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Charice to Appear on ‘Regis and Kelly,’ not ‘Glee,’ says Mom

Charice to Appear on ‘Regis and Kelly,’ not ‘Glee,’ says Mom

Charice: ai???In This Songai??i?? on Regis & Kelly!

Regis n Kelly 01 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says MomCharice quickly snaps a pic with one of her many fans outside ABC Studios before her taping for Live with Regis and Kelly in NYC on Wednesday morning (June 16).

The 18-year-old Filipina phenomenon shared about meeting Celine Dion, ai???We did perform together about two years ago at Madison Square Garden. I was shaking, sheai??i??s one of my heroes and she told me to not to forget to look back and treasure my mom; be humble always. She was very

Check out Chariceai??i??s performance below! 15+ pics insideai??i??

JustJaredJr. Photo Gallery – Charice greets fans outside ABC Studios just before her live appearance

Charice wows Regis and guest host Carrie Ann Inaba with a stirring rendition of “In This Song”.Ai?? Accompanied by David Foster and her band, Charice performed for a live audience that gave her tremendous applause.

Charice In This Song on LIVE! With Regis and Kelly, David Foster on Piano

ai???Live with Regis and Kellyai??? is an American Cheap celebrex online TV morning talk show hosted by Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa.


Charice to appear on ‘Regis and Kelly,’ not ‘Glee’

MANILA – After disputing an online report on her supposed appearance on ai???Glee,ai??? the camp of Charice finally revealed the young international singing sensationai??i??s next big television appearance in the United States. Chariceai??i??s mom, Raquel Pempengco, told that the ai???Pyramidai??? singer will appear on “Live with Regis and Kellyai??? on June 16 to promote her self-titled international album.

An online news site (not reported last week that Charice would join the cast of ai???Glee,ai??? a hit American musical comedy-drama TV series. The singer, however, denied the report.

Charice tweeted: “I just want to let you all know that it’s not true that I’m going to be on Glee… How I wish!

The Filipino pint-sized singer is now busy promoting her first international album not only in the US but in different countries as well. Pempengco said Charice will be in Toronto, Canada on June 3, 4 and 5; Paris, France, June 17; London, June 20; and Germany, June 22.

charice2 1 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Mom

Source: by Reyma Buan-Deveza, 5/31/2010

Behind the Scene Photos

charice regis and kelly 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Momcharice 2 regis and kelly1 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Momcharice 3 regis and kelly 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Momcharice 4 regis and kelly 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Momcharice 5 regis and kelly 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Momcharice 6 regis and kelly 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Mom

charice 7 regis and kelly 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Momcharice 8 regis and kelly 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Momcharice 9 regis and kelly 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Momcharice 10 regis and kelly 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Mom111 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Momcharice 12 regis and kelly 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Mom

charice 13 regis and kelly 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Momcharice 14 regis and kelly 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Momcharice 15 regis and kelly 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Momcharice 16 regis and kelly 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Mom17 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Momcharice 18 regis and kelly 75x75 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says Mom

Photos courtesy of JimFan

153 Responses to “Charice to Appear on ‘Regis and Kelly,’ not ‘Glee,’ says Mom”

  1. Joy Co says:
    Jose Rizal’s comment was his opinion and I can respect that. However, I disagree with him. I think Charice’s rendition was impeccable and I love it!

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  2. ctabelle says:
    I watched her sing at R&K pls correct me if I’m n my observation bec it seemed to me she was a little late in the intro, is it not? Tho’ she sang it good. Why every time DF is w/ her she always sing In This Song? Mayb bec it’s her life story & DF co-wrote it but I think she more very good songs than this. I prefer she will sing I love you or The truth is, Are we over, & her other songs they’re all great. Honestly I also love In this song but I prefer the others. Also I prefer her to sing her songs the way she recorded them in her cd’s. You know what, I’m struggling to lie low a little bit bec I’m alredy hooked up w/ Charice. This the first time it happened to me. The answer is bec “she is so amazing & wonderful I can never get enough listening to her. God bless you Charice just don’t forget to pray & thank God for everything.

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    • ArrVee says:
      i think it is a different arrangement, just like the acoustic version she sang before, so it has a different introduction.

      aside from introducing some variety to break the monotony, this also proves to doubters that she does not lip-sync ..

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    • kutkut says:
      It is one of their marketing strategy.. They are trying to market Charice through her Cinderella story.. They need to be consistent: from the Oprah to this Regis and Kelly show..

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      my opinion why she is not singing her other songs is because the album has yet to be released in Asia and Europe and UK, so she does not want to give away all her songs, otherwise, with YT- album sales matter too you know , it is still business. so just wait for her concerts and go to see her sing all of her songs or buy the album for now. i am awaiting her concerts myself :)

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  3. Joy Co says:
    Whew! after reading the comments below … I feel my chest getting heavy. Very negative it is! I think we (Chasters) are like the five fingers in our hand. They are all fingers. They look very similar, and yet each one is unique. No one finger is the same in height and in thickness. The thumb being the fattest and the most distant amongst the rest does not mean it is less worthy. In fact, it is the one that provides the most support. Each finger have special function and yet they support one another. One is not complete without the other. Chasters are like the five fingers of our hand.

    Sometimes most of us say good things about Charice, and some of us say negative things. Some of us show our support through action, and some by talking. Talking alone is also good especially if it converts more Chasters. I’d call them the messengers. We would not know what the messengers bring forth for we have no means to evaluate and measure their work. But I trust in them. In due time they will lead their group of Chasters. The important thing is what their heart says. If they love Charice, work will be done.

    I know some people think that Charice’s success in getting into her head. I am glad I could count them in one hand only. So no sweat! I just think of them as people who have self-esteem issues. Perhaps they miscontrue confidence to being cocky. They may think that coz of their experience. Who am I to judge them? It is however unfotunate that they label similar traits and personalities as such. I can’t blame them either, or try to change them. I could only bring the horse to the river, but I cannot force the horse to drink the water. Maybe if they hang around long enough they will learn some kind of confidence from Charice.

    I love this site, I love you all Chasters, the ayes and nayers … all alike. I learn and re-learn, I laugh I cry, I hope I dream, tomorrow’s a new beginning … Charice & her success is the embodiment of all our struggles and accomplishments big and small.

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  4. Joy Co says:
    @jimfan, thank you so much for sharing your pictures. It made me feel like I was there with you guys. It seemed like everyone had a good time. Although I have not met you yet, however through your descriptions and a reference to your retirement I was able to ID you from the line-up. Ha ha … BTW, that picture is a great one. I wish you could re-post it with everyone’s names on it, if it is ok with everyone? It will be nice to see the faces behind those names and the wonderful things they share with us via CM.

    MommyRaqz was telling something to Regis and everyone’s attention on her. I guess this was what Regis was referring to prior to the taping? Can you please share with us what she was telling? I think on her own MomRaq is a celeb. I love and admire her so much. She’s just able to do the right thing for Charice. The best thing is that she is neither pushy nor a stage mother. She knows where her place is and she’s very happy and contented with it. She’s Awesome!

    Charice? I run out of good things to say about her. She’s always way up there and plus more! In the last 7 days, I’ve been listening to NTG again and I am still amazed on how powerful, well contolled, crystal clear voice she has and the amount of emotions she put into her rendition. I could not help imaging DF submitting this particular piece for the Grammy’s. If my memory serves me right, I think was 16 almost 17 when she recorded this song. Then I see her up on stage stunned and surprised to receive her first award as the best female vocalist. I’ll probably be the first one to burst in tears ha ha ha ….. If ever, I think she will receive multiple awards that night. It is very possible, is it not Chasters?

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    • Joy Co says:
      oh thanks to serrynyc … I got the name in the line-up.

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    • jimfan155 says:
      Hi Joy Co. During the taping of the show, there are commercial breaks for about 30 seconds to a minute. An assistant introduced Regis to Mommy and he asked her when Charice began singing. Many people were surprised it was Mommy and word spread so they were taking pictures of her and listening to their brief conversation, just like I was. That is when she told him she saw her singing like Celine “My Heart Will Go On”. I believe she said Charice can sound like other singers, too. In the video when Regis asks Charice to sing a portion of the song, I think he wanted her to sound like Celine and belt it, but she didn’t know that and just sang a portion of the song, but not too powerful.

      btw, Mommy Raqz is a nice person and now i have had the honor of meeting the entire family. Just goes to show you if you really want things to happen, and you keep your focus, it’s in your power that you can have a good chance to make it happen. I learned this from Charice.

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      • Joy Co says:

        Hello jimfan155. Yeah, DF hit a key on the piano simultaneously as Charice started to sing a portion of “my heart will go on”. I saw that look in Charice’s eyes and if I remember correctly she moved her head toward DF’s direction but quickly stopped before she was able to look at DF and then she went on singing.

        Thanks for the story. You are definitely one lucky Chaster. What a way to start your retirement. I envy you so much, lol … BTW, would you consider a 2nd career as a ChaCharazzi? We could use one you know, ha ha…..

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  5. TOPGUN says:
    It all boils down to attitude…..maturity and how to cope with what is going on around us. We are so fortunate that, because of the internet and advance technology the world has become small enough for people to be able to reach and touch each other’s thoughts & fellings. However, some tend to overdo things since they can hide behind aliases and pseudonyms and express their sentiments with wanton abondon of common courtesy, decency and cordial behaviour in a civilized society. Freedom is not absolute. Otherwise, I am free to kill anybody because I want to and it is my (absolute) freedom.

    I believe that, life is three stages. First stage is from birth to a certain point of physical, emotional and mental growth…one has the notion that, one is the CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE.

    Comes the second phase, where one feels to question everything in society, challege the establishment & institutions and rebel against almost anything & everything…searching for identity, purpose & meaning in life and of life…thus, appearing to be ANTI-UNIVERSE.

    And lastly, one reaches that state where one realizes that one is not alone in this planet…that one does not have sole control and direction of one’s life and those lives and events around him/her.
    One comes to terms with oneself that,…. one is just A PART OF THE UNIVERSE.

    Unfotunarely, these stages come in different times in different lives. And some are even stucked with stages one and two for who knows how long….thus, we have the crabs, the haters, the detractors, etc. etc. Until then, we have to deal with it patiently (IF AND WHEN WE CAN). We cannot change the nature of things (or the nature of the beast).
    One can only try, as I am trying to in my life, to change for the better. Until then, all I can say is…LIVE AND LET LIVE.

    Hope I made sense to you chasters. Let’s buy more CDs & be happy.

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  6. tito_ngel says:
    @Serrynyc and Jimfan thanks for sharing your wonderful experienced at R&K show with us here at CM. I feel like I was there also with you. You guys were very lucky but also deserved to be there. And also thanks for sending as the messages from our princess Charice for her appreciation of her beloved fans (CHASTERS). Just gonna keep on praying for her and her mom to be safe and healthy all the time. PEACE everyone.

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  7. Daniel says:
    @osuna – Agree with you completely. With all these appearances how in the world Charice can response to every tweet and e-mail coming her way unless she has a full-time person doing nothing but answering
    the fans questions. She’s scheduled to appear at GOOM in Paris tomorrow June 18 and she has to appear tonight June 17 at Songwriters
    Hall of Fame. This is a very tight schedule, meaning after her appearance tonight she has to fly right away to Europe. I’m not as famous as Charice ( not yet..heheh) and I can’t even answer all my
    e-mails. Also, supporting Charice shouldn’t be done with words only but by our own action.

    I just stopped by Target to buy Charice albums (usually buy one CD every payday) and it’s on sale for $11.99 so I bought two. I noticed Target allocated two spaces for Charice album. One space is empty and the second space only has three CD’s left. That means Target knows the popularity of Charice and must have been selling them fast. Wait till Charice conquer Europe and Asia on her next scheduled appearances and we’ll see BIG things happening to our Princess……one a side note I dreamed last night that Charice will
    sing the theme song on a BIG blockbuster movie…Wohoo !!

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  8. Serrynyc says:
    Hello Chasters!!
    Good to see those photos taken during Regis and Kelly Show!
    Thanks Jimfan for sharing our group photo from left: Joey/ jimfan/ myself/Joel and Nelson.
    how I wish I could bring more chasters inside but I just had 4 VIP passes.
    Anyway, we had a great time. We were the only filifinos among the audience.Most of them got their tickets 6 months to one year prior. My VIP passes was from magic word! Just kidding!??
    All were applauding after they heared Charice! Regis is a big fan!!! And Carrie Ann Inaba of Dancing with the stars! as well.
    Charice schedule is very hectic these days!!
    Her strength is coming from all of you , your support and prayers! . All of you ! are her inspiration!
    Cheer her up ! All the time!!
    God Bless!

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  9. osuna says:
    I am a regular lurker in the chat room, and few comments have been made that maybe that success of Charice is getting into her head, Folks, Charice is larger than the new elect president of the country where she came from, she is very busy in her schedule, its not easy to accomodate everyone on tweet or what ever, she got priorities, one of them is to make sure that she let everyone knows that she came came from the Philippines, aren’t you guy proud of that ?

    Lets eliminate hypocrisy, people claims that she needs a lot of rest and yet some unreasonable indiv make statements that is not very popular. Wake up folks, she is on a different level now, and yet she don’t forgets how she got there, specially, on her interviews, she always mentions that she helps her family by going to a hundred or so contest so they will have food on the table, “THINK ABOUT THAT”

    I suggest, please stop bashing her, she started from humble beginning
    and I’ve never heard her bash other entertainer because of her level now, come on folks, be real, let us be on her side. PEACE.

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    • Kiesme01 says:
      I agree with you… almost every other day Charice tweets her fans apologizing for not being able to follow them all or reply. I suppose some fans are feeling bad about it and messaging/tweeting cha! that’s just obtuse she’s a busy body and cmon she has lots of followers on twitter too does everybody really expects her to be able to reply to them at whim? Chasters are awesome fans of Charice we are solid but I hope some will be a bit wee more understanding… we all wanted her to reach the top so let’s give it our all and just continue showing our love and support! (Fr Canada with love =D)

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    • romwaldo says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • romwaldo says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • osuna says:


        Charice has a larger fan base and follower than the newly elected president of her country.

        How can that be arrogance, I think its true. Think about it ?
        Otherwise forget it, we’ll just be wasting our time back and forth…WHAT EVER na lang.

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  10. Daniel says:
    She’s soo CHAmazing Regis and Carrie Ann Inaba were awed by her voice event though she only sang a medley of “In This Song”. Another
    good exposure for Charice album plug. I can’t wait for tonight when she perform at Songwriters Hall of Fame with David Foster. I noticed
    the font on CM comments keep on changing ( sometimes it’s bold and
    sometimes it’s in italic)…..I thought I need new contact lens.

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  11. maria s. says:
    Wow! You always amaze me Charice, another great performance. Thx Eve for sharing those nice pics. Charice is so pretty in that white dress and I like her shoes cute.

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  12. leilaniandson says:
    Wow! Amazing performance. I can not really get enough of Charice. Time really flies. I remember when I started here in Charicemania 2 years ago or more or less. I love Charice.

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  13. mooffin says:
    ooooooohhhhh her makeup is perfect! flawless! this type of make-up is so nice on her – not too much, not too little, not overdone, not underdone. regis and kelly have great make-up artists!

    oh, and i can’t stop watching this performance – she’s just getting better and better if that is even possible? how can someone so good get even better? she is living up to david foster’s “good is the enemy of great”. charice is striving for greatness! wooohooo!!!

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  14. Ben says:
    i can see her singing this song in Dancing With the Stars the next season… or maybe she has another song by then… anyway the song is just beautiful for a contemproary dance…

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  15. artemis gibran says:
    If it’s CHARICE, it must be GREAT! nothing less. SIMPLY AMAZING!

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  16. eve says:
    no you’re not imagining it Jessica, that’s what he said. It seems all the interviewers are declaring the same thing lately and they all want her to sing acapella too, lol, she’s just that good. Charice is all too happy to accommodate, I love it! But I just pray that she stays levelheaded and humble, this has got to be pretty heady stuff for a young girl of 18 to be praised all around, and not let it get to her head. Anyway, I just wanted to share ABC’s picture gallery of Charice meeting fans outside of the Regis n Kelly studios in NYC.

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  17. jessica86s says:
    Correction my dear friends. I think I heard Regis describing Charice saying, “here is the newest, the HOTTEST, young singing star in the country right now…18 year old singing sensation, from the Philippines, who has captured the hearts of audiences in this country abd the rest of the worldas well…” from 1:00 to 1:11. He, like everybody else so far, is declaring Charice as “The One”. Or am I misinterpreting all of this? Correct me if I’m wrong, please.

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  18. Joel says:
    I love love love this girl, when I first saw her on Youtube, all I did at work was watch her videos all day long. I am so jealous of her band members. To be able to work with her. I am a dj and wish wish wish I was her dj. Even if its just to press play on her cd lol….I also made a music video remix of her remix version of Pyramid. Check it out here.

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  19. starbuck245 says:
    Man, I couldnt help myself — I had a big ole smile on my face all during the time Regis was interviewing Charice. Not only was Regis impressed, I really got a kick out of seeing the band members with big smiles. Is that DF’s regular band or Charice’s? I recognize the drummer and the keyboard players.

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    • hoz says:
      The “Band” is from LA. They are hot young session musicians that Charice has used several times now.I think David Foster arranged them for her. Drums, guitar and keyboards have been the same , but there has been a change with the bass player.

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  20. Ripley says:
    Another great performance from our beloved Charice! Superb job! You could feel the emotions when she’s singing! It’s nice to see David Foster still taking care of our little princess and applying his personal touch of magic in guiding Cha’s career. Thank you Mr. David Foster Sir!

    Oh! And I’m glad to see that her favorite mic is back in action! And giving justice to Charice’s singing. I really missed that mic… but not as much as Charice!

    Go Go Go Charice! Captivate the whole world with you golden voice and unmatched charisma!

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  21. NARS says:
    hello chasters!

    Can’t get enough of charise’s performance!!! I watched her performance this morning and as usual, she did great agin!!! i have never been proud of her and the whole Philippines before. There are some that every filipino needs to be proud of, but with the giant talent that Charice has it’s something that all of us chasters from every corner of thw world shoul be so joyful about…

    She’s getting more confident with all the questions thrown at her. very concise, but staight to the point. she does business with elegance, hahaha!!!

    her performance to me this nmorning was so heartfelt!!! however, the last part glid3ed a little bit, but she was able to adjust it hiiting the perfet note in the end. This possibility could happen especially if you are sorrounded by loud background music/ live band, but overall, a very touching, emotional, awesome performance as ever ( I should’t be surprise, shoul I?)!!!

    I work in a hospital and I will never get tired of promoting her with my co-workers. They heard about her and that;s a good start for me now. Rest assured that I won’t stop until they make our charice one of the most talk about in the music scene. I takes time, but surely i will make them crave for more of charice evetually.

    Thank you charice and chasters for your existence. and thank you all for all the effort, prayers and untiring support for our fellow filipino. a truly world class talent!!! God bless everyone!!!

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  22. kenshin says:
    i never see anything “constructive” with Jose Rizal’s comment
    his comment just don’t make any sense at all.

    how can you say that charice in some parts of the song is out of tune? but then sounded great? huh?

    DF was there, charice will not just change or drop some notes without DF’s consent, and it was the same arrangement (the tune) whe she sang in Pride Fest, although this RnK guesting is a little shorter which IMO is one of the most difficult arrangement in a song, the same thing when she first guested in Good Morning America, where they cut the Bodyguard Medley. It is really hard to sing that way coz you never build momentum before going on to climax of the song itz like counting “1″ then jump to “8″.

    and who else here heard her out of tune?

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  23. M says:
    she was AMAZING as always. Beautiful girl, amazing voice…..great role model for our kids, and she just looks so sincere and so sweet.

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  24. Becky says:
    Thanks a lot, 07307o for uploading this video

    WOW, Charice! It is so good to watch this after a hard day at work. Thanks, Charice for bringing us joy.

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  25. Yobhtron says:
    Superb performance by Charice. To all uploaders, thank you!

    I got banned from the chatroom today for no apparent reason. Mods, please review your auto-ban scrip if there’s any.

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  26. jaja says:
    OMG! Just like what the reporter told Charice during the ET Uncut Interview, I’m in AWE of Charice! just can’t get enough of her and think I will never be! she is soooo AMAZING! WHOOO!

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  27. chafanatics says:
    wow..another best rendition of charice..i really like this song..full of emotions..ey…by the way..did yo notice guys..charice here looks like j.lo in her movie “The backup plan”

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  28. krazyforyou says:
    Charice will make it to the top. She is really gifted by God with a voice for the whole wide world to enjoy. Regis said it best Charice will definitely be one of the biggest stars in America. It’s very generous of DF to play for Charice and let her god-daughter shine a little brighter. Thanks to the Regis and Kelly show for making this a great positive push to carry Charice to the top. Charice is getting better. I love you Cha. I will always enjoy your video shows. We watch you day and night. Thanks for uploading chasters everywhere. Grateful!

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  29. John C. says:
    Let it be…Charice is being managed by the best people in the music industry. These people know exactly what is best for her. Folks, let us just enjoy her music. Leave your criticism to the experts.

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    • starbuck245 says:
      I love to watch Charice perform and follow her as she matures and develops as a person and artist/performer. However, I think it’s healthy to have differing opinions. Almost all who frequent this site have the best of intentions and mean no harm or disrespect. We should respect the opinions of others if they are offered in a respectful and thoughtful manner. My two cents. :)

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  30. EBJohns11 says:
    Jimfan, tnx for sharing! I watched the vid again and i saw you . That so great u get to see her on LIVE with Regis & Kelly.
    It so amazing to hear from Regis, he said ” Charice will be the SUPERSTAR in AMERICA” love it!

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