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Charice: A Star is Born

Charice: A Star is Born

(14-song Tracklist Added.) Charice releases her promo video for the May 11th debut of her first international album. Ai??If this does not whetAi??yourAi??appetite for all things Charice, nothing will. Ai??You are gonna be blown away! Charice’s album that we have all been waiting for is coming soon. Ai??Watch as the video takes you quickly through this most talented artist’s meteoric rise to international stardom.

Charice Logo 300x58 Charice: A Star is Born

.Here’s the Warner Bros. link to Charice’s Official webpage >>>

chaalbumcover Charice: A Star is Born

charice albumcover small2 Charice: A Star is Born


Track Listing

Charice’s self-titled debut CD includes her single, “Pyramid” featuring labelmate Iyaz (who recently spent four weeks at #1 with his international smash hit, “Replay”).

The haunting and emotionally charged single “Note To God” was Claritin d generic produced by the legendary David Foster and written by Grammy winner, Diane Warren. Charice performed the song as part of a special Oprah episode marking the finale of “Oprah’s Search for the World’s Smartest and Most Talented Kids”.

01 Pyramid
02 Reset
03 In This Song
04 Nobody’s Singin’ To Me
05 Thank You
06 I Love You
07 In Love So Deep
08 All That I Need To Survive
09 Nothing
10 The Truth Is
11 Did It For You
12 Note To God
Also for pre-order now at >>> iTunes deluxe edition bonus tracks available outside the US:
13 Breathe You Out
14 Are We Over

220 Responses to “Charice: A Star is Born”

  1. Jireh says:

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    • Don says:
      The photographer must have instructed her to look “fierce.” a common lingo for the model look.

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  2. from1chicago says:
    B96 Chicago just played Pyramid 3:25PM!!!. NICE>

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  3. blatherskite says:
    guys, is there any video about jonathan peters pool party?

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  4. from1chicago says:
    I have requested this too for so many times in the lasts several weeks, not only to B96 but also KISS FM (103.5) and other greater Chicago radio stations through text and on line request page.
    I heard it too!!! last 3/25/10 around 5:15 PM and again the next day about 5:40PM.

    Finally PYRAMID has arrived in Chicago!!!!!

    To all Chicago Chasters, let us help put PYRAMID on top; let us put it on top of the Sears Tower (or Willis Tower is that it?), so Chicago can be again the greatest City with the tallest building in the world!!, or put PYRAMID in the center of the Millenium Park; across Michigan Avenue and better yet put it beside HARPHO studio, the home of Oprah Show!!

    Bear in mind that CHICAGO is the ‘birthplace’ of Charice, where her FIRSTt single NOTE TO GOD was FIRST heard across the USA. It is also in the Chicago area where we FIRST heard ‘IN THIS SONG and BREATH IN, BREATH OUT songs during the Skate for the Heart show, and not only that, David Foster has chosen CHICAGO to be his FIRST
    stop to perform his DAVID FOSTER and FRIENDS concert. And again CHICAGO will be in the limelight as CHARICE will tell the WORLD
    of the release of her album PYRAMID.


    Here’s the link to request (courtesy of

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  5. daddy 0 says:
    @huli, I know. Kiss FM is so picky, but they just play the same old songs the same day. I hate Kiss FM in LA also. Karma will hit them. Not like other stations they play Pyramid. Very very political. Favoritism. To KISS FM be fair to other artist that are trying their best to be known. Give CHarice song some airwaves also. This station is too showbuis!!!!!wAKE UP!!

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    • kutkut says:
      KIIS fm is pretty picky indeed… Even Kris Allen of AI, they have been ignoring him…

      Lets just be patient… Keep requesting!

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  6. jimfan155 says:
    Charice is an example of what hard work, dedication, and focus can do. Find out what you like to do or what you’re good at and put your energy and your all into it. It’s a lot easier to work at something you like than going to a job you hate.

    We all have a talent of some sort and if we work at it like Charice, we’ll be a lot happier in the long run. That’s what I’ve learned from her.

    At the top, baby.

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  7. palaginghuli says:
    I am really upset at KISS FM here in L.A. They guested her and interviewed her, then barely played her song. It is an insult, I tell you. Whereas 97.1 AMP radio plays her song all the time.

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    • nequi says:
      @palaginghuli i can understand the frustration. Maybe u can change it by making several requests.That way they’d be aware of their lapse.

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      • palaginghuli says:
        @nequi, I do try to make requests, but I am careful not to do it too often, or they will think it is SPAM. However, I am still giving them the benefit of the doubt because I read in one fan site that Charice may be included in their “Wango Tango” show (I am not sure if I spelled it right) in May, and usually big names are included in this show. Lady Gaga performed there last year. Charice has a new band, the keyboard player is actually a Filipino, and one speculation is the band will be with her in this show.

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  8. mima says:
    Japan Chasters you can pre-order now at Amazon…Go Go Go….

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  9. mima says:
    LOVE…Everything About Charice!!!

    I’m soo excited already…YES! make it Platinum Baby…….

    Japan Chasters…you can now pre-order in Amazon…hurry! or i get it all…..hahaha…LABYO!!!

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  10. ellameh says:
    There is no cure for Chaddiction and its spreading all over the world..We love you Charice..

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  11. AmazingCP says:

    Get ready and this maybe ur chance to be in OPRAH show….

    OPRAH wants to know if you are a fan of Charice and tell them what you love about Charice and why.

    Check link…. Are you a fan of Charice?

    Calling Kingkong, Max, Schoen, Eve, Lovelysoul, sideburnersol, Web and EVERYONE join the contest now

    Admin…. put this link on top page..thks


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    • noellen says:
      OMG,, amazing,, are you shouting,, haha,, lower your tone please,,,, lolos and lolas are still sleeping, but of course Admin for sure will post this,, actually its posted before I replied to you,,, hehe

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  12. Joy Co says:
    Hello fellow Chasters, just found this video of Charice performing in Miami bar. Video by cjsantana (remember him doing a cover of Charice’s songs? and he sings many Tagalog songs too?)

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    • schoen says:

      Joy Co, it´s posted in the Miami article!



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      • Joy Co says:

        Ha ha … I know Schoen. I was too excited and posted it right away. Then I scrolled down the main page of CM and found an article about it. Really, I am impressed. CM is faster than lighting, he he he…. Great job you guys!

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  13. compassion says:
    On the way home from jury duty, just a few minutes off of the parking lot into the street, there it was. Perfect timing, Charice’s pyramid came on the radio FM Z90.3 one of the most popular radio station in San Diego, California. Goose bumps all over, tears filled my eyes, so proud and happy for you Charice. I just can’t get over it. Can you imagine hearing Charice singing over the radio waves in the United States? That is so awesome dude!
    I am going for a platinum Charice. We need to sell one million CD’s. People at work are always asking me about Charice because I have most of Charice’s video on my blackberry. They are hooked, now I have to make sure they buy Charice’s CD album. Love you Charice, be good and stay healthy.

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  14. hubotabo says:
    Remember one of the Judges of the LBS Charice can’t make it coz she has no Star quality this the Message..and also its adds spicy to the Album and show to the world that the STAR is BORN…

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    • ohmycharice says:

      who is that judge hubotabo? Is it AI-AI de las Alas? Tell me and I will send her a box of CHARICE album on MAY 11, 2010

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  15. Kuya Marc says:
    Yes! It’s only 46 days before May 11th…and finally the wait is over!!!The album will be available in the stores on this day – Tuesday, and I will buy not just 1, 2 but more than that and I will share them to my friends and family. Since last week, I have sent the Pyramid remix version to my officemates and they liked it. Also, sent it to my niece in Germany…Wow! At the top baby!!!!!!!!!

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  16. CutieSinger23 says:
    very pretty cover!!
    i like it very much…!!
    is it available in philippines??
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
    very very very very pretty very very very excited to buy that!! haa…. hope to see you soon charice,,i collected al lot of stuffs about you and they’re waiting to get autograph from you… :D
    luv yah! <3

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  17. TOPGUN says:
    It is the ‘effect’ when you look at this pose that projects a sort of mysticism…in the haunting eyes that emotes some mystery to be fathomed….. of affection,… of love…..and yet, a subtle hint of fearlessness…..this is what I feel from what I see.

    The cover alone is worth the price of the album!!

    I’ll buy and buy some more… for I am certain the rendition and interpretation of the songs within are beyond my expectations knowing how Charice gives her best in all her performances.

    Life only happens once….and so does an angel like Charice !

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    • ArrVee says:
      i like the expression on her face as well, mysterious, no frills and hinting that there is more, much more than meets the eye.

      the windblown effect on her jacket suggests to me the cup-like shape of a rosebud, a dark one – graceful and dainty but deadly potent, one that packs a wallop, with the red background suggesting passion and emotion.

      being minimalistic, it suggests that the name “Charice” is all you need to know.

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  18. Joy Co says:
    Unlike her usual Chinita look, Charice is sporting a Kayumangi look here. I could not say that she is representing a true Filipino look (although we say that one of our main characteristics or feature is having a brown skin or Kayumangi) … coz collectively, we don’t have just one “look”. We are a mixture of many Asian ethnic backgrounds, and caucasian, and Middle Eastern, etc. Anyways….

    She looks fabulous in her ethnic beauty here. Love the look in her eyes. She’s got that “attitude” … the “I mean business type – let’s go and do it -type”, the “don’t need to show some skin-just listen to my song-type”, the ” I’m not the empty shell type”, she’s the ” I have something to offer type”, and the list goes on, ha ha …

    I can’t wait to get a copy of her u.s. debut album.

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  19. Daniel says:
    Like Randy Jackson would yell….”Charice, you’re Da Bomb” Nice album cover. Red background would stand out among all CD’s stacked on a shelf. Personally I don’t have any preferences because once you listen to Charice music, it will take your mind into never never land and you’ll forget what’s on the cover. The most important is to promote Charice album to everyone you know.

    Charicemania and Chasters Special Forces should be on red alert from now till May 11. I have been handing out Charice poster at work, e-mailing friends and relatives, and putting Charice videos on my Facebook. If every chaster will do this, eventually Charice will be the first Filipina artist to break the mainstream music world. Charice has that wholesome image and the lyrics of her songs are clean and Rated G (all audiences) compared to other mainstream artist like Rhianna whose song lyrics has a lot of sexual connotations and innuendos. Let’s all move and put this album TO THE TOP !

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      I agree with you Daniel, Charice is clean, and her songs are PG, her actions pure and still untainted by worldliness. Yet she is fearless and confident and honest. People either love her or hate her and they express it. Those who like her, love her fiercely and passionately, just ask any Chaster. I think the hatred comes from jealousy really. So I am not concerned about the haters..Charice will be around for a long time.

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  20. honeybee1665 says:
    just wanna ask if someone buy a CD,why did u want to buy it?yes of course first u want the singer,the songs in that album & if you are a real fan of that person…what’s the big deal of the picture cover?
    whatever it is..don’t bothers me at all…if u want to support a person like CHARICE whatever costume,color & views what matters most is the songs she sings in that album coz u want to buy CD to listen to her songs not to view her song lol…
    before, it was how she speak in english. now, its her cover picture in her CD lmao,be contented of what her handlers want coz they were the proffesional ones,they’ve been in the music industry for so many yrs. lets not pretend that we know much better what is good for her…just keep on supporting her if you are a real chaster.
    Go CHARICE through thick & thin i’ll be supporting u till the end of ur journey coz i’m a real chaster…LABYO !
    its me….HONEYBEE fr. JAPAN

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  21. lisbon says:
    She looks sexy. I am not after of the album cover actually but the content of the album.

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  22. TEXAN says:

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  23. Ate Lina says:
    @redsoxcitizen FYI Charice fav. color is not pink but rather BLUE.

    Still waiting eagerly for 5/11/10 release of her album.

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  24. livelifetothefullest says:
    I disagree with a couple of people’s dis-approval of Charice new album cover, I like this one better. I offer three reasons why, First of all her hairstyle here is more natural with a wind blown effect, it’s not too messy, her other album posing earlier has more of a Pamela Anderson effect, not appropriate for her age nor her real life character, second of all, even though she isn’t smiling or grinning here, her look has a somewhat like a Mona Lisa stare and it’s very appealing than the wide grin, although we know in person she can grin and smile as long as she wants, coz, she captivated her audience with those, but in pictures it’s different especially an album of this magnitude, I’m sure other pictures of her smiling and her wide grin would be seen inside the leaflet cover anyway. And third is how her skin in this shot captured her true filipina origin not the mestiza look we often see with our current young star or hollywood artist, she has her own identity. Being the first filipina to be catapulted to the throne reign by the likes of Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Hillary Duff, Beyonce, Christina Aguillera, we know she will be more than them as she is gifted with an amazing talent and enormous vocal prowess, combined with her soulful rendition of every songs of different genre.

    I can’t wait till it’s May 11 to buy multiple copies of Charice album, to make it as a gift for everyone in my family when they celebrate their life occasions i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, this is one gift they won’t return for exchange, I am sure.

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  25. Copacobana says:

    Charice is trying to break into the American mainstream, particularly under the Pop genre. It’s quite sad but talent alone won’t propell Charice to the top. It also doesn’t make things easier with her being Asian. So her handlers needed to highlight whatever pleasing physical attributes she has. I’m not quite sure but I think they’re banking on her backside :) Which is alright, she’s already 17, it’s quite natural. She needs this to get people’s attention (particularly teens), then they listen and well . . . her voice will do the rest

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    • munzt says:

      Copacobana, she’s not trying to break into anything. She has exceeded her personal dream which is to become a popular singer in the Philippines. Everything that she’s getting now are just bonuses of that dream and who nows when these bonuses will end. She loves to sing (and dance too) and because of this girl’s outstanding character Chasters shall be with her every step of her way. Your ‘backside’ comment is not welcome.

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  26. blatherskite says:
    love it! love it! love it!

    so so sexy….

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  27. livelifetothefullest says:
    I totally disagree with a couple of people here about their dis-approval of Charice final album cover, on the contrary that pyramid pose of her looks too advance for her age and her character in real life. Her(Charice) hairstyle in that pyramid pose is more of a Pamela Anderson look, well, for me hait looks too messy, whereas in this new pose her hair looks more natural with a wind blown effect, I find it appealing, and second of all her make-up here is very natural if not totally nil, coz, looking at her face here, although she isn’t smiling, it has a Mona Lisa stare and more importantly her being a filipina of origin can be shown in a not too fair complexion here, in fact this is what really Charice is; A Filipina with an amazing talent and oustanding entertainer who would show the world what we filipinos are made of, and it so happens that the filipinos dreams could finally come true in the person of CHARICE, and it’s about time the world recognized our contributions to showcase the most talented people in the world (who only happens to have corrupt politicians LOL! okay I just can’t resist adding that one hahaha) Seriously, I can’t wait till it’s 11th of May, so I can buy her albums in multiples ( as I am anyway about to give relatives and friends gift for occasions of their lives, and this is one gift I’m pretty sure they would like and won’t return for exchange).

    Advance greeting to you Charice and David Foster, I’m not a psychic nor a fortune teller, but gauging from the responses of people all over the world, whom she captured their attention and admirations already, and because of her un-imaginable talent, nobody needs to guess or question anymore if that album would be a success or not, the only question here is; HOW CAN WE PARTY!???

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  28. nkny says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Hans says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • redsoxcitizen says:
      In both pics, she looks hot! I rather like this one on the album cover as she looks really fresh and young. Perhaps the background is too pink for some? But then again, if you have followed charice for sometime, you’d realize pink is her favorite color. Cheers.

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      • dadartful says:
        redsox, actually Cha’s fav is blue. She had her nails done in blue for a long while on tour. Whatever, Charice our pop princess is our favorite !!! To the top Charice !!!

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      • mingfan510 says:
        i agree with you @redsox, both pictures are beautiful, but I do prefer this one. She looked amazing here, her skin tone shows her filipina beauty. AT THE TOP, BABY. I pre-ordered your album.
        More blessings and Good Luck,God Bless, our little princess. labyo!!!! (:

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  29. Ate LIna says:
    I am hearing Pyramid now more often here in the Bay Area SFO since 2 weeks ago. If I am in the car I turn up the volume high. Gets me excited to listen to the Pop Princess. That album cover is so cool!!!
    A very transformed CHARICE. I’m confident that she will garner more younger fans (screaming fans or whatever) he he. I already pre-ordered Charice album. Looking forward to her more TV appearances for the promo.

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