Charice on Showtime 02/12/2010

Charice on Showtime 02/12/2010

Charice has refined the Michael Jackson dance moves that won our hearts in the “Carousel of Hope” practice session. Ai??She mesmerizes the Showtime audience with new moves in addition to the famous “Moonwalk”.Ai??Watch as Charice performs a flawless rendition of MJ’s performance. Ai??She even gets one of the hosts involved. Ai??Her arsenal of talent continues to grow. Ai??Her energetic performance leaves her and us “Breathless”.

Charice – Billie Jean

Video courtesy of Ai??ABS-CBN, uploaded by Ebsteebee

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Charice – Billie Jean Rehearsals Carousel of Hope

Video courtesy of Scubajoe12

Posted by: Ai??Max and Schoen

14 Responses to “Charice on Showtime 02/12/2010”

  1. osuna says:

    check this other billie jean you tube upload

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  2. osuna says:

    “litepci” you tube upload has longer version on Billie Jean, you can see the who ever she/he attitude is not very pleasant, one in blue with a mile long neck ornaments.

    Charice, you have nothing to prove anymore, now we’ll wait if Maestro Ryan musical direction is up to par with your talent , bless all the participants on this concert. I am sure everyone will do well. good luck

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  3. justcharrie says:
    Definitely her best moves since the first time I saw her doing MJ. Her dancing skill has improved a lot and I will not be surprised at all if I she performs it again and I’d be saying “This is her best.” once again. Oh, I should not be concluding ‘the best’ anymore coz she always comes up with the best.

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  4. artemis gibran says:
    YES! CHARICE , You are the ONE!


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  5. Jessica86s says:
    The way Charice pulls out one of the hosts from the audience and dances with him reminds me of “confidence”. For me, she’s always had this spunk and to improve on it? …Good Lord, what can I expect her to do if she improved it? Stop right in the middle of her song and start talking to the audience maybe, like Celine Dion did when she asked Charice to come up to the stage at Madison Square Garden, to sing with her. But given the right opportunity and reason, I have no doubt that Charice would not hesitate to do that, even if it would mean the whole orchestra would have to start from the beginning again. lol

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  6. that is what we called susper artist…one thing really magnetized me about charice when she is on stage she really felt she owns it.
    she goes around and around with versatile and with cutest movements.
    Nothing awkward and frigidities..hahahaha do you like my terms?
    my goodness just like a real cobra snakes…hehehehe lol amazing!!
    what a creature think how their body moves did you get my imagination yet about the snake so fast and quick.what a move…

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  7. jimfan155 says:
    I knew you were the “one” a few years ago.

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  8. osuna says:
    one of the crew don’t look happy the one in the back
    who is that person ?….jealous or what ?
    the one in blue….

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    • Elbiz says:
      He is a technician and cameraman working for David Foster.

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    • mingfan510 says:
      the guy in blue shirt i believe is Vice / Vince Ganda,i think that’s how they call him. one of the judges at Showtime. he is sort of the Simon Cowell of that show. He is gay.

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  9. Portia says:
    Pretty AMAZING, just could not get enough of it, played so many times and danced with her. Yes, Charice you are indeed the ONE!!!

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  10. nona says:
    WHAT? MJ back to life in Charice persona? hhhhmmm. A legend in a making. From the humble beggining to stardome.

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  11. luvkcha09 says:
    I can’t wait to see Charice dance to Pyramid…

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  12. luvkcha09 says:
    Wow MJ reborn! Charice gets the crown, the torch is passed to this generation’s Queen of Pop and more ! Yeah…..Charice you are THE ONE.

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