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Charice Shares Her Secret in Taking Care of Her Voice

Charice Shares Her Secret in Taking Care of Her Voice

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  1. Eddie Gutang says:

    I have been around for a long time. I have seen many singers come and go from Doris Day to Dolly Parton, Barbara S., Celine D., C. Aguilera, Lady Gaga and more and liking them all and some a whole lot. But I never once thought that I would fall madly in love with the singing of Charice to the point that I was freely shedding lotsa tears as she sang Listen with Chiara at TLUC. I asked what is wrong with me? Then I realized that I was so moved by her explosiveness, superbly lovely voice, the ability to project grand passions and emotions on a very lovely song, but most of all to inspire and pull up the performance level of a lesser singer to a point that was well above the performance level that Chiara thought was her upper limit. I saw Charice do the exact same thing with Cristian Imparato as they both sang the very beautiful song “Adagio”. My wife and I have lost tons of sleep scouring the internet for any song, interview, or news of Charice. Charice is always the highlight of nearly every conversation both at work and at home. We both love you very much Charice. From our hearts please do Adagio on cd in both English and Italian. From two of your more senior fans, thank you most kindly. truly proud to say that I and my wife are both

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  2. CutieSinger23 says:
    someone did not like my comment…did i say something bad? i’m sorry….

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    • eve says:

      oh I wouldn’t worry about it Cutie. I agree with you, it is fun to watch! The same crab is thumbing down every single comment here, if you notice, lol. You don’t need to apologize for enjoying Charice videos. Keep enjoying! I gave you a big Thumbs Up! ^_^

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  3. CutieSinger23 says:
    wow!!! it’s fun watching it! :)

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  4. bads says:
    This video is kool, it’s nice to see Charice at ease with herself and who she is, and we see that she’s excellent in interviews..
    As for her voice and her daily routines, she is a very determined person and disciplined person…and we see that despite temptations, she does what it takes at such a young age. She even faces a lot of criticisms but she is determined to prove everyone wrong.

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  5. Joy Co says:
    It never occured to me that MomRaqZ was not in attendance during the 10-city tour, well except for the last 3. She is totally not a control freak nor a stage mother. She gives them enough freedom, and let them be responsible. Great job momRaqz! Labyo labyo!

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  6. honeylie57 says:

    what is that to vote charice for…explain it to me..for what… and pls ….give me the link on how to go there..and vote ..i just saw there in……. love you charice.

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  7. luvkcha09 says:
    My 12 yr-old son asked me if Charice has an extra pair of lungs. He is so amazed how a tiny girl like that can sing huge
    Both my kids concur that Charice has the best voice they have heard. They have one complaint, they can’t get her songs out of their heads now… pyramid, pyramid, and I will always love you, I have nothing, nothing, nothing -..nothing more to say. I am still blissfully Chaddicted…
    good day fellow Chasters!
    it is gloomy and rainy in Vancouver but I can live in ChariceVille where the sun is always shining and the sky is blue.

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  8. muskrat says:
    Is that TinTin Bersola (wearing red blouse) on the background, I know she’s a huge fan of Charice.

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  9. gsjb08 says:
    Charice, all sacrifices you have made and still making will carry you to the top to achieve your dreams.

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  10. Narita says:
    Wow- no ice cream and chocolates for life- and Charice casually says that smiling??!

    If David Foster says “I better go beat my children because they cannot sing like Charice”- me, I better go beat myself because I cannot muster the Herculean discipline this wonder kid has.

    No wonder she’s getting all these blessings, reaped from the sacrifices she has sown.

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  11. Jessica86s says:
    Boy Charice is really a hard working girl. Take care Charice. your health is something you can’t afford to lose.

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