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Charice: A Star is Born

Charice: A Star is Born

(14-song Tracklist Added.) Charice releases her promo video for the May 11th debut of her first international album.  If this does not whet your appetite for all things Charice, nothing will.  You are gonna be blown away! Charice’s album that we have all been waiting for is coming soon.  Watch as the video takes you quickly through this most talented artist’s meteoric rise to international stardom.

Charice Logo 300x58 Charice: A Star is Born

.Here’s the Warner Bros. link to Charice’s Official webpage >>>

chaalbumcover Charice: A Star is Born

charice albumcover small2 Charice: A Star is Born


Track Listing

Charice’s self-titled debut CD includes her single, “Pyramid” featuring labelmate Iyaz (who recently spent four weeks at #1 with his international smash hit, “Replay”).

The haunting and emotionally charged single “Note To God” was produced by the legendary David Foster and written by Grammy winner, Diane Warren. Charice performed the song as part of a special Oprah episode marking the finale of “Oprah’s Search for the World’s Smartest and Most Talented Kids”.

01 Pyramid
02 Reset
03 In This Song
04 Nobody’s Singin’ To Me
05 Thank You
06 I Love You
07 In Love So Deep
08 All That I Need To Survive
09 Nothing
10 The Truth Is
11 Did It For You
12 Note To God
Also for pre-order now at >>> iTunes deluxe edition bonus tracks available outside the US:
13 Breathe You Out
14 Are We Over

220 Responses to “Charice: A Star is Born”

  1. I love your Album… GREAT… I am your Fan in Riyadh Saudi Arabia! God Bless Charice!

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  2. lyn says:
    hey i luv phyramid its cool song!! good job!!

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  3. Gagagaga says:
    Hi! Charice’s album is now number 4 in itunes, and pyramid is number 57 in the most downloaded songs. While in amazon, she’s broadway and pop album categories’ number 1 and 8 in bestselling albums! Let’s all take her to the top! :)

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  4. Claire says:
    Am I the only one who is noticing where the “R” is placed on her CD cover? Right there at her butt!?

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  5. Fiona says:
    I heard Charice today on Oprah and she was AMAZING again. Happy Birthday also!

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  6. Melody says:
    Happy 18th Birthday to you Charice!!! Love you!!! Always take good care. Wish you have a many many more b-days to come. Keep up the good work & GoodLuck!!!

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  7. Chyara says:

    i was just wondering, when you pre-order it on itunes, do you recieve the album aswell or you just get her songs? if you know what i mean..

  8. JJ says:
    Tracklisting according to itunes

    Total: 14 Songs

    1. Pyramid (feat. Iyaz)
    2. Reset
    3. In This Song
    4. Nobody’s Singin’ to Me
    5. Thank You
    6. I Love You
    7. In Love So Deep
    8. All That I Need to Survive
    9. Nothing
    10. The Truth Is
    11. I Did It for You
    12. Note to God
    13. Breathe You Out
    14. Are We Over

    Don’t know if it’s true i found it on a forum somewhere

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    • Arts says:

      Admin, please delete this link….thanks…

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    • CharisseToo says:

      That’s about right, JJ. Those are all the songs included in the Charice deluxe album I downloaded from itunes. The two bonus songs are 13 & 14. Target online is selling another version that will be coming out May 25 with 4 bonus tracks. Their website was all over the place and I don’t know if Target’s information was accurate. They also said no Charice CDs are available in stores, only online. Thus, I decided to download from itunes and get my CD from QVC later this evening.

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  9. hg2 says:
    Chasters! If you have not heard yet, just viewed Charice’s Official Pyramid Music Video and it was AWESOME! Kudos to the powers that be!

    Check it out!

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  10. noellen says:

    World Premiere of Charice’s Music Video Pyramid

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  11. noellen says:

    Pop phenom CHARICE performs LIVE

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  12. Fly N Dance says:
    looks like the deomo of #4 track” Nobody’s singing to me

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  13. StevenLA says:
    If one goes to, one can see Charice face all over: After-Oscar Party, The Most Talented Girl in the World, and Note To God performance. And we are talking of not just any website.

    Watching the video of Note To God (over and over), one can see that Oprah loves Charice like her only daughter. May 11 will indeed be a big day for Charice and all Chasters all over the world.

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  14. cmdb167 says:
    If talented artists and producers, songwriters sooo appreciate and acknowledge Charice powerful and unique vocal talent, others who could not think and say the same should tame their tongue and just keep in the background of nowhere if they do not have a drop of positive thoughts and grateful hearts for Charice’s God-given talent.

    Charice, may you remain humble and greatful to God for your unique, refreshing and chilling voice to entertain the world! It’s truly a big blessing!

    I am going to preorder several copies of her debut international album for myself, friends and relatives, young and young once, my visa card permitting

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  15. Fan from Spain says:
    I just pre-ordered Charice’s album.Can’t wait!!!

    I have no credit card before,and it isn’t a problem for me,I didn’t mind not having one until now that Charice album is coming out.I tried to order without one,but to no avail.Today,I just got my Mastercard,and my first purchase?Her album!LOL I also ordered some for my friends as a support for our Princess.I hope her album will do well.How about you guys?Have you pre-ordered her album?Together to the top baby!!!

    Have a bless day Chasters!

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    • Joy Co says:

      I’ve heard stories and versions of their FIRST experiences as influenced by Charice. Mostly were about getting their first You Tube account, first Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. Some never followed their artists like they do with Charice. To some, it was their first time to watch a live concert. But Fan From Spain’s First excperience is something new and never heard of until now …. her FIRST CREDIT CARD, just so she can pre-order Charice’s U.S. debut album from the internet. It is a cool story.

      Folks deFIRSTginized by Charice, ha ha ha … I was one to the first victims. Who’s next? Just please don’t forget to share you cool story.

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  16. charicefanguy says:
    Here is the album track list:

    01 Pyramid
    02 Reset
    03 In This Song
    04 Nobody’s Singin’ To Me
    05 Thank You
    06 I Love You
    07 In Love So Deep
    08 All That I Need To Survive
    09 Nothing
    10 The Truth Is
    11 Did It For You
    12 Note To God

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    • Vinz says:
      I’ve seen one video clip of Charice interview before where she said there are 16 tracks in her album, all new materials. But your list is made up only of 12 tracks. Can you please tell us where did you get your source? Well, I’ve learned that her songs “Breathe in, breathe out” and “Fingerprint” will not be included in the album, but what about the songs “Domino” and “Electric”, there are even video clips of these songs in YT. Thanks anyway for your list. Correct me if I’m wrong though. Peace.

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  17. noyp says:
    i think you guys missed one impt thing in the cover her signature mic. make that stuff her trademark! pls

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  18. rodski says:
    Posted from CD:

    Next Monday, April 12, will be rolling out with a new page specifically for Charice ( In the coming weeks, prior to the release of Charice’s debut album, they will be releasing goodies on this site!! Please show Charice, Oprah, WBR, and the whole world how much we love and support Charice by visiting, viewing, listening, playing, etc at that new site. Thank you, guys!

    Here’s the planned schedule right now:

    April 12: World premiere music video and launch of Charice page on (

    April 23: Relaunch Charice’s story on the Charice hub page. Will include content from TOWS***.

    April 26: Making of the “Pyramid” video

    April 27 – May 10: Each day a new song from Charice’s album will be streamed on the site.

    May 4: Charice Quiz Launch

    May 11: The Oprah Winfrey Show appearance and Album Release day!

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  19. Fran says:
    See Iyaz promoting Charice and the song Pyramid at the San Francisco Regency Ballrrom 4/4/2010. Really a good guy!

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    • ArrVee says:
      that’s great publicity for Charice! And those extra words Iyaz put in for her must have been due to the respect and admiration he has for her, just like anyone who comes into contact with her, on a professional and personal level.

      what strikes me is that Charice’s recorded vocals are enough to thrill the crowd, at least those who know about her. But even for those not familiar with her, even just the quality of her recorded voice is undeniable, and a thrill to listen to. And to think that the live version is much much better …

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  20. noellen says:

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  21. noellen says:

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    • nikki says:

      Noellen, please ask Chasters to buzz up this news clip. There’s only 91 votes. Maybe, they don’t know about this. That’s the reason why Charice never appeared on Yahoo news page because most of her write-ups, the votes was not that much.

      I tried several times to join in the chat room but I can not get in. In the old CM website I was able to but after it was changed I got a problem in getting in, so I stopped trying.

      BTW, got your e-mail and thanks for the info.

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  22. from1chicago says:

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  23. N- says:

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  24. Ate Lina says:
    @Cristine Hermosa,

    I like your analysis of Charice album cover. Here is btw my own humble analysis: If you or anyone reading this owns Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT album, you will notice how MJ is positioned in the photo. His whole body is facing the other way and both his legs are crossed like the way Charice is positioned on her cover. Both their backs are facing the camera. The only difference are MJ’s both arms are raised on each side and his head is facing the front. I’m guessing that the photographer was thinking of THE KING OF POP while shooting THE POP PRINCESS. Isn’t it possible? Oh common humor me pls. ha ha. The Pop Princess is in line for Royalty!

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  25. shalimar ryonen says:
    I dreamt that Charice’s album will have her BEAUTIFUL SMILE as cover! It will be at the top 10 BillBoard on it’s first week! and #1 in no time.



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  26. Cristine Hermosa says:
    Not many viewers may have noticed it but the album cover page was done very artistically. Indeed it carries whole lots of meanings that what meets the eye.

    The light emanating from top resembles that of an apex of a star while the two at the sides resembles the star’s two corners. Charice posture with head in level position, two arms spread sideways and two feet slightly positioned apart creates a star like figure which harmonizes with the lights as if her whole body is beaming out like a star in heaven. So fitting with the title A Star is Born.

    May our dear Charice continue to shine to the whole world and charm everyone with her amazing performance, her music and her wonderful being.

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    • ArrVee says:
      that’s amazing Cristine – I never noticed that 5-point star before (though I did wonder about those two side lights)

      there could be another hidden meaning: the cone of light created by the top light, which envelops Charice all the way down to the floor resembles … a Pyramid.

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    • Jaiho says:
      Hi Cristine, you are artistic yourself because you noticed all of it.

      Well you allow me to post your comment because you made it with sense and value.

      Thank you and Gob Bless.

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    • makisig says:
      hi christine. i think you’re referring to the photo with mic stand. but the album cover, i believe, is the one with pink background.

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  27. Fran says:
    Charice is written up on the Prophet Blog along with Khia, Rihanna, Kelis etc..

    Our star is getting media attention.

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    • Fly N Dance says:
      i saw the blog,..really can’t believe those haters, they are really following Charice’s blogs and make nasty comments..
      what’s saddening is they are fellow Filipinos who degrade their own kababayan. i pity those people who can do such things..May God bless them.

      Guys, please visit the blog and make ur comments. Charice needs reinforcement from these crabs..and show those people who are reading the blog that there actually more people who appreciate Charice that who don’t.

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  28. Jireh says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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