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Who Inspires You?

Who Inspires You?

Essay Video Added

Yes, we do like it Heather! And what is truly inspiring is your message at the end about ai???making a differenceai??? in the world. Sorta reminds us of Charice! Team Charicemania thinks that Charice would approve! So weai??i??re gonna share your video here with the ai???chastersai??? to help you with your views!

Listen up! Chasters, itai??i??s her Video Essay entry to win some cash towards new music equipment, World Vision, and a trip to Ecuador. All you have to do is click on the link at the end of Heatherai??i??s Pyramid cover. Itai??i??s her Video Essay entry. It just might make a difference in helping her to win it. Perhaps you will even be inspired to leave a kind comment for Heather on her video.

If I were to win, then I would use some to buy music equipment, like a guitar and also for recording time. Also, I would donate a lot to World Vision. My heart goes out to WV very strongly. My family has always sponsored a child from there, and I can’t wait until I get a job, and can sponsor one by myself! The other part of the money would support me in my trip to Ecuador, which I will most likely be going on in 2011 with my church!

Pyramid from Heather:

Video uploaded by Heather

You can read more about the contest here at Who Inspires You

This is her entry for the video essay contest:

Heather Janssen is a 16-year old girl from Ontario, Canada, who says ai???the first time I listened to this song, my jaw dropped. Then I watched Charice on Oprah, and my heart sank. Her voice is AH-MAZING! And her story is so inspiring. It’s a hard song to cover, but I hope you like it! ai???

Heather says:

Always believe in yourself, and keep going, no matter how hard the world is coming down on you. God won’t give you anything you cant handle, just enough to make you stronger.
Remember that icon smile Who Inspires You?

Charice says:

So my advice would be to find a way to keep on going, even if you feel like your dreams are moving away. It’s never really the end-you just feel like it is and usually, something good comes out of something bad, like if I didnA?t lose in little big star, maybe I wouldnA?t have gotten the opportunities I did, like going abroad and singing for audiences there. There will always be bigger, better things for you out there, you just have to keep on going!

Charice is also supporting World Vision.

Giving Back

Charice remembers how much her family struggled when she was growing up in the Philippines, so when World Vision contacted her and asked her to sponsor a 7-year-old girl named Nicka, she said yes immediately.

ai???When they sent me Nickaai??i??s story, I cried,ai??? says Charice. ai???I wanted to help her to go to school. I wanted to help her because I was there once, too. I remember how Purchase zestril generic name hard things were when I was little. I was poor. I remember having to move to another house without anything. Even though she is so little, she wants to go to school so badly. She is really smart and loves school. She is an amazing

Not only does Charice pay for Nicka to go to school, ai???I give clothes and shoes to her and her family. I help them with living expenses. Sheai??i??s always sending me letters and her grades to show me how well she is doing in school. I love that. Sheai??i??s like my little

Two years ago, she met Nicka at a photo shoot for World Vision. ai???She didnai??i??t know I was the one who was helping her until I met her. When she met me, she started to cry and said, ai???You are my idol! You are my favorite singer! I canai??i??t believe you are in front of me right now and that you have been the one helping me!ai??i?? It was so emotional. I felt so happy to be able to help her. I wish I could help even more kids. If I could send all the kids to school who wanted to go but couldnai??i??t, I would do

Read the full article here: Charice Gives Back on Road to Superstardom

This is such a great help for me! Even if I don’t win the contest, it makes me so happy to know that I got an oppourtunity to be on a website that promotes one of my favourite singers, and that my music was shared with many more people that have never heard it! — Heather

Thank you Heather!

Posted by Eve and Schoen

12 Responses to “Who Inspires You?”

  1. josie854 says:

    I voted for Heather, coz her voice is like an angel is like listening to our angel prince pop Charice, although Charice can do the high belt of the song but still the voice of Heather is very lovely and suit to listen just like our princess Charice.

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  2. evlyn5 says:
    Heather, hope you win because you’re a great teenager with a big heart. Yourself being inspired with Charice song is a gift and to use it in a contest aiming on helping children who are in need is just charitably outstanding. You also have the DIVINE gift UP THERE that will guide you all the way. Fr. Toronto, Canada

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  3. mlddz923 says:

    Hi Heather! You have a great voice young lady and a nice girl. I will be more than happy to help you win the essay in anyway i can. Keep singing. Charice will be at Eaton center on june 4. You should go and meet her. I will be there too. I hope i can see you there.

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  4. eve says:

    Part 2 of Charice’s interview with Larry London, Voice of America, is now available. There’s a link at our Voice of America article. Or click below to watch it, 7 minutes long. Charice performs Pyramid

    Part 2 – Charice Interview

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  5. hansonfeak21 says:
    she’s multi-talented too! hope she wins,she has a heart for children..

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  6. Manang says:
    I checked out Heather’s channel, and she has a lot of original songs that are reflective of the struggles of good girls of today’s world…the peer pressure, self-acceptance, etc. Maybe Charice can sing some of Heather’s song after David Foster has arranged them to fit Charice’s voice and style more.

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  7. isko says:
    I came to know about World Vision because of Charice. Now, I sponsor a child and it’s really fulfilling. The child always sends me a letter telling how much she appreciates and idolize Charice. She knows I’m a die-hard Chaster too.

    Take your part. Help us in sending poor children to school. I’m telling you, God will give you more than what you have shared.

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  8. dozerd9 says:
    Good cover of Pyramid! She has a good voice also. I hope she wins!

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  9. ArrVee says:
    it is great that Charice is capturing the imagination of teens, not only to contribute to the success of her new songs, but also as a great role model for the youth.

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  10. Silvermist24 says:
    I think she did a great job with the Pyramid cover. You go girl! Keep on singing. (^_^)

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  11. EBjohns11 says:
    shes good! hope she wins!

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  12. niel says:
    her cover on pyramid is fantastic…..

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