Singapore Meet & Greet with Charice 12/27/09

Singapore Meet & Greet with Charice 12/27/09

Alright guys, first of all, my sincere apologies for the slight delay in posting the Singapore M&G video as I am having some minor technical issue. However, it is up now nonetheless. Thanks for being a patient bunch.

First of all, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation and special Thanks to MommyRaqz for her support for the M&G and spending time with all of us there. It will not be a successful M&G if it wasnai??i??t MommyRaqz. Also, we would like to thank Sammy from Warner Music for arranging the M&G and giving out extra tickets for the show to Chasters. We are showing our appreciation to Carl and FalseVoice too for being there to assist us in one way or another. We are also thankful to Tat Wee and Evelyn for your assistance in handling Chasters in the room. Besides, not forgetting Grace for her assistance in organizing the M&G, and my dearest girlfriend- Pearly who was there all the time with me throughout this whole chapter of Charice-ness.

Before I run through some highlights in the videos, let me just bring you back to the day it all happened for the Singapore Chasters, and give you guys a little tour of how it went.

Way before the Singapore Idol (S.I.) Finale day, NES from CDiva has gotten Chasters some tickets to the show, which leaves big smiles on the faces of those lucky Singapore Chasters, anticipating the actual show. Some Singapore Chasters have met with NES personally to obtain their tickets while the remaining tickets, are collected by myself when I was in Singapore. NES is such a nice guy that he tried his best to get more tickets so that more Chasters could see Charice sing live at the Singapore Indoor Stadium (S.I.S.), as the special guest artist of the night.

While Chasters are eagerly anticipating the show, please allow me to feed you with some story behind the scene for the much-awaited Singapore Charice Meet & Greet.

It all started when I learned that Charice was going to be the special guest at the S.I. Finale. I was so excited simply because this might be the only chance that we are going to be so close to seeing Charice live and the possible Meet & Greet (I said possible, because at that point of time, nothing was confirmed yet. Not even anyone initiating a M&G)

I contacted whichever contacts I have with regards to the event, only wanting to make sure that we will not miss this golden opportunity to see Charice live and possibly meeting her in person. Luckily, 2 of my dearest friends (you know who you are ^_^) offered their helping (cyber) hands in giving some good advice on organizing a M&G, and later managed to link me to some of the people in charge. I started off with literally nothing, not knowing whether there can be a M&G or not, not knowing whether is there any Chasters who are interested to meet Charice in person etc. But I proposed for a Charice M&G to the authorities and started gathering Chasters anyway with all my fingers and toes crossed.

Initially, I needed a counterpart in Singapore, as many of you may know that I am from Malaysia. Then, I was lucky enough to have Grace (AmazingCP) to assist me with some of the important tasks. Grace did a wonderful job having the list of Chasters who are going to see Charice sing live, and at the same time, list of Chasters who are attending the possible M&G.

We actually have finalized the lists and have even booked the venue for the M&G after the show, which was beside the Stadium in a relatively nice Bistro that accommodates approximately 40 people with a private section. However, right after we sent our proposal to Chariceai??i??s manager- Marc, Warner Music came into the picture. Lady in charge ai??i?? Sammy, replied to inform us that the M&G is to be scheduled before Chariceai??i??s rehearsal in the afternoon, and was only limited to a maximum of 20 Chasters in view of the time constraints.

This, to me, was bad news as we initially secured a list of 40 Chasters who eagerly want to meet Charice in person. Well, someone would have to break the bad news to some of the Chasters on the bottom 20 of list. Believe me, this was as difficult as telling Charice that she is not good enough! Without any alternatives, I did it anyway, had to. In view of Charice being a special guest artist for the main event, hence, we have no choice but to accommodate instructions given to us as Channel 5 MediaCorp Singapore is the center of attention.

The final decision only came in days before the main event. We were in a rush to inform everyone on the last minute changes and confirmation of the M&G. The M&G was then confirmed to be right after Charice sings, and it still has to be limited to a maximum of 20 Chasters only as Charice needs to attend a press conference right after the M&G. Chasters are happy nonetheless for the confirmed M&G. Pearly and I went to Singapore on Christmas day just to make sure we are there early to get things done nicely together with Grace. I must say it was a stressful week for us as decisions had changed a few times. All in all, it is a go for the M&G after all. In fact, Warner Music is kind enough to even gave us 26 more tickets for the show just to ensure more Singapore Chasters can go support our dearest Charice. Pearly and I went to 313 Somerset and met up with Sammy to collect the 26 tickets from her. It was nice to finally meeting Sammy in person after all the E-mails exchanges. We made our last dash informing and asking for more Chasters to come support Charice.

We asked Chasters to gather outside the Bistro (where we initially proposed and booked the place for M&G) to distribute the tickets to them before the show. It was really nice seeing Singapore Chasters with big smiles on their faces and it’s great to know them in person. We proceeded to the show and had Chasters scattered around the Stadium as some of the tickets we got were of different seating areas. The show began.

Needless to mention, the performance by the 2 finalist of SI Finale was good. Their fans were cheering for them throughout the show. Chariceai??i??s turn will only come before they announce the final result. Chasters are just waiting for that moment. It was after the final TV News break that Charice finally came on stage. As you might have figured out, she did what she does best, and she did it again, better each time. It was merely those who knew Charice, cheered at first. But things change. As Charice showered the audiences with jaw-dropping songs from her ever so powerful and soulful angelic voice, she receives standing ovations from everyone, some jumping in tears of excitement and joy too. Charice left Singaporeans who were not familiar with her, stunned. The Body Guard Medley and Note To God were the choices of songs that night. Audiences were screaming and some were teary-eyed after Chariceai??i??s phenomenal performance. It marks the new beginning of Chariceai??i??s fan base in this new territory on the world map. I must say, the feeling of seeing Charice sing live is simply, complicated.

Right after she walked down the stage, we proceeded to meet at the Stadium Meeting Area with the 20 lucky Chasters. We met Sammy in front of the administration office, as she will lead us in groups of 4-5 people at a time, to meet and greet Charice in the conference room. I was the first to go in, as I need to record this precious video for you all to watch. As I walked into the room, where Charice, Mommy Raquel, Carl and FalseVoice was already in there waiting, Charice stood up and walked over. Charice gave me a hug. I was telling her ai???FINALLYai??i??we metai??i??ai???, and she said the same thing too! I have to admit that I have been star-struck. Although there are so many things that I have planned to tell her when I see her, Charice left me speechless, except for the only thing which were running Cell spy, Whatsapp spy. in my mind ai???OMG! I was just hugged by Charice! OMG!!ai??? The rest of what happened that night, were all caught on camera in the video. Enjoy the ride yai??i??all.

Some highlights of the videos are as below:

Video Part 1 of 3
1) @ 0:40 ai??i?? Charisse meets Charice
2) @ 1:18 ai??i?? NES (ChariceDiva) and family meets Charice. NES is the one who initially gave out the S.I Finale tickets to some Chasters. Thanks bro! =)
3) @ 2:26 ai??i?? Charice says hi to all Chasters
4) @ 2:58 ai??i?? Charice says Hi to Noellen, and Heypy Bertday Noellen Degeneras =)
5) @ 4:25 ai??i?? Embarrassing moment for myself, I forgot to silent my hand phone. Grace called and it rang, with my NTG ring tone.
6) @ 8:07 ai??i?? Charice greets Pearly.

Video Part 2 of 3
1) @ 1:02 ai??i?? Charmerized16 lets Charice sign a photo shopped pic of himself with Charice, which makes everyone LOL in the room.
2) @ 3:37 ai??i?? Charice close up shot with many expressions. Cute!
3) @ 5:27 ai??i?? Carlai??i??s scary pose
4) @ 7:09 ai??i?? Grace wants Charice to sign on her Laptop!

Video Part 3 of 3
1) @ 0:30 ai??i?? The ai???OhhMyyyyyGawddddddai??? duo =)
2) @ 3:10 ai??i?? ai???F I N A L L Y ~~~!ai???
3) @ 3:44 ai??i?? Mommy Kel and Carlai??i??s Rawrrr =)
4) @ 4:30 ai??i?? Another ChaHugz =D
5) @ 4:38 ai??i?? Charice:ai??? Donai??i??t forget the CHAmporaydoai??i??ai??? lol
6) @ 5:16 ai??i?? Bye Charice, Bye Carl, Bye FV and most importantly, Bye and salamat po Mom Kel for your ai???Peaceai??? back =)

Now that yai??i??all have watched the video of the Singapore M&G, I hope that for those Chasters who have not had the chance to meet Charice in person yet, go on and make it happen. It is going to be the experience of your lifetime, I assure you. Last but not least, a few words to Chariceai??i??

Though you may have gained countless fans and admirers almost worldwide now, we just hope that youai??i??ll continue to strive for the best and always stay true, because this is what we all love about you, being just you. Seeing you in person is a hellava experience, but knowing you as a person is really something blessed. Thank you for inspiring us in one-way or another. You and your family ai??i?? Mommy Kel and Carl, are always close to our hearts. You guys are like our family too. May God bless you and your family. You have a long way to go. So, go on fulfill your destiny. We loved you; are loving you; and will always love you our precious ai???lil one, Charice.

Written by Wyip
Posted by Schoen

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