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Charice CD Zooms to No. 8 in Billboard 200

Charice CD Zooms to No. 8 in Billboard 200

Yes, Edmund Silvestre (of the New York-based The Filipino Reporter, Funfare’s Big Apple correspondent), I and everybody else I’m sure know by now that Charice’s eponymous debut cd  is making big waves in the US and is now No. 8 on Billboard 200 — and climbing fast — having sold more than 43,000 copies so far.

“It’s really an impressive debut for a newcomer like Charice,” said Edmund. “She’s all over the Internet and mainstream newspapers and music magazines  on both coasts. Thanks, of course, to Oprah’s magic and faith in the Pinay performer, and David Foster’s determination to build Charice up, as well as Charice’s remarkable talent and apparent unjadedness.”

Edmund noted, and I agree with him, how amazing it is that Charice remains unaffected by all the accolades and attention (and even intrigues and criticisms hurled against her especially in her native country).

Charice 6 Charice CD Zooms to No. 8 in Billboard 200Added Edmund, “I heard both David and Oprah  have also been coaching Charice on how to handle fame and protect herself from the media’s prying eyes and public scrutiny. Let’s just hope Charice’s success in the US will finally open the mainstream doors for more Filipino belters and balladeers. After all, she’s been mentioning in her interviews that the Philippines has so many extraordinary singers waiting to be discovered by the world.”

Of course, Edmund, we have a long list of world-class young Filipino singer — Sarah Geronimo, Christian Bautista, Rachelle Ann Go, Jed Madela, Kyla, Billy Crawford, Bugoy Drilon, Richard Poon, La Diva, Joanna Ampil, Sheryn Regis, Faith Cuneta, and the Sessionista artists — who can follow in the footsteps of Lea Salonga, Arnel Pineda (of Journey) and Allan “” Pineda (of  Black Eyed Peas) who are already renowned Filipino international artists.

Charice’s No. 8 debut on the Billboard 200 Albums is the first ever for a solo Filipino artist. The first cut off the album, Pyramid (featuring Iyaz), peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Dance Songs.

Said Edmund, “The Billboard Hot 100 ranks the Top 100 songs  regardless of genre and is frequently used as the standard measure for ranking songs in the United States based on physical sales, digital sales, and radio airplay, while the Billboard 200 survey is the corresponding chart for album  sales.”

That’s a memorable gift to Charice who, along with her brother Carl, will be baptized and confirmed as a Catholic this morning at the Pasig Cathedral. They (and mom Raquel) used to be with Iglesia ni Kristo. By Ricardo Lo

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  1. krazyforyou says:


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  2. Teepee says:

    I am one of those who is really jubilant for Charice zooming to #8 in the BB chart.But still, at the back of my mind, I still believe that 43,000 is a low number considering the fact that most of the fans bought not just one, two or three albums. I ordered 4 at Amazon and ended up buying a couple more at Target because I could not wait for the late shipment. Then, while reviewing my bank statement, it occurred to me that while I ordered 4 albums at Amazon – 2 Internationals and 2 regulars – they so far, have shipped and charged me for the two regulars only, with the remainder to be shipped sometime in June. That means…the two international albums have not counted as “sales” yet. Am I right? And to think that I paid for regular shipment. Then, what about those who took advantage of the free shipment? Those would be shipped much later and therefore are still not counted as sales right? Hmmmmmmmm….. I wonder how many are those still waiting for their shipment……

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  3. ArrVee says:
    she has this thing with the number 8.

    the jersey she wore at the Dodgers baseball game had that number, and she said that it stood for infinity ( )

    the plate number of her SUV in the Philippines also has that number (see pictures in )

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  4. ABC says:
    We knew that there are lots of Singers in Philippines but Charice is one of a kind to stardom and greatness across the world as we all have witnessed. There were lots of Artists been in Shows but Charice always managed to wow the audience and received standing ovations, that’s makes Charice as I have said “One Of A Kind”.

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  5. tito_ngel says:
    Charice is going “At The Top Baby” and that’s the only way for her now. No one can stop her now. See you in TORONTO next month CHARICE.

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