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A Moment with Charice on Singapore Idol

A Moment with Charice on Singapore Idol

How does it feel to be in that moment, when that moment you’ve been waiting for (almost three years) finally arrives?

Poets never ran out of words to put together a beautiful rhyme especially when they are so much inspired. Others are simply tight-lip while in that magical state, so immersed that they momentarily forget the world outside, speechless because they cant find the adjectives to describe in glowing metaphor the celestial experience.

Awe and appreciation of beauty and excellence are truly genuine “character strengths”. We tend to notice and appreciate beauty, excellence or skilled performance by an artist like our own Charice and in so doing we respond by demonstrating our love and respect, our commitment and support. We create the life that we want, we choose to live it.

The moment Charice steps on the stage, I knew what was going on in people’s mind.

charice singapore idol 75x75 A Moment with Charice on Singapore IdolThose who saw her for the first time are probably unimpressed by her unassuming look. She opens her mouth and begins to showcase her unique spellbinding melisma in singing plus of course her brand of gesticulation. Then, the magic begins. Be not surprised if henceforth, the neophytes will keep searching for more videos of her in Youtube and reading articles about her on and on and on; we knew it,  we’ve been there before; we’ve gone through the same habit-forming routines. They will grow and live with it; they will soon accept themselves as Chasters. Some are probably still in denial mode, but no doubt, Charice sticks in their mind.

Those who, like me, saw her only from a distance and seeing her live for the first time, we can say with absolute certainty, that Charice vocals when she performs live is indeed a thousand fold better than listening in Youtube. The best proof is the audience impact. Just look at the reaction from the crowd. Charice blew the roof off the Singapore Indoor Stadium; the crowd went wild and crazy. Every time her note hits the proverbial roof, the crowd reacts with affirmation, all you can hear is screaming, yelling, and ‘Oh my God’. Charice became the song she sings; the crowd became the sea of unexplained emotions.

charice singapore idol note to god 75x75 A Moment with Charice on Singapore IdolThe song she sang (Bodyguard Medley) is perfect fit for her to sing for the first time in a supposedly unchartered territory. She sang, “I will Always Love You.” The host, Gurmit Singh, heard it. He said, “Charice, Singapore Loves YOU!!!” She is undeniably welcome in Singapore, and as she steps down the stage, the audience is left surely wanting for more. Although, we know, the show must move on, this is Singapore Idol Show.

We are left thinking and hoping Charice will come back at another time. This time, her own gig, and one way to make this happen is for us to keep talking about her. Introduce her to friends and families. Singapore is a great place for the cyberfan culture to flourish because 85 percent of households are internet savvies.

On another thought, my wife and I are always at odds when it comes to my habits of always staring at my computer like there is no tomorrow. She is never a fan of Charice, not until the moment she was a bare witness to it, of Charice performing live on stage and capturing the heart of the Singaporeans. She is transformed, and so my kids who are used to watching Hanna Montana on TV.

The original plan for the meet and greet is, each family will only have 2 representatives to go in. I ruined it. My apologies to the organizers.

Written and submitted by: Nes Oidem

Posted by: drtp

 A Moment with Charice on Singapore Idol

Links to other blogs about Charice on Singapore Idol 2009:

Summerr in the Shower Complete videos/write-up of the Singapore Idol 2009 show and performers. Excerpt on Charice: ” Speaking of divas, the next one up, was (no, IS) a major powerhouse to be reckoned with. No further introduction needed. The very sweet *and tiny!*, 17-year old, Charice Pempengco, performed her ‘Bodyguard’ medley and her first single, ‘A Note To God’. Watch (and be blown away!)…. ”

Flo’s Blog: A Dream Come True. Excerpt: “You can tell how amazing a singer can be with just listening to the roaring cheers from the audiences. After performing a medley of songs (I have nothing and I will always love you). Charice had a standing ovation by all. A unanimous agreement from a 8 thousand strong crowd. As she belted out her last few notes, the number of people getting up from their seats just kept increasing. I apparently was jumping.”

Singapore Idol 2009 blog. Excerpt: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. SHE WAS AWESOME CAN ! SHE ROCKS! GOSH THE PERFORMANCE WAS AMAZING! Charice Pempengco was Incredible Last night on Singapore Idol. Nearly half of the people in the Indoor Stadium have not heard her sing, The dudes infront of me were like ” Who’s Charice??”. Even one of them asked me “ Who is Charice?” But when she hit the highh Notes, ALL of them were screaming and giving Charice Standing ovations. I just can’t believe how powerful her voice is. As she sang, I felt goosebumps. she was just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I wish she comes back to do a concert or something (:

the battle of the ladies. Excerpt: ” The known singer who rock the Singapore Indoor Stadium in the Grand Finale of Singapore Idol. She definately amaze us with her voice. Who knows in that average small body of hers, could produce a powerful voice such as that. I was speechless… not because it’s bad. It’s because it’s too AWESOME. Love her version of this song the most.” [Bodyguard Medley song]

10 Responses to “A Moment with Charice on Singapore Idol”

  1. elsa from spain says:
    Great article…just as i said always…very fitting description…Charice becomes her Song. Very few artists can have this gift…they may have the talents to sing, project but not own the song of every artist. Charice always bring us to new level of every song she interprets and that make her unique in this generation…IT Factor.

    Good health to all of us here.

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  2. Loel says:
    CoolSmurf has posted his Mingmoment (experience meeting Charice)on Singapore Idol. He had goosebumps too.

    On the same page, a comment by “youjuchan” says that Charice will have a concert in Vienna in February.

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  3. CutieSinger23 says:
    ooooh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh i wish i meet and greet charice in Singapore!!!!!!!

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  4. siane says:
    meet and greet in singapore thank you most of all to @mommyRaqz for the chasters meet and greet with CHARIC wish granted, to the person behind the meet and greet he didn’t want to mention but you know who you are, thank you to marc charice manager, sammy WB s’pore and s’pore WB group, to Wyip @amazingCP, this ppl are the primary suspect hehehe why meet and greet happen, i believed now that nothing is impossible. at first i thought it was impossible because only few days left still no confirmation, but the waiting moment is happily ever after the reply is yes, chasters able to meet charice is in cloud9 to the max, again thank you @mommyRaqz… and this is funny even no confirmation yet @wyip gather chasters. as saying believe and receive miracle.

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  5. nordin says:
    Hey Guys,

    Found this sweetdonnaSTL’s comment from jim155fan’s youtube Charice power of love video: Charice has so many fans. I confirmed it when I made an entry on my site about her. My page impression that day became 10x more than its normal daily views!

    Search google: charice pempengco: will she be the next superstar?— That’s my blog entry for her.I am not a good blogger but the number of people who came from google searching “charice” that landed on my page is one of the proofs that this girl is being followed by her many fans!

    Kind of old BLOG but it’s a good one. Please leave comment on her site. Thank you.

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  6. max says:
    Charice absolutely blew away the audience. In many of her fan videos, the crowd reactions cannot be seen or measured. However, I had no trouble feeling the emotions flowing both ways in her songs here.

    It seems as if Charice was feeding off of the audience, and the audience in turn was feeding off of her. NTG started rather mildly and reached the top of the roof as Charice poured her soul into it. I think it was her best performance of the song yet. And she has made the Bodyguard Medley her signature song. I can’t wait to see her music video.

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  7. shello says:
    I love her performances in SI. You can feel that Singaporeans really adored her. And Singaporeans have always been so welcoming and appreciative of other talents outside their own…bless their country more! When I visited there, I felt the urge to stay (lol), very nice place to live in.

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  8. mark says:
    Nice article. You are right – I saw her live at Big E and she does become the song. It almost seems as if ultimately the music takes her over. And the emotions in the crowd – hmmm, unexplained, I suppose. Something like that. Difficult to articulate, at least for me. Beyond words, if one is really trying to pin it down. What I saw in the crowd I attended is that what people are experiencing becomes psychologically overwhelming, a combination of simultaneous disbelief and musical beauty and primal emotional musical effect. Or that’s my stab at it. Bottom line, you captured something with that line “sea of unexplained emotions…” I like it. Nice job. Thank you.

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  9. Lina4719 says:
    Nice write up nes oidem. It has a calming effect on me while waiting
    for the release of Charice single Pyramid. Many are becoming restless
    now but I will try to be patient & wait. Her management knows what they are doing.

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