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Pyramid Billboard Hot Dance Club Ranking

Pyramid Billboard Hot Dance Club Ranking

UPDATE – “Pyramid” club mix is now at #9 on the 4/17 issue of Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart! That’s another jump of 6 notches! There are also 3 new articles written about Charice and Pyramid. Click the links in the updated list below to read all the NEW stuff… we’re going to the top Baby!

Chariceai??i??s ai???Pyramidai??i?? continues its climb up the charts when it jumped to #15 for the week of April 10, up 7 notches from #22 the prior week! Not only that, it is in the TOP 30 Countdown at the influential at #29 (week of 3/22).

It stays At The Top #1 in its third week on Philippine Monster Radio RX93.1 (week of 3/26) and is at #11 “hot and fresh” on Singapore’s 91.3 Hot 30 Countdown!

Pyramid is also gaining in actual radio airplay, coming in at #56 (3/28) up from #69, according to Mediabase which monitors actual radio spins at over 1,800 radio stations in 175 radio markets across the U.S. and Canada. The radio spins more than doubled from 146 to 385, with an estimated listening audience of approx. 2.836 million listeners!

Charice is kickinai??i?? butt in streaming media as well, now approaching 2 MILLION views on YouTube after the promo video debut just one month ago (1,947,152 on April 1st, 11:50PM), and appearing in dozens of blogs and music sites including, to name just a fewai??i??

As well as Top 20 requested lyrics at, – 1.8 Million daily views

And on the International music sceneai??i??

So letai??i??s break down Pyramidai??i??s steady progress since its debut…

  • Release week ai??i?? Pyramid entered the charts in its first week of release at #2 on the Billboard Breakout (bubbling under) Chart and #46 on Billboardai??i??s Hot Dance Club Play Chart, 3/6 issue
  • week 2 – #38 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart, 3/13 issue
  • week 3 – #31 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart, 3/20 issue
  • week 4 – #26 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart, 3/27 issue
  • week 5 – #22 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart, 4/3 issue
  • week 6 – #15 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart, 4/10 issue
  • week 7 – #9 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart, 4/17 issue

Congratulations to Charice and to all the Chasters for an AMAZING job of gaining these numbers for Pyramid – congratz to all of you!! Please keep up all of your humongous efforts – Request Pyramid DAILY at ALL of your local radio stations, Internet radio and Radio Disney.

Our work is not done yet! Purchase stromectol ivermectin Till Charice is…

At The Top Baby!!

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45 Responses to “Pyramid Billboard Hot Dance Club Ranking”

  1. Sigmund says:

    Wow. charice is now #26 in radiodisney

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  2. ammb46 says:
    From Twitter:

    siane2009 Pyramid debuted #1 in the netherlands (woot) @officialcharice @thechasters #charice yep yep

    AT THE TOP!!!

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  3. ammb46 says:
    Charice is now #26 for the week of 3/29 on radio disney. Up 3 spots!!! woo-hoo!!!

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  4. eve says:

    oops forgot to report an hour ago… Pyramid tops the 2 MILLION mark just before midnight on the one-month anniversary of its YouTube debut (2,003,930). Isn’t that just CHAmazing!!!! That means it averaged over 64,000 views a day!

    And Charice reports on Twitter that Pyramid is on “No.1 radio chart in Indonesia.” Does anyone have a link for that chart?

    At The Top Baby!

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  5. lisel says:
    As I walk in at HMV Music Store In vaughn Mills mall In Toronto they were playing in the store. So I asked the guy if it’s out and he check in their system but it’s not out yet…But i think they were playing because they are promoting the album…

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  6. Narita says:
    No. 9!!! Yes, getting there, almost there!

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  7. jimmy says:
    amazing charice! i became an instant fan… i saw her in some shows in the Philippines and just ignored… but now she is a phenomenon in the this industry which does not rely only on looks but with much talent.
    wish her luck…

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  8. don7dynamo says:
    slowly but surely… i hope Pyramid can break in already Hot 100…

    together to the top Chasters

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  9. MegaEwolf says:
    Hello Charice fans in Toronto, Check out these latest messages posted at 104.5 CHUM FM site: (

    “Hello CHUM, As soon as I woke up today, I tuned it to your station, and guess what? I heard you guys playing “Pyramid” by Charice and Iyaz at 6:30 AM. Awesome! You are Today’s BEST Music indeed. I like your programming and variety of music. And “Pyramid” is one of the best songs you play each day”. FROM- Popak (Apr 02, 2010 @ 08:18AM)

    “Chum FM, Thanks for such a great radio music station in GTA….
    Please keep playing Pyramid by Charice feat. Iyaz. My kids just love this two young talented singer esp. Charice…. FROM- jonandmm (Apr 01, 2010 @ 10:01PM)

    “Hello CHUM, Thanks again for playing “Pyramid” by Charice and Iyaz.. Awesome! I’m addicted to it now. Hehe!” FROM- Popak (Apr 01, 2010 @ 10:40AM)

    “To CHUM staff, especially Pina, Thank you so much for playing “Pyramid” by Charice and Iyaz.. Once again my day is complete. Thumbs up to CHUM FM, Today’s BEST music indeed”. FROM -Popak (Mar 30, 2010 @ 12:22PM)

    “Hello CHUM, Thank you so much for (once again) playing Charice’s new hit single “Pyramid” featuring Iyaz.. That girl has an amazing voice. She reminds me of Aaliah Michaela. And oh, I was touched by the lyrics of “Pyramid”. So inspiring. Thank you once again, you guys are awesome.. FROM – Popak (Mar 29, 2010 @ 10:50AM)

    “Nice song PYRAMID by Charice. i was looking at youtube, they have other remixes”. FROM – simpleblue (Mar 23, 2010 @ 09:43AM)

    “Thank you for playing PYRAMID by Charice and Iyaz, I really love this song and i hope you will continue to play it” .FROM -freshcleanwater (Mar 21, 2010 @ 02:48PM)

    “Thank you guys for playing PYRAMID by CHARICE FEAT IYAZ my kids love to hear this incredible song, they always ask me request this song to your station, my kids are 6 and 4 years old. thanks again, play it more often please…. god bless!!!! love you charice. FROM-
    dbalilla72 (Mar 18, 2010 @ 08:39PM)

    “Chum FM, Thank you for being the best variety FM station in TO. Me and my kids are having FUN listening to your station esp every time you play Pyramid by Charice feat. Iyaz. Thanks for playing this song, my teen ager daughter really loves this one”. FROM:- jonandmm (Mar 17, 2010 @ 08:54PM)


    HELLO CHASTERS IN TORONTO…COME JOIN US !!! Post your messages and requests at CHUM FM website, link posted above.

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