Everyone Has an Angel on Earthai??i??

Everyone Has an Angel on Earthai??i??

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  1. Martin says:

    a touching moment to all :(

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  2. jimfan155 says:
    Charice is heaven on earth. May we all get to witness her, all around the world.

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  3. kabarapa says:
    Charice, you are an angel! I for one adore you so much and i only pray that you stay grounded and always humble no matter how big your achievements are! love u

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  4. drtp says:
    Although we used different analogies- I think we are very much on the same page. And YES- she is a simple soul like all of us- just Human- sadly, it is much emphasized (like a splash of cold water) when life circumstances hurt her and force her to act and react like any human. Like you, I also hope that in addition to serving as beacons to one another, in our own little ways- we can serve as a beacon to her- and when she is faced with life challenges, we are able to further guide, protect, and love…

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    • ArrVee says:
      i like what you added DrTp – that we can also serve as beacons or inspirations to her. It is only right that we give back to a great source of inspiration, if and when she needs it, and it will be a great privilege to be given this opportunity.

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  5. drtp says:
    Lolo JP,
    Your writings remind me of my favorite author, Og Mandino, way back when I was about 13 years old. I used to get “lost” in the pages, sentences, words- not because it was a difficult read- but more because it takes you to other thoughts, emotions, insights… reflections that ultimately influence you as a person, whether you realize it or not. Charice is like that type of book for me- her circumstances, her actions and reactions, her story… I can’t help but reflect on life- especially on pervasive socio-cultural contexts that shape my personal motivations. Thus, she influences me… unexpectedly, but quite deeply…

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  6. legendcha says:
    larry oliver, when you read articles like that specially in local show business, learn to ignore as most of them are only pure disruptive intrigues, devoid of truth. I almost always believe (and this is just my own observation) that everytime you hear the name solis, trouble is not that far. when you read an article with the phrase ‘my friend told me…’, then you immediately sense this is another fabricated lie meant to demoralize …

    but what can you do, that’s just so innate there is no cure for it. let them be!

    charice will overcome all of these and in the end, the good always reins!

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  7. Lolo JP says:

    As we are both believers but with different experiences, we still managed to have found His home, the Church…a collection of particulars combined upon which each individual believer has its intimate related form in reasoning. In my case, when it comes to “inspiration,” I believe that anything I see is only a medium or picture of what I mentally, physically and spiritually possess that I still have to explore– to be present “in the event,” to experience and feel the situation. Until I’m not included in the play, I will not probably have a good hold of the situation and will not effectively react. It is just like while reading a book, you come
    across a certain word that you don’t know the meaning. What do you do? You look it up in the dictionary…only then will you understand
    what was said.

    Therefore, although I sometimes hesitate to share my experiences in CM which others may consider out of topic, I feel compelled to write it with the hope that some readers may get some meaning–food for thought– out of it in relation to their coping with distress. Never to argue or convert non-believers, I never underestimate the readers that I respect when I bring up something to do or consider– that my
    conscience dictates– as good, it is entirely up to their consideration to find hidden things or whatever. Life is a gift but living life is a perpetual shift on our field of vision, never looking for the absolute. Each moment comes with “change” and change there will be in more moments in your life to come… and so on, and so on.
    We’ll remember all the good times that we cherish and pause to affirm our strong faith that carried us through our tribulations. We hope to find the truth, then we’ll all understand, why, what where and when!
    As the ticks of time dwindle down as we continue on with our journey, the unforgettable events in our lives that we all keep in our memory files will be lost, in time. Lost like tears washed by rain to the creeks, rivers and to the open sea.
    We should look beyond the horizon with fervent prayers and hope to see the Sunburst of a new day. “May Bukas Pa!”

    We are committed, the good will prevail.

    DrTP, I hope that you will write more of the same. We both found our inspiration from Charice.

    Lolo JP

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  8. Larry Oliver says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • mrsharbort says:
      Larry Oliver, can you please tell me the source of the comment.

      Based on what I see and read, isn’t Ms. Solis the one sued by Sam and Piolo when she wrote malicious article about them. How many times had she been sued for libel?

      She should not judge Charice based on what her friend is telling her.

      Had she met Charice personally?

      I do not want to judge her, because I do not know Ms. Solis personally but, her reputation on Phil entertainment will speak of it all.

      Does she still have credibility at all?

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  9. hpj says:
    It’s really amazing how Charice can really affect each and every one who has an open heart to listen to the music of her life. Fan experiences vary from the natural to the supernatural.

    One fan, UrAngel2004, whose creativity has also been unleashed by our princess, God’s angel in disguise, has made a video clip I came across at Youtube to say Thank you to Charice:


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  10. marlyn says:
    I have followed this soap opera and made me cry everytime i watched this ; especially the last episode , i was glad Charice was there even for the finale song .

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  11. CutieSinger23 says:
    charice is crying… it makes me cry too hehe :(


    haha.. Cutie,, so cool to see you enjoying here at Charicemania. I wish to see chasters your age (11 yrs old) joining us too,,,


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  12. ArrVee says:
    rather than an angel, I view her as another soul like the rest of us in this Journey of Life, but one with an unusually bright inner light, that it serves as a beacon for many of us. What fuels that light are her great gift, her fighting spirit and her life example. When we see it, we are inspired to reignite our own inner flame or make it burn brighter, and continue on with our journey (what fuels our inner flame is different for each of us, and that is something to ponder). Hopefully we can each be beacons for others as well who are weary or lost in the dark.

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  13. dadartful says:
    DrTP, I praise you for a touching article. I too am a very religious person who believes in guardian angels among other ideals. Charice’s guardian angel has watched over her in every step of her inspirational life. Good things always happens in life when you follow the narrow path and treat people how you yourself want to be treated. Charice has always had this ideal in her heart and I admire her so much for that.

    Charice may your guardian angel always watch over you in your journey in your life!

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  14. vilma hill says:
    Hi! Charice, You are really an inspiration to so many who are so despirate in need. What you do, just simlpy give those kids a beautiful smile. I love that song Smile.

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  15. tsuki says:
    DrTP, we concur with you. Charice is really an angel.

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