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Charice at International Dance Music Awards

Charice at International Dance Music Awards

Tonight, Charice tweets that she is a presenter at the International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) in Miami Beach, Florida. She will be presenting an award for Best Remixer.

The IDMA honors exceptional achievements of industry, artists and innovators in more than 50 categories. Thousands of people are expected to take part in one of the more than 500 or so events. It is the highlight of the Winter Music Conference, celebrating their 25th Year Anniversary, where industry legends and emerging talent alike converge to celebrate excellence in music.

“The cream of the crop come here every year from all over the world, a good 300 to 400 thousand people,” said Debra Eriksen, with Oracle Entertainment, representing Def Jam and Capital Records. Last year the week long event attracted more than 19 hundred artists and DJs, along with 32 hundred music industry representatives, from 62 countries.

Deborah Cox tweeted that she won an award for her song “Leave the World Behind” and Charice looks very charming behind the podium as she presents the award for Best Remixer.

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Charice tweets:
Here now @ dance music award. Gonna present an award for the best remixer. icon smile Charice at International Dance Music Awards and i’m with Deb!!! icon smile Charice at International Dance Music Awards


Music Awards 2 225x300 Charice at International Dance Music Awards.

Music Awards 1 225x300 Charice at International Dance Music Awards

The Presenter (me) and one of the nominees (dave audé) icon smile Charice at International Dance Music Awards


Video – Deborah Cox at World Music Conference 2010: Behind the Scenes at Int’l Dance Awards

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Schedule of Events:
8:00 PM Thursday 3/25/2010
International Dance Music Awards
The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater
1700 Washington Ave, Miami Beach

As one of the most anticipated annual events on the global dance music calendar (and the only longstanding awards event dedicated to our industry) the IDMAs generate over a million votes from music enthusiasts in 183 countries every year to honor exceptional achievements in 57 award categories. The awards event is an industry program highlight at the epicenter of WMC week. Another unique aspect of the IDMAs is the convergence of industry legends and emerging talent alike. As part of its mission statement to serve as a platform for the advancement of the industry, the IDMAs (and the WMC program as a whole) place particular emphasis on innovative artists and industry. As music continues to evolve the IDMAs will remain an essential platform for career launching appearances. So join us as we celebrate our Silver Anniversary with a night of incredible perfromances and award presentations.

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17 Responses to “Charice at International Dance Music Awards”

  1. sheldonbuzz says:

    @ Lolo Lando. I would like to ask what is the “Lambanog?”

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  2. Daniel says:
    @LoloLando – Make it quadriple WOW ! WOW ! WOW ! WOW ! and passed me a glass of your Lambanog..Heheheh. Charice has been like a daughter to me that everytime I see her in any event I really feel proud. No doubt she’ll be invited on more music events and one of this day she’ll be the recipient. CM and Chasters all over the world, pat yourself in the back for helping our Princess be recognized. This is just the beginning and we’ll see more exciting happenings in her career the next few months…Cheers !

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  3. LoloLando says:
    Triple WOW… Now we are witness to that prophetic statement of David Foster, “CHARICE IS UNDENIABLE”. There will be more invites to come for this prolific and dominating performer and lest we forget, CHARICEMANIA is a major vehicle for her ascension atop the “PYRAMID” of prominence. Now I am by my lonesome and sipping a vintage LAMBANOG, seasoned with raisin and “chicklet”.

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  4. Lisa says:
    I am a big fan of Charice. I support this little girl in her endeavor.

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  5. Ate Lina says:
    She is a cutie little thing ha ha. Her head appears just above the podium. Jk only. She is very in demand !! Next will be this: …and the award goes to CHARICEEE!!! I will be counting the days ’till she gets an award which will cement her place in the music industry. Congrats to Debbie looks like she is an awardee. Did David Aude’ win?

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    • anita d. cruz says:

      yes to that ate lina, as charice said in one of the article i read, her wildest dream is…..”to be nominated sa grammy” aint that good to dream of, even in a nightmare is good. well, one of this day, it could happen.

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  6. justcharrie says:
    Wohoo! Being a presenter means just one thing: The artist is being recognized by the industry. For a young new and upcoming artist like Charice, it says and means a lot. And we’re talking global YO!

    Now she experienced how it was to present an award. The next time she will set her foot at the podium, it is her name being called to receive the award. Her talent will bring her to different award giving ceremonies left and right. Will be starting to count probably by next year? Ahhh…hopefully so.

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  7. Elbiz says:
    Wow! this is good exposure for Charice, almost all DJ in US will be watching this.

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  8. nikki says:
    Hey guys,

    charice is on Yahoo Music. Just go to Yahoo and click music and Pyramid is will be played if you will click it and you have to rate it.

    This might help her in the trending in yahoo as what UCLA was asking last night in the chat box.

    Technically, I am not good, so maybe those IT guys or those geeks can visit the sight and help us what to do.

    Thanks and more blessings to Charice, to all Chasters and Chaaricemania!

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    • eve says:

      Thank you Nikki! It’s posted and the techies have posted instructions there on “what to do” LoL – To Roxy, thank you! Appreciate you catching this video now available on Yahoo! Music and calling it to our attention. So chasters can now watch it there, rate it, and let’s get it on the Billboard 100! Go go go…

      Rate Pyramid Music Video now on Yahoo! Music

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  9. vilma hill says:
    Wow!! It is really a big honor, Charice is a presentor. To the top baby. I am really proud of you. Congratulation!! Next you will be an awardee.

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  10. CutieSinger23 says:

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  11. Jessica86s says:
    This is great, marvelous and fantastic! Thanks Eve for keeping us posted. charice is getting the right and much needed publicity exposure. It’s a good thing she spends most of her time now here in the US so she doesn’t miss important occassions like these. She’s making the right moves and is back on track. There’s no stopping her singles and albums from getting known now. Go go go Charice. All the way to the top, baby!

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  12. marlyn says:
    WoW!!! Charice now a presentor in an award ; next time she will be given an award . Good luck to Dave Aude ; hope he’ll win as the best re-mixer .

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  13. jn says:
    Charice, I can’t keep up with you now….You are everywhere…Thanks to fellow Chasters for the updates and you Cha for the tweets….it is a priviledge to see “your rising”….I am enjoying the ride…..Good luck once again.

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  14. WebScribes says:
    I hope Dave Audé wins so Charice can persoanlly give Dave the reward!

    The Dave Audé Pyramid Re-mix (Radio Version) has out-sold all the other re-mix versions by far on iTunes and I believe that is the version that is #22 on the Billboard Dance Chart this week. I just heard it will be #15 next week. Congratulations Dave and Charice!

    Pyramid Dance re-mix album

    Charice’s New Album Check-out the “HOT” Cover

    !!!!! Pyramid to the TOP, Babee!!!!!

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  15. Joy Co says:
    Wow,now Charice a presentor for an award. In the near future, she will be the awardee. Heey to the top baby!

    And my, the is a huge crowd. I think some people are gonna go home a changed person….. coz some of them gonna become a Chaddict!lol …

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