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“Sorry, Sorry” and David Foster, Top the Album Sales in Philippines

“Sorry, Sorry” and David Foster, Top the Album Sales in Philippines

Without even trying, Charice is winning hearts over in S. Korea with her energetic Dance Party video which now has over 27,000 hits in 5 days and counting. “Sorry Sorry” is a very popular song in Korea and THE TOP K-pop song in the Philippines. (I guess K-pop = Korean pop?) It seems Charice knew what she was doing by posting the video on her YouTube channel. It will only gain her more popularity with the Koreans and the Asian market, and in fact is being viewed by countries around the world.

The video is now starting to pop up in Korean blogs and is going viral.Ai?? The daily YouTube stats below show it had “Most Viewed” honors from several countries last Sunday, January 10. [Please note the original video is no longer Business plan available. The link is a re-upload of the original.]

  • #8 -ii??? Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – Hong Kong
  • #11 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – Taiwan
  • #12 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – South Korea
  • #20 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – New Zealand
  • #21 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – Canada
  • #22 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – Australia
  • #31 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy
  • #38 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – Israel
  • #53 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – Italy
  • #57 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – Netherlands
  • #58 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – Japan
  • #71 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – France
  • #73 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – United Kingdom
  • #87 – Mostii??? Viewed (Today) – Comedy – Ireland

Apparently Koreans didn’t know that the song was composed by American Drew Ryan Scott, with comments like “wow!!!! amaizing…is this versionii??? really exist? is this an american singer who sings this song?” Frankly, I didn’t know it either… lol, never heard the song before, but that’s besides the point. I’m from America and don’t listen to K-pop.

But as you can see, this song is super-popular in Korea. Here’s the “original” Korean version with 5.7 MILLION hits since June 2009 alone.Ai?? Funny, though, it has absolutely ONE text comment – I guess Koreans don’t like to comment?Ai?? Well it does have 33,235 Thumbs Up, never seen that before! …interesting, but anyway, it’s a catchy video.

Written by Eve

iS?i??i??ei???ii???3ii??i??_SORRY SORRY_ei??i??ii???e?i??ei??i??i?i??


The Manila Bulletin article below is interesting because of the “Sorry, Sorry” news, but also because it lists David Foster’s album as No. 2 in the Philippines’ TOP 25 list, bested only by the icon himself, the King of Pop’s album, “The Essential Michael Jackson 3.0.”Ai?? Could it be the album is a hit because our very own Charice is featured in the album called “You’re the Inspiration, The Music of David Foster & Friends”?Ai??Ai?? mmm, is that different than the Hit Man CD?

ai???Sorry, Sorryai??i?? leads 2009′s K-pop album sales in RP

Korean idol group Super Juniorai??i??s ai???Sorry, Sorryai??? album is the top-selling K-pop album in 2009 in Music One stores in the Philippines, according to Universal Records.

Music One released its Top 25 Bestselling Albums list for 2009 based on album sales in three Music One stores from January to December 2009.

ai???Sorry, Sorryai??? landed at No. 10 and is the only K-pop album on the Top 25 list. ai???The Essential Michael Jackson 3.0ai??? topped the list, followed by ai???Youai??i??re the Inspiration: The Music of David Foster and Friendsai??? (which includes Charice Pempengco), Lady Gagaai??i??s ai???The Fame,ai??? Jed Madelaai??i??s ai???Songs Rediscovered 2,ai??? and Sabrinaai??i??s ai???I Love

According to Universal Records, ai???Sorry, Sorryai??? debuted at No. 1 in Music One Album Chart just three days after its release in September. It was also No. 1 in Odyssey Records stores in September.

Super Junior holds the distinction of being the first K-pop artist to reach No. 1 in album sales in the Philippines. More, ai???Sorry, Sorryai??? is the first K-pop album to reach Gold Record status in the country, having sold 7,500 copies three months after its release in September.

The albumai??i??s title track was voted No.1 in the Top 100 singles of the year countdown of Taiwanai??i??s Hit FM radio station. ai???Sorry, Sorryai??? garnered close to 250,000 votes to beat Jam Hsiaoai??i??s ai???Princessai??? and Lady Gagaai??i??s ai???Poker

Mini-album ai???Super Girlai??? of Super Junior M, a subgroup of Super Junior, also reached No. 1 in the Music One and Odyssey Records stores charts.

Source: Manila Bulletin

Charice Featured in Korean Documentary

It was only two years ago today, on October 13, 2007, that Charice made her first ai??i??special guestai??i?? appearance on the Korean talent show, Star King. Her explosive performance of ai???And I Am Telling You Iai??i??m Not Going,ai??i?? her sweet duet singing ai???A Whole New Worldai??i?? with Korean star, Kyuhyun from SuperJunior, and her easy banter with the host and judges simply charmed the Korean audience. She became a YouTube Internet sensation, generating 13 million hits and scoring an invitation to the Ellen show in her first appearance on U.S. television on December 19, 2007, and her first-ever visit to America. >>> Read full story

Korean Blogs:

Charice Pempengco Dancing To Super Juniorai??i??s Sorry Sorry >>> Read full blog quote:

“You mean, Drew Scott composed the song? And Sorry Sorry is originally in English?”

Charice Pempengco Dancing ToAi?? Sorry Sorry English Version >>> Read full blog quote:

“Charice danced so good. And I hope she knew Super Junior is the singer of Sorry Sorry original Korean ai??i?? What am I thinking? Of course she knows that!”

Posted by Eve

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  1. Karenade says:

    I saw the video. It was fantastic!

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  2. abby says:

    i love charice! i hope she’ll have a more successful album next time.

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  3. cool_babe says:


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  4. dang says:

    I love super junior, especially the funny kim hee chul. No wonder Charice knows only the SJ and their songs. I love their dance moves too. So suave. So coordinated. So natural.

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  5. maricris says:

    Just thinking.. since Super Junior’s “sorry, sorry” is the first k-pop artists who reached No. 1 in the Philippines, why not invite them here in the Philippines and remake the duet of Kyuhyun with charice… Haha! that would be very interesting….

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  6. CutieSinger23 says:


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  7. OMIE says:

    I know that this is information that should be treated with caution. Still, a flyer for an appearance by Charice in Vienna, Austria February 19 is posted at Note that the header of Charicemania appears at the top of the flyer. Is this authorized?

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  8. max says:
    Charice is like a stock broker, diversifying her portfolio. Hmmm, let me try to remember: Korea, United States, Sweden, Singapore, Italy, Dubai, Great Britain, Canada,and Austria soon.

    She is hedging her bets by showcasing her talents to the world. How many young stars can make that claim. Can I buy some more Charice stock?

    Did I leave out any country?

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  9. eve says:
    ooh, ooh, I found another blog. Not Korean, but Chinese. The quote is nice… “omg I’m so stunned by her vocal. So I went to search for her videos. This song is nice.” Click here >> ♫ 追星一族 ♪ Power of Love. I wish she had described why she’s stunned by her vocals in the first place… maybe the Singapore Idol show? Tons of blogspace was devoted to Charice after that appearance. Yay, conquer the world Charice!

    Charice will soon be appearing in Italy and Vienna, Austria. More details to follow when we can confirm the details.

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  10. bruceeism says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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