Charice Performs in Bali, Indonesia

Charice Performs in Bali, Indonesia

Chasters are excited as Twitter-world is abuzz with news that Charice is performing at a private party in Indonesia. Here are a few tweets that are out there. And one party-goer in particular who said he would upload video later… !!! Indonesia is just south of the Philippines and east of Singapore. The map at the bottom here pinpoints Charice’s location to within 1,434 meters, LoL.

Go go Charice! Now Indonesia may be added to the list of your worldwide fans from across the globe!

from zethjohn:
Tnite, CHARICE will sing 3 songs, because you loved me, i will always love you, i wanna dance with somebody… Thats COOL…

from zethjohn:

from zethjohn:
What do you mean? Charice. There is a party here who invited her to perform… Damn hot!

from zethjohn:
how could u knw, im in bali? And that is bday party? Who ARE YOU? Sorry its TOP SECRET *they said. Lol…

from otipandkitkat:
@lungsu88 wud u mind sharing a lil bit about the event? charice is awesome LIve!

from lungsu88:
@otipandkitkat can u wait till 10 pm tonite after that I will tweet the event and charice perfomance..

from lungsu88:
it a small party only 50 invitation

Charice on the plane!!!

An alert airplane passenger, a chaster obviously… waaaahhhh…. uploaded this YouTube video of Charice disembarking the plane at Indonesia, from the first class seats. You can hear the flight attendant saying “we missed our picture-taking… nevermind… congratulations.” I guess she didn’t bring her camera, too bad, LoL.

Well, the important thing is not that we have to know who the birthday party is for… Who cares, right? LoL …and perhaps we may never even get to see the video. BUT… I’m just happy knowing that Charice is performing in YET ANOTHER COUNTRY! How cool is that!!???!!!!!……..

We at Charicemania are so proud of you, Charice! And ecstatic over your success! A big CONGRATULATIONS to you indeed!

Bali Indonesia1 Charice Performs in Bali, Indonesia

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  1. Josie says:

    Nobody from that party in Indonesia is brave enough to break the privacy of that affair. Hence, no videos were uploaded up to now. We must respect that. However, I’d just like to see their reaction. so please videos please!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Avid Fan says:
    Good for you Charice!!! Kuta, Bali is where the rich and famous stay in Indonesia for a vacation. I like the place. It is so beautiful.

    Banyak terima kasih,Indonesia!!!

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  3. Avid Fan says:
    Kuta in Bali is the nicest part of Bali where the rich people stay. Bali is a very nice place to go. The people are so nice!

    Good for Charice. I know Indonesians love Filipino singers!!!

    Banyak terima kasih, Indonesia!!!

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  4. hermiemel says:
    Charice sung God Bless America to Maya & her husband in January 2009 during his inaguration. And Maya is from Indonenesia. And I am sure that she became a huge fan of Charice.

    Did Charice perhaps performed to Maya & family on this trip?

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    • Eve says:
      Maya Soetoro-Ng is the half-sister to President Barack Obama, born to an Indonesian father in Indonesia and caucasian mother (Obama’s mom). Her parents divorced, however, and she returned to Hawaii as a teenager, where she graduated from high school, earned her doctorate degree, and eventually married an Asst. Professor at the Univ of Hawaii in 2003. As far as I know, she still lives there with their 2 daughters. She may have ties to her father and Indonesian relatives, but it’s unlikely she would be the person behind Charice’s performance in far-away Indonesia while still living in Hawaii.

      oh, Charice did serenade Maya and her husband with her electrifying version of ‘God Bless America’ at one of the inauguration parties and Maya is obviously quite taken with her. Look at all those flashbulbs! Charice has her leather jacket on, as if on her way out, and perhaps someone asked her to sing this song impromptu. Does anyone know the story? Well, anyway, she wowed them all again… “sing it girl” says someone!

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      • ArrVee says:
        I find it amusing that in 1:43, Maya touches Charice as if worried that she might explode :-) This is quite understandable though when on the receiving end of that powerful voice, especially coming from her petite physique, and standing very close to her. At this point in the song though, Charice is just starting on her crescendo, and they ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. She did not really need that microphone for that small crowd.

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      • jessica86s says:
        yes I was there and Maya got tickled and found it so funny as everyone did because of her hairs standing and all the goose bumps, and she couldn’t believe that powerful voice was coming out of Charice. What made it more crazy was, everyone was singing but when it came to the high notes, everyone’s volume softened except Charice’s voice (yes I agree, she didn’t need that mic) and as she hit those high notes everyone just cheered. I don’t know whether it was the liquor or Charce’s voice that I felt like laughing, crying and cheering all at the same time, but it was everyone’s common feeling at that time. It was great.

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