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It’s Official! Toronto LOVES Charice!!!

It’s Official! Toronto LOVES Charice!!!


74 Responses to “It’s Official! Toronto LOVES Charice!!!”

  1. Ryan says:

    so noisy! cant even hear properly >.<

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  2. anniefound says:
    xoxoxo to all chasters in canada! wow, what an overflow of so much love, paving the way to charice’s coming to canada. what a crowd, ican’t help but feel the excitement as though i was there myself. thanks for all who shared the videos, thanks charicemania for keeping us keeping on:)

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  3. TOPGUN says:
    You are welcome WebScribes!

    I was close in my estimation (conservative as I am) of 5,000 fans because, I noted a new report saying 6,000 and watching the new video from WarnerCanada showed a vantage point that perhaps may even be more than 6,000. I could not see the whole crowd from where I was at the venue.

    Anyway, I wanted to add that, driving home, I felt uncanny and warm in the mid-spring season in Canada…perhaps because of the overly enthusiastic crowd or the warm feeling that Charice had injected in my being. I jokingly confessed to my wife that, never had I stood skin-to-skin…front, back and sideways.. with another human being or other human beings for more than three hours aside from her in my entire life except today. And she laughed very loudly on our way home merrily towards the setting sun. LABYO CHARICE !!

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  4. gunrunner says:
    OMG a sea of humanity with its gushing waves clamoring to touch the shores where my gracious princess stand. i cried when i saw this video because i was reminded of charice song in a local videoke bar still unknown and in deep povery singing ” sisikat din ako” ( i will be famous someday). i cant believe what i am witnessing.

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  5. noellen says:
    Charice Walking from Dressing Room to Stage video…!

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  6. Yuenpit says:
    @ Joy Co Thank you so much and god bless .

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  7. muskrat says:
    Did you guys see that? Performers TAKE NOTE, you can learn so much from this Superstar!! Right after her last song RESET, a couple of her escorts tried to take away the Painting her fans gave her probably for safe keeping but she just refused to give it up, I think she held on to it even after she left the stage, and there’s no doubt she gave it to her Mom for safe keeping. This is one of the reasons her Fans/Chasters love her so much, she respect them as much as they respect her, and I bet you don’t see that from other stars. What a great gesture on her part, I loved it and I LABYO Cha!!

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  8. osuna says:
    Hello Philippines Make Up crew…are you learning anything from this photos…how they apply make up on Charice ? Thank you and PEACE

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    • jessica86s says:
      Hahaha Osuna, good one. you just couldn’t resist that one could you? lol. At this point, it no longer makes sense kicking the the opponent who is down on his face. just face it, the Philippines isn’t ready for and does not deserve Charice. They’re really that backward and forcing the issue is just like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Give it another century maybe, for the Philippines to miss out on another deserving talent who’ll make it internationally again. They’re still more concerned with the looks and sexy bodies in short skirts, caucasian facial features, light complexion and other things so common and a dime a dozen here in the foreign scene. What I’d like to see is those ASAP XV producers pay tribute to Charice by making their so called talents do a medley of Charice’s song in her debut album. I’m sure the “sessionistas” could do a decent job at it if they really tried. That would sort of attempt to put some sincerity in their claim they are proud to be pinoy because of what Charice has accomplished. Otherwise, they are just full of “it”.

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      • estrel2894 says:
        Hi Jessica86s,

        Watch this YouTube interview from a Miss Saigon and Les Miserables Broadway star from the Philippines. It’s a fitting words for your comment.


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        • jessica86s says:


          the link goes to the Paul O’grady show appearance of Charice. Is that the one?

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      • nequi says:
        hi jessica! i’m here in the philippines and i have no plans of going anywhere as i’m doing fine here. And i love Charice even when u claim that we don’t (u and some others surely love to make sweeping statements) U know every time i read something like ur statements i would want to say the bilest things to address u if i could. Every thing happens for a reason. We wouldn’t really know what’s God’s plan for each of us. Charice becomes what she is now not because of u and u alone.

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        • jessica86s says:


          I’m very sorry my dear. I’m not referring to you (chasters I assume) and the rest of the Chasters community there in the PI. I am referring to the people in the entertainment industry there, especially those in that ABS-CBN show,”ASAP”. I’ve seen too many incidents here alone in youtube where anyone especially who don’t know what’s going on there and don’t understand how and why all these “unfortunate” incidents there happen to Charice and why so often. It really looks intentional and not accidental or coincidental anymore. It easily makes one conclude that there is a conspiracy against Charice there. What I’ve been saying and pointing out are what we out here abroad see with our very own eyes and cannot believe it ourselves. And because we feel like Charice is our sister, our daughter and someone who carries our pride and honor, we naturally notice threats and assaults to her and take it seriously. I do not make “sweeping” statements referring to you or any of the Chasters in the PI. My fault for not being more specific and I’m sorry. May we “RESET”? LABYO!

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          • jessica86s says:
            Oh and BTW @nequi, I know Charice did not become what she is now because of me, I have done nothing except maybe buy her music/downloads, albums (including those produced in the PI), concert tickets whenever I can when it’s in California and Vancouver when I have enough time to get off and get back to work after. And I am certain, those actions of mine alone couldn’t have contributed the minutest thing to make Charice what she is now. I give that to MommyRaqz and Charice and those in her inner circle who sweat it out and work their butts off directly contributing to Charice’s career and people like the staff here at CM who work without pay, but out of love for Charice. They’re the real unsung heroes who are actively invovlved in an activity which helps look out for and promote Charice on a significant level. I’m just an insignificant individual consumer on the last level or the bottom of the food chain so to speak. Peace. LABYO again!

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  9. thed07 says:
    thanks very much to all the people who shared their memorable experiences and uploaders…I started seeing charice when she was in little big star. this is the first time in my life that i admire very much an entertainer. since i can’t find a cd of charice in my city area, some 70 kms. from sydney,australia i’ve asked my son who is on 3-month assignment in the philippines to buy me 2 cds. he e-mailed and bought 2. thanks very much charice for the happiness you brought to us…more power to you, stay healthy and don’t forget to rest…

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  10. hpj says:
    Now, we’ve got a solution to global warming. lol. Everywhere she went, everything looks and feels so cool. And she’s going around the globe. A force of nature, indeed, as DF had said in the past.

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  11. Teepee says:
    To say that Charice has arrived is now an understatement. Charice, like a Super Nova has arrived with a BANG!!! Seeing the deluge of fans of all colors, shapes and sizes at Eaton Center, hearing the deafening clamor of the crowd, listening to the tons of praises heaped at Charice by the radio/TV interviewers, following her impossible schedule from different venues around America and Canada……….Need we say more? And while the Canadian Chasters are hyperventilating for an experience of a lifetime, the worldwide chasters are on a 24-7 vigil in our computers waiting for the next announcements, videos, photos and stories. Thank you Charice for this amazing, exhilarating, albeit dizzying ride.

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  12. TOPGUN says:
    My wife and I arrived at the parking lot before 3:00 PM. Parking in downtown Toronto is not only expensive but scarce especially on a Friday but, we had to see Charice “live” even once, for who knows when, we will have this opportunity of a lifetime again.

    Walking towards Eaton’s Centre, we had a young Filipina lady heading towards the same direction in a hurry and I casually asked her if she was going to see Charice. She said, she was. She said, she just took some stuff from the car she and three friends rode on from Ottawa (capital of Canada and about 4-1/2 hours drive to Toronto). She added that the wristbands were all gone 20 minutes after 10:00 AM when the Indigo store opened and where people were all lined up since 7:30 AM. I was thinking to myself, “Wow! Charice must be really now a SUPERSTAR !”

    Inside the Eaton’s Centre, there were about a hundred people milling around the venue, a few were sitting on the floor right upfront along the line, and the CHASTERS were already positioned on the upper corner level with their video camera in place. (I knew they were CHASTERS because they were wearing white shirts with blue CHASTERS printed on).

    I left the wife at the front corner side while I went to the washroom and checked the Indigo store and bought 2 Charice CDs hoping to get autographed later. I was not expecting more than a few hundred or maybe (I was hoping), at least a thousand people to come.

    Coming back, there were already about close to a hundred people and I checked my watch and it was almost 3:15 PM. I never thought that, I would be waiting 3 hours, standing up, to see “someone” perform. I never did this before in my life……not for any celebrity of any sort, even in politics…never mind entertainment…and at this stage in my life.

    My wife sat on the floor (good thing she was wearing jeans) while I discussed politics, entertainment & whatever comes to mind with some of those around me to kill time. Slowly but surely, time passed and as I looked around, people were pouring from everywhere….mostly Fil-Cans but, there were whites, blacks, Asians, young and old. It dawned on me that we were lucky to be very early otherwise, we would only get a glimpse of Charice.

    The rest is history. The videos are testament to this event.

    Yes, I was there! First time to see Charice live! Among the thousands (I’d say close to 5,000) fellow Canadians on that sunny Friday afternoon of June 4th and Charice was worth the wait, the pain on my feet, amidst the deafening thunder of applause and maddening screams of the fans…. CHARICE HAS ARRIVED !!!

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    • WebScribes says:
      Thank you Topgun for sharing your experience.

      Truly the crowd of a Super-Star!

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    • hermiemel says:

      Thank you Topgun for posting your experience that very exciting day. Because I am here in Houston, it mean so much for me who loves Charice to have a feel of what it was like to see her perform live and the atmosphere surrounding the event.

      She is definitely a very lovely young lady with loads of talents. DF struck the motherload of a musical phenom the day he discovered Charice.

      Love your writing about Charice and can’t wait for your observation the second time she visit Toronto.

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  13. DamnRifght says:
    That’s right! IT’S OFFICIAL BABY! T.Dot Represent!

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  14. pom2pom says:

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  15. flowjam21 says:
    hope Charice will also have an Album Autograph Signin Session here in KUALA LUMPUR,MALAYSIA.And the big place where she have an autograph Session is one of the favorite tourist spot is PAVILION SHOPPING COMPLEX IN BUKIT BINTANG,KL…..AND IM SURE THE CROWD WILL ACCOMUDATE ON THIS PLACE……AND IM THE FIRST ONE INFRONT OF THE STAGE,HEHEHEHE……..

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  16. jessica86s says:
    So much for those who so easily and autopmatically say they are proud to be Filipino in the Philippines. How many of those did you see showed up at the glorietta in support of Charice or show sincerity of their declaration that they are proud to be Filipinos because of what Charice has accomplished. They are the most insincere batch of soothsayers on the face of the earth if you ask me.

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    • josie says:
      yes, that’s true Jessica. However, thinking about it, i’ve set my mind that those who easily say they are proud to be Filipinos because of Charice and or Arnel are as phoney as their declarations. I’ve seen the crowd at Glorietta and i’m glad that the Chasters although outnumbered were as loud as they could be. Many of those who came out of curiousity were perhaps converted to Charice. and i am expecting to see some of our established singers there to give support but i’ve seen no one. or was it they came incognito? or was it they were praying that the album launch would be unsuccessful? Thanks Canada, you showed how to treat a true Filipino talent.

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  17. jessica86s says:
    It is really really so sad, save for the chasters in the PI, this is clear proof and evidence that the Philippinea does not deserve Charice! And to think that Charice exerts more effort and tries very much harder to please her own people in the PI.

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  18. ArrVee says:
    in that first picture taken by Roland Isberto at (IMG_6337-Edit), that red store on the left is Swarovski, which provided the crystals for her Sennheiser microphone (which unfortunately has been malfunctioning lately).

    picture #5 (IMG_6420-Edit) is a great portrait of her, with those nice warm skin tones, and you can even feel her charm exuding from that photograph – very well done.

    the noise from the crowd was really deafening, and the non-Filipinos who were also shopping were wondering what or who those people were going crazy for, and you could see them asking around. And everyone came prepared with their cameras and video equipment.

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  19. rlf says:
    No doubt we will get more than a hundred video of Charice by just typing “Charice at Eaton”…

    from 54 , 74 and now 151…LOL while looking at the number of spectateurs and the cameras focus on her!

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  20. jn says:
    Toronto and everyone present of Cha’s album launching at Easton Centre, thank you for the very warm welcome you’ve shown to Charice….I am so happy to witness the rise of this young gal..She is global now and she really derserves all these accolades…More power to you Charice and good luck.

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  21. chris 05 says:
    Now it is a reality, Charice is a worldwide Charice, She deserves to be on top, Asian tour, European tour, US Tour, around the world. More power to Charice. She is property of the whole world. More Good luck.

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  22. Mhy says:
    I was there during the show and till now I’m speechless and still in cloud 9 even I don’t get VIP pass still a great chance to see her in person and have all my 5 cd’s sgined.

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  23. ArrVee says:
    as I stood on the balcony overlooking the entire scene from afar, I was just amused by how a young singer could drag me all the way from work to take a bus and train and brave the crowds just to hear her sing, something that is so out-of-character for me, not really one to follow a singer or artist this far.

    but when the music started and the crowd began to scream, and when you heard her voice amidst the din, you began to appreciate how big a phenomenon she was, being shared by everyone in attendance, each with exactly the same enthusiasm and reactions.

    previously, I enjoyed her music and performances via YouTube on a personal basis, but sharing this live with other people, even from afar, gives me a new appreciation of “Charice Mania”.

    while David Foster says that she is “undeniable”, I say that she is a juggernaut that comes in stealth, camouflaged by her petite physique and innocuous appearance and self-deprecating demeanor, only made apparent by the heavyweights who are backing her, and the effects you feel after she has fire-branded her name into your heart.

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    • Portia says:
      @Arvee, you are not alone, it is happening to me too, first time that I went “gaga” over somebody, never in my life that I bother to do something for anyone that I care to go overboard of what I am doing now about Charice. I just don’t know why, but what I know for sure is that we are being “charmed” by this young and wonderful lady.

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      • tess168 says:
        @arvee and portia….exactly same with me , as you guys are saying, I JUST DON’T KNOW WHY….words can’t explain this feeling and i can honestly say that i’m obsessed and posessed by this sweet young lady now…i was there too and OMG…she’s phenomenal ….she’s a star…go go girl… GOD BLESS!!!!!

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  24. Pepe Cabrera says:
    I wish I was there, but I can’t I’m here in Saudi Arabia. I love you Charice! Stay humble.

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  25. yoly says:
    I love you I love you I love you i said it, i’m loving it cha. keep it going. wowwww. what a talent.

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  26. Yuenpit says:
    Unforgetable journey left Montreal at 3 a.m with my family arrived Toronto at 9 a.m for the wristband and then waiting 4 hrs before charice perform.OMG she is the most talented girl in the world and brillant performance.Charice u r so cute and I’m so happy to meet you and god bless u and love u from Montreal.

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