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Charice Campaign to the Top like a Pyramid

Charice Campaign to the Top like a Pyramid

DJ Drake has been playing CHARICE songs all night long, including Pyramid, Note to God, Somewhere with Jed Madela, It Can Only Get Better, A Song For Mama and more! Woot woot!!! Join us in the ChatRoom… DJDrake has been chatting there with us too! We’re having tons of fun!!

Tweet from DJ Drake:
Been enjoying the ChariceMania group and loving the Charice tunes I was playing!!!

Also see the new promo music video PYRAMID by Charice featuring Iyaz. Charice is now in L.A., shooting the Official Music Video with Iyaz!

Tweet from @IyazLive: – Me and Charice at Pyramid video shoot:)

The Pyramid promotion is gearing up to take Charice to the Top! And we’ve got exciting news to share with you to launch the campaign off to a great start. We just got word that Pyramid promos will begin airing on Radio Disney next Wednesday, March 3rd, and also streaming on They’ll start taking votes for the song from March 3-6 and the final results will be announced on March 6th.

Votes will be taken at from Wed 3/3 – Sat 3/6

“Pick It,” of course, at Disney Radio’s Music Mailbag – and just keep on voting like we did for Oprah!!!

Also remember to make your song request at Radio Disney. Scroll down the screen to select “Charice Pyramid” and you can even make a dedication! Radio Disney is a really big deal, so we have got to make some noise and let the world know that we want Pyramid on the radio!

On Saturday, 3/6, 11AM PST (west coast)/ 2PM EST (east coast) -
the last day of the contest, “Pyramid” will play on RadioDisney and the DJ will ask listeners to call in during the 11 o’clock hour at 877-870-5678 and/or vote online. Callers will be played on the air to give their opinions of the song.

At 12 noon PST / 3PM EST -
final results will be announced from all votes gathered Wednesday thru Saturday.

RESULTS: Disney voters said “PICK IT.”

Here’s a snippet from the 12 o’clock results call-in show today 3/6, yeah that’s one of our most dedicated chasters, Alex, you’re hearing on Disney Radio!

mouse over to listen up (uploaded by ChariceStarDiva) >> Radio Disney Music Mailbag “Pick It”

CHUM FM New Music Survey Results

ChumFM1 300x268 Charice Campaign to the Top like a Pyramid .
Listeners voted overwhelmingly 97% “Love It” to play Pyramid on the air at 104.5 Chum FM, Toronto, Canada.

Mouse over >> to request Pyramid online or by calling
(416) 870-1045.

More Radio News

Charice’s ‘Pyramid’ feat. Iyaz is now appearing in AOL Radio with a daily readership of 35,000. Excerpt: Like Justin Bieber, Charice generated popularity through YouTube, gaining recognition after being featured on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and ‘Oprah.’ She was even invited to perform a special duet at New York City’s Madison Square Garden with Celine Dion as part of Dion’s Taking Chances Tour.Ai?? There are several dance remix versions of the single and an official album version. Tune into AOL Radio’s New Pop First station to hear the album version. [AOL Radio has a daily view count of 75,000.]


Club Chart 38 300x103 Charice Campaign to the Top like a Pyramid …now has a view count of 537,870 six days (Mar 08) after its debut on Charice’s youtube channel. It is also one of the Top 10 songs that experienced the biggest jump in ranking from #46 to #38 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Charts for the week of March 13, its second week of release. It has jumped up again to #31 for week of March 20.


At the top baby!

There’s more, pay attention please. We have a whole campaign laid out for you and we’re calling for the involvement of all Charice sites, chasters and non-chasters alike in the International community everywhere to participate in this online campaign to bring Pyramid to the Top.

Goal: To boost up sales of the Pyramid single featuring Iyaz just as soon as it drops on March 2nd. That’s in 3 more days!! So let’s get to work and use the power of Social Networking.

Involvement: all Charice sites, all chasters and non-chasters.

How: promote, promote, promote on your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, plurk, Multiply, Tumblr, Friendster – anywhere and everywhere. See the layout & video below to post in all your networking sites, and include the article or write your own. And also a campaign to make #Charice a Twitter Trending Topic – details below.

We have one video ready to re-upload and take it viral with your help. Best of Charice Pyramid Teaser

Youtube uploaders: Please include in your video descriptions about Pyramid, i.e. Amazon/iTunes download information. Those who don’t regularly upload Charice videos may contribute by making comments to Charice videos to promote Pyramid.

Meta tags: use more tags than usual like below, create your own…

Charice, Charicemania,,,, Charicediva, Whitney Houston, David Foster, Oprah, AJ Rafael, Andrew Garcia, Michael Jackson, Susan Boyle, American Idol, Simon Cowell, Ellen Degeneres, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood ,Jonas Brothers, Charice Pempengco, FalseVoice, Star King, Super Junior, Kyuhyun, Paul O’Grady, Andrea Bocelli, Mariah Carey, Josh Groban, Pyramid, Alicia Keys, Note to God, David Archuleta, Iyaz

Article to post in your blogs: write your own or feel free to copy and paste what we wrote here or edit as you wish…

“A new Pop/R&B star diva is born by the name of Charice, a 17-year old International singing sensation who was discovered on YouTube, deeply adored by Oprah, and musically mentored by David Foster. After blowing the roofs off the places around the globe where she has performed and sending standing ovations across the audience with her break-through renditions, she is offering her original song entitled ai???Pyramidai??? featuring Iyaz. In history, Pyramid is the largest existing structure in the world ever built by men in the early beginnings of human civilization. If you climb it, physically and figuratively, it symbolizes superiority or success. Coincidentally, Charice is beginning to make her steps to the top of the music charts with her debut single that talks about a relationship metaphorically built upon solid rocks that can withstand mother nature’s disasters like earthquakes, cyclones or hurricanes.

The song (written by David Jassy and Lyrica Anderson) also features Iyaz, a 22-year old R&B singer who gave us the smashing hit that got stuck on our ipods with numerous play counts – ai???

This track by two talented young artists will surely make you groove to the melody, dance to the beat and clap your hands in the air.

Chasters worldwide: We are requesting international Chasters to participate and promote in their respective social networking sites too.

Use all of your accounts in different social networking sites with the main focus at Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, then followed by Plurk, Blogs, forums, etc.

Twitter Trending Topic:

As Twitter is becoming the most popular tool nowadays to advertise almost anything, Chasters came up with this idea to have Chariceai??i??s new song Pyramid as the trending topic in Twitter. Chasters are organizing a twitter trending mission next month for PYRAMID. What we need is to get people to participate.

A trending topic is the most discussed “word” in, it is shown in the right bottom part of the screen. People usually check and click the topic Keppra cost without insurance at that box to see on ai???what’s new,ai??? ai???what’s hotai??? or anything that is a hot topic at a particular time.

Easy steps:
1. Never use the word that you’re trending more than once in a sentence, it will be considered as spam
2. Use different sentences on each tweet.
3. Make a single trending word hashtag: #Charice on each tweet, if not, then it will be counted as a different word
4. We can also use the existing Trending topic in Twitter, just add the trending word hashtag: #Charice
5. Make use of the special events related to the topic you are trending like the launching of the song or TV Guestings.
6. The most important thing is to spread the word, together we can make it happen.

Important Information:
1. #Charice will be used as the hashtag
2. Time of the Trending Mission:

6:00 pm, March 2, 2010 West Coast/Pacific Time USA
9:00 pm, March 2, 2010 East Coast USA
10:00 am, March 3, 2010 Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.
3:00 am, March 3, 2010, Central European Time

1. use this platform and retweet everything you see on twitter
2. please tweet at least 5x a minute
3. tweet for 2 hours straight

Layout: Charice Cover Picture – Pyramid feat. Iyaz (Album version)

PyrPic4 Charice Campaign to the Top like a Pyramid

Video: Best of Charice Pyramid Teaser

Other ways you can spread and promote Charice’s Pyramid is by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools, such as SocialMarker and TubeMogul.

Thanks to Archie and Capofret
Edited by Eve
Posted by Schoen

Pyramid tweet1 300x153 Charice Campaign to the Top like a Pyramid

188 Responses to “Charice Campaign to the Top like a Pyramid”

  1. DJ JoBlank says:
    Toronto DJ suports kababayan Charice….Make history…

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  2. Now this is why I love this site right here.

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  3. tino says:

    I watch in youtube very beautiful song. Go Charice

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  4. krazyforyou says:
    For Charice first album it is already unfolding to be a great one. I believe with the 3 songs I heared and liked so far- pyramid, in this song, reset- a trifecta of sure hits and with fans promo blitz her album promises to do very well indeed. God bless Charice. Buy Charice.

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  5. palaginghuli says:
    Guys, I just read on Twitter that Mommy Raqz indicated that Pyramid will be played today, March 12, 2010 in NJ/NY at 103.5 WKTU FM between 4:45 and 5:00 PM. Make sure you guys in the East Coast listen, and thank the station for playing Pyramid, and continue requesting for it.

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  6. pogipoints says:
    Hello Chasters, chilled this out my first time to post here in CM. This was happen yesterday when Billie in the chat room announced that PYRAMID will be aired in 95.3 Virgin and yes it did and finally hear it in that station. Well I have been sending text messages to request that song also everyday since they played it.
    So, what happen yesterday (Mar 11,2010 around 2:20pm Vancouver time) is DJ Kevin Lim of that station played it and I send him text message thanking him and he replied back!

    “You’re most welcome! Charice is incredible and we love the song! Thanks for listening! – Kevin Lim Virgin Radio 9 5 3

    So, I replied back again that many fans were in the Chatroom listening to the livestream of the station and he text back again!

    “Awesome! Just got a bunch of e-mails about the song- she’s got so many loyal fans! :-) Thanks for spending your day with us! – Kevin Lim

    This is for all of you Chasters just want to share my pyramidal experience.

    Go PYRAMId go, buy, watch,listen and request the song.

    GOOD DAy to all of YOU

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    • noellen says:
      ahahah pogipoints,,, am so glad to see read your first post here,,, love reading it,,, Charice to the top like a Pyramid,…


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  7. Ian says:
    to all Chasters here in Vancouver,we can request songs throagh ths website..Thnks and hope see u guys again=D

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  8. noellen says:
    thank you lolo side for this interview,..

    special thanks to Charice TV

    go Charice,, go Chasters,…

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  9. maximus says:
    Hello Chasters, enjoying Pyramid. As per jwk in B.C, Canada, i been texting also the local station Virgin 95.3 here in Vancouver because its in there Airplay already. They play it 2-3 times a day but actually i did not hear yet in real time because Im working and during the wee hour in the morning sleeping heheh.Since Saturday i been texting the station once a day to have more airtime and you never know it will be in there top 10 too isn’t that exciting. So we have to use all medium to gain more popularity for Charice and the song Pyramid.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1

    • jwk says:
      @maximus, I’m actually from Alberta, but I’ve been listening to this radio station located in BC because there’s no Virgin Radio station in Alberta. I think, the BC station covers Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Am not sure, actually. Just guessing. LOL.

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    • ian says:
      yes i heard it once!heres their no.,604-280-0953..u guys can also try

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  10. jimfan155 says:
    Can somebody explain how the Youtube Statistics work. Yesterday the video was No. 1 for music and today there are no rankings for this video. How can that be?

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  11. rsgarcia says:
    Am trying to recall if any singer ( local and foriegn )did the same things Charice did ….at 15- 17 years old. Oprah, Ellen, Mandalay , Wynns, WAMU, Madison Square garden, Obama Inagural etc..

    To the haters , ano pa gusto nyo ? Pilipino ba kayo talaga ?

    Iisa na nga sinisiraan nyo pa ! Tumulong na.

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  12. Joel says:
    Pyramid is invading the global readio stations. Love it. AWESOM song by CHAYAZ…Deserves radio airplays… wooot woot

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 26 Thumb down 2

  13. jwk says:
    This morning, I send a text message to Virgin Radio 95.3FM because they played Charice’s Pyramid yesterday. I said” “Charice’s Pyramid s cool”. And they replied: “Virgin radio 0.25$/txt, REPLY which radio U R listening to: A) Vancouver B)Montreal C)Toronto D) Ottawa; STOP.” I replied “Vancouver”. Then they replied again: “Thanks for chatting with us live on Virgin radio! Send us a txt anytime, and tune into 95.3 Virgin Radio to text and win! $0.25/txt.
    So, Charice fans around British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan sent text messages to Virgin Radio. The link is here: It will cost you $0.25 per text message.

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  14. eve says:
    Dear Chasters,
    It would be helpful if you please mention your city of the radio station where you heard Charice’s song Pyramid. And a link, if you can, so all the local chasters can start requesting the song too!

    Emphasis on LOCAL chasters only.

    Regarding the radio campaign, we have received guidance from Marc Johnston (Charice’s manager) and even from some comments here, that it is only good to request the song if…
    1) the station has actually played the record, and
    2) if the person calling the station is in the area where the station can be heard

    Anything else will look fake or forced to the radio station and it will do more harm than good. They are able to pinpoint your location by your IP address. This is what happened with Energy98 station and the DJ pulled the song from their contest. So please take note, chasters.

    Pyramid must, organically, look like a hit and be driven by the local fan base of the particular radio station. Charice has plenty of fans in all the major US markets (by looking at the DF concert tour attendance), so this should be no problem to get local chasters to request Pyramid.

    KAMP Los Angeles 97.1 now has Pyramid on rotation about every 3 hours >> Request here

    KMVQ Movin’ 99.7 San Francisco will have it next week!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 19 Thumb down 1

    • ammb46 says:
      Thanks, Eve! Pls. keep us SF Bay Area folk posted with links or which other radio stations wil be playing PYRAMID.
      Here we go……TO THE TOP!!!!

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

    • Dennis Dizon says:
      This is very good comment! All overly fanatic fans should read this! I think Charicemania should post this too! Too much from the same fans does not mean anything in terms of marketing data. UNIQUE listeners is whats important.

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

  15. tish says:
    Heard Pyramid yesterday on 89.9FM whooooo, nice

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  16. Jessie says:
    hi to all. i am an avid fan of charice in manila and just requested pyramid in one radio station in GA. Dj Drake said he will play it. Pls tune in, He will play some Arnel Pineda too.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 18 Thumb down 1

    • eve says:
      yes, he did play it Jessie! I added this on-line radio station to the article. I think we have a new chaster and will probably hear Pyramid and other Charice songs here tomorrow night too!

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 14 Thumb down 1

  17. vil26216 says:
    I finally heard Charice’s “Pyramid” at 2:40 PM today on 97.1 FM. I was proud and quite excited. Normally I don’t care for the music this station play but I’m sure glad I tuned in today. Congratulation Charice you’re definitely on your way to the top.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 27 Thumb down 2

  18. tisoy says:
    Been buying Pyramid album version as gift for my friends .Makes me feel better I did something for my kababayan. who knows that may encourage them to buy the CD in May when it come up.

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  19. mytimeandplace says:
    Shoutcast radio blog, Music news from around the world

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  20. StevenLA says:
    I heard Charice on 97.1 FM this morning too on my way to LA. It’s awesome! This is the first time I heard a Philippine singer on US radio.

    The DJ said, “That was Charice. After perusing Youtube you can say that there is real talent out there.”

    The Charice jet has just taken off to greater heights.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 47 Thumb down 1

    • marie says:
      I heard it today on 97.1 FM too! I was so excited! We are so proud of you, Charice!!

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 34 Thumb down 1

  21. bads says:
    I was at the dentists office in Green Hills, getting a cleaning.. when i heard CHARICE’ pyramid on radio. They played in PI, where I think she’s going to make her mark as well and win Filipino respect which has been hard for her to do.
    And how about disney dj, said, “Everyone picked it –or majority did.” “we’ll be playing it on the radio so stay tuned”

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 31 Thumb down 1

  22. daddy 0 says:
    Hi Charice,

    You really just made my day. I was driving on the way to work today and with such a beautiful day in LA, listening to this radio staTion 97.1 FM hearing nice R&B songs and all of a sudden a typical LA road rage happen to me when one driver just tail gaiting me for no reason. I guess he is on a rush to go to his work? Me instead of being so mad to the driver behind me, all of a sudden, the radio anouncer introduce you on the radio with Lyaz for the song “Pyramid”..

    I tell you the truth, the goose bumps went tru all over my body when i heard the song. The anger in my head and in my body disapear with this guy behind me. I slowed down with my car and making the other guy more mad because i was driving slow. Beavause i dont want to miss a part of the music of yours. i dont care if i get late to work. I’ve seen videos and stories about you a million times on YT and on this site. But hearing this song from the radio was a diffrent feeling and experience. There is something in your voice that makes people really love you!! And about the guy behind my car, i gnore him and he end up to be more miserable. Me, Im not coz i heard your voice and the song. IT made me sing and dance inside my car. I blast my radio so loud which i dont do and hate, but when i heard you in my car, WOW!! WHAT A FEELING!!.

    So to all, dont do what id o because yo might loose your job. It is hard to loose your job now a days becasue of the economy. JUST AN ADVISE.

    Charice keep it up and make more songs. If possible write your own songs on the side. That will boost up more of your talent. You can play the drums, guitar, piano, sing, dance, act, what else!! My god, I cant beleive it!!>>>> What Oprah said before!!!You are here !! You are here!! And here to stay!!! GO ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP BABY!!!
    LIKE A PYRAMID!!!!!!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 61 Thumb down 1


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