Charice! We were bombarded by your embrace

Charice! We were bombarded by your embrace

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  1. leilaniandson says:

    Your article Mr. Frnak Hilario is so inspiraing. I was in the concert. Sorry I did not bring a camer. I sold my camer few months ago and planning to buy a new one. I did not have the chance to post here after the concert coz of my work and no time to go online. Anyways, I have been promoting Charice and her Pyramid

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  2. DFOX says:


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  3. jessie says:
    Does anyone of you here knows some up-coming shows of charice?well aside from her concert on Vienna Austria…i hope she will perform on American Idol.It will help her a lot specially on her new single “PYRAMID”

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  4. mrsharbort says:
    Some people are born to write, like you Mr. Hilario

    Some people are born to sing, like Charice.

    And some people are born to appreciate great writers and singers.

    I am one of them.

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    • Thanks, mrsharbot! I thank God we have someone as fabulous as Charice for me to write about. It is also a great challenge to write to try and convince more people to love her. Especially more Filipinos.

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  5. wower31 says:
    Labyo, Master Frank H! Am glad that I had the guts to approach you after the concert and to confirm that yes, indeed, you are the REAL GREAT Frank Hilario who holds the golden pen as Charice holds the bejewelled mic.Thank you for uplifting our Filipino spirits!

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    • And this writer thanks Charice for uplifting his Filipino spirit in the first place! And yes, I’m glad to have known you in a magical moment, shall I say?

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    • A thought just occurred to me. I was about to begin watching and listening to all those uploads of the Feb 14 (Fab 14) concert of Charice – instead of everybody doing it separately, I suggest a team of 2 or 3 do the honors of watching & listening to the complete set of videos and transcribe the dialog and repartee (the lyrics we can get from the Internet) – I can edit the text before uploading – then everybody can enjoy the exchanges, and everybody can write their own happy little pieces. And of course I will write the longest!

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