World Premiere of Charice’s Music Video Pyramid

World Premiere of Charice’s Music Video Pyramid

Oprah called her one of the most talented girls in the world. Now, Charice is getting ready to release her self-titled debut album. Watch the world premiere of the video for her song “Pyramid”! Charice’s international music video is being hailed as a wonderful, simple, but lovely video. Ai??Please read the comments from fans below the video. Ai??Charice proves why she is “The most talented girl in the World”. Ai??It was worth the wait.

Pyramid Featuring IYAZ – Official Music Video

Watch Charice’s World Premiere Video for “Pyramid” and be blown away!!!
Be sure to give it a 5-Star rating >>> Charice YouTube channel.

” International singing sensation Charice Pempengco stole the show when she first appeared on Oprah’s stage. Now, this 17-year-old superstar is releasing her self-titled debut album on May 11, 2010! “


charice albumcover small2 World Premiere of Charices Music Video Pyramid

NOW AVAILABLE >>> .Posted by Max


Note: For those in Europe who are not able to watch via Youtube due to Warner Bros. Music restrictions, please watch @

123 Responses to “World Premiere of Charice’s Music Video Pyramid”

  1. Fly N Dance says:
    wow! i’m speechless…

    there’s so much emotion in it i can put into words…

    Charice, u are always impressive…u’re on ur way yo stardom!

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  2. rlf says:


    10 copies for me guaranteed and perhaps more!

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  3. Eric says:
    I really like the video of Charice and Iyaz. Very nice lighting and location. I love the story too, there’s a little love story in the video. It begins with Charice not getting accepted in the audition then she goes to the stage just pretending she is actually performing and then Iyaz acts like her bf in this video, sees her singing and there is a scene where Charice closes her eyes and just imagines she is performing in the stage and then she opens her eyes and all she sees is Iyaz, and she is happy even though she didnt make it to the auditions and they leave the theater together! Sweet!!! I love it, when this will be available at iTunes?

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  4. mary says:
    ive been waiting for this video too…at last here it comes…also caught the attention of my boss when he heard the awesome voice and asked me who is this girl?and why the hell this webpage always tells me that i duplicated my comments???? i never diddd?

    Hi Mary, your comment is duplicated! Just send once, it´s sometimes delayed. I will delete your other comment.

    Thanks, Schoen

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  5. Monkeydoggie says:
    FAbulous.! I’ve watched it five times.! Chaddicting..

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  6. jn says:
    I am so happy for Charice….Her name and songs are buzzing. People are starting to notice her..Ace Showbiz is one and has featured her in their site. Her MV “Pyramid” is there…Leave a comment there

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  7. popsiclesph says:
    Oh my this is what i’ve been waiting for!!!!!!


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  8. marlyn says:
    I’m blown away with this video that makes me watch it again and again.I love it !!!

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  9. jn says:
    Charice, you’ve come a long way, You deserve all these accolades..Keep going and good luck

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  10. odie052 says:
    Certainly I was blown away the moment I saw the video but its almost an hour now that I am here watching this video and I could not really figure out when would this urge will last and fill out my appetite. At the moment, am still in the active mode undisturbed, and feeling better enjoying every time I click the replay button. OMG! am always crazy when there is new videos of Charice. lol

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  11. maria s. says:
    Awesome…super super nice!!! I love this video. Special thanks to

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  12. Fran says:

    The video is now on YT.

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  13. Joyce says:
    OMG….I love the official MV of Pyramid….I’ve seen it 5x within the last hour….AT THE TOP Chasters!!!! Love u, Love u, Love u Charice…

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  14. LizLa says:
    Love it. Watch it many times now. Charice you are amazing. I think you also ready to do movies. This is one of the best music videos I’ve ever seen. Charice and Iyaz at the TOP baby.

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  15. Joyce says:
    OMG!!! I love the offical MV of Pyramid….I’ve watched it like 5x within the hour…AT THE TOP,Chasters!!!! Yay….. Love, Love, Love u Charice

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  16. nikki says:
    Why I keep on crying watching this video? What’s going on with me? I can not hold my tears!

    I am sooooooooooo happy and soooooooo proud of you Charice. You did another step up on a stairway! Stairway to success!

    More blessings to you and I celebrate this wonderful event with you and to all Chasters! To all Chasters, LET’S HAVE A TOAST!

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  17. FlowerHorn says:
    Beautiful music video. Very simple. This girl kind a look like young Jennifer Lopez. She’s beautiful. I hope she’ll have a movie someday. Love this music video from beginning to end. As for Mr. Iyaz, you ROCK. Love you both.

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  18. EBjohns11 says:
    i watched this 3x at work… Nice one!

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  19. hubotabo says:
    This simple beautiful video you can relate that the story is for her and a friend who believes in her talent like Pyramid whatever consequences might happen keeps them going..the video is beautiful
    chaster people who watch this please keep one box of tissue ok as advisory..he he he

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  20. Kiesme01 says:
    Honestly guys, I’ve got nothing left to say I feel like a total girl fan right now and goin thru a real girl fan spazzzzzzzz!!! I felt shaky the first time I hit play… coz I feel like it’s finally happening you know what I mean. Like this is her actual official video the one that I’ll be requesting nonstop here in Canada and oh man just like what Iyaz tweeted “she looks so friggin cool” oh man I bet the entire chasters feels the same way as I do right now… I feel so happy that I could cry but this doesn’t stop from here REAL CHASTERS get to work and request this vid like mad crazy!!! Thank you Oprah and DF for looking after and taking a great care of our princess Charice!!! much love!!! mwah ~cut here before I go on and on… soo happy ^_^

    (Btw, guys how do you stay logged in here when I log in & join the chat or go to her links on the home page I get automatically logged out, I want myself to show as well *my pic thanks chaster mwah)

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  21. ArrVee says:
    the list she scans through at the start of the video recalls for me her struggles early in life, going through round after round of singing contests, all to help her mom put food on the table.

    in this context, the lyrics of Pyramid offer some newfound meaning to me – they also refer to her foundation of solid values and character, her indomitable fighting spirit, and of course, her God-given talents, that enable her to face any challenge that comes her way.

    like a pyramid, her style is simple and down-to-earth, but her effects on everyone are profound, mind-boggling and enduring. While some believe that a pyramid has preservative or regenerative powers, she is able to breathe new life into any song, and is able to make us young at heart again. And like the real pyramids, she is aligned with the stars and great destiny.

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  22. riosovel01 says:
    You are so beautiful in this MV Charice. Congratulation!!

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  23. myfriend says:
    it does not need to be expensive production to make it nice MV, its the content and the message, will done!…, “@ the top baby”

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  24. Melody says:
    Amazing! I Love your Official Music Video. i Love it! so…much!!! What a nice voice! Finally you made it! Keep up the good work! At the top baby! Like a Pyramid. My Love & Support is always yours. May God Bless You Always. Love u so much Charice!!!

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  25. robee says:
    love it… love it…love it…..

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  26. karovde says:
    OMG! I love this video so much! I just got home from work feeling so tired and sleepy but after watching this video, I feel refreshed just like that! Charice is truly one amazing talent. I can’t wait for the album release date. I have taken a day off that day to watch the Oprah show for the album launch and I’m also hosting a Charice debut party at home with my friends. It’s going to be a special Charice holiday. Thank you Miss O for your generous support to Charice. It’s like a fairytale story where Charice is the princess and Miss O as the ‘fairy godmother. I love you Charice! I love you Oprah! I love you Chasters! I love you Dar (oh, that’s my husband – LOL!)

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  27. max says:

    Some things in life are just worth waiting for. This video is certainly one of them. If there are any doubters left in this world, then they just don’t get it. Charice is superb in this video, astounding in its simplicity, yet so enthralling in its story and song.

    Thank you Oprah, for showing the world what this little girl can do.

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  28. temeculaCA says:
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it !

    I like the simple makeup; her natural beauty really shines through.

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  29. marks says:
    Congratulations Charice and Mom Racquel. Saw you at The Big E. You fill people with joy.

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