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Come-from-behind Rally to Win the 3rd #CharityTuesday

Come-from-behind Rally to Win the 3rd #CharityTuesday

18 Responses to “Come-from-behind Rally to Win the 3rd #CharityTuesday”

  1. TINTOL says:

    Cant believe i missed the rally :( Chasters ROCK!!!

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  2. Hans says:

    You guys are the best!

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  3. jn says:
    So heartwarming to read all the posts about the Operation Smile 11th hour countdown…Thanks Eve and Noellen for posting about the events that occured that night….I was at work that night and I witnessed a part of it….I was lurking although I have to close it time to time since I was at work….Anyways, thanks to all contributors/cheerers with a special mention to Bluebird who emptied her or his pocket that nigh for a great cause….Hmm i have not met Bluebird yet here in the chatroom…..Merry Christmas to all!!!

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  4. EBjohns11 says:

    I was at work so I missed ALL the fun in the chatroom! But you guys ROCK!!!

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  5. noellen says:
    This is a promise of chasters to Charice when she made her fruitcake for Operation Smile 3 weeks ago. Chasters fulfilled that promise since yesterday, to support her fruitcake and create new smile among others specially to cleft palate victims.

    Chasters have tremendous power and certainly more that I even understood before, and again this was shown for the last 24 hours.

    I was not able to copy the whole chat thread to share with you, but I give special thanks to Bluebird- I know you did this for your sister,; Marcus- nah, I know its my fault that your wallet is empty,, heheh; to grumpq, angel, eddie, camo, justin, irmsmith, bosio, tamasia or jamasia?, ozzie, paul, and to all donors who felt the pressure for the last minutes,. Thank you also to all chasters who motivated our donors, like sandy and others. Hugs to every one.

    Yeah, it was tough yesterday, but I never lost hope, frustration drove me crazy, and yet very happy at the end.

    We can continue our progress as chasters by supporting her next single PYRAMID to be released on January. If you got twitter and its not late to make one, please join us in promoting Pyramid by simply using #Charice as hash tag in every twit and make it as a trending topic, Pleaseeeeeeee,,,, heheh,.. I suggest too, maybe we can use twitter as our temporary chat box on January 1 for 2 hours., What you think guys?.

    “thinks Operation Smile is an awesome cause to donate to and support! My youngest sister had surgery for cleft palate 3 years ago :)” by BLUEBIRD

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  6. earmitt says:

    WOW! you guys rock! cheers to Operation Smile, Charice, Bluebird & others who donated & all who made an effort for the charity tuesday!
    Hihi, I’m tearing as I read the chat history. Sorry I wasn’t able to cheer you all in the chatbox, seems my IP Address is banned =( dont know why, but I am always lurking here so I also felt the panic,excitement & joy. =)

    Congrats to all!

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    • eve says:

      oh no, must be an error, banning you, cuz the chatbox is in motion while clicking to ban someone; maybe yours got pressed by accident. Please e-mail to request “unbanning” …so sorry. Glad you could peek in the chat though. Next time you’ll be able to join in the fun! heh heh

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      • earmitt says:

        Thanks eve, it’s okay though, hehe, I’m more of a lurker than a chatter. It doesn’t lessen the fun in anyway.=) I can still log-in in the ET room & write comments here so I’m good. ;)

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  7. camo says:
    I am so proud to be a chaster even though i donated early n wanted to again paypal refused my card but chaster step up to meet our ultimate goal.special mention to bluebird who came in at the last minute to save the day u r our hero BB ONE AWESOME CHASTER i know charice appreciates all of this .chaster power is alive n kicking so dont mess with us.happy new yr everyone hope better things in the year.there are no limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence,imgination and wonder.POWER OF LOVE CHASTERS.

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  8. joelabad1 says:
    Congratulations to all the Chasters who exhibited unrelenting focus to make sure Charice wins for her charity Operation Smile. I was checking on the chatbox at 11 pm here in LA and you guys were talking about it. I felt that I should’ve contributed as well. One day I will join you guys in the chatbox. Charice is indeed one lucky girl, she has the best fans in the world!

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    • eve says:

      ahh, a lurker as we affectionately call you. Please come join us in the chatbox, all are welcome. It is nice to get to know the new people, who really are not so “new” afer all! Chasters are very friendly and will get to know each other in no time.

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  9. grumpq says:
    CORRECTION: We raised $880 in 30min! My mind was racing so it was fuzzy math.

    I tweeted around 11:25pm, we were $470 short were it stood at $2280.
    The final tally was $3160.

    Way to go guys! Big thanks to Bluebird!

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    • eve says:

      I corrected the article, thanks grumpq. Absolutely amazing, it was like winning the World Series in the chatbox, very exciting WIN for Charice & Operation Smile… My hat is off to BlueBird and the chasters.

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  10. KV says:

    this will bring Happy happy happy NEW smiles to a lot of children!!!

    Wishing BB, ALL chasters the very best in the new year,


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  11. justcharrie says:
    OMG! I felt like watching a suspense movie and the climax was so unpredictable. It was a sudden knockout at the last round, the opponent must have been surprised – wasn’t aware what hit him. It was an exciting CharityTuesday and I’m proud of all the donors who never gave up till the end. Special mention to BlueBird – Wow man, you saved the day!

    Congratulations Charice for this achievement! You are so well-loved!

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  12. max says:
    CHASTER POWER at it’s best………..with Bluebird leading the charge.

    Super job, Charice should be proud of her Chasters.

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  13. Alex says:
    OMG OMG OMG WOW!!! I went to sleep before this and charice was still 700$+ behind. I LOVE YOU CHASTERS! this is such an amazing comeback. I just woke up the next day 9:47am to see this news.. WOW is all I can say. BLUEBIRD YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I hope this joy of the win can let you sleep now since you have insomnia.. or at least the dent in your pocketbook lol! this shows the power of the chasters, and the power of our love for Charice!!!


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  14. Hailey says:
    BlueBird unie FIGHTING!!! FYI: She was restless! She was awake for more than 24 hours!!!!

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