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Charice’s Valentine´s Day Concert

Charice’s Valentine´s Day Concert

As announced earlier, Charice´s major Valentine’s Day concert titled Ryan Cayabyab’s Charice in Concert on February 14th, 08:00 pm will be held at the PICC Plenary Hall. With special guests Erik Santos, George Yang and Ogie Alcasid, together with the Ryan Cayabyab Singers. Mr. Cayabyab as musical director.

Chasters in the Philippines, this is your chance to watch our princess live. So please don´t miss it. Chasters abroad, this is your chance to show your support too. Those who could help and donate tickets for chasters in the Philippines, please use your possibilities.

Reserve or buy your tickets now!

Ticket Prices:

VIP Tickets: PHP 5,808, PHP 5,492,
Level 1: PHP 5,069,
Level 2: PHP 4,541, PHP 4,013,
Level 3 L/R: PHP 2,957,
Level 3 Far L/R: PHP 1,901
Balcony: PHP 845,

Also available at Ticketnet outlets located at all SM Department Stores (customer service area) and at the Araneta Coliseum ticket booths.

For inquiries and reservations, call 911-5555.
Also available at Xclusive Hits & Events, Inc. office.
Call Joan Sevilla at 0917-8121537 or 287-4523/448-4183/288-3401 to 3403.

We are hoping for a gathering so that the Philippine chasters have the opportunity to meet, interact, and have photos or videos of one another before or after the event. Team Charicemania would gladly help in organizing or announcing so that everyone could be informed.

CHARICE’S valentines concert venue PICC:

Video courtesy of Litepci

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23 Responses to “Charice’s Valentine´s Day Concert”

  1. Randy Lerma says:

    Hi, I got three tickets in the VIP section and can you put me in the meet and greet. I am on vacation here in the Philippines. Please email me at dinglerma@

    Randy Lerma

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  2. Manoling1957 says:

    Why is it that Charice’s concert is not promoted or advertised in any of the supposed Kapamilya shows? I only heard of it when she was in ASAP last week. Not everyone uses the internet or use youtube for that matter. This is very sad. I hope the event is a full house… Charice’s uses her best to promote the Filipo people and ABS-CBN, but what does she get in return….

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  3. ceejay says:

    tnx…4 informations

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  4. don says:

    i am an avid fun of charice. all i wanted is to see her personally. lalo na’t may concert pa xa. huhu. but i cant afford the ticket even in the balcony coz i am just a student. i want to go there talaga. everyone who can help me.too awkward to say but i am really serious. huhu.e mail me poh. if may gustong tumulong. certefied addict tlaga me.

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  5. rocskygolf says:
    Should my annual leave falls february, iam sure 100% my family will be at the concert rain or shine.

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  6. Tonz says:

    Mr. Ryan Cayabyab,

    Good day sir. I am happy to hear that you are going to produce a valentines day concert with Charice our princess. Charice will be a perfect match for a great composer and musical director such as you.

    Here’s hoping that if at all possible, you put this concert into a video disc just like what David Foster did in DF and Friends concert in Mandalay Bay fame. I am sure, in fact guaranty that all of us Filipinos around the globe will be fighting(buying) for a copy of such DVD.

    Incidentally, while you are planing for this concert and if it’s not too late yet, can you please find a way to include that very young(7 years old), very capable charmer of a singer Amy Libot. She was a product of the Dream Academy and I am sure you know her since you are the one who auditioned her. You can’t believed it but it seems this singer, young as she is has a worldwide following. Thank you sir. I hope you can grant us this request.


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  7. Wedgie says:

    I am sooo there… with four tickets for me and my family! :D

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  8. CutieSinger23 says:
    i’m going there with my cousin…maybe heheheh i’m going to save money! for the ticket!

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  9. lisa says:

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    • munzt says:
      i believe the concert planners will prefer some formal gowns to complement the romantic mood of the night…

      and some teeny pop outfit to go with faster songs (if there will be any)…

      and i’m positive it will be one magnificent evening because it’s a Charice + Ryan Cayabyab show.

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    • jessica86s says:
      Yes, I agree with you lisa! Totally. Please just make Charice look like she looks her in the US and Italy. Please don’t try to make her look any different. It is a very obvious reflection of the “T H” (trying hard) attitude of the make up artists and costumer designers. PLease, please, please….pretty please! Don’t let Charice look like the costume designer and make up artists are desperastely trying to make a statement of their own. Charice has a beautiful image here and abroad. She looks her age, 17, preppy as in college – sophomore/junior, her peers are Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera, etcetera, and looks very sophisticated as is with the outfits she has worn in any and all of her appearances here. She’s not joining a “Santa-Cruzan” or anything like that. If the others want to look that way, that’s their problem.\

      Please be guided… The concert and any presentation of Charice is supposed to highlight, emphasize and showcase the Charice talent and charisma. Not the creative frustrations of the make up artists or costume designers. Don’t try to make your statements there by trying to make Charice look any different from the way she looks in her performances here in the US, Canada, Italy and Singapore, because that is the Charice we know and love. Charice’s personality speaks for itself and shall out rank, out shine and clearly stand out on its own. Effortlessly and without having to do or change anything in the way she looks here. She’s fine and “Bongga” as is and will remain that way regardless of the cultural environment hang-ups the Philippine showbiz and entertainment industry has or exists on. She needs no enhancement or frills. It will just distract, the audience.

      If this is not going to be the case, I believe Charice should bring along her stylists from here to ensure that no one messes with the way she looks, make up, hair style and attire. Please don’t use this event for your own personal agendas. I really feel strongly about this and I hope other chasters don’t get offended. Charice naturally stands out and to try and make her look any different might make her stand out in the wrong way.

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  10. Granny in Vegas says:
    I got lucky again.I will be in the that time. This will be my 4th time to see Charice in concert.2x in Vegas and once in NJ.Each time w/ relatives in tow and maybe more relatives this time. We are group of American tourist coming from Thailand so maybe I can recommend to them to see Charice in concert. I just hope that it won’t be like what I have read from people’s blog last concert.I’m also hoping she won’t wear ballgown’s .(God forbid ! )

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    • noellen says:
      Wow granny,,, really lucky,.. I still remember,, your grandson have been joining us in the chatroom couple of months ago.. Will he be watching Charice too??


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    • justcharrie says:

      Good to hear that Granny! I hope your companions will join you, too in the concert. That would be great!

      Have a nice trip!

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  11. marlyn says:
    PICC plenary hall is a very nice venue , it’s where my school held our graduation ceremony years back , i don’t wan’na count the years anymore ,hehehe!

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  12. erwin says:
    finally, a more appropriate venue for a a performer like charice and a better musical director… i just hope it wouldn’t turn out be another flores de mayo like gown presentation like in her first concert!

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  13. osuna says:
    be careful folks, watch out for the seats “hocus pocus” LOL.

    remember the last time ? protect yourself at all times.

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  14. Andrew says:
    To all,
    This is your chance to support Charice concert in the Philippines.
    You can sponsor some of your relatives or friends who wants watch her.
    Just arrived from the Philippines last night but before I left I bought 10 tickets(845)for my relatives.Run out of budget already so I told them I can only afford the 845 LOL, but they are so happy already because they will be able to see Charice in concert.
    They have a seat plan if you will get your ticket in SM outlet Ticket center.
    I’m sure you have relatives or friends who wants to watch her but for those who can’t afford it’s your chance to help them and help Charice make her concert a Huge success.

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  15. munzt says:
    Would anyone confirm that Charice will be the youngest at 17 to hold a Valentines concert of this magnitude in the Philippines? Tickets are sooo expensive. Chasters cha-volt-in!

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  16. noellen says:
    A live concert! wow,, Lucky are those who will go see,.. Good luck Chasters,.. and go get that VIP tickets,, hahahha

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    • Narita says:
      Chasters are fast, Noellen, a lot of gotten their tickets already. :)

      By the way, paying Chasters can start watching at Row 4. Rows 1-3 are not for sale. Also, make sure Ticketnet explains where you’re going to sit. As of yesterday, there was no Seat Plan diagram available yet. Check out the Seat Plans of other PICC concerts. Sometimes they change the seating arrangement.

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      • schoen says:

        Hi Narita,

        Thanks for the tips. I´m sure those who are planning to buy the tickets would appreciate it. Keep us informed please.


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      • noellen says:
        hahaha,, Narita,, I knew it,,, hrrmmmm, I believe you got one of the best seat,.. yuhoo,.. Happy New Year..

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