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First Achievement for Asians: Chariceai??i??s Debut Album Ranked 8th in America

First Achievement for Asians: Chariceai??i??s Debut Album Ranked 8th in America

Tokyo, Japan – On July 7th, Chariceai??i??s album will debut in Japan and in America it debuted earlier. For her first appearance in America, it ranked eighth (on the Billboard 200). Sakamoto Kyu ranked fourteenth for his first appearance. This is a first achievement for an Asian to be ranked within the Top Ten in America.

It was decided that Charice is going to cover Ayakaai??i??s famous song “Mikazuki.” That song is going to be contained in Chariceai??i??s debut album as a bonus track. Charice, who is from the Philippines, has always been interested in the Japanese music scene. She said, ai???I want to know more about Japanese Lots of famous Japanese music was sent to Charice to listen to and she felt that the song “Mikazuki” was the most impressive.

At the same time a huge portable music downloading site, Rekochoku, was recruiting Japanese artists who might want Charice to cover their song. In this program, the song “Mikazuki” Generic zanaflex capsules got numerous requests by online users to be sung by Charice, outnumbering all the other Japanese artist songs. Thanks to this coincidence (since it was also Charice’s favorite), she decided to cover “Mikazuki.”

sharisu1 First Achievement for Asians: Chariceai??i??s Debut Album Ranked 8th in AmericaCharice, who is expected to be famous in Japan for her songs, arrived in Japan the previous day. She had an official rehearsal and sang three songs including her debut single “Pyramid” and the cover song “Mikazuki” (meaning Crescent Moon). At 150cm tall, with such a small body frame, people canai??i??t imagine that Charice could have such a strong voice and developed skills. People were impressed and surprised at her abilities.

MC showed her young cute face (18 years old)! Her Japanese debut is soon to come!

Ayaka performs Mikazuki (Crescent Moon) live

Lyrics in English, Romaji (Japanese Roman Alphabet), and Kanji >>> Mikazuki –


Source: Music Lounge Japan.

Translation by Shimizu Yoshiki, Central Washington University, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Posted by Schoen


23 Responses to “First Achievement for Asians: Chariceai??i??s Debut Album Ranked 8th in America”

  1. J.B. says:
    Japan market is huge for music. Covering a song would make Charice album more palatable to Japanese-speaking fans.

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  2. begoodenblues says:
    Wooooaah…! Charice is going to definitely kill it. There it is, next time she’ll go to Japan people will riot to see her. Riot at the airport, riot in the streets, riot outside her hotel, riot everywhere….

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  3. charlene says:
    we still hoping all the way to the top of your new cd album…luv yah

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  4. ArrVee says:
    not sure where to post this, but this is worth watching:

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  5. waxxxed says:
    Pyramid’s on Billboard Top 100 for the second week. This time down to #93. And the album’s down to #28 in the Billboard 200. Tsk tsk. She needs your support people!

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  6. livelifetothefullest says:
    That’s it?, well without bragging on Charice vocal capacity, she (Charice) could sing this song with more aplomb and high level of vocal prowess, that song isn’t even in the level of the Whitney’s and Celine’s hits which Charice have performed with flying colors, so I have no doubt on the outcome of her rendition of this Japanese song. We know how soulful Charice voice when it comes to this kind of ballad, if she could capture the whole spirit of that song and the right pronunciations of all the lyrics of the song, then without a shadow of doubt Charice is on her way of becoming the new sweetheart of the Japanese music industry and of the Japanese people! To all Japanese fans…ARIGATO!

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  7. cueA says:
    Wouldn’t it be huge to start introducing Charice as…an “ASIAN singer from the Philippines”!! It has a nice ring to it. And more importantly it would sort of make ALL asian countries feel (subliminally or otherwise) as if they are included in her amazing journey. It’s a feel good kind of thing…and hopefully result in more followers.

    Hope somebody reading this can make it happen.

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    • mingimiyao says:
      Singaporeans framed her poster in gold saying “Our very own asian superstar”, And i felt seeing that, knowing our neighbors are equally proud of her. It doesn’t have to say “filipino” because she says that all the time. Its time everybody knows shes Asian,cause funny as it may sound, some people don’t even think were asians.

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  8. ammb46 says:
    This is fantastic!!! Awesome!!! I think that when she does her world tour – and she will – when she sings RESET she should sing the rap part in the language of the country she is in! It’s short enough for her to remember but the impact on her audience would be HUGE!!! We have Chasters in every corner of the globe and I’m sure they would be more than willing to help with translations. Right? Just a thought…..

    Get ready world, cuz here she comes!!!!!

    God bless you Charice!

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    • schoen says:

      Ammb46 I would like to reply to you regarding translations. Sadly we´re short of translators. There are many Chasters and fans out there in the globe, no doubt, but we have very few who are willing and maybe few are also qualified. Yes even for Tagalog, it´s difficult to find somebody who would find the time immediately. We´re glad we have DrTP and Capofret in our team plus the help of CTV crew! Therefore, my appeal to you guys out there, if you want to help us, just contact us or give us your email address and what language you could translate. We´d surely get back to you (especially me!). So far we have volunteers for these languages: Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Japanese (thru Eve) and Tagalog. We need more esp. for Spanish and French. Thanks.

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      • Joyce Kasilag says:
        I can help with some translations like Tagalog and French.

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        • schoen says:

          Merci Joyce! I have your email now. No way out! I will contact you as soon as we need you! Thanks a lot!

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      • amb46 says:
        Thanks, Schoen! I can help with Spanish. I’ve had 12 years of Spanish. I work at a University and work as well with colleagues that speak fluent Spanish. Put me down for Spanish. Otherwise, Tagalog & English are the only other languages (dialect) I speak.
        But, alas, I shall not lose hope! Given the response, I will not be surprised if Chasters willing to help come flooding in. I have faith in all you Chasters!!!!!

        Ay naku, baka mapasubo si Charice! trans: Hope I’m not making Charice bite off more than she can chew!

        Sorry Charice, but you have proven to us time and time again that you CAN DO THIS!!! Of course Adagio being a perfect example. LABYO!!!!LABYO!!!!!

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        • schoen says:

          amb46, Gracias! I will keep you email address just in case. Just yesterday I read an article in Spanish about Charice but can´t find it anymore. More please dear Chasters!

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  9. marlyn says:
    Will this be available internationally ? I have a copy of her album with the bonus tracks from target , a copy with a bonus tracks from QVC and 4 more copies with only 12 songs from amazon ; and i will buy a copy again if this will be avail. here in the US.Congratulations CHARICE !!!

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  10. josie854 says:
    Congratulations Charice, I`m very happy to hear all these I`m sure your album will be a huge here in Japan.

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  11. josie854 says:
    Yes I`ve read this article already although I can read some kanji japanese character but I still have to go to Google for the translation and it was done. When I red it I was so happy of her future career in Japan, I`m sure her album will be huge here once they heard it. Charice`s a musical genius that she really knows what kind of songs to pick up. Crescent Moon song from Ayaka`s original was a big hit song also in Japan few yeas ago and I love that song too and I`m excited to hear that song from Charice version I can imagine how amazing she is, actually some who have witness her they are all stunned when they heard her demonstrated of this song. I only hope that when her album is release here in Japan her management team should make on focus to promote her album here. Charice should make an appearance on TV here and promote her album. One of the famous variety or entertaiment here on TV are Smap owned by Jonnie and many others like Fuji program NHK variety program here in Japan are also a huge here but this is belong to the goverment and Susan Boyle was invited here last year December 31, 2009 and sang I have a dream that was shown all over Japan and she got paid 5mil in yen just for one song, many who have seen her on TV are all stunned and her album here are selling well too. So with all these I can imagine that Charice would be the next hero in Japan and it`s not possible since Oprah`s behind her back plus her phenomenal and huge voice would be unique for the Japanese. Of course there are some Filipino singers who made succeeded here like flippers in those days back 1979 and Anak by Freddie Aguillar translated into nihongo and others. For Charice album there is possibility that Warner Bros.`s keen enough to do the posibilities what is good for her since they`re the big company also here in Japan. About the image look of Charice one of my Japanese friend told me that Charice also look like a Japanese because of her eyes and she is cute as well. With all these I only hope of her robust career here in Japan since Japan is also one of the biggest business entertaiment.

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  12. tito_ngel says:
    Charice version of this song for sure will deliver it great that the Japanese will love her and become CHASTERS. At The Top Babe. PEACE.

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  13. munzt says:
    Reading this article, I had the feeling that the choice of song Mikazuki is not a coincidence but is another design by God for Charice. I listened to the song and man, this song is for every one on earth who falls deeply in love. A wonderful song for Charice to interpret. I hope her Japanese cd will be available internationally. It will make another beautiful gift to family and friends. Charice is amazing.

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  14. Syuryu says:
    we’ve waited for charice to enter the Japanese market. She’s doing more than that! She’s translated a Japanese song into English. July, please come soon!!!

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  15. ABC says:
    Charice is a force to be reckon with… She is truly amazing… Japan with it’s Rising Sun will be shocked with awe by the power ballad of Charice ” Sharisu “… The Cover Song “Mikazuki” (Crescent Moon) will be sure a Big Hit across Japan…

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  16. trevor25 says:
    It is believed that all happening to the world is based on what people does now and based on choices. It is written and cant be denied that Charice is the ONE who is the most believable talent to conquer the world at this generation. When I saw she landed in Japan for this event, it tells something I cant explain. It chills! I am late 20′s guy but it’s strange at first when I got hooked with her personality. Like was told, human being will fail in life either of the three factors; (1) Family/Love/Lust, (2) Wealth/Money/Assets, (3) Fame/Fortune. I saw Charice failed in the family but gained (2) and (3). Remember any famous character in the Bible; either they fall in any of the three factors. My point is Charice has the most respected example at a very young age on how to be humble. Be humble and you you will be exalted! Charice, make God the center of all these blessings. If you always think you are nothing without Him, the more you will be blessed! Lots of people praying for YOU!

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  17. Fran says:
    This a lovely Japanese cover for Charice to be included in her album. I wonder if she can do the same for an Italian album by singing “Adagio”. This should be an instant hit in Europe as everyone is anxiously awaiting this solo from her.

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