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Charice Loves Singapore and Singapore Loves You Back!

Charice Loves Singapore and Singapore Loves You Back!

SINGAPORE – In a recent live online chat session with 103.5FM KTU in NEW YORK, Charice professed her love for Singapore, and how she would love to come back here!



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ai???If you ask me which place would I want to go back, I think itai??i??s Singapore.
I was there for Singapore Idolai??i??and the crowd was so amazing.
Theyai??i??re really, really amazing. So alive!ai???


Video Courtesy of Capofret

Awwwwwai??i??Singapore loves you too!
Hereai??i??s the proof!



ai???Pyramidai??? is #5 on 987FM this week, and rising!

image0021 300x238 Charice Loves Singapore and Singapore Loves You Back!

Facebook – Warner Music Singapore

image003 300x282 Charice Loves Singapore and Singapore Loves You Back!

The Straits Times

image004 300x206 Charice Loves Singapore and Singapore Loves You Back!

Teens magazine

image005 300x202 Charice Loves Singapore and Singapore Loves You Back!

Manja Magazine (Written in Malay Language)

. image006 165x300 Charice Loves Singapore and Singapore Loves You Back!A singer who creates sensation through Youtube has become an extraordinary figure. Pyramid is Charice’s second single after she successfully created a persona with her first single Note To God. Pyramid is different but some say it is more massive than her first single. Her voice is considered like diamond. After hearing Pyramid numerous times, it is obvious to say that the song is indeed beautiful; good from the aspects of the melody, lyrics and the voice. The rhythm of this song gives out positive vibes to anyone listening to it. Only thing I noticed is that there is extensive use of auto-tune technology. Charice, from my opinion, has opened the eyes of the world about the talents in the Philippines.

Translation by: Azy Voice

Lovely gold framed displays at CD stores around Singapore

image007 225x300 Charice Loves Singapore and Singapore Loves You Back!

image008 224x300 Charice Loves Singapore and Singapore Loves You Back!

image009 300x300 Charice Loves Singapore and Singapore Loves You Back!

You can get Charice album atAi?? HMV (Singapore) Stores:

  • 313 Orchard Road, #04-23/24, 313@Somerset
  • 1 Raffles Link, #B1-47, CityLink

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46 Responses to “Charice Loves Singapore and Singapore Loves You Back!”

  1. Jourx says:

    Hello i’m a chaster from singapore! anyone knows where can i get posters of Cha? =D

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  2. andre segovia says:
    same affliction here, but nice and soothing, inspiring. i used to just listen to heavy jazz, classical music, sting, the police, etc. now, it’s all about Charice and her music. and i am loving it all for Charice!!

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  3. riemarie1 says:
    yes,i am also a chaddicted,i dont know why?but i cant help myself,…i loved listening to charice,i always stay upnight just listening to her song!…imagine!..a 42,mother of 4 children,..maybe i find charice very adorable,nice kid,and a true singer!amazing!this is my first time to idolize a charice the lord is looking after you,god loves you,you have a good heart stay very very good forever..

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  4. nalijud says:
    Before Charice, Michael Jackson was my only addiction. Now, Oh shoot! Im already a certified chaster and a certified chaddict! i just can’t help it…. Please help me from this addiction. I can’t sleep anymore.

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  5. nal says:
    the last artist I went gaga about was MICHAEL JACKSON. nOW, i can’t get over Charice. I listen to her music everyday and I’m dying to get the CD. where can I get it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee????

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    • eve says:
      Did you try calling your local music store? Everyone in Manila has a copy now. It’s on sale now. If you’re a chaster, RUN don’t walk! Good luck! :)

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    • geraldine says:

      ohgawd. me too. michaeljackson rox the world. but ohgosh, charice’s rockin’ the world as well. =)) they’re both such awesomatic idols!

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  6. tutti_flutti says:
    For my whole life, I’ve never ever bought any cd album no matter how much I like d artist or the song.. I would just contain myself listening on d radio waiting for it to be played or watch on YouTube I don’t know why? Maybe I just refused to be impressed! Hehe! . But after listening to Charice’s voice n religiously watching her on YouTube I became like most of d people excited n restlessly waiting for her album to come out! N after I got my very first CD it feels like heaven seeing it on my hands! Like a pyramid! Haha! It was truly a breakthrough for me! hehe! 

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    • Arts says:
      count me in. the same story i have just like most of us here. i don’t know what happen to me even 12 midnight or even 1 am (knowing that i have work @ 7am) im still lurking in this site thinking there might be new press releases or something about our baby…oh my goodness….and it is so much irresistible…hahahahha… am i on a magic spell? or are we?

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    • lola-elrem says:
      as they say in tagalog, ala-nINOY — hindi ka nag-iisa! sorry admi! it means, you are not alone. i am a grandma, what would i care for singers for pop princesses… but charice captured the hearts of lolos and lolas!

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  7. Rom Remus says:
    Wait till India and China get into the count. We will have a billion.

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  8. Emma says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  9. jansen says:
    i love the gold plated poster.. asias very own superstar.. true!!!!

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  10. apayagamin says:
    wow.. you guyz are cha addict.. imagine to the point of counting all the views of her videos.. anywayz, i might do that one of these days… hahaha!!! congrats charice.. love ya alwayz!!!!

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  11. Dimples says:
    I’ve been lurking here at CM everyday (except during brownout or no internet signal at home)for years already but it’s my first time to comment.

    I just love this label on the lovely gold framed displays at CD stores around Singapore: CHARICE – ASIA’S VERY OWN SUPERSTAR. Wow!!! Indeed, she’s Asia’s superstar! At the top baby!

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    • Max says:

      Dimples, welcome to the comments section. We hope to read many more comments from you.

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      • Dimples says:
        Thank you very much Max. And I do appreciate your strong support of Charice. I know that you’ve been working hard to promote her. I salute you for that.

        You bet, you’ll see my name again as soon as I have enough time to write my experience in promoting Charice. With so many updates to read about our princess, I can’t get enough time to write and share mine because I love reading all the articles and comments here. :-) But most of all, I just love watching all the performances of our princess Charice :-). She’s an awesome performer. No one could ever top her live performances.

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        • nequi says:
          @dimples…..hehe i’m like u too. I seldom able to write a comment cos i run out of time from reading all the comments. And u know what? i very recently discovered that i could sign up as a member. He-he! i visit this site many times everyday because i work in my internet shop and i wondered why there’s a mention of lurkers. I never thought i was one of them because i’m no stranger to CM. Now i know. It’s just that when i’ve read all things Charice in CM i leave and google for more. My day’s never complete without a Charice sighting online.

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          • Dimples says:

            Hehehe. @ nequi … what’s happening to us is kind of chaddiction symptoms. lol Am I right Chasters? I do lurk here every opportunity I got. I used my mobile phone to check for new updates then open my laptop if there’s one. Lurking here is part of my daily activities already. I also do it anytime I wake up in the evening even in the wee hours of the morning. My husband said that I am already obsessed with Charice :-)

            Thank you very much for the Charicemania Team for making this site a “one-stop-shop” of everything abour Charice. I really love visiting this site.

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  12. munzt says:
    Asia’s Very Own Superstar… and Asia’s sweet sweet heart in America!

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  13. bard says:

    She’s an inspiration to us all. She may not be the biggest female singer in the Phils, but we love our own –esp. when they make it big in the States.

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    • cafegodot says:
      who else tops her in the philippines now? i wonder…

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      • andre segovia says:
        Charice raised the bar so high already, i can’t think of anyone who comes even close or comes in her league.
        I love Carol Banawa, her beautiful voice and charisma is exceptional also.

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    • legendcha says:
      Bard, I beg to differ. When Kris Aquino dubbed Jovito as the ‘male version’ of Charice and the crowd on ‘Pinoys got talent’ went crazy and happy about that comment while Jovito couldn’t contain his emotion because of that honor, it did show that Charice is the measuring stick for all talents.

      Charice is the ONE and ULTIMATE model singer that generations will come to know.

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  14. cedric says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • eve says:
      mmm… we’ve covered this point already. They LOVE her in the Philippines, she can’t even go to the mall anymore without being mobbed. She’s an inspiration to all the young kids there who’s ever had a dream of wanting more in life. Heck she’s an inspiration to the old “kids” too hehe. Let’s put this myth to rest now and move forward. Charice is anything but “so so.” And yes, her country does recognize that.

      Read Thumbs Up for Charice by Baby Gil,

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    • greenarmor76 says:
      hey cedric ….charice…a so so artist in the Philippines? I don’t think so. This is an insult to Oprah , Ellen and David F. who have an eye for talents. These big names were the believers in Charice’s talent. It’s true that there are a million talents in the world, but what distinguishes charice from the rest is her inspiring story of hope and determination. She shows us that despite being looked down by people like you cedric, she still manages to rise up and stand above the rest. That’s what we call success…it’s her ability to bounce back after being hit. One of the things that ignites charice’s determination to be become better are the negative comments she receives because she uses it as a springboard to her success.

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      • Lola Sisa says:
        Hi Green,
        After reading your comment, I was tempted to read Cedric comment which is hidden due to low comment rating. With no offense I think what Cedric was trying to say was, it’s sad to note that it took other nation to make some Filipinos realized how great Charice talent is. Cedric is probably referring to Charice in her early days where our industry treated her as an ordinary talent. (I hope this is what Cedric really wanted to say re so so artist but was unable to clearly express his thoughts).

        Anyway, as we all know, “so so artist” no longer applies today as Charice has proven herself and is now being highly recognized, loved and respected by all Filipinos.

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    • Partner says:

      To Cedric:

      ‘Sorry to say this but I think you are one of the typical crabs in your country.

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  15. tutti_flutti says:
    Yeah, true! Charice is the first Asian to be hailed by the New York Post as d new Pop Princess! Making her in the same league of Britney Spears n Lady Gaga, but as d wholesome one! Hehe! coz she has been appointed as an Ambassador of Goodwill in some charity institutions like “Operation Smile” She’s truly our very own superstar! 

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  16. Cascades says:
    The title of The Straits Times article says “Singer with 13 million hits.” That figure is so old now. That was way back in 2008. It’s more like 30 millions hits by now.

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    • cafegodot says:
      Or over 100 million even as one chaster reckons by his/her own count.

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      • gallentknights says:
        I’ve counted over 120 millions hits on Youtube (totalled all videos with at least 10,000 hits)

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        • muskrat says:
          I did the same thing about 2 days ago, I took my calculator then entered the name Charice on Youtube and I came up with approximately more than 120 Million hits on her videos, not counting the videos that have been deleted due to copyright violations, she should have almost 200 Million by now and that’s only within 2 1/2 years.

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          • noellen says:
            hahaha you guys are funny,,, to the extend of computing all the total views of Charice’s YT videos but I love the result,,, wow,,, millions and millions,,,(-/+ )200 million.. yay,…

            thanks muskrat and gallentknights

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            • Nandy says:

              Hi.. count me in. Me, my wife and my Children (10 & 7) are addicted to Charice…(anf Journey bcoz of Arnel Pineda..)…I’ve probably seen again n again all her youtube vids..thanks to all who posted videos…check her fb, twitter everyday and night for updates, checking everyday of there are ne vids in ty…great to know that i’m not alone, hehehehe, at least i’m still normal, with this charice “addiction”..

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  17. nerraw_c says:

    just want to share Warner Music Singapore’s comment:

    “Warner Music Singapore – Charice mentioned Singapore in her interview with 103.5FM KTU Chat in New York…so sweet! We love you too, Charice! Can’t wait for you to be back. Special thanks to Grace for the link :)

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  18. kristine says:

    and soon JAPAN will loooove her too! check out this Japanese song which Charice would be doing an English cover of in her CD there!

    Title is “Mikazuki” (Crescent Moon) by Ayaka

    such a beautiful song. was so moved even without understanding a word.

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  19. agno says:
    OMG ASIA’S VERY OWN SUPERSTAR!! i hope charice kababayan is also like that…

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  20. tutti_flutti says:
    wow!!! Ya lah!!! We love u too Charice here in Singapore!!! I was really looking forward for ur guesting in Singapore idol n I have to drag my hubby in a nearby “makan” place (eatery) with tv so we can watch u while having dinner! Haha!

    Congratz to ur huge success! I just check d billboard charts n it’s zooming fast to d top like a pyramid! Haha! At the top bebe! Hehe! 

    Calling all Singapore chasters!!! I already bought my much awaited Charice’s debut album few days ago.. I saw a lot of copies there at HMV City Link Please check ur nearby music store outlets n please help me spread d word as our way of supporting our pop princess!!! — Charice! Tnx! Tnx! 

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  21. EBJohns11 says:
    i know C16 was so thrilled about this =)

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  22. charicepost says:
    that is very nice of singapore! soon she will feel the whole world loving her…
    Always do you best! Never give up your dream, you are our dream,your success is ours too

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  23. jn says:
    Wow, wow, wow thanks for this update……You will soon rock the whole asia, like a 8 to 9 earthquake…..Good luck and continue to keep grounded. God bless you.

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  24. Chajenmer says:
    Singapore loves you Charice!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m from S’pore..thanks Capofret for posting….Singapore Chasters!!! Grab your CD album of charice…HMV store…Hurry!!!

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  25. Mawige says:
    I’m so happy for her I can’t contain myself. :D Now, if we can just the stores here in the US to carry her CD, that ticks me off!

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  26. Capofret says:
    wow “Asia’s very own superstar!” what a great claim! and those are in lovely gold big frames! charice has many fans here in singapore.

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