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Rate Pyramid Music Video Now on Yahoo! Music

Rate Pyramid Music Video Now on Yahoo! Music

ATTENTION: Please play the Yahoo! Music video constantly to get Charice on the Billboard 100 Chart!

Charice’s promotional music video “Pyramid feat. Iyaz” is now available at Yahoo! Music. Give it a 5-star rating and help put it on Billboard 100, Yahoo’s Top 100 Chart, and of course promote sales of Charice’s new album coming out May 11th!!

Thank you to Kevin and Michael in Comments for letting us all know that only views on Yahoo and AOL Music are counted by Billboard 100, not YouTube counts. Too bad as YouTube now has 1,642,562 hits as of 8PM 3/27/2010! Also, did you know that 55,000 video plays on Yahoo translates to about 1,000 sales of the single?

So click away chasters… mouse over to watch >>> Pyramid feat. Iyaz on Yahoo! Music

The video is not yet available at AOL Music but keep checking for it please at >>> AOL Music Videos

And don’t forget to give it FIVE STARS…

What is the “Rate It” Feature For?
Songs you rate in the Yahoo! Radio player will be used by the editorial teams to help program the various pre-programmed stations. CBS RADIO powers Yahoo! Radio, a streaming music service with more than 250 pre-programmed radio stations. The more you rate “Pyramid,” the more likely it will be programmed into Yahoo! ‘s POP radio station.


You can listen to over 250 radio stations on Yahoo! Music.

Mouse over to listen to Today’s Big Hits on Yahoo! Music powered by CBS Radio

Submitted by Nikki and Monkeydoggie

Posted by Eve

25 Responses to “Rate Pyramid Music Video Now on Yahoo! Music”

  1. jay says:

    I love this comment from a Telephone youtube video and I beleive he/she is correct.

    “I’m convinced Charice is not of this world – LOL. How she can sing Whitney & Celine songs w/ so much passion, emotion & power & also sing Telephone Live (which I don’t think? has ever been done ) doesn’t compute. Try to get Celine to sing Telephone or Gaga to sing Whitney songs – see what I mean? Charice, is doing what I thought was the impossible. This girl is absolutely, crazily, freakingly talented beyond words. Anyone who doesn’t understand this, needs to get a refund for their brain – LOL.

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  2. rene daduya says:

    Charice and us, like a pyramid, is strong and will stand the test of time…the next pyramid is rising in Asia…chasters are willing to be at the bottom to bring this little girl at the top…like the stone at the tip of the pyramid she will be strong…

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  3. Fran says:
    YT has just improved their site. Most important it provided a link to ITunes for purchase. If you press “views” under the total hits, it gives all kinds of data and rankings. This a very awesome metric tool in promoting digital sales to worldwide fans. They can now monetize actual sales based from total video views.

    Compare this to Yahoo music, it would not link you to ITunes or Amazon. See Yahoo’s response below:

    Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Music.

    If you are using Yahoo! Music to collect and browse Music information, and you decide that a track that you are listening to is one that you want to buy, you will only be directed to Rhapsody. Yahoo! Music and Rhapsody have a content partnership that situates them as our Music purchase provider. If you want to purchase Music from iTunes or Amazon, you will need to use their dedicated services. You will find, however, that Rhapsody and Yahoo! Music provide competitive services that equate to the features available through iTunes or Amazon.

    If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email and I will gladly help.

    Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Music.


    Music Tech E2Y
    New and Improved Yahoo! Mail – better than ever!”

    Unlike ITunes and Amazon, Rhapsody requires membership of $12.99 per month or $129.99/year…..Lousy business model.

    However, AOL video views links you to ITunes if you want to purchase which is the better site to do Roxy’s process. However, with Yahoo Music, you will be spinning your wheels accomplishing very little since nobody buys at Rhapsody. This internet retail outlet is currently restructuring and a distant player compared to ITunes and Amazon.

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  4. george says:
    let’s make pyramid to the top.the song is so so so awesome.

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  5. André LeMarchal says:
    Hi guys, just sharing this.

    For youtube to count as 1 view, it must be viewed at least 30 seconds. If you are using mozilla firefox to refresh the page, never set every 30 secs because it is not actually refreshed at the 30 sec part of the video. But due to loading split second delay, the video is just played for about 29 seconds.

    I still encourage though to make the video viral. Share the video to others. If you have a youtube account, share it to actual active youtube users. You can share it to any active username even if he is not your friend / subscriber. Use the share video functionality in youtube and fill in with the usernames you see in any other viral videos.

    André LeMarchal

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  6. nikki says:
    Hello guys,

    Those who were technically challenged like me, only follow what you instructed us. We just want to put Charice on top, that’s the reason we asked the charicemania geeks to tell us/instruct us what to do.

    I don’t think it is cheating, because even before Roxy gave the instructions, I have been clicking the video after it is finished playing again and again before it plays the next song automatically. i don’t think I was cheating because this is the song that I want to listen to. Even at work, I do it the whole time. The truth was I do not have the idea that it will help her on the Billboard until I read this post.

    More power to Charice, to all Chasters and Charicemania!

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  7. eve says:

    @fran, chasters should continue viewing Pyramid on both YouTube and Yahoo, not be exclusive to just one, because you are right, YouTube is very important to generating digital sales. There’s an interesting article (below) about the YouTube outage we all experienced a few days ago and how much it cost the record labels in lost sales. Rough estimate is $8,000 an hour although they used a factor of 0.65 per stream which I think is too high – that would mean every 2 views, that someone is gonna buy the single… not likely, especially when you have your favorite video streaming several hours a day (like chasters hehe) The 55000 views to $1000 ratio seems more reasonable.

    But definitely, the views translate to digital sales for the labels and creating buzz for the artist is a positive thing as well. People will want to buy it. That said, we should continue to support viewing on both Yahoo! Music and on YouTube to create the buzz and improve digital sales in the same way that the Radio Campaign creates interest in DJ’s to play the song. That’s just the way it works, we’re just dedicated fans spreading the word about this great song!

    Mouse over to read >>> YouTube Outage: How Much Revenue do Labels Lose?

    The Billboard Hot 100 formula is a combination of radio airplay and sales, and streaming media was added almost 3 years ago. AOL Music and Yahoo Music were the first two to provide stats to Billboard for this purpose and wikipedia says “more to follow in the future.” YouTube is a major player so perhaps they are now included as well (I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be). So to cover my bases, I have a Playlist going on both YouTube and Yahoo Music. And staying tuned for when it comes aboard AOL Music… doing all I can to take Pyramid TO THE TOP BABY!

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  8. legendcha says:
    i strongly advise to not go this far. i think this is a little bit cheating! i know we all want charice to be on top, and charice has been going up and up in a manner more righteous than this.

    i’m sorry, but we need real volume, real points. not make-ups and make-beliefs!

    if you have faith and belief in charice, she will climb up without even knowing.

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    • Jim says:
      But legendcha – this is what everyone else is doing for other artists, so by not doing it for Charice, we’re putting her at a huge disadvantage compared to other singers.

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    • Alexandra says:
      Yes, I agree with Jim. This is the “trend” in the music industry. Fans are the reasons why artists become successful. Other artists (even during the time of Britney Spears) were also backedup with fan clubs that did undying support. The secret is to “break in” the industry for people to start talking about it, get intruiged by it and start following her. That’s what we, Chasters, are doing right now. We have to admit, it is a bit harder for Charice because she’s Asian, but we who believe that she really deserves to be at the top are doing everything in our power to get her there. Once she breaks in (and she’s gradually getting there), it will come naturally like you’ve said. This is not cheating…it’s just how it really works.

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  9. chemist1216 says:
    Roxy’s info will help a lot to put Pyramid on Billboard 100. Oftentimes info cannot be visualized until you put it mathematically.
    Assuming you set it at 30 sec reload. In a 24-hour day a single person has viewed it 2880 times. Assuming the lurkers and chatters (averaging 100) this translates to 288,000 views. Divide it by 55,000 will be 5.236 X 1000 units is equal to 5236 sales per day. If we can rally more people then it will be more. What do you peeps say? This does not even involve money just automating your computer. I highly recommend this

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    • Streetcred says:
      i totally agree, chemist1216. as a matter of fact, i’m doing exactly what Roxy suggested! I hope all the Chasters will do this because it’s very easy! Please see Roxy’s instructions on the previous post.

      By watching the Pyramid MV on YAHOO MUSIC, you help it climb up the BILLBOARD CHARTS! Let’s do it for the princess everybody! TO THE TOP, BABY!! :D

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  10. cyberman00005 says:
    thank you so much roxy for great information. its works. pyramind on my pc 24/7

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  11. Roxy says:
    Here’s how to automate viewing of Charice’s video at Yahoo Music (or any site for that matter):

    1. Using Firefox browser, add the official ReloadEvery extension at _

    2. Go to the Yahoo Music video page: _–218661053

    3. On the video page, right-click any empty space, select ReloadEvery, then choose duration of page reload. I set it to Custom-40 seconds.

    The page (and the video) will then reload every 40 seconds. You don’t need to view the video completely in order to get the view count. If you got a slow connection, you can choose 1 minute 30 seconds (the slower, the higher). Also, you don’t need to rate it 5 stars each time as Yahoo (and Youtube) counts only one rating per IP address.

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    • freezepudding says:
      Thank you so much for the brilliant idea, Roxy. Pyramid on my yahoo music video now reloads every 30 seconds. To the TOP, baby!

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    • Roxy says:
      Hello fellow Chasters, you can also add more views by Reloading the page not just on one Firefox tab, but several tabs!

      Just create more tabs on Firefox, all of them pointing to the Yahoo Music page, making sure that ReloadEvery is enabled on each tab (see if “Enabled” is checkmarked).

      On my spare laptop, I’ve got it running on 7 tabs for 2 days now. At 40sec reload, that’s 21 views per 2 minutes, or 15120 views in 24 hours :)

      Let’s rock the Billboard charts for Charice!!

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  12. Chris says:
    PYRAMID is currently at number 22 in Billboard’s Danbce/Club Play Songs (Week of April 3, 2010)

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  13. Fran says:

    Charice’s page in AOL is:

    The music video is not uploaded only her interview.

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  14. eve says:

    Thank you Kevin, Michael for the information. I didn’t know that’s how you get on the Billboard 100. I’ll add that info to the article. btw the link to the video is included above and the video is embedded from Yahoo!Music. So I think CM views from the embedded video also count towards the total.

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  15. Kevin says:
    (1) Here is the Yahoo link:–218661053

    (2) A few of us did some research, and it looks like 55,000 video plays on Yahoo = 1,000 sales of the single. Remember: only Yahoo and AOL are counted by Billboard 100, NOT YOUTUBE.COM!

    So if you want to bring Charice to #1 on Billboard, play her CONSTANTLY on Yahoo.

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    • Fran says:

      @Kevin&Michael W: I am quite interested how 55K video plays in Yahoo converts into 1K of single sales. My understanding is the Billboard 100 formula is a ratio of 54% radio airplays, 40% digital sales, 5% streaming media (AOL and Yahoo) and 1% physical single sales. Who are the Yahoo purchasers if we are to use Roxy automated viewing? Are the video plays converting new buyers for Pyramid?

      It’s also my belief that Charice’s YT videos, not only the Pyramid video, are converting viewers to purchase Pyramid at ITunes and Amazon at a more faster rate. I’ve seen the ads and avid viewers, fans and chasters promoting the purchase of Pyramid in YT. The metrics in YT are much more impressive (almost 2 millions Pyramid hits by month-end)and expansive and not to mention it’s world-wide. YT does count as an important channel to digital sales…. which is a significant component of Billboard 100.

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  16. Michael W says:
    Streaming media on counts for the Billboard Hot 100 chart (unlike youtube, which doesn’t count), so we should all support Charice by streaming the “Pyramid” video as often as possible on yahoo music!

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  17. palaginghuli says:
    I already did last night.

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  18. Amsterdam says:
    Yahoo is the best promotional tool for Charice album… Vote now Chasters for 5 Stars. I suggest copy the link and send it to your friends using their facebook etc… Fan from Amsterdam.

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  19. ABC says:
    Wow… Charice… To the Top of Pyramid… Baby… Great…. Go Go Go..

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