Meet & Greet at PICC Banquet Hall 02/14/10

Meet & Greet at PICC Banquet Hall 02/14/10

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  1. RhyanP says:

    i really love the way Charice laugh. so transparent and so true. i almost got the opportunity to see her face to face on her first concert but got hindered by some unexpected circumstances. and i admire to all chasters here for their untiring and unconditional love and support to some fellow chasters.

    Chaster Forever!!! Labyo All!!

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  2. jn says:
    Just read today the Nege and theo’s reflections….Your so lucky…..thanks for sharing and i felt like i was among you during the gathering……..Kudos guys…

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  3. siane says:
    congratulation to all pi chasters! for meet and greet successful

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  4. jn says:
    Fellow chasters,Charicemania team, the organizers (Tintol, Schoen,Noellen, Smee,Pin,Archie, Narita,Irsmith and many others) thank you for sharing your experiences/thoughts/time and efforts……can’t help but smile as I watched the vids and read your notes and at the same time gets teary-eyed (positive way)….I felt so near and part of the meet and greet (yet far= I am here in Tx)….Kudos guys…..Thanks for unselfishly pouring and sharing your thoughts……Henri V and Mr. Frank Hilario, my hats off for the great articles you’ve written about the event…
    TO CHARICE: thanks for being “just you.”.Definitely you are an inspiration to both young and old….

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  5. wyip says:
    Our Heroes Tintol, Narita, kuya Smee, ate Pin, motherdear, ate lulu, kuya Archie, ab_bonita, Irma, Noelle, Nege, Theo and many more! A million thanks to y’all for such a wonderful event. Y’all made our day for us not being able to attend the Chantastic Concert.

    Nessa, we are really proud and happy for you that your much awaited Cha moment arrives FINALLY in that awesome manner! I’m glad to say that’d be a Super Cha Moment that you’re gon’ remember for life! You simply deserve each and everything you’ve experienced there =) Labyo! Also, Theo pare my man! both of you still manage to maintain your composure especially Theo! I’d go gaga if that happens to me haha.

    Again, many sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart goes to the Organizers and everyone behind the scene for such a wonderful and successful evening. Thanks also for uploading the videos of the concert, I felt like I was there when watching ‘em =) We owe it big to y’all.

    MommyRaqz, Thanks a whole lot once again for your support for the Meet & Greet again just like you did in Singapore =) You’re indeed a Super Mom! Also, Carl was never to be forgotten too for his presence and assistance in one way or another in the event =)

    Last but never the least, Standing Ovation all the way to our dearest princess CHARICE! You made everything and every dream of Chasters possible!

    “You are life-changing. You are mysteriously full of surprises. You are phenomenal. You are simply, a friend.”

    Watching the videos of your concert alone puts a big smile on my face (with my chinky-eyes) Because of you, I’ve made myself a promise that we’ll make sure we are gon’ attend your next solo concert! (if its within our region though)

    Hope to meet ALL of you my fellow Chaddicts Chasters one fine day! and of course to meet & greet Charice again too! =) Labyo all! Peace Out y’all!

    P/S: Schoen! (dont be modest) You’re our hero too! =) *HugZ*


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  6. pearly says:
    Thank you so much for the article Schoen & Nege. Also, a big thank you to MommyRaqz, Charice, Carl, Ms G Mendoza and fellow Chasters who made this event a big success. To the organizers, you guys did a great job and I love to say that you Chasters rock. It was really sweet seeing all of you there getting your very 1st Chamoment. Although we couldn’t be there physically, but our souls were there with all of you. I bet the other Chasters who couldn’t make it felt the same way as I do. Thank you again everyone who were there to make the event a big success. Keep the Chaspirit going and like i alwiz said, we LABYO LABYO Charice, MommyRaqz, Carl and all the VICs (Very Important Chasters). Apologies if I left out anyone’s name :) *hugs*

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    • Arniefan says:
      I couldn’t agree more. My thanks go out to all those who made the videos available. I see labyo being used a lot. It was shouted out in the concert and Charice replied (at least that’s what I thought I heard), but I can’t get it to translate on-line. I may start using it but would sure like to know what I am saying first. Thanks again.

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      • ArrVee says:
        Arniefan: “labyo” = “love you”

        welcome to the site and enjoy the great fellowship!

        LoloJP, warm up a cup of coffee for Arniefan …

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  7. artemis gibran says:
    Dear Schoen, Tintol, Noellen, Nege, and other Chaster Organizers,

    I want to thank you for your generosity and selflessness. You have given us a gift that we will always cherish. In behalf of our friends who maybe a few thousand miles away from the Meet and Greet, we would like to express our appreciation of your effort and love for Charice and the Chasters.

    More power to all of you… and again, thank you very much indeed. God bless!


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  8. Arniefan says:

    Charice’s timing, coming back on stage in her red shoes singing “Over the Rainbow” couldn’t have been better. I’ll bet it almost felt to everyone there as if she clicked those “ruby red shoes” three times and all was transported to the emerald city.

    A bit of trivia in case anyone is not aware, the version that Charice credits to Katherine McPhee was first arranged and sung so hauntingly and magically by Eva Cassidy. The song was made so iconic by Judy Garland that by my understanding from 1939 until Eva (50 or so years later) no one ever sang it differently than Judy.

    Eva’s version remained in obscurity until after she left us and her music went gold and platinum around the world. She is the only other musical artist so far who affects me the way Charice does.

    If Charice ever sang a duet to a video of Eva singing “Over The Rainbow,” similar to what Natalie Cole did with her father or Lisa Marie Presley singing “Don’t Cry Daddy” to her father’s video, I don’t think I would even try to hold back the tears.

    By the way, all of this can be found on Youtube.

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  9. max says:
    I understand that Archie paid tribute to a fallen Chaster at the Meet and Greet. Charice has gained so many new fans that some may not have had the privilege of meeting or knowing about Anciano Uno. Uno, as he was known to us, passed away last summer. He was a member of Team Charicemania. Uno spent a lot of time in the chat room, and had the innate ability to manage and defuse squabbles. But he was best known for being unselfish and would give any listener a complete dissertation on our princess Charice. He particularly liked to work with youngsters and would help them acquire memorabilia that would make children’s eyes go wide.

    I am sure Uno had the best seat in the house for the Valentine’s concert, and he swelled with pride as he watched Charice perform her fantastic concert. He would have been so proud of her. If you would like to know or re-visit with some of his memories, here is an article that was written by our very own Tintol about Uno.

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  10. Lou says:
    Love everything about her. Her make-up, red dress and oh yes the shoes fabulous. Happy to see some Chasters having a good time meeting Charice in person….

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  11. EBjohns11 says:
    Tnx for sharing – more pics here from Mr Henri

    GOOd JOB TO ALL!! Glad u guys had fun!

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  12. capofret says:
    haynakunakakatawanaman username mo haynakuubosnanamanorasko (watching charice’s videos)..bwahahaha!i love ur name also..maybe i should change my username too..haha!

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    • Max says:

      Thanks a million for the high quality videos you are willing to share.

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    • haynakuubosnanamanorasko says:
      Hello Capofret,

      Glad to make you smile. Sometimes, I purposely refrain from visiting this website and YT because reading about and watching Charice is so addictive (Chaddict) that my username truly reflects my state when I am in CM or in YT.

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  13. luvkcha09 says:
    A BIG Thank you Chasters for uploading all these videos from the Valentine Concert. I know it’s been a few days since but watching all these makes me feel like I am in the party with you guys. :

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  14. marie says:
    Congratulations to Charice and Chasters…

    Even I’m a thousand miles away, I feel the excitement even prior to the concert I’ve been dreaming of watching it in front row like I did with Miss Saigon (twice with Lea & Monique)the same venue, Charice performed.

    I keep on smiling watching the videos on “meet & greet” as if I am Nege, lol ( in that case, I might forget everything, lol) no kidding, Nege you’re the one.

    My hubby sat beside me wondering why I’m so happy watching and reading the write-ups. I thought he will say…charice charice naman! but to my surprise…he watch and read it too before he borrow the computer. I’m so glad he didn’t ruin my evening with charice & chasters, lol.

    Thanks a bunch to the organizers ( headed by Schoen. For Tintol and the group, fantastic work! well done darling. Oh by the way, Tintol you’re so guapa. Eja is also guapo. For my darling Noellen, I’m happy for you, finally you’ve meet our darling Charice.

    To Momraqz & Carl for the joy of sharing your precious Charice to the world. To the chasters for keep on believing Charice and to our Almighty God for the Marvellous blessings…

    labyo labyo na rin…Cheers

    New Zealand is waiting for your world tour…


    Thank you Marie,.. yeah I am still on top of that sea of clouds,….My wish,, for all super chaddicts to meet Charice,..


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  15. max says:
    Schoen, Tintol, Nege, Noellen, Smee, Archie, Narita, and all of the others who conceived, organized, planned, and carried out this Meet and Greet deserve a Gold Medal for their efforts. I was privy to all of the emails back and forth as this project unfolded. Up until the minute Charice walked in singing and joining Nege and Theo as they performed for the crowd, it was not 100% given that Charice would be able to attend.

    Man oh man, talk about goosebumps…not only Nege, Theo and the Chasters in attendance, but all of us 8,000 miles away and elsewhere were spellbound. Charice strolled in and just absolutely took the event over. She has more persona than any entertainer I have witnessed in an impromptu setting such as this. With a simple wave of her hand, the delirious crowd slipped into silence and enjoyed “The Climb”. Then she gets the crowd into it and the whole room sang and shook the walls, hahaha. I hope no other events were taking place next door.

    Watching these videos, seeing all the pictures in this and related articles, and seeing people in Chaster heaven really make me proud to be a member of Team Charicemania, and an associate of these guys.

    Go Chasters, go Team Charicemania, and go Charice. What a grand time we all will have as Charice unleashes her album, video, and songs to the world. It should be a ride to remember……….

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    • Narita says:
      Dear Max,

      Of everyone in the Philippine Team, it was Tintol who lost the most sleep organizing the event. The way this never-tiring volunteer goes around to places and meets with people, you’d think she already left her day job. And if her call wakes you up at 1AM, it was because she thought it was just after-dinnertime, and she was probably doing moderating jobs here.

      Hats off to you Tintol!

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    • Narita says:
      Thanks for uploading my comment above. I thought it had disappeared. :)

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  16. Jonno says:
    Wonderful! Looks like you all had fun!

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  17. capofret says:

    if you watched all the videos, she wore all black inside and as i see the purpose of it was – so she can easily change outfit during her breaks. she only changes the top/coat.. i dont know what it’s called.

    and if you really thought about the whole concert, it catered to all ages with regards to guest singers – from erik santos/ryan cayabyab singers to ogie to george yang.

    youre questioning ryan c’s musical arrangement? borrowed? the piano piece was played based from the song..anyone who reads music will play the same as david foster or atleast have his/her own arrangement but the root note/key is still the same. the transition from one song to another is good and charice was able to rest her voice with the lineup of songs. choice of songs was from classic to present hits. for me, that was a smart move.

    dont feel cheated attending charice’s concert because watching her perform live is priceless.

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    • jessica86s says:

      No ADAGIO? and where’s the teleserye medleys? Didn’t anyone record it? What’s up? hehehe.

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  18. jessica86s says:
    Kaka- Ingit talaga kayo oo. I feel like my puppies running around in circles when they greet me when I come home from work. They’re so excited and I always wonder why they are too excited when they see me after a whole day being at work. It’s probably the same feeling whenever I see Charice like this.

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  19. mrsharbort says:
    The efforts of Chasters are unquantifiable. Saludo ako sa inyong lahat. Am sure Charice is so proud of you. Charice brings out the best in everyone. She brings out the best of writers, singers, and most specially she brings out the best of human nature, that is being selfless.

    Each of the Chasters who were there, will remember this for as long as they live.

    Ten years or 20 years from now, this and other meets and greets, if archived properly, will be one of the most valuable collections of Charice Museum.

    Congratulations Chasters.

    Congratulations, Charice.

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  20. mpasig52 says:
    I still can’t get over the whole experience.The Valentine’s concert and the unforgettable Meet and Greet. Everything is like a dream come true!

    Thank you so much for everyone who made this grand meeting with Charice possible. She was very accommodating and gracious to all the fans. I came there as a fan with my husband as my companion, but after the concert and the Meet and Greet event Charice gained a new Chaster!

    We lab you Charice! We will pray for your success and many more blessings from God.

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  21. irmsmiller says:
    It feels good to be in this joyous occasion..Each Chaster won’t forget every moment we experienced that special Valentine’s day for all of us. Meeting the Chasters in person and of course having Charice most of all was such a great moment that every Chaster is looking for to experience. Thanks to Charice and her family, her manager, to all the organizers of the Meet an Greet..Tintol, Ate Narita, Ate Pin and Kuya Smee who exerted lots of efforts to make the event a successful Kuya Henri who took all the pictures and Kuya Archiemr who happened to be the emcee of the event..and of course…to all the Chasters who came and joined us on that unforgettable made it all extra special. Till next time guys!keep supporting Charice!God bless!

    And special thanks also to Schoen who did everything to accommodate every Chaster’s request from the very beginning..bow down to you guys!

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  22. justcharrie says:
    The presence of Charice made the gathering exuberant and priceless! The ever generous Charice who knows exactly how to make her fans so happy, nevermind that she’s tired after the energetic concert that brought the house down, again, as always – you’re the Best Charice! I’d like to thank Ate Lulu for taking us along with them through live blog streaming, I was glad I was able to catch it on time and so I saw firsthand how Charice graced the night. It was really a fun fun night. Congratulations to the organizers, job well done! Of course, congratulations to all Chasters who witnessed another night of great music with Cha’s personal touch. An evening of Charice’s greatness indeed!

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  23. eve says:
    O M G that moment is priceless when Charice walked in the room for a surprise duet with Nege! A moment I’m sure Nege will remember forever, like what Taylor Swift said at the Grammys, she’ll be telling the story to her grandchildren about how she won the Grammy for Best Album of the Year… and since Charice is a future Grammy winner (my prediction anyway) I guess it’s as close as Nege is gonna get! heh heh …a spectacular entrance, an ultimate performer and knows how to please the crowd for sure …just wow wow wow! So cute too how they had to help her climb on the podium with those high heels on. Charice is the comedienne too. But I’m hoping someone pls translate what she said after the song? and what’d she say to Nege during the song at 3:00? thanks!

    a BIG THANK YOU to Schoen for taking the initiative to organize and arrange the gathering in the first place. I know you wrote the article, so can’t exactly thank yourself, so let me be the one to pat you on the back and Team Schoen (don’t be modest) for a job well done and way beyond… You really took the lead on this and, my gosh, what a project it is, but you all pulled it off and looks like the best gathering ever from the very nice ID tags that are souvenirs in themselves to the livestream and esp. the entertainment – oh my, Charice herself singing one more song after a very generous song set at the concert.

    Thanks, Charice, for your generous spirit and infectious energy and love you give to the chasters! We love you too and wish you always the best! next stop… Vienna!!

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    • haynakuubosnanamanorasko says:
      Hello Eve,
      Right after the song, she asked Nege to help her up the podium as she was already having “arthritis” from her performance especially at that part in Halo when she had to bend down low. All in jest.
      At 3:00 part of the clip, she was telling Nege not make her already chinky-eyes look smaller which certainly happens when Nege smiles or laughs. Some Chasters who are not Filipino might find this comment from Charice in poor taste but for a gathering of Filipinos comments such as this are all part of clean fun. As you can all see everyone is laughing and having a wonderful time.

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      • eve says:
        bwahahahhahaha great fun! thanks haynakuubosnanamanorasko…. love ur name LoL

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        • haynakuubosnanamanoraskoko says:
          You are welcome, Eve. Glad to put a smile on your face as well with my username, which just about describes what happens to me when Charice has events like this one.

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  24. CutieSinger23 says:
    thanks for the pictures! cool video and cool pics hehe :)
    but im still sad becuz i wasn’t there… :’)

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  25. tsuki says:
    Stupendous performance!!! Thank you very much for pics & video upload. When is Charice going to perform in Tokyo?

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