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Charice to Perform at HOT 107.9 Super Secret Show

Charice to Perform at HOT 107.9 Super Secret Show


Friday, June 11 – Charice will be performing with Aaron Fresh at The Super Secret Show. The Super Secret Show is now SOLD OUT! If you were one of the 1,500 people to text SECRET to 72239, you know WHEN and WHERE the Super Secret Show is located. Don’t forget to hang on to your text message, check the date of the concert and remember where the show is happening. Show your text message at the door and you’re in the concert.

supe scret show charice hot 107.9 Charice to Perform at HOT 107.9 Super Secret Show


This show is actually on June 11, 2010 at IPFW Rhinehart Music Center (Indiana University – Purdue Buying cannabis seeds legal in uk University Fort Wayne), 6 PM.


Videos Courtesy of Hot 107.9 The Super Secret Show

Charice Q & A Session

Charice Performs Pyramid


Photos – Sound Check, Performance and Meet & Greet

Click thumbnails to enlarge the images. For more pics, go to >>> Hot 107.9 Super Secret Photo Gallery

Charice sings “I Love You” @ the Hot 107.9 Super Secret Show

Video Uploaded by Hoz49

Charice sings the Pop Medley

Video Uploaded by Hoz49

Charice sings a duet w/ Fan

Video Uploaded by Hoz49

Charice sings her hit “Pyramid”

Video Uploaded by Hoz49

Video: Charice takes a picture with 4 yr-old Denae

Posted by Capofret and Schoen

52 Responses to “Charice to Perform at HOT 107.9 Super Secret Show”

  1. artemis gibran says:
    Go WONDER GIRL! You are loved by the audience anywhere in the world.Best LIVE PERFORMER in the world.

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  2. Fran says:
    Check out this Japanese interview with Charice at Space Shower TV (music video channel). Unlike here, the show was a little formal but great background promo setting. She sang Pyramid in front of Japanese reviewers and pays homage to her local fans.

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  3. Rom Remus says:

    Glad to see you stomp my old stomping ground. Hoosiers love you. Thank you for inspiring pre-teens as well as teens. You are a blessing to them even as you feel blessed and listened to by God.

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  4. Joel says:
    Hey Chasters, I made this remix video of Charice’s Pyramid remix version. Take a look and tweet it to Charice if your on twitter. I’ve been trying to get her to see it.

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    • Qrius51 says:

      Not bad Joel… It beginning beats remind of the tune Bizarre Love Triangle. Very well done!

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  5. hoz says:
    Here’s pics of the show, SWEET!

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  6. justcharrie says:

    This video is so cute. Hope it gets posted, too.

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    • justcharrie says:
      Oh no. Too late to see the link posted above. Sorry, lol.

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      • eve says:
        oh that’s okay lol. So here’s Aaron Fresh, he’s quite the dancer. And Charice comes in the last minute-and-a-half to perform I Love You. Didn’t realize she was trying to pull the mic out when the music started, but she just went along with it. With Charice, the music always goes on no matter what. She just handles whatever coomes her way.

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  7. Daniel says:
    Great Job Hoz ! We’re lucky to have chasters in every city and state.
    Charice already penetrated the teens of mainstream America, and her
    being so accomodating to request of fans to have their picture taken
    is a big plus. Personally, I enjoy small crowd because the opportunity of getting closer to Charice is higher than bigger crowds like the Eaton Centre in Toronto. I have a nephew who is 8 months old and he’s
    always smiling everytime I play Pyramid. I also gave a CD to a great great grandmother who will be 99 yrs old this year and she enjoy “Note To God”. Charice audience just expanded from infant to 99 yras old..

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  8. cory says:
    Thank you for sharing this video, for the anxious fans I would like to add to be patient about Charice singing all her songs inthe album cause all her songs hven’t been realeased,I’m a big fan of carrie underwood too when she started doing her concerts opening for big stars she did cover songs of “GUN”S AND ROSES” all the time until she had enough songs releaed to sing nd headline her own concert so be patient her time is coming her album is like a buffet it caters to the young and old her ballad songs are kller songs can’t she starts singing promoting “ALL THAT I NEED TO SURVIVE” written by another legendary songwriter. So right now lets enjoy the ride, cause her latest performance in the pridefest she got a lot of standing ovation they loved her there . Bought 6 cd to share with my girls and bought the QVC too.Love Charice love her EATON performance brought me to tears, all her hardwork is slowly paying off.

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  9. Joy Co says:
    Thank you Hoz for sharing your video of Charice. I feel so confident that we will all be able to follow Charice’s gig anywhere she goes coz we have dedicated Chasters in every corner of the world, or is that too much to say for now? Maybe not, I think not. With Charice’s exposure lately, I think her army of Chasters is getting bigger and stronger. Way to go Hoz!

    @Hoz, do you know how old that girl is (the one posing for a pic w/ Charice)? coz with this video and the one in Eaton’s Centre … I think Charice surpassed DF’s expectation of alluring fans from 8 yrs old. I think those 2 little cute girls in Toronto were below 5 yrs. old.

    What I hope to see in the near future is a fan or fans who are 88 yrs old or older. I think we may have one already … I am not so sure but I think I have seen/heard a male fan who attended the free show in north California, a mall’s name that starts with S. I am just too lazy now to look it up. just got home from work and it is already 12:16 a.m. Sunday.

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    • hoz says:

      The video of Danae says she is 4 years old. 1/2 of the 8-88 prediction!Doers anyone knowhow old is Chaster Frank Hilario? I think he’s 79!

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    • hoz says:
      Yes since her beginnings there have been very few gigs that someone didn’t up load, usually exclusive private functions. I guessed that since this was a small gig sort of off the beaten track maybe I’d better represent for the Chasters and vid it. I’m glad I did as it doesn’t look like additional vids are surfacing.

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  10. lanao says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  11. starbuck245 says:
    Thanks for the post Hoz. I really liked the I Love You performance, but when I full screened it, I was getting dizzy! LOL! Was the crowd bumping you around and getting into it? It was great, it added to the feeling the crowd was rocking.

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    • hoz says:
      Might have been a little of both. It’s hard to take the vid and try to watch Charice at the same time. Cheap camera, hand held too. Pls Forgive.

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  12. schoen says:

    Thank you very much for the videos. I´ve added them in the article now. Sorry for being late folks! Great job Hoz, great job Charice! At the Top Baby! At the Top Chasters!

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  13. hoz says:
    Charice closes the Hot 107.9 “Super Secret Show” with her hit “Pyramid”. The “sign” is catching on!

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    • True-angelface says:
      Hoz – 1st and foremost I want to thank you for this video take. Make no mistake I am grateful for your effort, but there is one thing I am missing ( sorry to be asking too much more), it is a swing of your cam toward the audience say 5 seconds extra. Almost all others video take cut it off at the end of the song and I hope it is not too much to ask for extra 5 seconds. You were there you got the feeling. We hope to feel it too. Thanks again.

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  14. Maria Jane says:
    thanks for all the uploads. I alwasy check this site for new psots and videos everyday.

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  15. hoz says:
    Pop Medley

    The crowd gets into it!

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  16. hoz says:
    ‘I Love you”

    Cha works the audience,shaking hands and kissing babies! ;-)

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    • caemel10 says:
      That`s very thoughtful and generous of you Hoz to share this video to us. I was very glad that you and your wife came to this particular event, though you were the oldest fan who were there, and did a great job to make us happy again to see the performance of our princess. Charice did receive again a tremendous applause getting the attention and hearts of the teens. With such amasing talent, pleasant and humble personality of Charice people will just melt down and be blown away. Charice you came out of that place winning the heart of every person who came there. You are now conquering the hearts of the teenagers in America, Europe and around the world. She looks cool with her sunglass and her being casual just fit the event. Keep soaring high Charice!!!

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  17. hoz says:
    Teaser video, Cha sings a surprise duet w a fan during the question and answer period.

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  18. Hoz says:
    My wife and drove to Ft Wayne last nite for the Super Secret Show. Here’s a quick recap.

    There were approx 300 people in attendance. Mostly female teens. My wife and I were officially crowned the “oldest people” at the concert! (Over 60) As for the low attendance, Ft Wayne is really a small city, and it couldn’t help that just prior to the show a BIG storm came through the town and they were expecting more rain. I think there was a tornado warning issued. But those of us that made it to the show were in for a treat. Almost a Private Concert!

    Aaron Fresh came out a little late and chatted up the young ladies. Lots of oohhh’s and ahhhh’s when he came down from the stage to give kisses or hugs. I honestly don’t know him or his work but I guess he’s got a future. He said he’s going to host a show this fall. (on Nickelodeon?) He sang three songs and danced with a couple of guy backup dancers and that was it.

    After a little song and dance by two DJ’s Charice came out for a chat. She seemed comfortable and easily answered audience questions. One was about her shoes and she said her Mom bought them for her in Italy.

    As the questions and answers were winding down the DJ with the mike was near me and since he already interviewed me in the hall he knew I was itchin to say something so he introduced me as the “old Man”.

    I babbled on for a minute or two, said I was her “oldest Fan” (sorry Frank H.). I told Cha we drove 125 miles to see her and that I had been following her career for three years, before Ellen even. I don’t remember if I said anything else as the guy was trying to take the mike back but I know I ended with “All I want to say is, Mahal na mahal kita”. :-)

    Charice sang “I Love You” , the Pop Medley, and Pyramid. All were Cha-perfect and the audience shouted their appreciation when she nailed the glory notes. She strutted the stage and worked the crowd like a Pro.

    I thot I saw Mom Raq standing offstage watching. Funny thing, before the concert started, one of the teens came up to my wife and asked if she was Charice Mom! My wife, except for being Filipino, doesn’t look anything like Mom Raq.

    I videoed all three but must wait to DL.

    I counted and there were maybe 15 Pinoys in the audience, the rest were Cauc teens.

    The meet and greet was tight as they only let a few people back. They had this weird thing about texting “Backstage” to a number and if they answered you were invited back to meet Charice. Fe and I waited around a bit chatting with the other Pinoys until the staff asked every one to leave the auditorium. I had two Cha posters and gave them both away. One to a girl that was going backstage and the other to a young Pinay in the parking lot.

    Even with a small audience, Charice delivered her signature WOWER performance in Ft Wayne last night.

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    • noellen says:
      awwww,, HOZ.. thank you for sharing your experience,, woot woot,,, waiting for your videos,,, thanks,,,

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  19. muskrat says:
    Although I share your opinions about her singing her own songs than doing covers of other singers, I believe it will only show her versatility that no matter what or who’s songs she sings, she excels doing it and even makes it better than the original singers. I think all performers/singers always sing cover songs other than their own, even the most popular ones that are in the heights of their popularity. I’ve seen Celine In-Concert in Las Vegas and she sang about 3 covers songs and they are all terrific and gave justice to the song. As long as she’ll do covers at a minimum and choose great songs, I don’t have a problem with that.

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  20. agno says:
    Denae 4 takes picture with Charice @ Secret Show in Fort Wayne Indiana

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    • caemel10 says:
      Wow! thanks a lot for sharing us the links, that`s kind of you. That was great though! Hope there will be more to be uploaded. Charice looks great and cool.

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  21. Rehab says:
    Charice will be performing at super secret show in undisclosed location due to the nature of its show.As we all know that Charice is one of the top performers in this industry,the the ticket price will not be revealed til last minute.Have Fun. See yah.

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  22. SayWhat says:
    hope she sings NOBODY’S SINGING TO ME that’s one of my fav song on the Album … and that song will be a HIT specially on Teens

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    • agno says:
      i agree with.. that song is so catchy! and love the beat of it… i hope some of her radio or shows tours will sing NOBODY’S SINGIN’ TO ME

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      • Maria Jane says:
        I amsure her manager and team are bent on promoting the single pyuramid and this I LOve YOu Remix. But yes, fans can write to her manager maybe a message in her site to tell your requested songs from her album for her to sing in the promo tours. ANd she needs to promote her album too, like say aword about it and she has to learn to say new phrases al;so during teh show. her manager should coah her on her short soiels for the shows.

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  23. starbuck245 says:
    Check out this link to her promo page at the Radio Station hosting the event tonight where Charice will perform tonight in Ft. Wayne,Indiana. Some nice vids, especially the Star Is Born Vid that I guess Team Charice put together. It’s posted on YT, but I hadn’t bothered to view it for some reason. It’s a nice compilation of her performances up to now. Also they linked several other vids of her, which is pretty nice and much more than the other stations had done on their pages. Maybe the momentum is building. Yeah, TTTB!

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    • starbuck245 says:
      Hmm, I just noticed that only two acts are shown, Charice and Arron Kelly. Does anyone know if she is headlining this “Secret” show? If so, I hope we can see vids, especially how her other songs are received by this demographic.

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  24. hoz says:
    Cha rocked them in Detroit last night. The first 5-6 rows were a “moshpit”.

    Seeing her 2 night at the “Super Secret Show”

    I don’t care what she sings. I know she will be phenomenal.

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  25. joan says:
    I just hope that on her several appearances, she will get the chance to sing “Nothing”, Nobody’s Singing To Me”, and In Love So Deep”.

    Go girl!!! At the top baby!!!

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    • begoodenblues says:
      I would definitely prefer Charice singing the other songs on her album instead of her singing medleys of other artists songs. After all she waited long enough to have her own album. So I hope she would be able to sing more of it especially since he entire album is fantastic.

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    • begoodenblues says:
      You could add to that list “Thank You”, “I Did It For You”, “The Truth Is”, “Nothing”, “Fingerprint”, and “Note To God”. ETC….

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    • Marie says:
      Same here! i am wishing i would hear her sing this songs live! they are all good and catchy but if she performs it live, it is definitely great!

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  26. forex robot says:
    nice post. thanks.

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  27. Daniel says:
    With so many appearances scheduled for Charice, I hope she start singing some of her songs from her album Noteworthy are “Nobody’s Singing To Me”, “In Love So Deep”, “Reset”, and “I Love You”. People who haven’t bought her CD will be introduce to these great songs. Of course “Pyramid” and “In This Song” will be the two flagship songs
    since they are the ones she sang on Oprah. Slowly but surely, we’ll see a lot of new teens chasters soon……..At The TOP BABY !

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    • josie says:
      I like to hear her sing Nothing, In Love so Deep, and I did it for you, instead of the medley.

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      • luvkcha09 says:

        maybe they are saving it for her concerts coming up, and also the album is yet to be released in japan and europe so she can’t give it all away free to youtubers , that is my opinion only and it is understandable if this is really the case, don’t you agree? promotion is promotion so people will buy her album. so if you bought her album, be content to listen to her cd’ until you can hear her live in concert. an artist and the recording company has to make some money- it cost too much to produce an album and promote it, so please be patient and wait for the right time. peace!

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