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Charice: Urgent Radio News

Charice: Urgent Radio News

Congratulations to Charice and the Chasters! We did it! Charice’s “Pyramid” debuted at #7 on JoJo’s Top 9 @ 9 cuz Chasters rallied and “Got the Vote Out!!”

Chasters are the BEST fans in the world!

Here’s JoJo’s Top 9 @ 9

9. Trey Songz ai??i?? Say Aah
8. Ludacris ai??i?? My Chick Bad
7. Charice ai??i?? *Pyramid* feat. Iyaz
6. Justin Bieber ai??i?? Baby
5. Jay-Z ai??i?? Young Forever
4. Rihanna ai??i?? Rude Boy
3. Lady Gaga ai??i?? Alejandro
2. Usher ai??i?? OMG
1. Bruno Mars ai??i?? Nothin On You

Keep Voting and putting in your daily song request for KIIS to keep Pyramid on their Playlist!!

VOTE FOR PYRAMID – CHARICE on KIIS Radio >>> JoJo’s Top 9 @ 9
You can vote as many times as you want!

ALSO VOTE FOR PYRAMID – CHARICE ON Chicago Radio >>> The New 96.3 NOW Playlist – currently #20 (4/1/2010)

Urgent Announcement!! Calling all Chasters!

We just got word: “KIIS Radio – First spin for Charice will be tonight between 7-10pm.
Please inform the Chasters to call in.”

That’s Pacific Standard Time in Los Angeles. Here is the call-in information from their website:

Request Lines: 1 (800) 520-1027

Mouse over to >> KIIS FM ONLINE REQUEST LINE – Check the box for “Charice-Pyramid f/ Iyaz”
- in Newer Music list

Follow on >> Twitter and Facebook

Link to Radio Stream >> 102.7 KIIS FM Radio

Some chasters have reported that KIIS has already played Pyramid on the radio, but tonight will be the first spin on the official Playlist. So it’s important to give them your feedback. Listen in tonight and call in or e-mail your feedback. You can also e-mail the song request now (once is enough).

Thank you to Los Angeles AMP Radio …

… for regularly playing Long term flagyl treatment “Pyramid” on the radio and the positive remarks by their DJ’s!

“The breakout singer from the Philippines has taken the world by storm with her single ai???Pyramidai??? featuring Iyaz. Her debut album is set for release on May 11th, and hopefully we can expect some tour dates to follow!”

Read more here >> Charice Releases Debut Info Album Info!

Click for >>> AMP 97.1 Online Song Request

Thank you also to Chicago B96 FM Radio …

… for their nice write-up!

“Check out a new song called ai???Pyramidai??? (featuring Iyaz) by an exciting young new artist from the Philippines named Charice. This girl may very well be the next breakthrough superstar!”

Read more here >> New Music: Charice ai???Pyramidai??? ft/ Iyaz

B96 Song Request Line – (312) 591-9696 (Chicago) – OR – Twitter

Vote for Charice / Pyramid on their Playlist – currently #20 (4/1/2010)


Chasters Power!! At The Top Baby!!

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  1. marilyn says:
    charice is amazing. just give her a phonebook and she could sing it with a heart. to the top baby…

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  2. munzt says:
    Madison, NJ 4/1/10 Thursday 8pm
    Charice’s song Pyramid was played on the radio. I was waiting for my food in a store when it played. What a joy :)

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  3. Fly N Dance says:
    guys, we can also vote in here. thanks to Fran.
    I already did.

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  4. eve says:

    Thank you hertzblaster, Hans, WebScribes – your links have been added to the post. Chasters should vote for Pyramid and request daily!

    Eve ^_^

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  5. hertzblaster says:

    pls vote also here


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  6. Monkeydoggie says:
    I’m from Phil. and I voted at least 200+ times. Is that Okey? Is that voting stuff only available to local audience? just asking..

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  7. MegaEwolf says:
    Hello Charice fans in Toronto, Check out these latest messages posted at 104.5 CHUM FM site: (

    “Hello CHUM, As soon as I woke up today, I tuned it to your station, and guess what? I heard you guys playing “Pyramid” by Charice and Iyaz at 6:30 AM. Awesome! You are Today’s BEST Music indeed. I like your programming and variety of music. And “Pyramid” is one of the best songs you play each day”. FROM- Popak (Apr 02, 2010 @ 08:18AM)

    “Chum FM, Thanks for such a great radio music station in GTA….
    Please keep playing Pyramid by Charice feat. Iyaz. My kids just love this two young talented singer esp. Charice…. FROM- jonandmm (Apr 01, 2010 @ 10:01PM)

    “Hello CHUM, Thanks again for playing “Pyramid” by Charice and Iyaz.. Awesome! I’m addicted to it now. Hehe!” FROM- Popak (Apr 01, 2010 @ 10:40AM)

    “To CHUM staff, especially Pina, Thank you so much for playing “Pyramid” by Charice and Iyaz.. Once again my day is complete. Thumbs up to CHUM FM, Today’s BEST music indeed”. FROM -Popak (Mar 30, 2010 @ 12:22PM)

    “Hello CHUM, Thank you so much for (once again) playing Charice’s new hit single “Pyramid” featuring Iyaz.. That girl has an amazing voice. She reminds me of Aaliah Michaela. And oh, I was touched by the lyrics of “Pyramid”. So inspiring. Thank you once again, you guys are awesome.. FROM – Popak (Mar 29, 2010 @ 10:50AM)

    “Nice song PYRAMID by Charice. i was looking at youtube, they have other remixes”. FROM – simpleblue (Mar 23, 2010 @ 09:43AM)

    “Thank you for playing PYRAMID by Charice and Iyaz, I really love this song and i hope you will continue to play it” .FROM -freshcleanwater (Mar 21, 2010 @ 02:48PM)

    “Thank you guys for playing PYRAMID by CHARICE FEAT IYAZ my kids love to hear this incredible song, they always ask me request this song to your station, my kids are 6 and 4 years old. thanks again, play it more often please…. god bless!!!! love you charice. FROM-
    dbalilla72 (Mar 18, 2010 @ 08:39PM)

    “Chum FM, Thank you for being the best variety FM station in TO. Me and my kids are having FUN listening to your station esp every time you play Pyramid by Charice feat. Iyaz. Thanks for playing this song, my teen ager daughter really loves this one”. FROM:- jonandmm (Mar 17, 2010 @ 08:54PM)


    HELLO CHASTERS IN TORONTO…COME JOIN US !!! Post your messages and requests at CHUM FM website, link posted above.

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  8. Hans says:
    Request KIIS FM through Mediabase. Just write in “Pyramid by Charice”

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  9. rodski says:
    i voted 200 times today!!! congrats fellow chasters!!!

    is jojo top 9@9 airs everyday?

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  10. StevenLA says:
    Charice has two(2) singles in the Top 100 Hot & New Releases POP songs of Amazon. Even Note to God is being pulled back to the top again by Pyramid. See link:

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  11. WebScribes says:
    Pyramid debuted #7 on KIIS 1 April because of the craZy Chaster voting

    JoJo’s Fav 9at9:
    9. Trey Songz – Say Aah
    8. Ludacris – My Chick Bad
    7. Charice – *Pyramid*
    6. Justin Bieber – Baby
    5. Jay-Z – Young Forever
    4. Rihanna – Rude Boy
    3. Lady Gaga – Alejandro
    2. Usher – OMG
    1. Bruno Mars – Nothin On You

    IF YOU’RE IN LA CALL KIIS – be the caller #102 and win $1000, request Pyarmid while your at it lol
    TOP 2 US Radio Stations in America KIIS & Z100

    Great job Chasters!!!!!!!!

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  12. Roxy says:
    Hello Chasters, I found a way to vote for Charice at the KIIS FM website multiple times without needing to reload the vote page. Since Jojo said we can vote as many times as want, this is just an efficient way to do it. The number of votes you can put in is limited only by how fast you can click the VoteNow button. Anybody interested?

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  13. Daniel says:
    After requesting “pyramid” a dozen times at KIIS-FM. JoJo finally played the song at 9:09 pm PST. Great job Chasters !! At the TOP BABY !

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  14. yoly says:
    Was really funny, got tired of waiting for Pyramid to be played on KIIS fm. I was ready to lay down in my bed, There you go Pyramid is playing. I’m so happy. Thank you JOJO, I love you. Congrats Charice. Please remember Always put your feet on the ground.

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  15. temeculaCA says:
    KISS FM just played PYRAMID @ 9:10 PST

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  16. MegaEwolf says:
    Been requesting “Pyramid” in a couple of FM stations here in Toronto. Virgin Radio (99.9) and CHUM FM (104.5). Presently, Pyramid is now played at least 3 to 4 times a day at Virgin Radio and 2 to 3 times at CHUM FM. I encourage Chasters in Toronto and all over North America to do the same, just go to these radio stations’ websites and request them to play “Pyramid”. In my experience it works.

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  17. n3lakay says:
    glad im off tonight..been waiting for this’s 5:26 PST few more hours guys.

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  18. Sy says:
    Heard from a friend that Pyramid was played on one of the radio stations here in Florida, Go Charice!

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  19. yoly says:
    Allright guys, i already request the song to kiss FM. I did my part, first my daughter requested it on amp and we heard it many times. i’m hoping kiss will do the same thing. i know they will. thanks

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  20. eve says:

    It’s now 1:15PM Pacific Standard Time in Los Angeles. 6 more hours till Spin time!! Chasters, call in and be heard! Charice needs your support!

    At The Top Baby!

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  21. UCLA_UST says:

    I’m happy that KIISFM 102.7 Los Angeles will put PYRAMID as part of its regular playlist rather than merely playing it sporadically. I have actually heard them play it two times, around 5:30 AM on both occasions, when most people were still asleep in LA. Now that its gonna be on its playlist, I suggest that we should request them to play the song AT MOST, 2 TIMES A DAY, either on-line or through phone-call, so as not to piss-off the DJ’s, especially RYAN SEACREST. KiisFM has been known to be sensitive to fan request flooding. So, fellow CHASTERS, let’s make the right move that wouldn’t hurt the career of our beloved princess CHARICE. Thank you all. LABYO LABYO…

    UCLA_UST (Jay)

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    • WebScribes says:
      Jay (UCLA) is our “get-it-done” Chaster in LA so please follow his lead – I now have KISS in Bookmarks and speed dial but requesting twice daily. However, I’ve been giving Pyramid mp3s from iTunes to my young relatives, neighbors’ children, etc. with their promise to make Radio requests locally and to the National and leading Regional stations like AMP & KISS in LA. They are not at 100% but doing a good job as new Chasters :-)

      I’m very excited by the new greater exposure I’m seeing for Charice as I visit their websites like AMP has on their Homepage 3 links (one with Photo) to Charice’s “Pyramid Promo Video” and a video of AMP’s own interview with Charice. Amazon has added the “A Star is Born” SIZZLE video to their listing page for Charice’s new album and . . . well you get the picture – we Chasters & WB got it started, now the marketplace, itself is getting really excited about Charice!!!!!

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