Standing Ovations at PICC ValentineA?s Concert

Standing Ovations at PICC ValentineA?s Concert

We look for the best HQ/HD videos for you so that you don’t have to… now uploaded …along with the “long story” version from Hertzblaster of this memorable concert experience. Charice brought down the house at the PICC Plenary Hall. The much-awaited ValentineA?s concert of Charice with Maestro Ryan Cayabyab brought the audience up to their feet. Three full standing ovations. Now how about that? Congratulations Mr. Ryan Cayabyab and Charice!

Recap of the concert from Hertzblaster – thank you sir!

The best Concert that I had ever seen in my entire life!!!!!

Never in my life that I will make a very long story about me or something or someone else . But it is happening now. (Sorry for the grammatical error if ever you found one. I think its many.)

Iai??i??ve waited several months for this concert. In fact I am one of the first few people who bought tickets even though PICC have not yet sent the seating arrangement at the ticket outlet where I bought my ticket.

The concert tickets are twice as expensive for local singers. The ticket price is like as if Great American Singers is going to perform a concert here at PI. So if 6000 people is going to attend, and if the ticket is not that expensive, probably 12,000 Filipinos will watch her concert.

Here is my story. Its time! I canai??i??t control my excitement. Thankfully my wife is very understanding even though she is not a Charice fan. But she will be soon.

7:20pm Arrived at the Cultural Center of The Philippines (CCP) Complex. I was very surprised that traffic was rather loose in the area. I was expecting a horrible traffic jam because Its Chinese new Year and there will be an International Fireworks Display Competition at Mall of Asia grounds (Second biggest shopping mall in the world!. I cant believe the Philipines holds that distincton.) which is a few kilometers away from CCP complex. There is also a concert by La Divas near the back of PICC. We ate dinner at ai???The Harborai??? beside the CCP.

Charice advertised the show will start at 8pm. Well, we are in the Phils. I expect the show to start at 830pm

7:55pm- Time to go to PICC. It is about 1 km away. Now I am beginning to feel the traffic jam. But as I am nearing the PICC, I noticed very few cars parked in front of the bldg. Dec 2008 the last time I attended a concert here, I wasnai??i??t able to park near the front of the bldg. I became concerned. Few people are going to watch the concert I said to myself..

8pm Entering the front door, now they have scanners just Order zyloprim prescribing like what they have at the airport. Two Barong Clad Guards guard manning the post. Let the bag pass through the scanner then we just passed by the guards and we are in. ai???Is that it?ai??? No more body search! Darn, I should have brought my Vintage video camera! What a frustration! Its a shoot as much as you please!

Spanning my eyes inside the lobby, I said WOW! This place is really Classy! But the number of people coming in is rather few in my estimate. I am again concerned.

We have to walk a few meters and exit to another door. upon exit, we saw the Charice Sennheiser Mic being sold and displayed at the long table at the sides as we walk to the entrance of another bldg where the Plennary Hall is located.

Showed our tickets and we are directed to a stair going to the balcony section. In the entrance. Lots of ai???Insularesai??? waiting for the show to start here.

At the second floor, you may thought that nothing is going on. Gave our tickets and we are in the Balcony after a few steps.

Upon seeing the balcony section view of the stage, I said WOW!!! I love this!!! I will really get my moneyai??i??s worth, Its close to the stage and we are going to occupy the front row of the right side balcony section (There is no center balcony as the center is an enclose room for interpreters whenever there is international gatherings here). The best place to capture video is in this seat.

It was already 830pm and I went to the main lobby. Saw also my sister and her husband rushing inside. They are paying for a more expensive tickets. Wellai??i??.

I noticed now that a lot of people are now coming inside. I went out of the bldg and saw what I am expecting to see a few minutes back. There was now a horrible traffic jam in front of the bldg. I walked further away from the bldg and saw that itai??i??s now a nightmare driving or passing by the CCP complex. Well and good because Charice partly did it! (my bad!)

I got back to the plenary hall and RC is now playing. Just in time, after making ourselves comfortable, here comes Charice

Halo- As she walked though the stage, I tried to recall who was her look alike based on my first impression. Now I know, its ai??? ELVIRA, Sheai??i??s Alive!!! Ho ho ho!!! But she was stunning. She looks very tall. And her entrance together with the music of RC band is a classic. Her voice, the first line of the song, instantly captured my imagination . I like the part that there was some silence then she starts clapping her hands up in the air. Wow!!! Then the audience follows though.

Then there was also part that she mimics the style of Pilita Corrales. A sharp body bend backwards. Bwa ha ha! I almost screamed! I want to shout ai??? Charice! Be careful, you might fall!!! Ha ha ha!!! My wife also was thrilled!

Her powerful voice filled up every nook of the hall. It was wonderful and its like you want to float in the air and feel how glorious the beginning of this event is.

My wife agree that Charice looks beautiful and elegant in that black outfit. Whenever I put my eyes in the big screen, Her projection in that big screen is really different from what I saw the last time at SMX. I was stunned by her looks!

Because you loved me- Saw her performed in HD video with Celine. Less excitement but her tone or musicality is really very pleasant to hear. There are more mature emotions in this performance.

Listen- This performance could have been one of the best for the night, But Charice I think move the mic away too far during the high impact note so there was sudden drop in volume in the part where you are suppose to hear the most difficult part to be the loudest one. (or maybe I was feeling very high already and donai??i??t know what I am doing or where I was.)

Canai??i??t smile without youai??i?? Unexpected but this is a very relaxing and happy moment for the audience. Audience waving their hands and singing together with Charice. I always believe that Barry Manilow , whose song also is as powerful as Charice could bring about the most powerful song ever with a duet with Charice. Charice voice is very cool here. Itai??i??s the first time we heard her sing this song,

Hopelessly devoted to you- Time for a little fun and to showcase RCai??i??s singers. But unfortunately there are seven of them and canai??i??t pinpoint who among the guys have potential because of small part for each of them. This is a good part where I came back to my senses.

George Yang The prayer duet with Charice- the crowd loves it. Who would ever think that a world class entrepreneur can sing like this one. If you love Ginobili, you will also like George Yang but keep your eyes close.

Ogie Alcacid and Eric Santos- I though they have the same same style. They are both great and powerful singers also. Ogie is the more seasoned singer though as he knows how to generate audience participation. He is also amazing But my wife clapped the loudest for Eric Santos. You know why?

Bubble dress of Charice- I already saw a big smile in Charice face when she entered the stage wearing this dress. I thought its several pieces of windows at my first glance. This is the funniest moment of the night especially when Eric Santos starts playing with it and Charice and the audience are laughing.

Kailan- This is the most enchanting song of the evening. No one saw it coming. Who would ever remember RC composition back in the 80ai??i??s at this point in time. The love song became popular then by Geneva Cruz as the lead singer of Smokey Mountain.

The song tells about the story of a girlai??i??s sadness and frustration over a guy whom she loves so much and was not recognized or ignored no matter what kind of sweetness and attention she has shown to the guy. But the original song has an upbeat tempo, and for a love long, and with that kind of meaning, Charice nailed it with the right emotion and connected with audience. The moment she start the first note, I was surprised the audience immediately recognized the song. Her performance with that song can break a womanai??i??s heart apart. A few teardrops from the men watching the show should not look embarrassing.

Her voice here is one the sweetest I ever heard of . Her angelic voice creeping slowly to the silence of some passage in the song is ai??i??ai??i??.. ai??i??..

I canai??i??t describe it. Simply its heaven!

If you heard her rendition of God bless America in NYC especially the first slow part, then it has similarities in the way she captured the sensitivities of the audience. Watch LOEL upload of this song at you tube. It has the best audio and video.

Teleserye Medley- May Bukas Pa (There is still tomorrow) – This is the best of the best for the night. I canai??i??t remember how long it lasted but it was the longest and most wonderful performance I had ever heard of. The audience really felt how powerful and beautiful Charice voice is. The RC arrangement and the band should also be given big credit here. Charice voice was very beautiful and distinct and in great control from low to high, from very soft to very high passage. The song has a Charismatic meaning and very inspirational.

I really love the sound system here. The louder it get, the sound gets more fuller. Iai??i??m an audio-video hobbyist and I like good sound and high quality video

The song is arrange just like how DF is doing it . The intensity slowly building up and then continue to build up as if it is ready to explode anytime. I can feel the flashes of Charice voice power and I can feel it will have a grand ending. Then finally itai??i??s a big bang at the end but this time around, the end has an extra bang!

The final blow to the last part of the song , the hall in total darkness with all the colorful spotlight on Charice, the band delivers an astonishing finishing kick in tandem to the very powerful and very high voice of Charice . Itai??i??s a heart pounding performance!!! This brought the house down at PICC. Whew! I Canai??i??t breathe! Water please!

Then I was surprised that after the song Charice seems to have enjoyed her performance so much and was immediately sharing some big smile with the audience and RC as if everything is just a joke. What a girl!!!! But I can feel she is really in great shape this time around.

And I am telling you - If you saw the reaction of Paul Oai??i??grady in his show after Charice sang, ai???Its brilliantai??? Brilliant! brilliant!!!! Whew! Its a nerve shattering performance.

Somewhere over the rainbow - Iai??i??ve heard it before and she delivers it as expected. It was sweet and lovely. I really love it whenever she sings in a slow tempo where you can really feel the sweetness of her voice. But I noticed a little error in the timing of Charice after her solo in the first part, then came the instruments. She was late in coming in as you can see a little change of expression in her face and I saw a hand signal from RC to the band to keep on going. But it went unnoticed because the band played it as if it’s really how the timing is. Great job! I may be wrong but you can see it in the posted video of Charice small change in her facial expression minus the hand signal of RC to the band. I may be in the balcony section but I do believe everyone in the balcony section will agree that it’s surprisingly close enough to see what is going on on the stage.

RC medley with Eric,Ogie,George and Charice - itai??i??s a rollercoaster ride where each of them performed RCai??i??s popular tagalog songs. Itai??i??s enjoyable because you will see how versatile Charice guest is in this show singing side by side.

The other number was delivered as expected. I felt that I am now OK even if the show ended unexpectedly after the biggest moments. The succeeding number is just a bonus. Everybody got their time and moneyai??i??s worth.

Here is my initial recount!!!!

  1. The acoustics and sound system is the best. the louder it gets, the fuller the sound is.
  2. George Yang of Mcdonald is a revelation. Amazing voice. Duets the prayer with Charice
  3. Eric Santos- Wow its the first time I heard him sing live!
  4. Ogie Alcasid- I didnt know that he has a powerful voice also. He is also amazing
  5. Ryan Cayabyab and his band- He can give DF a run for his money. The arrangement was fantastic and he was able to make the best out of Charice voice
  6. Charice- The prettiest and at her best appearance at her age now. She was so darn beautiful and pretty which my wife also noticed. She was in command of the show from start to finish. I have never seen her with this kind of magnificent performance in the stage singing relentlessly in longer duration and in full control of her voice.

Charice is at her best in this show unlike the last time where she was sick. The show went very smoothly without any delays or problem. There was never a dull moment in the show. Charice did not thank so many sponsors lengthfully unlike the last time.

Congratulation also to Ryan Cayabyab and his band for a wonderful performance. Charice is phased very well unlike her first concert. Charice was given enough time to prepare her number after each series of songs.

Another addition to the collection of magnificent performances by Charice!


(Lucky me, iai??i??m just 20 mins away from the concert venue!)

The place was about 80% full in my estimate.

The balcony section at the right side was about 60% full only but its a small area only in my estimate can only accomodate 300people. The balcony section has very nice view, not too close and not too far.

Its worth the money for paying 900 pesos based on my experiences in different concert venues. I paid 3000 pesos at SMX the last time and feel bad after because of poor seat location.

the left side of the balcony looks 80% full.

I estimate about 50 seats empty at the most expensive area.

The furthest left side portion of the 3000-2000 pesos area has about 100 seats empty.

But all in all, its a very good attendance considering the ticket price is the most expensive for Filipinoai??i??s holding a local concert here in PI.

Congrats to Charice!

The people who had seconds thoughts and failed to watch the concert missed 50% of their lives!.

The songs Charice sangAi?? (to view the videos, mouseover onto a play icon):

or click PLAYLIST to view the full concert (courtesy of CHARAQSTER)

  1. Opening number – Ryan Cayabyab overture, Charice is introduced at 3:50 – Halo; Halo (HQ)
  2. Listen Listen (HQ)
  3. Because You Loved Me
  4. Bodyguard Medley – I Have Nothing / I Will Always Love You
  5. I Can’t Smile Without You (HQ)
  6. Charice duet with George Yang – The Prayer (HQ)
  7. Hopelessly Devoted To You
  8. Charice with RC singers – Ang Halik Mo
  9. Kailan (HQ); Kailan w-English subtitles (from hertzblaster)
  10. Charice duet with Erik Santos – Come What May (HQ)
  11. Teleserye Medley (Philippine Soap Opera Theme Songs)
  12. May Bukas Pas
  13. Charice duet with Ogie Alcasid – Haggang Ngayon, (HQ) Extended version w/ banter
  14. Ogie Alcasid performing Nandito Ako (HQ)
  15. Somewhere Over the Rainbow (HQ); SOTR w-English subtitles(from hertzblaster)
  16. And I’m Tellin’ You (HQ)
  17. Tagalog Medley (HQ)with Ogie Alcasid, George Yang, and Erik Santos
  18. Note To God (HQ)
  19. Closing number – I Will Survive

(Thanks Michelle for updating us about the songs.)

After her successful concert, Charice went to the ChastersA? Gathering for a short duet w/ Nege and picture taking. Thanks a lot, Charice, for making your fans happy.

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112 Responses to “Standing Ovations at PICC ValentineA?s Concert”

  1. DL says:
    Hey Chasters!

    I made it to the concert just in time. I arrived in the Philippines just a day before the concert. I had to quit my job though in Qatar hahaha! that is what I said, by hook or by crook I need to see that concert and I must say it was worth it. I was there on 4th row and believed me, it was the best concert I have ever seen. It was simply magical listening to her “live” and I enjoyed every minute of it.
    The concert went very smoothly and I just love it.

    I must say, She is indeed destined to be a big big want to know why? It simply because She has everything, the voice quality, the moves, the personality, confidence and most especially the heart.

    I am now working in Hong Kong, just a week after I quit my job. Funny, everything seems to work out just fine.



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  2. vocal judge says:

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    • capofret says:
      charice doesnt need to prove herself to the philippine audience to be a true artist because she already is if you didnt know. filling up a concert is not the only basis of becoming one. and you cant compare her to regine or sarah because the two have been known for many years before staging their concerts. considering the tickets prices to be expensive and coinciding with other concerts, she was still able to fill it 80-90%. have you checked if regine or sarah was able to fill up the venue when they held their first or second time concert? i doubt it.

      charice is for the world audience that is the fact.

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    • Jessica86s says:
      If you didn’t notice it was maybe 15% max vacant seats. But ticket sales were 95% sold. So that would put the shortfall of sales on an acceptable level considering the prices of the tickets were for international and not the regular local or domestic prices.

      This should be telling you something already, contrary to what you are claiming. And attitude? What are you talking about boastful? Charice’s very few promotional plug ins didn’t appear boastful like the others who were promoting their concerts during that same period. The success of Charice’s concert was a result of solid support from her fans and not due to intensive promotional gimmickry. If this is what you are referring to that the Filipinos resent, well it’s their loss and not Charice’s. And should this be true or the rule with the Filipino attitude, then I believe we foreigners out here are correct in saying that the Philippines does not deserve Charice or some one as special and great as Charice.

      Thanks to the international fan base of Charice who supported Charice’s concert through sponsorships of tickets, the concert achieved this 95% sales. If Charice’s ticket’s were sold at the same rates as those other local entertainers, the PICC would not have been big enough and even the Araneta or the biggest possible event venue there would be big enough to accommodate everyone who would go. Now you tell me if Sarah or Regine or any other Filipino artist can do that or has that kind of international backing.

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  3. eve says:

    There was a review yesterday of Charice’s Valentine’s Concert. Not only is it 12 days too late, but the best thing said is “it was guest Ogie Alcasid who brought the house down with his witty spiels.” Kailan was ‘noteworthy’ (why so?) and they ‘enjoyed listening’ to the OPM numbers. But when an article begins by pointing out the exasperated audience who “booed in sheer dismay” at the late start, clearly the writer is not a certified chaster… No mention of the standing ovations and I also sensed a disdain for the birit style of singing.

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    • justcharrie says:

      Instead of me being glad that at last, there was a review, it just disappoints me that more noteworthy moments of the concert were left unmentioned. Watching different videos from different uploaders; from different angles, it was more than clear that Charice brought the house down. I doubt that the writer was writing review on the first hand basis.

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  4. hertzblaster says:

    Here it is again

    Somewhere over the rainbow

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  5. Eve says:
    Thumbs Up @WebScribes. @Noellen, that is going to be one of the classic Charice photos. LOVE IT!

    I read somewhere the “bubble” outfit was similar to something Beyonce wore in one of her performances and the back lean, too – the ultimate flattery is to emulate your hero. More power to Charice, that was a great move and a great concert.

    I guess they don’t write up concert reviews in Philippines like they do here. Odd that nothing has been written about it in PI news. Is that typical? Oh well, they don’t have to tell us what a great concert it was. We already know!

    btw this is the 100th comment for Charice’s Valentine’s Concert! plus all the other chaster reflections…

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    • Jessica86s says:

      Hello Eve,

      No it is not typical for the PI media not to have a review of major occassions such as the valentine’s concerts. I believe there were three simultaneous concerts on that evening and the entertainment writers have selected which concert they favored most. From that article you provided the link for, it sounds like the media people did not get their tickets for free, and as a VIP. Therefore, you can expect this sort of thing…no review or just a mediocre review, down playing the headliners.

      It looks like Charice’s team ought to be more dilligent in looking out for their media contacts there. It’s a PR flaw or weakness that Charice’s team in the PI has. This is one of the main functions and responsibilities of the public relations professional. It looks like Charice’s team doesn’t have someone looking out for this, which has a very important and vital role in the promotions of her upcoming singles and album. Although there are certainly a number of detractors or “contra-Charice” amongst the Philippine media, the article which you provided a link in your next comment is an example of what I’m trying to say. That writer may not have been a detractor, but a journalist which the team should have taken cared of before hand. And I don’t think it would take much to make them happy. Ask Mr. Frank Hilario. He knows.

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      • eve says:

        greasing the wheels pays off doesn’t it! Amazing, then, how much media attention Charice still gets in spite of disinterested media. Her worldwide fans and gift of song will be undeniable even in the far reaches of her own country some day. Many are still clueless of her popularity abroad but it will definitely get there and the signs are already evident though still lukewarm. Charice is so young, but she’s really sharp. Like DF said, he has never seen anyone so driven and so aware of her own career at such a young age. PR is a very, very important component of that, I agree with you, which she’ll learn in due time. She’s moving in the right direction and I’m not too worried about some of the bumps. This concert was a vast improvement over the SMX one. She is growing and learning by leaps and bounds.

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  6. Ate Lina says:
    Excellent video Mr. Hertz. Clear and goood sound of Kailan. Nice special effect too! I really love this song. Thank you !

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  7. hertzblaster says:
    he he he! watch this sister. My final version of Kailan
    This is the best that I can do with the audio so far.

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  8. Ate Lina says:
    I’ve said in my comment before that I will withold my opion/comment about Mr. R.C. until after I watched the uploaded videos. Tonight I just finished watching charice v. concert through CHARAQSTER’S great vids. Clear shots and clear audio. As expected Charice is amazing in her singing, mersmerizing, and goose bumps all over again for me. I can’t wait till I experience here LIVE. I’ll try my very best to attend next time she’s in town her in the bay area norcal. AND for Mr. C.5 stars for him. I liked very much the intro of charice and his arrangement of HALO. I fell in love with somewhere over the rainbow, KAILAN, Ikaw. I was entertained by cha & ogie’s short skit (comedy). I enjoyed RC singer’s number with cha it’s cute. I noticed ogie clapped at cha’s when she did her solo part in george canceco medley. wow, that’s something. All in all MY HATS OFF TO MR. C. to a beautiful concert with our beloved princess CHARICE.

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  9. the sister says:
    wow! hertzblaster, a certified huge fan of charice. never in the entire family has been a fanatic of local talents not until charice hits the international arena. he texted me 12n of 13th feb with a message…don’t forget our idol’s concert is tomorrow and relayed to my husband haha. i liked charice even more in this concert imagine seeing her in person and thought she could be a good comedian too. any dvd for this concert to add to our collection of hertzblaster’s dvd compilation of charice’ concerts and ellen and oprah interviews which my husband plays all days, all nights at home when he’s not working then in the car being stuck in traffic to makati for 1 & half hour drive where we both work. we’re all gaga for charice, following on where her next appearance would husband would always promote DF The Hitman as a first starter to friends who have not yet familiar to charice. when it comes to videos, electronics, computers – Engr Hertzblaster is the man.

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  10. amymeng2 says:
    Congratulations Charice and Maestro RC. Love your concert , when can I see this in dvd?
    As usual Cha, you’re the best, my total performer and my favorite no1 singer of all time. Love u Cha and I can’t wait to see you sing all your new songs esp. “PYRAMID” w/ Iyaz live in concert!

    GOD BLESS and take care of that great voice!

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  11. JaYrOx says:
    Here’s an HD version of The Prayer – Charice with George Yang.
    Video courtesy of Appin and Becky.


    :) :) :)

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  12. UnJynkz says:
    Congratulations Charice and Mr. C!
    I was confident from the start that it was going to be a blast! :) I mean, one of the many videos that I always come back to is Charice’s beautiful rendition of “I Believe” which was arranged and backed up by Mr.Cayabyab and his ensemble. That was for me one of her best performances. I was hoping, wishing actually, that they were going to perform it.

    Anyway WOW! is what I have to say after watching all the concert videos. The SINGER and the VOICE, as beautiful as always!
    and those recounts? man! you sure know how to satisfy a fan’s appetite. Thanks guys. I am yet to write my personal account. Hopefully when she does a big one in my hometown in Cebu. That’ll be the Day :) Well, until then, it’s another collection of great videos!
    I guess Congratulations are in order for the Chasters for a successful post concert meet and greet.

    Thanks for sharing the goods!

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  13. JaYrOx says:
    Here’s an HD video of The Prayer – Charice with George Yang.

    Video courtesy of Appin and Becky.

    :) :) ;)

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  14. jessica86s says:

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    • eve says:
      on first glance perhaps, but when you view the duet with Erik Santos – Come What May, omg it is sooo funny, clearly intended to elicit a laugh from the audience, which it does! …not to mention that it is a beautiful song. Charice’s voice soars in parts. I’d never heard the song before, but as usual Charice’s interpretation of it makes it one of my new favorite songs! lol Read Hertzblaster’s comment above in the article – “This is the funniest moment of the night especially when Eric Santos starts playing with it and Charice and the audience are laughing.” Did you notice this is one of the new HQ videos added above?

      All the elements of the concert seem to work well when viewed as a whole, including the costumes. What a great sense of humor Charice has. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Charice’s ability to connect with an audience reminds me of Michael Jackson or Beyonce, who also fills stadiums around the world …just a great entertainer.

      This audience does seem to be more appreciative of her talents than what I’ve seen in Phils, perhaps cuz they’re true chasters who paid big bucks to be there. Really, I was anxious about all the other concerts going on that same night, but fears were unfounded as this concert was almost full to capacity, with one story of a ticket buyer trying to exchange their other concert tickets for Charice’s! lol Gosh Charice will be winning everyone’s hearts soon with these kinds of superb performances – she’s the real deal, the whole package. I wish I had been there

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      • jessica86s says:

        Yes Eve, I wish I’d been there too to enjoy the concert live and in person. But I’d still make it a point to hang the costume designer by his nostrills and tie it all the way up by the ceiling of the PICC to help him make his statement.

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        • luvkcha09 says:
          Hi Jessica,

          At first glace, I did not like the black gown (looked like a graduation Toga to me) and the “Sailor moon” skirt but then Charice carried it with aplomb that I cannot find fault with it. It is after all the stage. I love the Red jacket and the red dress with those shoes…and Charice has the cutest legs! ha ha She’s really a beauty!

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      • WebScribes says:

        When Charice 1st entered the stage wearing that “Darth Vader” cape, wrap, robe thingy, I didn’t know what to think. But when she started to move and did her deep back lean, I could see it & the tights gave her great freedom of motion – plus it gets points for uniqueness. Charice made three quick costume changes by simply swapping jackets or outer garments for the two too hard to categorize ones ;-)

        The outfit found questionable by Jessica I call Charice’s “Lady Cha Cha” outfit as its beauty is in its outrageous! Rehearsals must a been a blast as Erik has his moves and Charice had her reactions perfectly choreographed – great fun for all. How often do you find great singing comedians?

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  15. wamond2004 says:
    HD videos of the concert already up. Please check them out in
    marlejen09′s YouTube Channel:

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  16. haynakuubosnanamanoraskoko says:
    Hello Admin,

    Could you please add in the list of songs “May Bukas Pa”? Here’s the YT link from Caprofet (


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  17. justcharrie says:
    Dang! Just heard Teleserye Medley and I found myself holding my breath. What a beautiful arrangement done by the Maestro. I was completely dumb. Did she get an SO for that? There’s something wrong with the audience if she didn’t. Mesmerized!

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  18. KENJIJETRHOW says:
    OMG – until now,I’m so high because of this concert, I was there its so AMAZING …….The best Concert that I had ever seen in my entire life!!!!! LABYO, LABYO, LABYO CHARICE , you are the BEST and thank you BRAVO !!!!to Mr. Ryan Cayabyab the wonderful musical arrangement. It was simply marvelous!, The COE George Yang of Mcdonald is a revelation. Amazing voice. Duets the prayer with Charice ,,,, BRAVO BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO ….. OMG I LOVE YOU CHARICE …. TINTOL , Narita, Schoen and Noelen Thank you so much ……… to you LUGAW.

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  19. Lou says:
    This is actually seems a well organized concert and everyone did a great job and Charice as usual a world class phenom.

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  20. jessica86s says:
    Please, anyone who has a good copy of the complete “May Bukas Pa” potion, share the link or post it.

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  21. jazzyming says:
    i want to buy the DVD for this concert. is charice going to release one? please!

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