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Pyramid Now Playing on New York Radio

Pyramid Now Playing on New York Radio

Your tweets, calls, and e-mails did the trick because KTU Radio New York played ‘Pyramid’ THREE TIMES yesterday !!!

Chasters should continue to call in do their thing!!!
Here’s the Radio Station link to request ‘Pyramid’ on the radio, remembering the guidelines please to not spam the station…
one request a day from local chasters only…

Please listen in on the Live Stream and call in your support for Pyramid !! 1-800-245-1035

Tweet the station at whenever you hear Pyramid playing…


URGENT – Pyramid to play on New York Radio

Calling all New York / New Jersey Chasters!!!

LESS THAN ONE MORE HOUR, 50 minutes from my (eve’s) comment time-stamped below, Pyramid will play on a major New York radio station and we need you to show your support! This is Eastern Standard Time.

Message just in from Marc Johnston, Charice’s manager:

Alert the NY / Buy phenergan syrup NJ Chasters!!! Today between 4:45 pm – 5pm. 103.5 WKTU is going to play Pyramid ! Have the fans listen in and itai??i??s ok for them to call and say they loved it.


This is a MAJOR New York Station – Chasters, GO CRAZY on this!

Tweet and Retweet this info please… here’s the phone number 1-800-245-1035

Tweet from eve
URGENT TODAY betw 4:45 pm-5pm 103.5 WKTU is going 2 play Pyramid ! #Charice NY / NJ chasters! Listen in & call 800.245.1035 Say u LOVED IT!!

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17 Responses to “Pyramid Now Playing on New York Radio”

  1. CutieSinger23 says:

    hehehe lol :D

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  2. monty says:
    OMG!! Charice’s Pyramid already made it here in Kosovo, Eastern Europe. We were driving back from lunch inside the military base “Camp Bondsteel” the other day when I heard Charice’s Pyramid playing. I said to myself, it could not be my IPOD because I don’t have it with me. I glanced at the radio and it was on but on a very low volume. I told my office mate “Hey, this is Charice singing” and I turned the volume up. I was so happy and we both enjoyed listenig to the song. I think it was being played by Radio KFOR Kosovo. KFOR stands for the U.S. and other multinational forces on a peacekeeping mission here in Kosovo. We have also AFN (Armed Forces Network) radio that might start playing her song. David, my office mate, knows Charice because he had watched her in Oprah and I also gifted him the NTG song. Charice’s Pyramid cover picture is my desktop wallpaper. Everybody is commenting.. is that Charice? She’s hot!! LOL..

    Charice, go conquer the whole Europe just like Italy!!!

    Ciao Chasters

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  3. Hotwind says:
    I’m currently listening to Pyramid on 103.5 KTU….Cool!!!!!

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  4. leilaniandson says:

    Hello Chasters! I have a question to people here in Philippines. Did you try to request Pyramid from Yes Fm? I called them twice but they said they do not have Pyramid. No one send a copy to them yet.
    Why is that? Thanks

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  5. Monkeydoggie says:

    wow..! You guys..! New-yorkers are pretty lucky huh..! go..! request it now..!

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  6. CutieSinger23 says:

    AH…i wish i’m in NY!!

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  7. from1Chicago says:
    Anybody knows out there when Pyramid will reach the Chicago area? Ive been too eager waiting to hear this song in our local radio station(s) and its like being tortured for the long wait.

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    • mingfan510 says:

      also waiting for the airplay of Pyramid here in the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland area. We listen to FM 99.5 on air with Ryan Seacrest so far he has not played it yet.
      Wish he will play it soon. AT THE TOP, BABY.. GO GO GO, OUR LITTLE PRINCESS. I wish you more success and Good Luck, Ming ! We chasters will always be here to support you. I pre-ordered your album. we’ll pre-order more for giveaways. Hope to see you soon in American Idol.
      Everyone will be blown away with your beautiful, powerful voice.
      WOOOT, WOOOT…luv yah 4ever.

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  8. ArrVee says:
    heard it too from Toronto Canada. What a thrill! Her voice is just dripping with honey …

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  9. WebScribes says:
    Pyramid sounds even better in NY ;-)

    Worth waiting for – the KTU site would not let me “rate this song” – any help would be appreciated so I can rate it 5 stars next time.

    Each day we should request Pyramid Album version AND (2 separate requests) Pyramid Re-mix on each appropriate local and on-line Radio station. Re-mix is #21 on BillBoard now and we want it to go #1 as well as the Album version – Thanks

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  10. eve says:

    Thanks Chasters!! Had a blast in the chatbox as “Pyramid” played at KTU 103.5 Radio. Soooo exciting woot woot!!!

    I dialed the 1-800-245-1035 number and got a message “You have dialed a number that is not available from you calling area.” LOL So looks like you New Yorkers / easterners will have to get busy and REPRESENT.

    But you all can Tweet @1035KTU to say “Thanks for playing Pyramid!! ”

    Also don’t forget the Song Request Line – type it in till they get it on their song list…

    Go Go Pyramid!!

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    • WebScribes says:
      Eve, Thanks for encouraging us in Chat – definitely fun. I did not find a way to do online song requests either. So, New Yorkers do what your famous for and make the request line sing :-)

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    • noellen says:
      bwhahaha,, but I did not see you dancing,, eve,,,

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      • eve says:

        oh I was tweeting too and answering g-mail from marc, haha. room going fast, too. haha Noellen,,, labyo chasters! muah!!

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  11. Ric says:
    I’m in Toronto but I actually heard it played on WKTU New York via the internet.

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  12. eve says:


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  13. pogipoints says:
    Wow New York is late, here in Vancouver, Canada its already in there top ten hits.
    This morning DJ Kevin of 95.3 Virgin alerted me through txt msg 5 min before they play Pyramid. So nice of the DJ Kevin.

    Chasters New York/ NJ its your turn to shoutout Pyramid.

    Go Chaster Go
    Request, listen, buy the song and pre order the album.

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