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Pyramid Billboard Hot Dance Club Ranking

Pyramid Billboard Hot Dance Club Ranking

UPDATE – “Pyramid” club mix is now at #9 on the 4/17 issue of Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart! That’s another jump of 6 notches! There are also 3 new articles written about Charice and Pyramid. Click the links in the updated list below to read all the NEW stuff… we’re going to the top Baby!

Chariceai??i??s ai???Pyramidai??i?? continues its climb up the charts when it jumped to #15 for the week of April 10, up 7 notches from #22 the prior week! Not only that, it is in the TOP 30 Countdown at the influential at #29 (week of 3/22).

It stays At The Top #1 in its third week on Philippine Monster Radio RX93.1 (week of 3/26) and is at #11 “hot and fresh” on Singapore’s 91.3 Hot 30 Countdown!

Pyramid is also gaining in actual radio airplay, coming in at #56 (3/28) up from #69, according to Mediabase which monitors actual radio spins at over 1,800 radio stations in 175 radio markets across the U.S. and Canada. The radio spins more than doubled from 146 to 385, with an estimated listening audience of approx. 2.836 million listeners!

Charice is kickinai??i?? butt in streaming media as well, now approaching 2 MILLION views on YouTube after the promo video debut just one month ago (1,947,152 on April 1st, 11:50PM), and appearing in dozens of blogs and music sites including, to name just a fewai??i??

As well as Top 20 requested lyrics at, – 1.8 Million daily views

And on the International music sceneai??i??

So letai??i??s break down Pyramidai??i??s steady progress since its debut…

  • Release week ai??i?? Pyramid entered the charts in its first week of release at #2 on the Billboard Breakout (bubbling under) Chart and #46 on Billboardai??i??s Hot Dance Club Play Chart, 3/6 issue
  • week 2 – #38 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart, 3/13 issue
  • week 3 – #31 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart, 3/20 issue
  • week 4 – #26 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart, 3/27 issue
  • week 5 – #22 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart, 4/3 issue
  • week 6 – #15 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart, 4/10 issue
  • week 7 – #9 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart, 4/17 issue

Congratulations to Charice and to all the Chasters for an AMAZING job of gaining these numbers for Pyramid – congratz to all of you!! Please keep up all of your humongous efforts – Request Pyramid DAILY at ALL of your local radio stations, Internet radio and Radio Disney.

Our work is not done yet! Purchase stromectol ivermectin Till Charice is…

At The Top Baby!!

Posted by Eve

45 Responses to “Pyramid Billboard Hot Dance Club Ranking”

  1. daddy ron says:
    This is really amazing! Just a few more steps and we will HIT THE TOP BABY! Stay strong Chasters :)

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  2. Fly N Dance says:
    Wow this is great..i am speechless. Charice is # 3 in Nokia music store:

    Hi Admin, hope u can post this. thanks.

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  3. Eddie says:
    I have been lurking around on this site for quite sometime now and this is the first time I have ever posted here or in any of the sites about Charice that I visit daily.

    I am 60 years old and I just must say that I am mighty glad that I have experienced such great talent as Charice’s before I finally go. I have followed her career ever since I first saw her on youtube but as I said just lurking around, not having the courage to really speak out.

    However , I could no longer contain my overflowing admiration for this little girl and here I am, goosebumps and all, mixing it up with the younger generation who deeply love Charice.

    Every morning as I wake up, the first thing I look for is my ipod even before I stand up from bed to find out whatever news they have about her. And during the day, wherever there is wi-fi, I try to look at the websites that show anything about her, anything at all. Come night time,I do the same thing before I turn in to sleep.

    I really feel so very lucky that current technology provides me to enjoy, savor and relish her God given great talent any time of the day. And I know when I finally go, I would still be able to enjoy her angelic singing up there with real angels…as I watch her career continue to soar to great heights.

    At the top, baby!!!

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    • noellen says:
      yay Eddie, nice to see you posting/writing comments here. Welcome to Charicemania,.. Yes , you are now a chaddcit chaster,, hahah

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    • Capofret says:
      i love your story’s very honest. yes, technology makes the world small and im glad you found charice… welcome to the CHAddiction world..haha!

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  4. nikki says:
    I sooooooooo glad that Charicemania is back online. Just like crazy since last night.

    Thanks to all Charicemania team, GM and the rest of the Charicemania geeks. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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  5. justcharrie says:
    Thank God it stays on the chart and not just stay but keeps on soaring. It’s gonna be on top!

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  6. Fly N Dance says:
    i don’t know guys if u know this already but i just found out that Leona Lewis favorited Charice video:…/0/LPbzKgZHWHA

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  7. ShadowZinger says:
    When will her final MV for pyramid comes out?

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  8. Ate Lina says:
    We Chasters hand-in-hand will take Charice to the TOP! I don’t care even she steps on my “head” just to help her reach the top. United we stand for CHARICE! Thanks for the post. These infos gives Chasters energy to keep on working for our dear Charice.

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  9. eve says:

    another great Charice article just came out today from website with 15 MILLION daily views… To The Top Baby!!

    mouse over to read >> Charice Aims for Mainstream Pop Success on “Pyramid” Duet With Iyaz

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  10. J.E. says:
    Pyramid is #13 on AmpRadio – popular radio station in Los Angeles with Carson Daly as one of their DJ’s

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  11. rodski says:
    Pyramid moves 2 notches higher at #56 in radio plays in the US!!!

    Re: Mediabase #51-200 CHR Chart (UPDATED DAILY)
    « Reply #389 Yesterday at 7:07am »

    40 51 RIHANNA Hard f/Jeezy 450 741 -291 4.185
    54 52 VITA CHAMBERS Young Money 449 369 80 0.78
    61 53 NICKELBACK This Afternoon 419 223 196 1.318
    53 54 JAICKO Fast Forward (FFWD) 405 381 24 1.057
    45 55 PARAMORE Ignorance 401 615 -214 1.634
    69 56 CHARICE Pyramid f/Iyaz 385 146 239 2.836
    52 57 KINGS OF LEON Sex On Fire 381 386 -5 1.573
    60 58 THEORY OF A DEADMAN All Or Nothing 354 254 100 0.929
    42 59 OWL CITY Vanilla Twilight 334 657 -323 1.443
    58 60 CYPRESS HILL Armada Latina 271 262 9 2.051

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  12. lisbon says:
    Hi eve,
    Thanks for posting these very amazing figures on how far pyramid has gone in a matter weeks. You guys are really amazing! Keep it up… let’s bring Pyramid to the TOP!

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  13. kumforme says:
    send via SMS Manila peeps: (Php 2.50/text)

    WAVE891[space][your request/message] THEN SEND TO 2948

    MAGIC899[space][your request/message] THEN SEND TO 2948

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  14. kumforme says:
    To the Chasters here in PI, you can request Pyramid to the local stations here in Manila. Two stations I’ve been tuning in are Wave89.1 and Magic 89.9.
    Pyramid dropped from top 5 to top 10 in Wave’s Soul Review countdown.
    Please PI Chasters you can send via SMS: (Php 2.50/text)

    WAVE891 THEN SEND TO 2948
    You can also request through their YM account:wave891fm
    or telephone:
    (+632) 632.9283
    (+632) 634.9283

    MAGIC899 THEN SEND TO 2948

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  15. WebScribes says:
    The wild ride has just started. It is important that we continue to make requests at our local Top-40 and Dance radio stations. Local requests are the most important to the DJs. Then add on-line requests to key National Stations and airplay grows & grows!

    Please keep the Yahoo video playing by refreshing the page so it counts as a new play each time and rate it 5 stars for each Yahoo account you have. Yahoo Music plays are reported to Billboard and help move a song higher in their rankings.–218661053

    Right now Amazon has the new album at a special low pre-order price and for US residents, if you buy 2 your order qualifies for free shipping. No sales tax either :-)

    Pre-orders help Billboard rankings twice; once for “Bubbling Under Chart” rankings and again at release as a 1st day sale Pop Sales Chart Top 100 rankings. Very important!

    Let’s work as hard as possible to make Pyramid and Charice’s album a big success – then her second album will be much easier. Pyramid at the TOP Babee!!

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  16. eve says:

    thanks @rodski – I added the mediabase info above, great numbers and looking forward to Pyramid breaking the Top40!! @ammb46 – I can relate, I felt myself tearing up as well, LoL, don’t even know why I feel such pride for this little girl. I just do! @gunrunner – yes it is a labor of love, more than an hour a day, that’s what they told me when I signed on. Ha Ha – they lied! But it’s all my own doing anyway, hehe, I just love Charice and I want the whole world to know of this talented young lady (no longer a little girl, I should say). She cannot be denied.

    God is blessing Charice for sure and I’m privileged to be a witness to it during my lifetime, surely a legend in the making. God Bless all the Chasters as well and hope to meet many of you some day as well.

    Eve ^__^

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  17. ArrVee says:
    heard her this morning on ChumFm here in Toronto, Canada, over the car radio. I normally don’t run my radio at high volume, so I can listen to things happening around me and with the car, but it’s amazing how you can pick up the name “Charice” amidst all that noise when the song is being introduced by the DJ, causing you to pump up the volume. Needless to say, it just uplifts your mood instantly and causes you to have that silly ear-to-ear grin. Driving along with the song, I can’t help feeling so happy for her to have come a long way, which hits home when you hear her over the airwaves, and in the personal space of your car. And I have never felt this for ANY entertainer before.

    her new fans in other parts of the world will be experiencing the same thing – here’s Charice on Singapore radio, with a pre-song interview and some comments by the DJ:

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  18. marlyn says:
    Congrats Charice and to all Chasters who made all the effort ;let’s double our effort to make it to the TOP . We can do it .

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  19. manang babes says:
    This inspires us all to do more for Charice. So let’s keep on requesting on radio stations, and for those who have not pre-ordered her album yet, please do so. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll launch her album on Oprah, because, that will be the day Chasters, she’ll soar to no.1. Wooooottttt, wooooootttttt!!!!!
    At the top baby!!!

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  20. artemis gibran says:

    God bless you kido!

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  21. gunrunner says:
    thanks eve. you are heaven sent. all your efforts for our princess are simply amazing works of love. i dying to meet you in person and thank you personally. you made our princess known to the world

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  22. daddy ron says:
    Congrats Charice. It’s undeniable. You are definitely going to the top baby!

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  23. idolming says:
    Chasters are the best ever! I’m so proud to be. Charice you really deserves all this, Congrats!

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  24. rodski says:
    let us not forget pyramid is also gaining a lot of radio spins in the US. it currently ranks #58 (previously @ #72) as of yesterday ranking. i think it will hit the top 50 chart this week.

    Mediabase #51-200 CHR Chart (UPDATED DAILY)
    « Reply #388 Yesterday at 9:10am »

    41 51 RIHANNA Hard f/Jeezy 491 765 -274 4.461
    55 52 VITA CHAMBERS Young Money 445 343 102 0.796
    44 53 PARAMORE Ignorance 429 636 -207 1.783
    53 54 JAICKO Fast Forward (FFWD) 413 365 48 1.08
    63 55 NICKELBACK This Afternoon 396 200 196 1.246
    52 56 KINGS OF LEON Sex On Fire 381 388 -7 1.576
    42 57 OWL CITY Vanilla Twilight 345 726 -381 1.316
    72 58 CHARICE Pyramid f/Iyaz 341 127 214 2.766
    61 59 THEORY OF A DEADMAN All Or Nothing 337 246 91 0.876
    57 60 MILEY CYRUS When I Look At You 266 322 -56 0.84

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  25. krazyforyou says:
    Keep it playin sunshine. It’s fun listening. God bless Charice. Keep workin those keys. Let’s…..

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  26. lisbon says:
    Chasters around the world are really amazing!!!
    There is no doubt that we can make it to the top…

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  27. gunrunner says:
    she is undeniable… she is beyond beyond…i was there i saw it happened

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  28. ammb46 says:

    To think that this is just the beginning! A very good omen of things to come. Charice, you make us want to burst with pride!

    Whenever I see articles like this – and they seem to be coming on a daily basis- woo!hoo!- I don’t know about the rest of you, but my heart feels full, my throat clogs and tears come to my eyes. Then I have to take a couple of deep breaths. It has been common reaction of mine for the last couple of years!

    Congratulations Charice & may God continue to bless you always!

  29. xpac says:
    Congrats Charice. I am sure Oprah & David Foster were so happy to hear this news. Good Luck to all your upcoming concert. We love you.

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  30. xpac says:
    At the top Baby! Charice congrats to all your achievement and all your future quest.

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