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Charice Chills With JSYK (Just So You Know)

Charice Chills With JSYK (Just So You Know)

Since she was small, Charice has wowed audiences with her powerful voice. As a singing sensation from the Philippines, she gained international popularity through YouTube and has been a guest on Oprah several times. Her newest single ‘Pyramid’ featuring Iyaz is trending the charts.

Charice JSYK 2 200x300 Charice Chills With JSYK (Just So You Know)The day after her latest Oprah appearance, the petite pop star stopped by JSYK to share her incredible story and sing a few songs off her self-titled album. Naturally, we wanted details from her Oprah show appearance, which also featured Justin Bieber.

“He was so nice,” she told us. “I love his story. That’s what I love about Justin Bieber, not just his voice. He has great personality and he’s doing this for his family. And I can relate to how he got discovered.”

And here’s a fun detail: Charice told us that the fan who uploaded the video of her performance to YouTube, the one that got it all started, is now a good friend.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Charice has been singing since she was four. Her father left when she young and so, to support her family, she entered into over a hundred singing contests. She even competed on the Philippines version of American Idol but lost. Then, a fan uploaded a video of her performance to YouTube. Charice was flown to L.A. and the rest is history. After three years of performing around the world, Charice says that the most amazing part of all this was being able to buy her mom a home and car of her own.

Now eighteen years old, Charice is really coming in to her own. And while she told us that she looks up to Beyoncé for inspiration, she’s definitely developing her own style. Musically, in the past, she’s mostly sung powerful love songs and ballads and she’s covered songs from other artists, including a version of Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby.’ Now she’s proud to debut her first album featuring all her own songs – a mix of pop and R&B.

Charice JSYK 4 1024x731 Charice Chills With JSYK (Just So You Know)

Charice even co-wrote one of the track on her album called ‘In This Song’ with legendary composer David Foster. Meanwhile, her single ‘Pyramid’ (above) has hit the very top of Billboard’s Dance charts and is heating up the clubs all over the world. The deluxe version of her album is available on iTunes now.

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  1. jn says:
    Can we just be proud and supportive of Charice……We should be happy instead of being too critical….Remember, she just turned 18 a few days ago….Good luck Cha and God bless you ….always

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  2. daddy 0 says:
    @Osuna .. that really crack me up!! LMAO!! It is funny and i agree with you. It doesnt matter what name she may say it is still a singing contest!!Big deal!! Cmon Flips!! Just support and enogh with the weird and non-sense side comments. My goodnesssssss!!!I still see a lot of bashing on YouTube channels and i noticed it is only the Flips that are starting the bashing and chaos on sites/blogs and downloads. I dont know!! i really dont get it wtih my own race. Can’t we just love and support each others???

    Now, that is a good side comment. !!:-)


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  3. Angelia says:
    Omg!! I love those pictures of Charice! So cute & adorable!!<3

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  4. justcharrie says:
    Ok. I just love those pictures. Ahh…the natural beauty…she shines.

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  5. jed says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • osuna says:
      Here we go again, who cares if its Russian or Ilocano version of idol, still a singing contest. Chill

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  6. denb3ar says:
    She’s young, she’s best, theres no way to go but up!

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