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Thumbs Up for Charice

Thumbs Up for Charice

28 Responses to “Thumbs Up for Charice”

  1. chris 05 says:
    CHARICE is probably the reincarnation of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, based on my observations as follows:
    1) remember before Michael died, he invited Charice to his Concert in London, to perform with him, ‘Billie Jean’
    2) then here is David Foster, likened Charice to Michael Jackson, and he said, “she is truly the master of her own destiny”, “being a great singer is not enough,and she has the entire package”. Like Michael Jackson genius in his head.
    3) Charice’ voice is like Michael when he was a child, with a very high notes. Charice favorite singer is Michael Jackson. She knows most of the songs of Michael, if not all.
    4) And in New York Post, Charice was labeled as the New Pop Princess.
    And more and more great happenings, like Charice upcoming World Tour. Oh my goodness. Thanks, Charice you conquer music world.

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  2. Capofret says:
    i hope this is my last comment for the old issues/present issues:

    if we want people to change, the change should start from us. you cant keep blaming the culture or history. if you want to turn haters to be fans, it should come from them naturally. i’ve read some comments in youtube saying they didnt like charice at first but when they saw/heard the “baby” cover song, they like her now. that’s one proof that people do change on how they see charice..just like the writer of this article. even in her twitter account, her followers are also increasing everyday by thousands.

    mistreated, not appreciated, etc. so what? charice always does her best no matter what, at any place, at any given time. for me, what matters now is more people are appreciating her talent. isn’t it enough that her cds now are sold out? her fans are continually growing? sorry, maybe it’s just me that i always try to look in the positive side no matter how bad the situation is.

    all singers have critics, too. does the number of haters outweigh the number of fans? i don’t think so. there are probably hundred thousands/millions of fans compared to maybe only handful of haters out there. my only point is, instead of discussing negative issues/topics why don’t we discuss something to promote charice or appraise her for what she did instead of wasting our time fighting these kind of people..lets do something positive or productive.

    note: i am not a mr. (so pls don’t call me like that, thanks)

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    • pakiyowfan says:

      you bring up a lot of good points ms. capofret and it’s always a great idea to focus on the positive side….but in your desire to protect Charice and to keep everything positive, you are forgetting about what makes the U.S. a great country…that is the freedom of speech…if you tell people they can’t make negative comments, then you are exercising censorship and denying freedom of speech…criticism is important in a society that wants to advance..people also need to learn that criticism can be turned to positive and so they shouldn’t get offended or upset so easily just because someone doesn’t agree…maybe that’s the reason the P.I. is slow to change, because not enough people want to stand up for what is right..nobody wants to offend anyone …filipinos hate to say “NO” just to keep everyone happy and will say “yes” to everything not realizing it really doesn’t do any good…no matter what fan site you go to there will always be negative comments…and management can read those comments to get a feel on how people respond and sometimes, not always, will make changes as a result….when people on this site criticize crabs, its because those crabs aren’t making sensible criticism, they are just plain haters and jealous people who want to bring people seem to take as an insult to all filipino people when you shouldn’t…and lastly, when you say why don’t we focus on doing something positive and productive for Charice, well that has been and is being done so well on this site…by pointing out the crabs and haters, others who are not aware of this mentality and may stumble upon what crabs say or write on the web will now be informed and not be misled by those haters…..

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      • Ann says:
        Very good points, @pakiyawfan. I also like ms. capofret points of view. Both of you have laid a very enlightening comments.

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      • Von Al says:
        I agree with you. Some crabs or haters are open minded too and can be persuaded to have a change of heart. But there are some that are just plainly stubborn and not sensitive to other’s feelings. They possess a shallow-mindedness and see nothing but the negative sides only to the point that they enjoy bashing or hurting others for their greedy motives and personal satisfaction. These are the kind of crabs that deserve no respect at all. Their words can be poisonous to the minds of new visitors on every fans site, therefore it is reasonable enough not to let our guards down. Sometimes making battles against these crabs can give new fans an opportunity to see the poisons made by crabs/haters and the vaccines made by loyal fans.

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  3. luvkcha09 says:
    Charice’s voice is heard loud and clear! Need I say more? I adore you Charice like my own daughter. GO GIRL!

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  4. noysmaykr says:
    Doesn’t it ring true, biblically: Appreciation comes from a foreign land.

    Most of us, like me, probably know Charice was not really appreciated in her home country. I know, too, that we have to welcome the Charice converts and be glad for that great news. After all, the more, the merrier (apologies for the cliché).

    I considered capofret’s input (thanks, capofret). On the other hand, it mattered to me also to learn from commentators (thank you, pakyiowfan and arvee) the extent of how Charice was treated in the Philippines. I felt bad like crying deep inside and loved Charice all the more for being very strong. I now feel more committed to support her. In short, those comments left a positive impact on me.

    Thank you all for all your comments. I always learn a lot from you. I just hope future comments are more respectful and do not contain foul/degrading language towards anyone and be proud and continue to represent the very reason we are all here for – Charice.

    On a side note, I was lately getting discouraged to make comments and felt leaving this site for a long time, if not for good. But change of heart for now, maybe, like Charice, I’d be a better person by hanging on. LOL!

    Wish you all the best.

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  5. legendcha says:
    In charice world, only good things can happen.

    Some reviewers, like this one, only look at what they see and review from there. They see how Charice was invited in the ‘MOST TALENTED KIDS’ oprah show, then there’s a ‘BUT will she make it’ kind of mentality.

    They fail to go back to history to learn that Charice won every single competition, AT LEAST 80 of them, everywhere she went around the Philippines. And if you believe that Philippines has tons of TALENTS as the author PUT it, well she beat them ALL to a point that competition started refusing her participation and complaining she’s over-qualified. Man, get that!!! Over-qualified!!! She’s too talented!!! She was TOP althroughout LBS until the final where she landed 3rd, not because of TALENT but because of popularity (you know how kids back home gets nutty with new kids in the block a.l.a justbin bieber — in the case of LBS, it was Sam who has — i don’t see talent — but more of charm to be honest). But being 3rd is a blessing in disguise for a better opportunity…. and so goes the story.

    As for NOVELTY!? I doubt it. I bet you, Mr. Foster Hitman, Celine, and Oprah have more to say about other poor children around the world having participated, promoted, and donated in yearly charity events. Charice’s Talent is the STEPPING STONE, the trigger, all others – e.g. novelty – is just seasoning for the SHOW. TALENT is the very reason Oprah titled her show ‘The MOST TALENTED KIDS in the WORLD’. Get it!

    And what of YOUTUBE HITS! Remember history, YOUTUBE was 2 years old then (Nov 2005 – it made its debut) when falsevoice posted her (2007). Really, that’s almost just a little over 1 year for youtube to be well known. No one, not even I bothered to use youtube around that time until my WIFE adamantly pushed me to see this Girl. 13 million hits during the early days of youtube was already alot if you correctly do the math vs ‘appreciation’ of accounts nowadays.

    Anyway, …

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  6. Capofret says:
    please dont leave this site just because of the negative comments you read. but
    im with you, i don’t get it why people keep bringing up the old issues of LBS,ABS CBN,ASAP, etc. i get tired reading those kind of comments that sometimes i skip reading them. i feel it is just too much. why cant people move on..

    some people don’t realize that the video (which made charice known in youtube) posted by falsevoice was from LBS (so give credit LBS for that). if we all trace back if not for that video, they wont know charice. some people don’t understand that there are many reasons why she lost that contest but those reasons are not really important (at least, for me) to know at this point in time. please leave the old issues and move on. while i was disappointed too with what happened to her in the past, i am not bitter about it maybe because i think of the positive side not the negative side of it. i believe that everything happened for a reason. she was destined to make it big. if charice can forgive them (she even thanked them in her thank you message in her CD), why cant the fans do the same?

    this is just a request: stop talking about crab mentality or about crabs please…some of you don’t realize you are crabs yourselves, saying bad things about philippines especially for filipinos doing that. i know all the bad cultures of philippines but i am not hating the people or the country.

    and i just don’t understand whenever a good writeup from philippines comes in some people keep commenting the bad things without even commenting the good sides of it. where’s the fair judgement?

    while everyone is entitled to give their own opinion, i think we should still put some little respect and understanding.

    charice is famous now not only in her country but also worldwide, let’s just be happy for it.

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    • bieberfan says:

      mr. capofret,
      very simply, you need to calm down …there are so many crabs from the philippines who continue to make negative comments about Charice and about a million other things that are the same complaints for the past maybe 50 years…so why do you now think you have the right to defend all those crabs, when they continue to make the same negative comments over and over….so people have the right and should continue to criticize them for that whenever they feel like it just as much as those crabs and you have the right to make whatever comments you feel like….and just because people are criticing crabs from the P.I., doesn’t mean they are criticizing all filipinos….besides, I hope many filipino crabs do read these comments so that they know they are destroying the reputation of filipinos all over the world…because until the country decides to make some serious changes….they deserve whatever comes to them because they are the ones hurting themselves….

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    • romwaldo says:
      Capofret, you put it so sensibly.

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    • bieberfan says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  7. Daniel says:
    The media writers in PI are finally being converted. Why it took them sooo looong ? Charice has been singing in PI since she was
    7 yrs old and now that she’s becoming an international pop star,
    they have no choice but join the bandwagon. They now realize that
    Charice is not just a novelty singer that will fade in time but instead she’ll take the music world by storm.

    Had a great time hanging out with Charice and brother Carl at Wango
    Tango Village last Saturday. Wished her a Happy Birthday and had picture taken with her cd album. I posted “In This Song” performane under chasfan510 on you tube. Way to go Charice to the top !

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  8. J.B. says:
    The author’s initial scepticism is at least warranted that in the world of music not all people manage to make it big. Now she’s a convert…that’s real big deal!

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  9. Lolo JP says:
    Hallelujah, Topgun… Arvee, Thanks for the videos.

    I just want to add: Let us all remain pure, simple and unaffected CHASTERS…with only CHASTE conversations taken up.

    Everyday is a special day…every sunrise is unique…let’s all make it then, a memorable day of fun and joy!

    CHARICE is now living in a world of her self-creation.
    I’m just happy to see her grow holding persistently on her destiny.

    Lolo JP

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  10. TOPGUN says:
    It is often said that, in life, there is time for everything …there is time for sowing, reaping, fighting, loving & peace. There is also time for forgiving.

    The battle fought, hard & bitter perhaps, in the “old country” by Charice must be put to rest. It is over..done with..finito. Charice now faces a new battle in a “new world” and must be in total focus and concentration to overcome new obstacles in her quest for global stardom.

    People, specifically Pinoys, fans & detractors alike, in PI or abroad, must now learn to face and accept that, destiny is calling and we…united as one.. must all strive for the pursuit of the goodness in man (and woman). The “protagonists” must now lay down their arms to face together the brave new world. Nobody was vanquished. Nobody really lost…except the pride & vanity of those who did not believe & foresaw the triumph of the spirit of a determined & talented little girl to realize her dream…against all odds. Everybody won because people felt happy, cried for joy, experienced goosebumps & chills, amazement, surprised, felt like dancing, loving, screaming, wetting themselves (ooppps).

    In retrospect, nobody can deny that even the hardcore non-believer felt something…something unexplainable…but something good in mankind (womankind) when Charice performs. I say this with almost absolute certainty that, nobody in his/her right mind can say that Charice is doing something that is against what is considered good in a civilized society. In fact, Charice’s talent & story brings hope to the world we live in today…a world that is sometimes callous, mean and unforgiving. Charice is the one that brings a smile to our tired bodies…a glimmer of light to our fatigued minds & souls. So, as my Italian friends usually say, “Forget about it”…let’s all be friends. Life is short..Enjoy it!! Go Charice !!

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  11. Ate Lina says:
    I read the article “Thumbs Up For Charice” with an open mind. First I’m a Filipino through & through and I’ve been born & raised, lived in my home country for 43 years before I came to USA. I am truly trying to understand the writer’s state of mind- before Ms. Gil got the copy of Charice album. I’m putting myself in her shoes as I analyze her article. Yes, in P.I. there is a culture “thing” about anything IMPORTED is good!! You will notice that all those so called imported singers having a singing stint in P.I. especially in Manila are being hailed, “sold-out-ticket” concerts. Now that Charice made an international album, she is being raised to the high level as being an “imported” talent. I would not criticize her opinion of Charice before she heard the album because filipinos (most of us, not all though) way of thinking goes on that direction period! Maybe other fans will not agree with me but that’s my own observation/opinion. Those that was raised in P.I. will probably understand my explanation. I love Charice and I am thankful that I’ve known her when I was already here in USA because being in this country changed my perspective of recognizing a real TALENT. So, this is my side of the story.

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  12. denb3ar says:
    I’m PiNOY residing in Manila and I agree with a lot of Chasters re: some Filipinos with walang – paki (doesnt care) attitude. It pains me knowing that a great talent like Charice is not much appreciated in her own country. I can only think of a probable reason, one is that her talent is not new or extra ordinary coz there are lot of great singers here too (but not as good with our CHARICE). Hopefully Filipinos will catch up with Charice fever and soon realize that there’s a little BIG Star shining in the midst all along bringing honor to this music loving country!
    Btw Baby Gil is not an unknown writer. She regularly writes for the Philippine Star and I believe she have a good critique of music.Her article re: CHARICE is on a positive note. She’s a Chasters convert and we should be glad!

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  13. purplewillow says:
    it is very seldom that i comment on issues here but this time i really felt i had to say my piece. i am actually in tears right now not because of the article but because of the comments. it pains me deeply to read words like total idiot…all are corrupt, greedy, stupid faces…Please do not generalize. a lot of filipinos in the philippines love charice and have been her fans since day one. i am very, very sure that charice wouldn’t want any of us to be name calling or bashing others in her defence. why can’t we let go of the past and move on? everything happens for a reason. can we not be like charice who has never said anything bad against her detractors? are we so ” above it all ” that we cannot forgive and give them a second chance? i do not live in the philippines but i love my parents’ motherland. SOME comments on this site are just so brutal and uncalled for… there were times i just wanted to LEAVE. one of those instances is NOW.

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    • bieberfan says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • romwaldo says:

      purplewillow, i absolutely agree with you. that tale about charice “mistreated” in her own country is exaggerated. many cannot get over the fact that she was just third placer in the LBS contest. why, a third place finish is not bad, not to mention that the first and second placers in the said contest were not undeserving, especially the second placer. the people who voted for them through texts should not be blamed for their choices… and i’m sure it’s not only in the philippines where there are many really talented singers who are unrecognized or not easily propelled to stardom because, let’s face it, not everyone is fortunate to have his or her talent become widely appreciated. there are many talented singers in the philippines, and there are only few who become very popular. even the above-mentioned first and second placers in the said LBS contest did not really become that popular and their fans were not complaining. competition among talents is stiff but those who persevere and luckily get the big breaks (like Charice) eventually get the recognition their talents deserve… purplepillow, i agree with you that there are many people in the Philippines who love Charice. Filipinos who migrated abroad do not love her more.

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  14. pakiyowfan says:

    sorry, but this unknown writer seems to think she is some kind of expert in music…as if she knows more than David Foster and even mocks his accomplishments like they are no big deal… her attempt to finally redeem herself and jump on the Charice bandwagon by changing her tune, she doesn’t actually gain anyones support because we don’t need to act like some kind of music aficionado to know and recognize great talent when we see it…in fact, she only further confirms and reveals what a total idiot she is and doesn’t back up in any way why she should be so arrogant, when she is in fact a nobody….in fact her thinking probably represents a majority of the Philippine entertainment industry….so I hope all their stupid faces continually gets rubbed in big time, everytime Charice gains more and more success….the Philippines industry not only overlooked Charice’s talent, but more importantly her character and tremendous will and determination to succeed..its easy for them to overlook this because I believe none of them have any character, they are all so corrupt and greedy and superficial….that’s why they only look for stars with the “look” even if they have very little talent….that’s the same reason why Arnel Pineda never made it in the P.I. either…..

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  15. Danny says:
    After reading this article, I can understand now how bad Charice was treated by her own people in the Philippines. Even until now, they still doubt her talent and criticize her for every little things. I thought that in America people value so much external appearance, but it is even worse in her own country. It just makes me want to support her even more than any other artist, because she really, really, really deserves to be the next superstar of the music industry.

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  16. chris 05 says:
    @Cizcan, you are right, we need to trust Charice, we need to give her our full support, this is HISTORY in the making, forget our differences, because her success is the success of our nation, every media you hear and news items you read ‘From the Philippines, a FILIPINA, ASIAN”. Before Charice is mentioned, “from the Philippines” first. Charice is the best gift from God for the country. It will take generation after generation probably before we can have another Charice. This is the best opportunity to help her. She is our best hope, to bring glory to our Phil music industry.
    For me, i bought two (2) CDs from already.I will buy more.

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    • j.jon says:
      ..and so finally the philippine crabs are coming-out of the woodworks and recognizing the gem they have in their noses– they snob for so long…until they’re 110% sure it’s a hit internationally.

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  17. ArrVee says:
    they didn’t know what a huge diamond they had in front of them in this video:

    and here she is practicing for that role:

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    • deepblue says:
      I remeber an interview with her mom Raquel saying she had to beg them to take her daughter even for this backup dancer role. Not a bad dancer though

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  18. Cizcan says:
    So finally the Phil music industry has listened and heard Charice Debut album and is now starting to believe that she is going to make history for the Pinoys and Asians. So, I hope there will be an overwhelming support from them soon and treat her(from now on), as a deserving international pop star.

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