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Charice on ASAP XV – 02/07/10

Charice on ASAP XV – 02/07/10

WOW. Charice and Billy Crawford opened the show with a stirring rendition of FloRida andAi??Nelly Furtado’sAi?? “Jump”. They really got the audience moving. Then Charice sang a duet with Arnel Pineda to “It’s a Whole New World”.

Once again, Charice shows her versatility by her dance moves and rapping with Billy, and her beautiful Sms tracker, Whatsapp spy. vocal range with Arnel.

Charice and Billy Crawford – Jump

Video courtesy of ABS-CBN, uploaded by uncad2

Charice and Arnel – It’s a Whole New World”

Video courtesy of ABS-CBN, uploaded by ChariceMing2
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40 Responses to “Charice on ASAP XV – 02/07/10”

  1. nordin says:
    Some people or Charice’s detractors says that there’s a lot of singers are better than Charice but the truth is Charice is “THE CHOSEN ONE”, “The One” by David Foster.

    How in this world could happened to a girl (Charice) from a third world country to meet with the richest woman in the world (Oprah) and one of the best composer/producer in the world (David Foster), have a record deal with one of the biggest recording company in the world and have a duet with one of the best artists in the world (Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion) if she’s not the “THE CHOSEN ONE”. Is there anyone in this world could match Charice accomplishment? No one, so guys just like what jimfan155 says let’s enjoy the ride and have faith GOD is on Charice side. GOD will make her one of the best Diva in the world and let’s not forget She’s working with the best people in the world.

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  2. jimfan155 says:
    I’m with you capofret and luvkcha09. I like the positiveness of your comments and the hopefulness that it happens for Charice.

    The music business is fickle so will her album sell like a Susan Boyle immediately, or will she grow on people over time? Some albums catch fire and some don’t (even for established stars). Even Mariah had a bomb a few years back and she came back to be number 1. So whether Charice makes it big this year, and I’m saying she does, or if it takes a little longer I can wait. No need to get an anxiety attack, as it has been mentioned she’s only 17 and has a long career ahead of her.

    According to my calculations an artist like Tina Turner is in her 70′s so that gives us 53 years to look forward too. That will make me 113 and……All I’m saying is she has ignited the audiences abroad already and she will not be forgotten. Looks like she could have her own tv show in Italy if all else fails. Just don’t worry. What will be, will be. But she has a strong foundation, maybe the best i’ve ever witnessed, and that’s what’s needed to build on.

    Have faith and I’m content to know she has provided for her family so they can be comfortable for a long while if everything came to a halt today. As long as God keeps her healthy and she enjoys what she’s doing, and remains on the same path, she will be always be successful. Whether she reaches the heights of Celine, Mariah, Whitney or Beyonce – who knows. I think the most important thing is she’s happy. Awards and money are nice but if you’re not happy, and you get too much, too fast, sooner or later you will self destruct. It’s happened to so many young stars that I have to say “is it worth it?” That being said, Charice is so unique, appears level headed, and just understands where she’s at, at 17.

    So let’s enjoy the ride and if we buy her albums and her concert tickets, we will help make her an international success. Btw, at 1:54 of the “Jump” video, you can see the bridging of the generation gap. This is what I want to see. She can have fans of all ages and make us all happy and make us rise fom our seats, clapping and dancing.

    Love and peace Chasters.

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  3. nona says:
    What ive notice about Charice performance is she blended so well with all the singers in the world, when she’s in Italy singing with the children, she looks like a child, when she’s in PI performing with the matured singers she looks like matured too. HAY! what’s in you Charice you keep me mesmerize with you talent. Just sharing what i thought.

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  4. sonata says:
    Don’t be nervous about whether Charice will make it here or if her songs will be on the top 20 because Charice is undeniable. The problem really is why it’s taking so long for her song/album to be released because millions of people who already know her are waiting for it and I’m sure that alot more people who still haven’t heard about her(like maybe the hermits) yet, and will , will be blown away by her voice. Remember your own experience the very first time you laid your ears on her, the goose bumps, the mesmerizment, the jaw dropping, the tears, the wanting for more and more, the hours you spent on the internet searching for her. This girl has something nobody else does. I can’t put my finger on it but I know what I’m talking about. It’s all that she is that makes people love not only her voice but her whole being. Just beleive that once her records hit the store it will soar to the top, the very tip of the pyramid.

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  5. JonRes20 says:
    You have a valid point Saints. But I think her soon to be released album cannot and should not be used as the sole basis as to whether Charice succeeds in breaking out in US mainstream music industry or not – because she already did. To capture a recording contract with a major US label is no easy feat for an unknown kid from a third world country. Having done it, Charice already broke in the US music industry. As to whether her first album will sell, that is another question. But a lot of successful singers did not have blockbuster first albums. It is enough for me that Charice was given an opportunity and everything else will just follow. What we as fans can do is to support her in our own little way and that is to buy a copy of her album.

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  6. american critics says:
    Let the Lord decide saints. When artists guested in Oprah they were remembered forever. Why scared? Don’t you know that Oprah is ending her show and something big will happen next! Obviously you are not updated of the fabulous news of Charice. Oprah will have her (OWN) Oprah Winfrey Show. Charice will be part of her show!!! please visit for more details and information.

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  7. Saints says:
    To Laverne and everybody:
    There are no gigs because (I guess) there are no offers/invitations being made as of late. After the release of Pyramid is when gigs and guestings in US TV happens.It all depends on how Pyramid is received by mainstream America. As a fan who adores her so much, I am kind of nervous of what the outcome is like for her soon to be released song/album. Because really as I see it, this is the final test on whether she breaks in by gathering diverse fans, getting in the top 20 Billboard charts,selling a respectable number of the album etc. If pyramid does not satisfy her record label, I doubt if Charice will be given another project in the studio.
    Now some of the folks here will say, “hey, she’s already big:been to Oprah, made appearances on Good Morning America, recently performed in Skate for the heart and countless more”. Absolutely, no asian has journeyed this far in terms of vocal display. But what I’m talking about is “breaking in”, i think most of you understand what I mean. I would love to hear from others who kind of feel the same way: anxiety, nervousness as well as excitement for Pyramid.
    Please don’t be afraid to respond/comment:). Like I said on my other post, most chasters are open-minded, willing to hear others out, and respectful of comments from fellow chasters.

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    • capofret says:
      i dont know if you’ve watched this compilation of what they say about charice:

      david foster: “she is undeniable. it will not..not happen for her.”

      ellen: “you could just smell the star in her..”

      paul o’grady: “if you’re watching mr. cowell, top that on x-factor. i don’t think so.”

      the fact that she’s been invited to perform in different parts of the world is already a sign of “breaking in”. it will actually be easier for her when she releases her international album because she is already known.

      charice is so young, only 17. look at the great artists today, they only became “great” on their later years. charice is just starting out. let’s not rush her, give her time.

      great music artists are not made in a day, they are made in years. but im very hopeful that she will be a great one someday.

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  8. Laverne says:

    I am wondering why she has not been doing gigs in the U.S. She needs to get more exposure or she will be forgotten there. When is her CD coming out? Have been waiting since mentioned in 9/09 onthe Oprah show.

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    • Elbiz says:
      In the US there are a lot of artist, let’s wait for the album and how it will be promoted. Charice should have original album and from there you can measure her popularity. Let’s see if other nationality will like it. I would like to suggest something or comment to give my opinion but I’m afraid that some of the fans of Charice might be offended or some may misinterpret. I’m also an avid fan of Charice, I have comments that will benefit her.

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      • Saints says:
        Hey, I would love to read your comments.I think “most” of the chasters are open-minded and matured.Just ignore people who have the tendency of following their favorites with eyes closed.

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        • Elbiz says:

          Okay, this is for Saints thank you for giving the opening. This is one of my comment..never bring and wave a Philippine flag in a concert, most of the foreign audience will consider you “ignorant” these happened twice when I attended a Journey concert I heard a lot of “s..and f..” word some said this is not a “boxing match”, this won’t help. Another one during the time she sung “somewhere over the rainbow” one of her pinoy fans was shouting, while everybody were quiet, the song was very mellow just like a piano recital, some foreigner raised their eyebrow, that what they call “ignorance” you can do that on a rock-concert. Another comment and this is for Charice, I’m sure many will be mad at me..she should not be more particular to pinoy audiences, nothing is wrong on being nationalistic, but it won’t help, and I’m sure pinoys are very understanding specially those who are in the US. I know she is still young and learning. I hope Charice fans will not get offended and I apologize. I have some more suggestion next time. thanks, Saints

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          • luvkcha09 says:

            I agree with your observations, there is a time for everything, time to listen and time to applaud at the end of the performance. It is irritating to hear the screams when the singing is going on…(I know you are just excited..but have a little bit of self control, that is all)
            Yes, there is no need to single out the Filipino crowd since there are a lot of other nationalities present in the concert, unless she also mentions the “Americans”, Mexicans, Russians, Japanese, Koreans, and so on to be inclusive. Everybody knows Charice is Filipino by now, so there is no need for that.

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          • Saints says:

            Thanks Elbiz and luvkcha09:
            Lol-that was brave of you guys! If you notice, my and your comments have got a couple of “thumbsdown” on them. But that’s ok, let’s not be intimidated . We mean the best for her. Charice is the best!!!

            By the way, I’m going to Dallas,Texas with my husband for “the event”. No, i’m not bringing a flag (even though it’s appropriate), but I will probably be buying Pac t-shirts. The act of buying a ticket and being there for the match is the way I support our greatest boxer. If Charice (one of our greatest singer:) will one day have a concert in the South, I will support her the same way.

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            • Elbiz says:

              Guys, my concern is it won’t help in order attract non-pinoy fans. To Saints and husband see you in Dallas.

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  9. luvkcha09 says:
    Personally, I enjoy watching Charice sing on ASAP and Wowowee etc. especially with other local singers because you can actually compare her voice with theirs. Charice voice comes out smoother, higher and more controlled than others. I watched her duet with SG and Charice’s voice is way better! She is looking the part of an entertainer too and she stands out in a crowd because of her unique looks. Reminds me of former Ms Universe Gloria Diaz who looks a true Filipina beauty. Charice remains unpretentious and unaffected by all this celebrity craze around her, she is just being a young woman enjoying herself and making her fans happy. Let us celebrate all these young people expressing their talents, perhaps they will learn how to be humble and natural from Charice.

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  10. lala says:
    wow, she looks sooooo mature! what is she now, 18?! i hope all her “cuteness” wont go away. Her StarKing’s “A Whole New World” performance has a special place in my heart, but this one is good too, just a tad short. btw, LOVE the dress!

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  11. UnJynkz says:
    How could she be this good? any better would be illegal..hahaha.

    Well, I know the answer to that. It’s because no matter where she performs and no matter the crowd and no matter who she’s singing with and let me just add, no matter the outfit, she doesn’t seem to mind at all, That’s why she gives it her all every single time! Fan or not, you simply can’t deny that all her performances are just simply amazing.

    Peace :)

    BTW, a little overdue but thanks to the makers of this fan site.

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  12. princess says:

    …just wondering what happened to charice’s international career? any new gigs in the US? She seemed to have a lot of guest appearances lately on local tv shows in the phils. I’m kinda hoping she gets another exposure to US media so people won’t forget her. In hollywood if people don’t hear from you or see you they tend to forget you no matter how talented you are.There’s so much competition. Everyday there is always fresh and new exciting talent that will come out. Hope that is not the case for her. Anyway, to me Charice is still one of the bests. God bless. Wish you more success in your career.

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  13. CutieSinger23 says:
    i waited for that!! but when charice came out! i said OMG! wat a great day! but i blamed myself i was suppose to go with my cuzin.. she gets free passes,niki gil gives her….aahhh…. :’(

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  14. LoloLando says:
    Max, help me on this….

    Charice on ASAP XV has 13 comments but when I read the particulars of this post, I can only see 2 responses: those of Marlyn and Ponceman. I want to comment on the post of that guy, who seemed to put Charice in a bad light!! Thank you, Sir.

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    • max says:


      Sometimes there is a lag in Charicemania activity until the cache is refreshed. I hope by the time I write this that the comments are visible to you. If not, it helps to close your browser and then re-open it. Please let us know if the problem still exists for you.

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  15. leilaniandson says:
    why abs cbn is not showing a commercial for Charice’s Concert? I saw Pops and Martin’s Commercial. They have a concert on Feb 14 too.

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    • capofret says:
      i also noticed that. maybe tickets are sold out now so they dont promote it anymore.

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    • Manoling1957 says:
      This has always been my thoughts.. ABS-CBN is always promoting other star’s concerts other than Charice. Seems very sad. Look at Charice always promoting the Filipino people wherever she goes abroad.

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  16. Daniel says:
    I have TFC and I used to ignore the Filipino shows from ASAP to drama soap opera except for Wowowee and ANC news. But lately, I’m beginning to watch all Filipino shows to catch a glimpse of Charice appearance.

    Let’s face the facts, as much as I hate (like other chasters) seeing Charice on local shows in the Philippines, there is nothing that can hold Charice back from appearing. Charice in my opinion is taking advantage of the opportunity to be well-knowned in the Philippines as a leading singer proving to those people who didn’t believe on her talents and her physical appearance that she can make it in the music industry. And look at her now, she can dance hip hop, rap , sing ballad , and look very hot and sophisticated ( just like her Pyramid album cover ).

    As I see it, Charice has a double singing career. One for International and the other is for Philippines audience. Just like Arnel Pineda, who sings for Journey and also appear on local shows in the Philippines. They both feel comfortable singing to the Filipino audience. Who knows one of these days, Charice might have her own musical show. Then I will be one happy chaster.

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  17. JaYrOx says:
    Ur rappin’ skill is insane Cha!!! Woohoo!!!


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    • UnJynkz says:
      I’m with you on that one. Yup, she’s a phenomenal singer but that was some serious rappin’ goin on!

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  18. odie052 says:
    In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with Charice performing in local tv shows which I think would help her gain recognition from among her kababayans. She is all by birth and origin a true Filipina and how great it is to feel the love and respect of her countrymen. But she understand that she could not please them all. I perfectly agree with Charice when she decides that she would rather celebrate her l8th birthday with the orphanage and other charity institutions where people there may only had the chance of seeing her on tv and that she wanted in return share the gift and blessings given to her from above. Charice was born not just an ordinary human being. She was gifted with a purpose she is destined to fulfill. Chasters enjoy shes so hot and becoming more beautiful.
    Want to give her bundles of flowers and a truckload of chocolates this coming Valentines Day.

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  19. mingquote says:
    Same as what you’ve all noted, but seems to me, Charice feels so obligated to appear for ABS-CBN exclusively, whereas she deserves more. Anyways, as Charice has always humbly mentioned that there are a lot of Divas (aside from her)in Pinas, or “feeling” Divas.

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  20. JonRes20 says:
    As usual an excellent performance of Charice. I am not against
    Charice appearing in ASAP in the Philippines as this show, in
    one way or the other, enhance and help promote Charice’s
    popularity to a wider audience. What I would just like to see
    is for Charice to have a solo performance in this show.

    In Italy, it was understandable for Charice to have duet numbers
    since she was a guest there and it was part of her appearance to
    sing a duet with the contestants. But here in ASAP, she is singing with other professional singers who are also in the league of
    their own. And so, it kinda limit showcasing Charice’s talent
    when someone (also a singer) is singing with her.

    It is okay if it will be done once a while but as I observed,
    most of Charice’s recent ASAP performances were with other
    singers. If these shows are charity events, it is fine by me.

    But these are major commercial shows in the Philippines whose
    ultimate goal is profit and it just but proper to assess our
    princess Charice’s marketing benefits from appearing in these
    shows. Charice is a contract artist of a major US label and
    does it sound and look right to have her sing with other
    Philippine singers all the time when appearing on this show?

    Charice’s Philippine manager should look at this and maybe
    Marc J. should also look at this. Charice’s talent can stand
    alone. Let her do a solo performance.

    Do we see David F. have someone sing with her in their
    tv appearances, charity events, or DFF concert tours?
    If you are a chaster, you know the answer.:)

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  21. charmazed says:
    Her voice is just so amazing…

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  22. hazel says:
    i was taken aback when i saw the episode of charice in the buzz. i can see that theres a lot of hurting from both of her lola and her mom. if theres anything that her family needs right now is our prayers. prayers that they will be free from the spirit of anger and unforgiveness.

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  23. palaginghuli says:
    If I were Charice, I will not appear on ABS-CBN anymore. It is almost like Beyonce singing on ABS-CBN dancing among their talents. Can you imagine? She is international calibre now. She is now on a league of her own. Her numbers should be solo, and the finale, if she has to be there.

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      to palaging huli,

      I am sure you have good intentions in your comments, however,
      I think Charice’s appearances on Phil TV is good for her fans in the Phils. We, who don’t live in the Phils., also get to see her performances via YT. I think it is a bit presumptuous on our part as fans to dictate what she should or should not do. When you become her manager, only then perhaps you can have your say on this matter.

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    • capofret says:

      let’s not forget that charice’s initial dream was to be known in philippines – see her old interviews. her international fame is just an added blessing. please dont stop her from fulfilling her dreams and let her decide on where she wants to perform.

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  24. joseph says:
    there is no doubt that charice is versatile. she is definitely a world class performer.charice doesnt sound as good as she is when she was on asap compared to,when she was in italy or is because of an inferior accompaniment in asap. abscbn should hire expert musicians and
    or orchestra to accompany their singers.people all over the world watch their program.another thing they should have expert stage manager and choriographer to arrange their program better. their program was so cluttered

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  25. LoloLando says:
    The maturing of CHARICE’s voice is evident when one compares her Starking performance of the same song (A Whole New World) with the above. It is best to load both performances alongside each other to appreciate my point. Her voice today reveals a strengthening of her vocal chords from down up. It is like the taste of a Chinese”pata tim” (compared to an ordinary pata with banana flowers), that was cooked in slow fire where the ingredients penetrate all parts of the meat including the bones that after finishing the meat, you feel like licking even the bones as what my dog, Stig used to do, with gusto.

    There is also a noticeable tactic of not pairing her with young female singers of the station, to avoid an imbalanced voice harmony, especially the high-pitched songs where CHARICE is always “at home” performing them. And her pairing with Billy Crawford, with the RAP, is super. It just showed how talent can easily adjust to the rigors of music evolution. Incomparable, yes, that is an apt description of her!!!

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  26. marlyn says:
    This only shows Charice versatility ,she can sing any songs be it ballad ;pop ; r&b ; rap , you name it she can do it with flying colors.

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  27. poncesman says:
    Charice is now ranked as world class talent of Philippine Music Industry. I believe there is more to be expected these coming years as she progresses among the best both local and international. I salute to you and more power.

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