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Jonathan Peters Pool Party 03/26/10

Jonathan Peters Pool Party 03/26/10


Check this out everyone! Another live performance on March 26th: Jonathan Peters Annual Pool Party at the Shelborne Beach Resort Hotel, Miami Beach, with guests Deborah Cox and our very own Charice!

Wow Charice, slow down. You´re keeping us so busy this month! Good luck to you and to us Team! 

Jonathan Peters at the Shelborne W.M.C 2010 Deborah Cox and Charice

“We have a treat for you tonight – two special, lovely, gorgeous divas!”
Charice sings “Pyramid” Club Version and performs a duet with Deborah Cox of the song
“Same Script, Different Cast” (originally released by Whitney Houston and Deborah Cox)

Videos Courtesy of Boomboxglobal1

Sound Check Video – Charice and Deborah Cox

Pacha NYC’s Facebook Wall Photo

Sound Check pic Jonathan Peters Pool Party 03/26/10

Deborah Cox sound checking for today's live performance with JP @ Shelborne Pool 3/26/2010


PoolP Jonathan Peters Pool Party 03/26/10


76234705 203x300 Jonathan Peters Pool Party 03/26/10

Click here for the link: Jonathan Peters

Click here for JP´s Site: Jonathan Peters MySpace

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    36 Responses to “Jonathan Peters Pool Party 03/26/10”

    1. ArrVee says:
      i just love this clip on her rehearsal with Deb – I’m sure you will like it too.

      She is just oozing with talent, that nothing can disrupt her rhythm and timing, and it’s just like child’s play to her. And her voice is just so crystalline-clear … this is a keeper!–ic

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    2. ArrVee says:
      i just can’t get over the impact of hearing that live performance after getting used to the studio-recorded version, and this is for me, being all too familiar with her capabilities, and am only viewing the YouTube version.

      i then can only imagine what it is like for those who first heard of her from the studio-recorded version, were impressed at that, then attended this live performance, where she even kicked up some portions of the song so many notches higher than in the recorded version.

      i would say that is tantamount to experiencing the song in 3-D and IMax, where she reaches out to you personally and engulfs you repeatedly with those unbelievably powerful yet solid and perfectly-pitched notes, immediately vaporizing all notions about auto-tuning in the recorded version, or making them irrelevant. One live performance from her is all it takes to establish her “street cred” in the minds of listeners, which will form the context of her recorded songs, current and future.

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    3. N- says:
      My dear Charice-
      You sang Pyramid even better here than you were @ Score. I am so floored. I really appreciate that whenever you perform you give it your best. Well, you make it look easy because you have the power voice to begin with. Very few singers can actually sing and put meaning to a song. You are one gifted Asian.I am so happy for you and to all your fans…………..

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    4. CutieSinger23 says:
      hehee,,nice song! With DEborah Cox :) nice outfit,,charice :) :)

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    5. CutieSinger23 says:

      wow,,,nice song hehe with Deborah Cox very nice! :) :) :)

    6. aqua_rius says:
      Actually Charice sang Deborah’s part in the Miami duet and Deborah sang Whitney’s part.

      Check the original Whitney music video :)

      I really would love for Charice and Deborah to do a collaboration and record this duet in a single or in one of their albums. :)

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    7. jimfan155 says:
      Wow, what a first note for Pyramid. That got the crowds attention and the duet with Deborah was outstanding. Charice nailed Whitney’s part but what’s new?

      Thank you for sharing your video, Boomboxglobal1.

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    8. Ate Lina says:
      Charice & Deborah Cox together again. I’m sure Cha is so happy to see her buddy gal again! They sing amazing together. Two BIG booming voices on top of the loud speakers. This video is very entertaining. I wish they would also sing “Same script, Different Cast in a mellow setting on stage,on a show and do the D. Cox & W. Houston version. I would also love that. Cheers to both of you Cha and Debbie !!

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    9. Fran says:
      “Same Script, Different Cast” was a duet between Whitney and Debbie…one of the best R&B in 2007-2008. Charice sang Whitney’s part and nailed the performance at the Pool Party. She is so versatile. I hope Debbie and Cha can make a studio video on this.

      Here’s the original:

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    10. irene says:
      they are so amazing…their voice are having fun watching them singing this song…they blended well…they can have a concert together,it will click..keep the good work kiddo,God bless you both;-)

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    11. josh says:
      WOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!! I’m Speechless and just WOW!!!!

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    12. rodski says:
      those doubters and naysayers who keep on saying that charice pyramid was auto tuned here’s the proof!

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      • ArrVee says:
        rodski, she uses an auto-tuner alright – one that’s built in into her, right between her ears, one that’s been honed to perfection over the years. And she also has a powerful built-in high-fidelity amplifier as well, that she maxes out in her live performances, to create that spine-chilling, goosebump-inducing and intoxicating wall of sound … :-)

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    13. ArrVee says:
      here’s a soundcheck version of their duet:

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    14. ArrVee says:
      she was introduced as a diva! And her performing side-by-side Deborah Cox places her status in the proper context as well.

      people not familiar with her, or who only came to know of her because of her studio-recorded Pyramid song will have to recalibrate their expectations of her after experiencing this live performance. She is one of those precious few singers whose live performances outdo their respective recorded versions, where she can demonstrate how the power of her voice can create the spine chills and goosebumps that no studio recording can generate.

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    15. James says:
      Kids, don’t try this at home. They’re real artists! Just kidding. =) This is so amazing and mesmerizing. They can rock the world. Charice and Deborah are a good tandem. They can make us happy. I hope Cha and Deborah will have a duet someday on Cha’s 2nd album. They’re both amazing and I love them both! Go Charice! Go Deborah! I was so excited while watching this video. Charice has a powerful voice. She’s indeed the most talented girl in the world with a powerful, soulful, dramatic voice. Love you for life, Charice!!!!

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    16. aqua_rius says:
      I love this song – Same Script Different Cast – I love Whitney/Deborah’s duet and would looooove for Charice and Deborah to make a single of their duet :)

      OMG I had goosebumps listening to Charice’s Pyramid with all the high notes and her duet with Deb! Charice can really change her voice and style to suit the type of music. What talent! WOWwowowowow!!!

      Go go go to the top baby yeeeaahh!!

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    17. justcharrie says:
      Yey! I thought I should have to forget about having a video of this duet. Finally! And Charice just keep on rocking Miami!!! And of course Deborah was a good mentor to Charice and they both delivered a knock-out performance.

      I enjoyed this video of them having fun again rehearsing the song…Ha! Welcome back, the U-Tube Girls!!!

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    18. Fran says:
      Check this clip at Shelbourne during the JP Pool Party yesterday. Miamians are wild.

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    19. Fly N Dance says:
      guys, are there no videos yet?

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    20. imchariceaddict2 says:
      deborah and charice are singing “same script, different cast”. see below:

      RT @officialcharice: @Deborah_Cox “Deb, what’s this about?” hahaha. Just practicing haha :)<—lol!!! same script, different cast..

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    21. lisbon says:
      All eyes are fixed on the world’s most talented girl as she’s about command the stage and make the world listen to her wonderful voice. She’s indeed the next one.

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    22. 18wheeleredy says:
      It bothers me when i see thumbs down with no freakin reason at all..
      at least say somethin so i can thumb U down…


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      • Jessica86s says:
        Haha Eddy. Don’t worry about them. They’re just miserable people who hate themselves and life in general. I just feel sorry for them. They could be happier people if they had more open minds.

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      • eve says:
        i think it is a thumb malfunction. Actually I think it’s a mistake and they meant to thumb it up. That happens sometimes.

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      • Joy Co says:

        Someone is a thumb-down happy trigger here or just simply saying happy April Fool’s day? Whatever, lol …..

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    23. Joy Co says:
      Charice on the early part of promotion of her debut album! To the top baby!

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    24. N says:

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    25. jn says:
      OMG!!!….A lot of events/performances to watch….Cha, you are soaring high and keeping us busy….Keep up the great work. We love it!!…..Good Luck!!

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    26. WebScribes says:
      Charice and Deborah Cox together – this is going to be a great show!

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    27. EBjohns11 says:
      OK cool, more appearances! More exposure – more people will know you more !!

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    28. han says:
      oh no wow… charice… I am just thinking what would you wear :) coolest party on summer CHARICE….

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    29. noellen says:

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    30. Laguy says:

      Charice is becoming more mainstream in the gay community…work it , you are Fierce!

      • romann says:
        with these appearances, i hope that charice would get the full support of the glbtq community…and hopefully gets to be featured (on a positive note) in perez hiltons site.

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      • dizon says:
        Yes! I want her to perform this year at SF pride!

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