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Special Message from Charice

Special Message from Charice

Hello friends!

The day has finally come — my first album release!

I’m so happy that you can finally hear it! I’ve been blessed with the best team and fans, and I want to thank you all. The next and most important thing is to share it with you… icon smile Special Message from Charice You can find it on iTunes, at Target stores, and of course, in my official online store!

Please tune in to Oprah today for my official launch, and later that day, watch me and David Foster perform live on QVC’s Q Sessions at 8 PM EST as we unveil the special deluxe edition of my album!

Go to my official website to leave your comments and let me know what you think of the album. icon smile Special Message from Charice

Love to you all,


Official Charice Online Store Special

To celebrate Charice’s appearance on Oprah today and the release of her new album, the official Charice online store is having a special that starts now.

Enter code “pyramid” at checkout Ios spy, Localizador gps movil. to receive 20% off all apparel in your order! This offer expires May 16th so do not hesitate!

Visit the official Charice store now!

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Ai?? Warner Bros. Records and Reprise Records
3300 Warner Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505
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16 Responses to “Special Message from Charice”

  1. Rachel says:

    Good luck for your future, warmest wishes from the sunny island of Malta :P I can’t wait to see you on Glee :)
    From,Rachel and Margaret

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  2. Lucky says:

    charice … i still wait your Cd ……… i can’t find it in indonesia ,,,charice i cover pyramid song in to my version,, would u like to watch in yourybe??? follow this link ,,, ^,^ you are my inspiration

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  3. jimfan155 says:
    Magnificent performance by Charice both on Oprah and QVC. Justin Bieber was thoroughly impressed and she had the younger fans on their feet as they gave her a standing ovation much like the older fans her first time on the show. Like DF said she’s going after the 8 to 88 fans. Great start.

    Liked that DF was honored and humbled by Charice’ request that he become her Godfather. Bet that moment was as good as any Grammy he has ever won. Yeah, yeah tears were flowing down my face.

    Iyaz and Charice make a good team. Also enjoyed their rendition of Replay on QVC. Continued success to all these youngsters.

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  4. Daniel says:
    We love you , we love you so much we’re buying multiple copies of your album. Downloaded twice on itunes, 2 copies from Amazon, 2 copies from QVC and I will be going to Target to buy some more. Then on Saturday, I will attend the Wango Tango and I hope I will get at least two of my album sign. Never bought so many copies on one artist in my entire life. But then this is Charice we’re talking about, one and only Filipina Pop Princess and Diva. My profile on Facebook is a picture of me and Charice and my friends were asking me is that your daughter ?
    I wish she were then I will be the luckiest Dad in the world…lol

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  5. Monkeydoggie says:
    Gotta buy my copy today!

    Hope the album is now available in PI stores!

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  6. marlyn says:
    I got 6 copies of Charice album @ Target this morning ;texted my friends to buy too ;it’sold out right away, my friend got the last one. i’m also waiting for my pre -ordered copies from amazon and i ordered 1 too from QVC ;i watched Oprah too ; requested a day off just to watch Charice ; she never fails to amazed me . Labyo! Labyo!

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    • luvkcha09 says:

      It looks like TARGET store needs to be told to replenish their stock of Charice CD. For myself I ordered 5 copies from QVC and from Amazon – still waiting for it. I will visit Best Buy to buy some more – I am going to give it away as gifts and save 2 copies for myself. I’d rather have WB or Reprise Records deal with Walmart or Target stores for CD sales than with QVC – because the way it is set up, it is hard for people to catch the show and figure the technology in a span of 30 minutes.. lol. MArketwise, Walmart is the most accessible to everyone. Is walmart in China, Japan, Asia?

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  7. sigmund says:
    What the heck! I was out to record stores to buy 5 copies of her album and distribute it to my cousins when the salesman told me that they only have 3 more left because it were already sold out!! Geezz. No wonder the album is now number 7 in itunes top 100 albums. I certainly hope it will climb to number one this coming weeks especially at billboard.

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  8. denb3ar says:
    Honestly, i like all the songs featured in the album. This is the only CD album wherein every song can claim the top spot in any music charts. I bought one yesterday and listened in my car while driving to work, and it brought some tears in my eyes knowing a Filipina have successfully conquered the US music mainstream. Congratulations Charice, you made us proud once again. At the top baby!

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  9. Kuya Marc says:
    Just bought 4 album of Charice at hmv Downtown Vancouver. On pay day I will buy more for my friends. Also,got my pre-ordered album for my iPhone. Wow!!! I will spend my whole listening to her songs…

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  10. Marie says:
    I just watch Oprah. Again, I cried when Charice sings “In This Song”. Her powerful voice made me feel lucky to have her in my life.

    My Facebook Account flooded by her updates and my friends keep on teasing me that I’m a big fan of Charice. Even my 4 year old Viktoria is a big fan as well. Every time I step away from the computer, she will say “it’s my turn”. She knows Charicemania site and Youtube and even teach me how to do some stuffs… when I ask her it’s my turn again, she will say mama, look Charice sing and I will sing with her…I Believe I can Fly and I Will Always Love You. She can hardly pronounce the words but she sing as if the words are correct. Funny but she is clever!

    My 10 year old girl is now asking me about Charice unlike before that she would say Charice…Charice Again! and leave as if she is my mother.

    I heard her once talking about Charice on the phone with her friend, giggling…I hope now, that she is in their school choir and invited to guest in the Auckland Boys Choir Concert will realize to make Charice as her inspiration to work hard with her dreams.

    Charice, I will just buy your album here in NZ so that you will also be the number 1 here. At the top Baby!

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  11. Daisy says:
    just finished watching Oprah. omg!!! “In This Song” will be no. 1 in no time. I love you Charice!!!

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  12. ms gimini says:
    i already encircled june 3 and june 4 in my calendar. finally i will personally see charice.she will be coming to eaton centre…yeyy its torontonians turn to see charice. yey….

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  13. ms gemini says:
    love you love you love you charice…by the way we’re both from the same bario.Balibago, Santa Rosa. im so proud that we’re both from that small towm.

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  14. ms gemini says:
    i watched with my 14 yrs old daughter and its her first time to really see charice singing phyramid and she was amazed with charice. and now she keeps on asking me to buy charice’s album and for sure i will buy tomorrow . she said, “its my first time ever to hear this kind of voice. wowWWW all i can say is wowwww”.

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  15. ms gemini says:
    just watch oprah with charice and justine. oh my Godddd…i love charice. i wasn’t breathing while im wathing charice. she was amazing.

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