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Charice Fan Talk: Special Guest Marc Johnston Talks Promo Campaign

Charice Fan Talk: Special Guest Marc Johnston Talks Promo Campaign

Last night’s show featured America’s Got Talent quarter-finalist, Thia Megia. Tonight (Saturday, May 15), we have a special guest, and a great opportunity for our listeners to ask their questions about Charice. Marc Johnston, Charice’s business manager, will be joining us on a special 30-minute show at 3:00 pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles). Listen LIVE >>> right here

During the show calls are taken live, toll-FREE at (877) 452-4199, or fans can dial in using Skype, a free internet dialing service. These lines are also open 24 hours and 7 days a week for a direct connection to the FAN TALK’s mailbox.

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Episode #4: Charice Fan Talk Featuring Marc Johnston
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23 Responses to “Charice Fan Talk: Special Guest Marc Johnston Talks Promo Campaign”

  1. che says:
    As a busy mom always sunday is a good chance for to went shopping and first store that i went which very out of our way/place is target…hay! I wish to buy more but only two of her NEW CD left on the shelves….Hope somebody filed up that some more for all charice fans can buy a great CD from our charice

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  2. Joy Co says:
    I can picture DF on this tour with Charice singing some of her new songs but re-arranged to sound more balladic. OMG, I am already very very excited about this tour.

    Did I hear Marc Johnston correctly when he said Japan is 70% local market, which means it is tremendously difficult for a foreign artists to penetrate Japan market, unless your name is Michael Jackson or the Beatles. Having said that, I remember some 20 yrs ago a five-member group of Filipino siblings got very very famous there. The oldest was a girl of about 13 or 14 and the rest were boys down to the age of only 7. They all made up to look just like Japanese kids and they sang in Nihongo too. Now, it is Charice’s turn. I bet she will look so much like any pretty Japanese girl. I heard Marc J. said she will record a famous Japanese cover and also a duet with a famous Japanese artist. I wonder if she have one of her songs translated in Nihongo too. That would be awesome.

    Just now I understand how this radio music promo in the U.S. & the BB top 40 translate success in Europe. That explains why they are delaying the release in Europe. So much to learn ha! Very interesting.

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    • Joy Co says:
      The Nailclippers! I remember that’s their name. They have their videos on you tube singing Japanese songs. They were so cute. They must be about 40 some yrs old now, he he he …

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  3. bld9696 says:
    Let me preface this by saying that in no way is this meant to disparage Charice, whom I love as much as any fan can love an artist. But, my biggest concern is simply this, is Charice too good for America’s young audience. I am a 51 year old American male living in Atlanta who loves music. Elvis, Whitney (when she was good), Steve Perry, Arnel, Celine, Ann Wilson, Pat Benetar, Mickey Thomas, Martina McBride, etc. are truly great singers. Does anyone under 25 listen to anyone like these legends and icons? I hear what they listen to, and 95% of it is garbage. Can Charice overcome this? I hope that she can (and she is the one who can), but I am not 100% sure. Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of faith in what is looking more and more like a lost generation. I have heard many people say that Charice has an “old soul”. I agree with this. She is certainly more mature than any 18 year-old I have ever known. I just hope that, if young America does not take to Charice, she will not give up. She will always have her millions of core fans worldwide. We are 30 years old plus, and we have alot more money, hehe. We will support her if she needs to “skew” older, FOREVER. My challenge is to those Charice fans under 30. Tell your friends and family, especially those under 25, about Charice. Let’s all help make her the biggest singing star in the world. We need everyone of all ages to get behind Charice and push her to the top. Love you, Cha, and keep it going.

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    • ArrVee says:
      I think Charice and her management have what it takes to capture the imagination of a brand-new slice of audience. If you look at the newer videos of her live performances, especially the free ones, you can see parents and their kids enjoying the show, and going wild for her. While both generations are amazed by her raw vocal power, the younger set might take to her for her being quite different from the label-manufactured pop stars, with her natural (albeit powerful and memorable) singing style and wholesome image. She has time and again, demonstrated that ability to sneak up on you until you find yourself humming her songs all day …

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    • Danny says:
      I agree 200% with you bld9696. I don’t listen to radio as often as I used to, because the music of today is meaningless and talentless. My wish is that Charice could turn the music industry around and give us the “real thing” (musician, composer, writer, singer) on radio. Even if Charice can not attract the young generation, she can still make it big with guys like us. Look at Susan Boyle, she hold the world record for the most selling artist without even have to please to the top 40 radio chart. We need to support Charice and her talent for a change!

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      • osuna says:

        This could be the generation, remember the time of transition of Elvis generation to Beatles Generation ? Its happening now,
        this could be it ?

        Lets wait, maybe Charice is the bearer of this phenomenon and transition !!!!

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  4. justcharrie says:
    Thanks DJ Drake and Mark! I’m so happy and proud to hear from Mark that their ultimate goal for Charice is to make her a global Asian Superstar and that she’s a global priority of Warner. I’m overwhelmed. What’s great with Charice is that she’s created a strong foundation where the ladder is and she’s slowly but surely climbing it. I trust the Charice Team whatever plan they have for our princess coz I believe they are working for a long term basis. OMG Japan team has a tremendous plan for her. I’m excited for that. Gonna watch her when she comes to Tokyo!

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  5. jimfan155 says:
    Charice going on tour with DF, with Natalie Cole and Peter Cetera will be geared to us older fans again – is that correct? I have no complaints with that, as I am a big “ballad” fan.

    Just thought she would be concentrating on the younger fans. But this tour will be in 6 months so she will be doing her heavy radio promotion for her album.

    So good for all her fans in Asia. Suggestion – start selling her cd’s while on tour maybe even pre-autographed – just thinking sales, sales, sales.

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      i hope and wish Charice will sing ALL THAT I NEED, THANK YOU,ARE WE OVER, and NOTE TO GOD, these are the songs for mixed crowd i think. the other high tempo songs in her album are for younger crowds. pls. come to vancouver again

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  6. artemis gibran says:
    DJ Drake and Marc Johnston … thanks a lot!

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  7. Marie says:
    OMG! I just listened to the interview and so excited about Album Tour of Charice. She is an International Star now and I can’t wait for the guesting in Starking and I hope that there will be a showdown with Super Junior again and of course the duet with Kyuhyun.

    Thanks a bunch DJ Drake for helping the wonderful people of Charicemania. This is really really an Awesome site!

    Go Chasters…to the Top Baby!

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  8. manang babes says:
    Thank you very much Charicemania and now we have DJ Drake, too. It is without a doubt that it is people like you showing your strong support for Charice that makes us Chasters really happy and also makes our day complete.
    It is payback time for all the beautiful and awesome performances that Charice has provided for all of us via her uploaded videos.
    I am not ashamed to admit that I am one of those who bought multiple copies of her album. I pre ordered 3 copies from Amazon, downloaded 1 copy from iTunes, bought 2 from QVC ( would you believe that shipping will take 13 days? Are we in America or in the boondocks?), and bought 8 (at different times) from target? I am gifting the extra to my relatives and friends.
    The album is a good buy. I enjoyed every song but i always play multiple times the following: The Truth Is and All That I Need To Survive.
    All of these to help Charice rise to the top.

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  9. temeculaCA says:
    I just listened to the replay with Marc Johnston who went over Charice’s upcoming schedule and promotion plans. WOW! I’m excited for her! ChariceTeam really has great plans for her. I really can’t wait to see it all unfold. I’m feeling like a proud father.

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  10. EBjohns11 says:
    Thank you guys. I missed it today and I appreciate the replay!!

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  11. max says:
    You can listen to a recorded episode 4 with Marc Johnston if you could not listen in live. Marc had some great information I know you would like to hear. Here is the link to the show, enjoy at your leisure.

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  12. Dwight says:
    This is an awesome fantalk radio…DJ Drake, thank you for caring for charice by showing up and continuing to pour your energy into your great Fantalk radio initiative. Having done 4 episodes of non-stop 30-minute charice fan outreach, I want to thank you and all the people behind this for making the effort to reach out – let alone on priceless friday evenings – to tell us what’s on your mind when it comes to charice activities. I was heartened that you do it in a way that was enthusiastic and constructive, often providing us ideas and examples of efforts that work to bring charice to the top. After all, bringing charice to the next level of awesome will take all of us working together to put charice at the top.

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  13. cory says:
    Thank you so much for all this info about our Charice,Bought seeveral cd,s and ordered fron QVC . Iwould like to thank oprah,David foster for beleiving in charice and givingthe chance to record and first inteernational album.Every day I check on this site for Charice update.

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  14. phoenixsong says:
    LOL…would just like to say that the clocks u have here ROCK!!! hahaha…i always have problems converting time and this is really helpful. any way u can put that in the homepage? hahaha

    btw, i LOVE fantalk! rock on!!!

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  15. justcharrie says:
    I’d like to commend our two gracious, hardworking Chasters – DJ Drake and eve – for doing such a wonderful job hosting the Fan Talk. I enjoy listening to every episode and I’ve been enthusiastically waiting for the next airing. I’m glad to hear the voices of familiar Chasters’ name, they bring smile to my face. Tonight will be another great episode as we will have a very special guest who will give light to some of our questions. I’ll be happy listening again later.

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  16. Rom Remus says:
    Tried to dial the radio number on skype and skype is asking for skype credit account.

    How do i get it free?

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  17. max says:
    Fan Talk Radio has raised Charicemania to a new dimension, thanks to you, our wonderful fans. You kept asking us to extend the time for Episode Three with Thia Megia. While this is not possible, we are very appreciative of the requests.

    All of us except DJ Drake are new to radio, so please bear with us. We promise to get better and better. I answered the calls and asked callers for a nickname so Drake would know who was in the que waiting to go on air. One problem I had was poor transmission of your microphones and in some instances, I could not hear anything.
    You can help us if you make sure before you call that your microphone is in good working order.

    I know you are as excited as I am about Marc’s visit at 3 pm Pacific time today. Please join us.

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