Charice on Voice of America May 21,2010 Friday, 11 AM ET

Charice on Voice of America May 21,2010 Friday, 11 AM ET

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  1. Larry London says:

    I have to admit, this was by far the BEST interview on my show all year. Charice is a refreshing addition to the sounds of today. I cant wait until she comes back on the show! Salamat Po to all the people who made her visit possible.


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  2. monty says:
    What a live performance and this is the best English interview ever done by Charice. Wait till she finishes her Degree in Communications.

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  3. kelly:) says:

    i agree with u daddy o

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  4. marlyn says:
    I think this is the best interview of Charice so far ;you’re getting smarter in answering questions; thank you Mr Larry London for guesting Charice , he brought out the best in Charice to answer every questions .I really like In This Song , the lyrics and the melody is so nice and Charice is right ; it’s her life story ; you’re really the best !

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  5. Mawige says:
    This is Charice’s best “english” speaking interview to date. No fumbling for the right words to express herself and in parts extremely articulate. Some of this, I believe, is attributable to the interviewer, he is good, and didn’t throw extremely complicated questions at her that she would have difficulty understanding. Bravo! Charice!

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    • KV says:
      Yup. London did a good job with the interview making it sound like they’re just having a private chat.

      I might even check his program out now. Never heard of him before.


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  6. yoly says:
    Is really AMAZING everytime you sing. Anytime of the day or night when people ask you to sing, you always sounds the same. you are so beautiful and have a good heart. The things you did for the unfortunate children in the Philippines, that’s a great achievement. If I am still in the Philippines I will probably one of those kids, cause when I was growing up we don’t have anything, My wish was to see and meet my IDOL VILMA SANTOS but it never happened. I am happy now because my dream to see and meet my favorite singer CHARICE that is you happened last year in VEGAS and LOS ANGELES GIBSON AMPHITHEATER. Thank you so much Charice. Continue you good work.

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  7. daddy 0 says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  8. Rom Remus says:

    You are marvelous and I second Arvee’s remark that there is an incremental factor that makes this performance of the song your best, only to be topped by the next performance.

    On the Koreans calling you “Pempengco,” they knew it was your family name. They call each other with the family name until there’s a level of intimacy that allows for the given name. Friends often use the two names interchangeably. The Japanese do the same.

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  9. ArrVee says:
    no matter the great reputation that already precedes her, nothing seems able to prepare anyone for the impact of a live performance, and in this case, being within 10 feet of her, Larry was visibly affected, and could not shake it off for some time.

    this time though, I can even sense some incremental improvement in the solidity, mellowness and control of her voice.

    and anyone who experiences a live performance will not only become a believer, but more importantly, an active supporter and promoter of her.

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  10. bcarino says:
    omg!! outstanding interview and live song.

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  11. Daniel says:
    Is it live or is it memorex? This was a commercial long time ago comparing memorex tapes against live performance. Best interview
    so far for Charice. She’s very spontaneous and have smart answers to Larry London’s questions. Love Charice mimicking Alvin and the chipmunks. Once she becomes more fluent in English and becomes more comfortable in interview session, she’ll be a total package performer
    ready to take the world.

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  12. fucu says:
    here’s larry london’s facebook where he posted his interview with charice in VOA.

    Please give your comments there. Say your appreciations.

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  13. fucu says:

    Noellen kindly don’t ban me, I just didn’t read the warning that’s why I kept on asking patricia if she’s INC for asking such irrelevant question like a crab. She didn’t reply so.

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  14. jn says:
    I really thought that Larry was just playing the album of Cha “In this song,” but then it cannot be denied that Charice sings best when live and now the videos are here…..showing the proof…
    In this song performance of Cha is the best among the best renditions she did on this particular song…Loved it so much…Good luck and enjoy your brief Philippines’ stay. Be safe.

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  15. mj says:

    very nice… loved it. goodluck cha in all your incoming gigs.

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  16. wattscooler says:
    Voice of America DJ Larry London, interview promo of Charice said this: “I’ve never been moved to feel this way before and I’ve had a lot of guests and a lot of performances, so when you hear this girl sing, if you don’t feel the same, you must be dead…” here’s the download link, forward from 21:42 to 22:44 to hear it yourself.

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  17. Max says:
    Of all the interviews Charice has done, this one is by far and away her best. Her rendition of “In This Song” was superb. I ran out of adjectives to describe Charice years ago. I just wish I could express my admiration for her talent, personality, and humility.

    I still marvel at her all the way back to the MMK documentary of her life. I am convinced Charice can go as far as she wants to go.

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  18. justcharrie says:
    Whew! What’s that? When I listened to it live earlier I thought Larry was playing her album. Her singing live was that great! I would have doubted it’s live if not for the twists she did in her songs. OMG! And Charice is really fast improving in her conversation skill. Great interview by Larry. Kudos to both of them! Go visit Larry’s Facebook site and show some love.

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  19. Xul says:
    Charice looks so mature and well composed during this interview. Just 3 years ago at Ellen, she had to think in tagalog, then translate to english, then say out what she wants to say. Now, she speaks english fluently. She looks like a a girl next door, but very captivating and awe inspiring to watch and listen. She had me at, “And I am Telling You” years ago. And here I am still.

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  20. N- says:
    I like the interview, casual and very charming!

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  21. KV says:

    Larry London did really a great job interviewing Charice. And of course, we already knew he was going to have goosebumps while listening to her. Love the smile on his face while watching her sing.



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  22. tito_ngel says:

    That was AMAZING performance and interview Charice. Thanks to Agno for the link really appreciated it so much. Have a wonderful weekend you all. PEACE.

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  23. Joe R. (Raytatlo) says:

    As promised here is Part II (Pyramid and interview) on VOA 5-21-10. Enjoy!

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  24. Joe R. (Raytatlo) says:

    Here is Part I of Charice’s interview (and singing of In This Song) on VOA on 5-21-10. Part II (Pyramid) is being uploaded too, will be coming soon. I just took my video camera and shot the screen of my computer, so the quality may not be that good. Thanks.

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  25. rodski says:
    It was a great interview, I emailed my thanks after the show and Larry London just made a shout out for me. Wooootttt…faints!!! :-)

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  26. Monkeydoggie says:

    why is that I’m banned in the CM Chat room? I don’t know WHY???

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  27. ronald says:
    great voice,i like charice to sing.

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  28. Jessica86s says:
    Yes! Nothing is going to stop Charice now from realizing her dream of becoming a famous singer/entertainer. And way beyond her original idea of geographical reference. It was probably just as famous or popular as Sarah G., Regine V. and Sharon C., and limited to the Pinoys, counting those aware of them outside the Philippines. Now, for Charice, her consumer awareness demographics puts no limit to geographic, nationality, socio-economic circumstance, gender or age. Fantastic the way the Almighty works His plans. I feel sorry for those who hastily and prematurely judged Charice on the basis of what they perceived to be her short comings without considering the total package. They will surely eat their words now.(maybe a lot of them have already been doing so) And she’s only just begun.

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    • osuna says:

      That is where she gets her strenght, power and ability. The rejection she encountered from our beloved country citizens.

      Just watch her when she sing, she is on the different planet and she slowly comes down to earth with a cute smile after she sings.

      Awesome !!!

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  29. muchacha02 says:

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