Charice with David Foster Q Sessions Live

Charice with David Foster Q Sessions Live


Charice has to reach minimum sales quota to stay ON AIR otherwise they will cut the show or her performance! 7,500 orders within 30 minutes for a total of 15,000 in 1 hour!


Charice: Note to God


Charice: In This Song


Charice: I Love You


Charice Featuring IYAZ: Pyramid


IYAZ Featuring Charice: Replay


At first glance, Charice looks like any other teenager: pretty, petite and filled with non-stop energy. But when the 17 year-old opens her mouth to sing – the audience quite literally gasps. In 2007, a web-savvy fan began posting a series of Charice’s performances on YouTube, including appearances on the Filipino talent show “Little Big Star,” and the popular South Korean talent show “Star King.” She instantly became an internet sensation, attracting the attention of 15-time GRAMMY winning producer, David Foster, who invited Charice to perform on his David Foster and Friends tour. Tune in to Q Sessions Live to see David Foster with Charice as she performs songs from her new album Charice, and don’t miss your chance to pre-order her album featuring bonus tracks produced especially for QVC before it hits stores. Performance and release date subject to change without notice.  Check your local listings for The QVC Shopping Network to see the show on TV.

(IMPORTANT CHASTER MISSION) Call QVC at 888-345-5788 during the show and buy the special deluxe edition of the album, which includes four bonus tracks exclusively for QVC viewers.  It’s important for us to order during the first 30 minutes of the show to let QVC know that we’re watching and buying Charice’s CD.

Check your local listings for the QVC TV channel in your area.

You can also watch the show on live streaming at the QVC web site HERE.

Check the QVC Program Guide HERE.


Charice – Watch QVC On May 11th 8 pm EST May 11 at 8pm EST!


Charice – Chaster’s Promo Guide

Posted by Max

24 Responses to “Charice with David Foster Q Sessions Live”

  1. I was recommended this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by
    him as nobody else know such detailed about my problem.
    You’re amazing! Thanks!

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  2. letty says:

    hi charice
    just love your songs..iam from vancouver canada..on 11th of may i went to best buy to buy your cd (charice) unfortunately they said it’s missing so i was sooooooooooooooo devastated cos the salesladies they told me that i have to go back an hour so i did still they couldnt find it was really annoying..the store is located @surrey king george… i hate that i wish i will meet u someday..actually i went and see your concert here in vancouver..just love it.pls.dont change i just love the way u are..stay humble..take care..iam very thankful for all the people who helps u out there..keep it up girl.GOD BLESS US ALL.

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  3. cybill says:
    I had already downloaded Charice’s album from iTunes but I ordered from QVC as the program was underway. It took nearly 15 minutes from start to finish to complete my order. The elderly lady (bless her heart) who was helping me was kinda slow, then she hit the wrong key and lost all my info. We had to do it all over again! Target is 10 minutes away from my house but I bought from QVC to support Charice’s quota. Unfortunately, my experience was a little annoying. And I won’t receive the cd until 24th of May. Oh well, it’s for a good cause, but I was irritated that soon after my order was complete, Charice and David Foster were off the air. With such slow processing, it was difficult to meet the quota.

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    • luvkcha09 says:

      you can do one more thing, go back to qvc and write a review for CHARICE ALBUM. They took out the good reviews earlier and posted one nasty review. I went back to my qvc account and wrote a lengthy review of the album. they said it might take 5 days to post it as there is a lot of interest- or something like that. I ordered 5 copies myself- just this time for Charice, but will not do it again, will probably cost me double with shipping and taxes. lol, but it is okey. I get to write a review in their site and will be read by curious buyers maybe..

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      • luvkcha09 says:

        what i meant was i will not order again with QVC because the delivery took so long. i bought more cd`s in best buy and chapters and downloaded from itunes and amazon. pre-ordered with amazon USA too because only USA are counted towards the first week rally for top BB charts. i did not realize the importance of this Billboard ratings, so no regret. i do live outside of USA.

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  4. Luz says:

    It is indeed hard to order at the same time to listen to her. If you are ordering first time in QVC it took a while to take all your personal information. I missed her show because of this. I should have pre-order it like other people told me. I always watch American Idol but instead I waited for her in QVC. Charice is a great singer. I love listening to her. I already ordered in QVC but I will buy more of her record in Target today.

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  5. monty says:
    I watched the show via live streaming at the QVC website (2:00 a.m. here in Europe). I know it would take some time to order by phone so I ordered 2 copies online which did not take that long. I would think my order would count towards the sales quota since it was ordered during the show. I wonder how many sales were generated during the show.

    The show was great and I’m sure it gave a lot of exposure to Charice. Charice was so good and comfortable inter-acting with the host. Even after the show, the host was still talking about Charice.

    By the way, Charice album is already available here at our PX Army exchange(AAFES) so I bought me some copies aside from the ones I pre-ordered from Amazon.

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  6. daddy 0 says:
    Yahooo!! I was surprised!! I came from work and can’t wait to watch the show. While watching with my wife, she told me that she already watched the QVC. It was pre-recorded. She cant help and hold her breath but she told me that she bought me a copy of Charice Album on QVC as a gift!!! I was very happy and she also appreciate charice music. Thanks Honey!! Thanks Charice.!!!

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  7. FlipOne says:
    I think you can consider the QVC promo as an experiment.

    First, people buy music and want to listen to it immediately – as in RIGHT NOW. Ordering via QVC takes weeks to receive your stuff, unless you pay the stiff shipping/handling cost, and you’ll receive it probably in 2-3 days – still not the same as NOW. (NOTE: I don’t care about QVC – I’m buying Charice’s album at Target).

    Second, it’s the wrong airplay time for Charice – 8:00 pm EST is 5:00 pm on the West Coast and people are still at work or are on the road, and American Idol is on air on the East Coast – go figure…

    So, NOBODY should expect great numbers from this experiment.

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  8. jayjay says:
    Ok so i went to and checked out how far her U.S debut album has gone and i couldn’t believe my eyes..


    Bestsellers: #8 Charice by Charice
    Hot New Releases: #7 Charice by Charice
    Movers & Shakers: #3 Charice by charice
    Movers & Shakers: #4 My Inspiration by Charice

    Not only her U.S debut album is moving up and increasing sales but also her album recorded in the Philippines..Wow! way to go Charice! i can’t wait for the declare of how many people has bought the debut album..i hope it’ll reached millions for it to be nominated at the grammy’s..and more airplay on every FM’s stations in the country…

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  9. sambawhisk says:
    Hi Charice! I watched you at Oprah today and used my little dvr at the same time so I can watch you over and over again. What a great show indeed! I also ordered 3 of your new cds today at QVC. I will order more when I go to Target tomorrow for giveaways to my friends and relatives. Good luck Charice… to the top baby!

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  10. Fran says:
    Just as I thought…normally takes over 5 minutes to order to give the address, credit card and receive a confirmation number. How in the heck can you get 7,500 units within 30 minutes if everyone is ordering one CD. As I said before, why didn’t they include the quantities pre-ordered before the show since they were already taking orders two days ago. Most people wanted to sit back to hear more songs from her album, not a race to make the numbers. Bet you it was over 7,500 if you include the pre-orders.

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      i agree with you fran – it is kind hard to watch and order at the same time- i ordered twice and got 5 cd`s. Charice wowed the qvc staff. besides people don`t normally tune in on a shopping channel when all the other shows like idol and dancing with the stars are on at the same time. people are still going home at 5 p.m. if you live in the west. but still it was a good exposure and she did a lot of sales in half an hour.
      Thank you David Foster and Iyaz for your support.

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  11. john says:

    Belated Happy Birthday to YOU CHARICE!

    Hope you had a great one and rest assured all your fans out there including me and my Family will do or have done their part to make your birth day a wonderful one.

    Just so you know, just grab 3 CD of yours today at WallMart and of course just ordered 2 copies of deluxe version over the phone here at QVC.

    It’s well worth it, great compilation.

    From Toronto Canada, hope to see you over here on June 4th.

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  12. MegaEwolf says:

    I’m done. I bought one copy and it cost me $28 something. They added $9 cost of shipping and handling, because I live in Canada and they have to ship it here. LOL ! But that’s ok. This is just a once in a lifetime experience and I am doing it for our dear Charice. I’ll buy another CD when she gets to Toronto. I am excited to watch her live here. Yeheey!!!! Charice all the way to the top baby!

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  13. shyna says:

    i bought two…cost 41.92 something

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  14. Starlight972 says:

    Hi Chasters!

    I’m done ! After this I still have to go to Target. I just arrived from work and I was in a hurry to go home so I can order from QVC. My gost, Charice is very pretty at the big screen! I am so excited! HOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!

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  15. jayjay says:
    THE WAIT IS OVER…….i’ve been waiting forever for her album to come out and now after my class today at school i will go to target or wherever i can find her album and buy my own personal copy….i’m so excited!! Hheheeh…

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  16. Sairin says:
    hi guys please tell me how can i pre-order her album at QVC?please help! i live in France and i want it so badly!!!!
    i really want to support Cha! >_<

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  17. Fran says:
    Can someone tell me why we need to purchase during the first 30 minutes of the show in order to count??? Why can’t we purchase now at their site, before the showing, so we do not need to hassle with the phone lines while watching the show. When they are too many ordering at the same time, QVC will sometimes make you wait. Been through this before.

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    • max says:

      Fran, we received requests from Charice’s management to please order the album during the first 30 minutes of the show to convince QVC to let the show run for the full hour. If an advertised item, in this case the album, is not selling well, then QVC will move on to another item to sell. Wouldn’t you love to see Charice and David entertain us for a full hour rather than a half hour?

      Having said that, go ahead and order your first copy of the album whenever you wish. Just be sure and order another one or ten during the first half hour of the show, hehehe.

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  18. BuShell says:
    Hi Charice,

    We would like to greet you a very Happy 18th Birthday. May you have a wonderful time with your family and friends as you celebrate.

    Looking forward to having your first album when it comes out tomorrow at QVC.

    Butch and I(Shell) loves you. Take Care.

    All the way to the TOPPPPPPP Baby!!!!!!!

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  19. BuShell says:
    Hi Charice,

    We would like to greet you a very Happy 18th Birthday. May you have a wonderful time with your family and friends as you celebrate.

    Looking forward to having your first album when it comes out tomorrow at QVC.

    Butch and I(Shell) loves you. Take Care.

    All the way to the TOPPPPPPP

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  20. Portia says:
    Charice, wishing you all the best on your birthday.

    Okay, I will order my copy tomorrow at QVC, to the top baby!!!

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