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Charice Draws Praise Over Role in ‘Chipmunks’ Film

Charice Draws Praise Over Role in ‘Chipmunks’ Film

8 Responses to “Charice Draws Praise Over Role in ‘Chipmunks’ Film”

  1. fely says:

    charice is just awsome in alvin and the chipmunks, she looks fresh and beutiful, way to go charice. God bless. And more blessing to you.

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  2. h3nr1_x says:

    Merry ChariseMas to our lil’ princess

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  3. Sairin says:
    i already watched the movie :D it was so good and Charice was just perfect/awesome in her role :D
    love her <3333

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  4. EBjohns11 says:
    I watched the movie already with my son (5 year old). Its just so cute when Charice appeared and my son noticed Charice. He said ” Mommy, thats Charice!” The movie is funny. I’m sure that will help with Charice upcoming album with no doubt.

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  5. Rom Remus says:
    Just got out of the theater showing Alvin and the Chipmunks. Had lots of laughs, was delighted to hear Charice’ name called after a very long wait, was ecstatic to hear her sing, but I still couldn’t believe her part was so short and discontinuous. Yet I have no doubts this would boost her popularity among the young. Way to go, Charice! And, fans, here’s what we can do.

    Teachers, parents, and the young-at-heart: you now have a question to ask every student at school, every kid, grand kid, niece and nephew in the family, and every child in the neighborhood: Did you see Charice in Alvin and the Chipmunks?

    Put on a fake tattoo like what the principal had but on the back of your hand and with Charice in it, or have a small picture in your pocket and, when those small eyes make contact with yours in elevators, escalators, and bus stops, get permission from the adult with them to show it. “You know who these are? (Alvin and the Chipmunks!) Did you like their song and dance at the talent contest? (Yes). How about this girl? (Don’t know her). She sang and lost to the chipmunks. But in real life, she is really a good singer. On the back of this card is a list of her songs. I’ll give this to your mom so you can look them up.”

    I plan to have a stack of this and give one away to every tenth child or teen I meet and talk to. Now, would someone at Charicemania please post a picture of Charice with the chipmunks on her head and shoulders? Perhaps let Alvin lean forward and downward from her head and Charice looking up at him like they’re talking.

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  6. chariceabudhabi says:
    Hi chasters I am a charice loyal fan here in Abu dhabi UAE and I seldom put comments here even if I visit CM everyday before going to work and before sleeping to find out the latest of our dearest charice. I watch Alvin and the Chipmunks here in Abu Dhabi last Dec 31 when it opened here in UAE I was like very proud when Charice came out and sang “No One” one of the funniest movie I’ve seen and of course Charice you are my stimulant when I felt sleepy, you are my the best medicine when I am sick, you make me smile when I am sad and you re the only one who can make me cry just watching your videos on youtube I can’t imagine watching you live…I think I will prepare an ambulance….

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  7. CutieSinger23 says:
    i will watch that in mall heheh so i can support her hehehe i’m excited! whooo!

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  8. eve says:
    Chipmunks The Squeakquel opens in the Philippines on January 8th. Hope you all will go see it there! Here’s a video of a Behind-the-Scenes look on the movie set, and Charice singing Alicia Keys’ song “No One”

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