar” segment of Magandang Tanghali BayanM [Good Afternoon People], where she won second place.

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In 2004, Charice joined an ABS-CBN kiddie talent search, Little Big Star, hosted by Sarah Geronimo. It was Charice’s appearance on this show that would mark the beginning of her journey to world-wide success.

On Little Big Star, Charice didn’t end up as the Brightest Star, or first-place winner. In fact, she had been eliminated earlier, after her first performance. But she was called back later as a wild-card contender, and she made it to the finals, coming in third (after Sam Conception and Gian Barbarona). She was heartbroken and cried for almost a week because she didn’t get P1-million top prize.

“She couldn’t accept it,” Raquel recalls. “She gave her best. She was expecting that we will have our own house, own car, public jeepney…”

After Little Big Star, Charice still got invited to perform with other kids on ABS-CBN programs, but it looked like nothing big was going to happen, that she would eventually have to either join new singin competitions or just focus on school. Then, one day, the Pempengcos got a call from South Korea.

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A fan had earlier uploaded, on the video sharing website YouTube, a series of clips of Charice’s performances on Little Big Star. Charice says the video of her rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” became such a big hit in South Korea that she was invited to perform on Star King, a popular variety show there.

In an October 2007 episode of Star King, Charice sang “And I Am telling You I’m Not Going,” from the musical dreamgirls. This performance-which showed Charice in a pink ensemble, her hair in pigtails, doing her juggling act with her mic, to the cheers of a young Korean audience-was again uploaded on youtube, and it was this Star king video that would lead the staff of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, a top-rating daytime talk program in the US., hosted by comedian Ellen Degeneres, to take an interest in the young Filipina.

Degeneres herself spoke to Charice on the phone on November 28, 2007. For Charice, this very first call from the 12-time Emmy Award-winning TV host was an embarrassing experience.

“That was an embarrassing moment”, Charice recalls. “Because I didn’t know her! She told me, ‘Hi this is Ellen Degeneres.’ ‘Hi uhm, who’s this?’- I asked her. ‘This is Ellen DeGeneres, I would like to invite you to my show…’ Then, I kind of whispered to Mommy, ‘I don’t know her.’ Because I really don’t know which TV show.”

“She (Ellen) asked me to visit her website. So I visited her website, I saw artists whom she invited to be guests on her show. I said, ‘Oh no, this is embarrassing. We were speaking with her a while ago. It was her!’ So, that was it, I had my visa. Then, we’re off to fly, fly away to America. That was our first time.”

The show shouldered plane fare and accommodations. Ellen shed tears when she saw Charice perform at the rehearsals, but couldn’t help being emotional again during the live performance. Charice cried, too, when the audience gave her a standing ovation, the first in her young but already long, storied life as a performer.

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Next week, Part 5: THE UNTOLD STORY
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  1. PinayBug says:

    I must get my hands on a copy of this YES! magazine. But I don’t live in the Philippines. So I am so thankful being able to access it here. Thank you so much! The photos and their stories are extensive. Very nice. From rags to riches. Love their mansion, surrounded by greenery and you can see the trees from the living room. Love the part about Oprah. She is truly an angel who helped make it happen for Charice. Also love that when you click the magazine, you can turn the pages and it plays Pyramid!

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  2. jessica86s says:

    Arkg! What’s this guys? This is so “bitin”. Where’s the rest of the story. You have me like looking at a magazine with missing pages eventually tearing the whole damned magazine up. LOL.

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  3. elsa from spain says:
    I missed this copy…but Charicemania really rocks thank you thank you really…am always here as this is part of my daily vitamin visiting Charicemania website and an amazing team we have here who follow each milestone of Charice. Good health always to all here and to our dear Charice.

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  4. idolming says:
    I’ve read, heard and watched Charice life story many many times but still i cant control my emotions, it always bring me to tears! And i will never get bored watching, listening and reading her life story even several hundred times! This is really an INSPIRATION to never give up. Her song says>>> My Heart Will Go On

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  5. kebun2 says:
    Thank you very much for your effort to translate it.
    Very enjoy to read it.

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  6. Schoen says:
    Thanks for posting AnonymousFanatic (AF). One more to go ladies. Paging DrTP…. last call! LOL

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