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Charice @ 93Q Summer Jam on the Island, June 7, 2010

Charice @ 93Q Summer Jam on the Island, June 7, 2010

93Q Summer Jam on the Island was Sold Out! Charice opened the show with “I Love You” which she had to sing acapella for part of the song when the sound system failed mid-way through. But like the professional that she is, she didn’t skip a beat and kept singing the song with her pitch-perfect voice. The sound quality on the video is not the best, but even the untrained ear can hear how powerful her voice is. It was a wower for the crowd.

The special guest at Summer Jam was Iyaz who joined Charice for her second song, “Pyramid.” Then she sang a medley of cover songs – Lady Gaga, Party in the Usa, Rock With You. She finished by singing the “Pyramid Remix” with an opening note that lasted 12 seconds!! Another wower!

Opening Song – I Love You

video uploaded by gandaasawa


Pyramid featuring Iyaz

video uploaded by RawVideoKing


Medley covers – Lady Gaga, Party in the USA, Rock With You

medley from RawVideoKing (1:02min)

video uploaded by gandaasawa


Pyramid Remix


Photo Wall – 93Q Summer Jam on the Island 2010

Charice will appear at 93Q Summer Jam on Paper Mill Island just a day after she and Iyaz Rock KFest at Dutchess Stadium-New York.

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93Q Charice summer jam Charice @ 93Q Summer Jam on the Island, June 7, 2010

Mouse over to view >>> Chariceai??i??s profile at 93Q

For more information, go to >>> The #1 Hit Music Station

Posted by Eve

37 Responses to “Charice @ 93Q Summer Jam on the Island, June 7, 2010”

  1. Li wei says:

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  2. CIKECHE says:


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  3. elsa from spain says:
    Like a Pyramid, Charice with her big Voice will stand inspite of technical problems..that is what our Princess is….BRAVOOOOO, no one can deny that and that will separate her from other Artists, she is unique and can work under pressure with a BIG SMILE…LET US APPLAUD FOR HER CONTINUED SUCCESS, the more good thoughts, the better for this world.

    Sending good health to all and to Charice and her family..Chao.

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  4. Mike Z says:
    Here’s another video from someone: Awesome performances from the dynamic duo!!!

    A chaster from the crowd flashing Charice CD on the video.

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  5. hermiemel says:
    We need the enginners,specialist and scientist at BP after they successfully capped the oil spills in the gulf at Lousiana to work on Charice’s sound system to plug her microphone properly so it will not spill over her perfect pitch voice and prevent her Sennheiser mic from breaking up under the tremendous stress she is subjecting it every time she performs.

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  6. CBToronto says:
    I just arrived today from New York and I watched the KFest 2010. The crowd was huge about 10,000 people mostly youth. I was able to record two performances of Charice. I want to share it here at CM. Could someone from the CM team provide me an email address so that I could email the video and pictures. Thanks!!!

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    • schoen says:
      CBToronto, email at thanks a lot!

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      • CBToronto says:

        I was only able to attached some pictures on the email. The videos could not be attached because the system says it exceeds the limit of 25 MB. Maybe you could help me send them here at CM in other ways. Thanks!!! and more power!!!

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        • Magnus says:

          how about you upload it to youtube?

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          • CBToronto says:

            Schoen and Magnus,

            I successfully uploaded the two videos on youtubes. Please post them here in CM. The title – Charice Performed at KFest 2010, Dutchess Stadium, Wappinger Falls, New York. The link is Thanks A lot!!!

            BTW, Schoen, did you recieved the pictures I emailed to you? Those picture were also taken from KFest 2010 event. Thanks again!!!

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            • schoen says:

              Hi CBToronto, I added your videos, 2 right? You did a great job, I was about to ask you if you could upload on YT. Your sound is great and I love those screaming girls! Check your email please, I replied to you regarding the pictures. Thanks again to you all, for keeping us busy! Just like Charice.

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  7. corabebot says:
    thanks eve i think you are the most dedicated chasters.thanks for your support to our dear charice.

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  8. sheild says:
    insanely 12 sec wooow! I love CM! labyo, labyo

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  9. gunrunner says:
    im a bit scientific in my explanation why technical problems occur when charice sings. its her powerful voice – the ten decibel impact could not be contained by the fragile diaphram of the microphone and the speakers. the echo shatters the minute wiring inside the black box. system overload is the answer. even her seinheisser mic gives up most of the time he he he ( take it or leave it, its my theory he he he he)

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  10. starbuck245 says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • starbuck245 says:
      Umm,my comment was meant as a joke. A bad it turns out because I didn’t have time to complete the thought. I meant the crowd seemed perplexed because they couldn’t believe she was killin it even without the music.

      Also, I’ve been following Charice on youtube and here for only about a month (and losing sleep like many others) and it’s been said before, but what is going on with the sound systems? Either its her mic, bad sound systems, or glitchy music systems that cut out or don’t start when they should. She needs her own dedicated crew of technicians to make sure everything works and works on cue.

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      • connecticut says:
        star, i say most didn’t know charice but did know pyramid, as much as they didn’t know iyaz but knew replay…
        they didn’t know the song i love you so the crowd couldnt sing/dance along… but the talent was heavily recognized with a thunderous applause…

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    • eve says:

      welcome to the fan club starbuck and thanks for clarifying that thought. Just one month??… well it’s been several months for me and I am still losing sleep lol.

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    • RawVideoKing says:
      Yeah, I was there, and her voice is VERY powerful… I myself was perplexed I’m not sure about everyone else lol.

      There’s more videos on my YouTube Channel of Charice, this blog featured one up there^

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  11. ArrVee says:
    wow – with that first high note of the Pyramid remix, I had to look at my YouTube player, if it was stuck! Twelve seconds! Ten seconds would have been awesome enough, but twelve!

    when her audio equipment acts up on her, it is a chance to show them the stuff she is made of, that her voice is all-natural and she does not lip-sync at all.

    her voice is getting more and more powerful …

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  12. 2die4 says:

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  13. Teepee says:
    WHEW!!!!!!And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure David Foster can breathe easier now after these succession of shows/promotions. With all of David’s pronouncements….She is undeniable, a star is born, the next big one, a once in a generation voice, super star from Asia, and all the other superfluous adjectives given to her by her mentor and godfather, the world collectively hold its breath. Waiting with fingers crossed for the fans, maybe with derision from non-fans and wonderment for the rest as to whether the great DF will again be proven right, the star maker that he is, or will be wrong BIG…. well….. with the album sales and the local and international followers as the yardstick, He can indeed breathe a big sigh of relief as he is truly vindicated BIG TIME. KUDOS to you David and FalseVoice, Oprah, Ellen and the really dynamic Chasters for believing in this insanely talented little girl of ours. (I mean lady).

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  14. Daniel says:
    OMG ! The crowd was blown away by Charice. This venue is very good
    for Charice since majority of the audience were non-Filipinos. This
    year will be the start of Charice rise to STARDOM. Watching Leah
    Salonga’s interview, she said, “Charice doesn’t fit the mold of most
    18 yr old singer in America”, because Charice is one of a kind and
    ” Charice is insanely talented that cannot be ignored”. This comment from a classy artist commenting on Charice talent….chasters labyo Leah ! !

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  15. noellen says:
    thanks,,, connecticut for your videos,,,, waiting for your story,,, or maybe you can call in during fantalk by firday,,, hhehhe…I know you’ve got some interesting story to share,,,, thanks again,….

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  16. Tina says:
    Thank you for posting the latest videos. Pyramid Remix … what can I say …. OMG !!! Cha is really “insanely” talented . One in a million.

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  17. luvkcha09 says:
    i agree with lea salonga. btw i saw her in vancouver concert last month. she is still going great.

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  18. christinedl says:
    TALENT CAN NOT BE IGNORED…foremost if it’s INSANE like Charice..She doesnt need to show skin or appear hypersexual in order to show what she can offer to the fans…She’s getting the RESPECT she deserves…we love you Charice…

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    • kenshin says:
      like what Lea said

      “the world will be stupid not to notice Charice”

      or as what David Foster says

      “it will not NOT-HAPPEN to Charice”

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  19. pinoy34 says:
    i watched the leah interview.. and i do agree with her…i think it’s time that we need to look charice’s success in a different perspective..that this is not just about charice.. this is about our being a filipino.more than the fame.. ..slowly we are being recognized, not as corrupt , impoverish nation. charice together with arnel and manny are perfect reflection of a wounded filipino crying for acceptance in the society. bravo leah! are truly a world class artist!

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  20. Alysha says:
    me and my friend angeline are going:) yay haha its my first time going whoot whoot… i cant wait to see Mayday Parade!! soo exciteddd

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  21. eve says:

    So have you seen enough videos yet of Charice during the past week? Or are you ready for more? lol We’ll see how dedicated chasters are to take video on a Monday night for Summer Jam tonight (cross your fingers)

    well there are a couple of videos I want to share with you…

    Charice on Entertainment Talk Canada has been added to Charice Takes Over Toronto article.

    And here’s a nice one from Lea Salonga talking about Charice, quote “at the end of the day if you’re just so insanely talented, you cannot be ignored.” what a classy lady she is.

    Lea Salonga interview video

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    • christinedl says:
      Thank you Eve for sharing these wonderful insights about Charice..I think we’re the most “spoiled fans”…Awesome website, lots of vids/pix (current and previous), now the weekly FANTALK hitting the hottest topics about her…

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    • Fran says:
      It takes one to know one…Lea, a world re-known diva, recognizes this talented teenager as did Oprah, David, Celine, Bocelli, Josh etc. … And the world is surely acknowledging this Asian phenom.

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  22. grumpq says:
    Papermill Island, Baldwinsville….New York?

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